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August 2008
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Pay hike for U.P. Govt. staff, teachers -Is Mayawati’s heir-apparent Rajaram?- Mayawati appoints another BSP national vice president-Chhattisgarh polls-Political analysts say the BSP may surprise everyone else this time with a substantial increase in the number of seats.
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Pay hike for U.P. Govt. staff, teachers

Special Correspondent

Mayawati move in line with Central pay commission recommendations

Photo: Subir Roy

Chief Minister Mayawati at a press conference in Lucknow on

LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on Monday announced a
pay bonanza for over 14-lakh government employees and teachers in
accordance with the Sixth Pay Commissionโ€™s recommendations. The move
would benefit 8.7-lakh State employees and around 5.5-lakh teachers.

Making this announcement on the opening day of the Uttar Pradesh
Assembly session, the Chief Minister said the panelโ€™s recommendations
would be implemented with retrospective effect from January 1, 2006 and
the employees would be entitled for the revised payscales from December
1, 2008.

The Chief Minister said an additional expenditure of Rs.5,179 crore
would be entailed by the State government with the payment of arrears
from January 1, 2006 costing another Rs. 14,775 crore to the State

She said the expenditure would be borne by the Stateโ€™s resources and
considering that the additional financial burden would leave an impact
on the pace of the development works steps had been initiated to tide
over the resource crunch and to ensure that the burden does not pass on
to the common man.

Cutting down on unproductive and wasteful expenditure, curbing tax
evasion and mopping up additional resources were the measures outlined
by the Chief Minister.

Addressing journalists later, the Chief Minister said a Wages
Committee for revising the existing payscales has been constituted
under a retired bureaucrat, Jagmohan Lal Bajaj.

The committee would submit its report within three months, Ms.
Mayawati added. The Bajaj panel will try to strike a balance as the
existing payscales in the State government do not match those of the
Central employees.

Stating that the State employees were reeling under the impact of
the rising prices of essential commodities, Ms. Mayawati said the move
would provide a huge relief to the employees.

She criticised the Central government for the delay in accepting the
Sixth Pay Commissionโ€™s report and said had it been implemented earlier
by the Centre price rise could have been checked. Last weekโ€™s inflation
rate of 12.44 per cent was the highest in the last 15 to 16 years, she

She supported the pay hike for the employees and said the Centre
should take steps for sharing the burden incurred by the State

Is Mayawati’s heir-apparent Rajaram?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 12:22 [IST]
LUCKNOW: Who is Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief and Uttar Pradesh
chief minister Mayawatis heir apparent? If party sources are to be
believed, it is none other than its low-profile vice-president Rajaram.

intense debate about Mayawatis successor has been raging in political
circles since she told a public rally on August 9 that there was a
conspiracy to assassinate her.

But she told her supporters not to worry, saying her successor had been chosen and that the party would run as usual.

BSP sources say the only likely person to take over the leadership of the party is the 35-year-old Rajaram.

presently the partys Madhya Pradesh in-charge, is the only one in the
party to don the post of vice-president. It is a post Mayawati held
when her mentor and BSP founder-leader Kanshi Ram was president.

Five feet, eight inches tall, the fair and handsome Rajaram was once the BSPs Delhi unit secretary. He is presently a member of the Uttar Pradesh legislative council. His term expires next year.

is arguably the only person in the party who is part of the legacy of
the late Kanshi Ram. “He is one of very few people of the Kanshi Ram
era who is with Mayawati today. Others joined the BSP later,” a party
source said.

Mayawati had also told the Lucknow rally that she
had handed over a sealed envelope, containing the name of her
successor, to two of her confidants.

She said: “He is 18 to 20
years younger to me, is not from my family and he is from my chamar
community. What is he and where he stays, I have given everything in
the letter in the sealed envelope.”

The description fits Rajaram to the T.

was born in 1956,and Rajaram is younger by as many years as she said.
He does belong to her community, and he is not from her family.
Source : DNA

Mayawati appoints another BSP national vice president

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati appointed Alok Kumar Verma as the
second national vice president of her Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).

move came close on the heels of media reports that the secretly
appointed successor to her legacy was none other than BSP vice
president Raja Ram, a member of the state upper house.

Verma was
as little known in the party as Raja Ram. Political analysts were of
the view that both leaders were given the otherwise all important
position of the party’s national vice president only to confuse BSP’s
political rivals.

Speculation over her successor is rife ever
since Mayawati declared at a BSP conclave here Aug 9 that she had
already made up her mind on her official heir to the party legacy.
“This person is 18-20 years younger to me, belongs to my own - chamar -
community and I have left his name in a sealed packet kept with one of
my close confidantes.”

Chhattisgarh polls

Political analysts say the BSP may surprise everyone else this time with a substantial increase in the number of seats.

Jagatheesan —

you may have heard, 10 supporters will be joining me backstage before I
accept the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

I’m pleased to announce that those supporters have been selected, and I wanted to tell you a little about them.

The people who make up our movement are of all different ages, races, and backgrounds — and these folks are no different.

Lenny is a former naval officer from Emerald Isle, NC. Barb is a
teacher married to a farmer in Fallon, MT. James is a law student in
Massillon, OH. And Anne is a retired budget analyst from Indianapolis.

John from Boulder, CO, believes developing alternative energy is the
answer to an array of policy problems. And Kayla from West Fargo, ND,
didn’t feel like she could ever be part of the political process –
until now.

They each bring their own unique perspectives and experience, and they are united by their hunger for change.

You can read more about these amazing people below. I’m looking forward
to meeting them at the Open Convention, and I hope you will join us in
sharing this important moment.

If you cannot make it to
Denver, you can get together with your friends and family and watch my
acceptance speech at a Convention Watch Party. It’s going to be a big
night, and you can join millions of supporters across the country to
make it a success.

Sign up to host or attend a Convention Watch Party in your community on Thursday, August 28th:


Thank you for your belief in our ability to bring real change to this
country. You continue to grow and strengthen our movement in ways no
one thought possible.



Meet the 10 supporters who will join me backstage at the Open Convention in Denver:

Barb Sackman of Fallon, Montana
Barb is a teacher living in Fallon, Montana, a town of 150. She lives
on her family’s wheat and cattle farm, and rising fuel prices are
making it hard to get by. She hopes Barack’s plan for alternative
bio-fuels will help the struggling economy in rural Montana. Barb
volunteers for her church, sits on a hospital board, and organizes
community events in Fallon. Barb says Barack “genuinely cares about the
problems of people like me. We appreciate his continued trips to
Montana to let us know that we are not forgotten.” She will attend the
convention with her husband.

Lenny Julius of Emerald Isle, North Carolina
Lenny is a retired naval officer who believes the Iraq War was a
serious strategic mistake. He says that in 2000 he looked forward to
seeing John McCain, a fellow shipmate, in the Oval Office, having known
and served with him in Vietnam — but no more. “Senator McCain has
become a strong supporter of the Bush policies — policies which have
led to disaster both at home and abroad.” He was won over by Barack’s
communication skills, leadership abilities, and intelligence. Lenny is
an auto parts manager at AutoZone in Emerald Isle, a heavily Republican
town where he says there are many “closet Barack supporters.” Lenny
remembers staying up late when he was young to watch John F. Kennedy
accept the nomination at the last truly open convention in 1960. He
will come to the convention this year with his wife.

Anne Rector of Indianapolis, Indiana
Anne is a retired budget analyst for the federal government. She says
the first time she saw Barack at the 2004 convention, she thought,
“This is Everyman. He is Kansan and he is Kenyan; he is African
and he is Anglo-American; he is common sense and he is eloquence; he is
dynamic and he is down to earth.” Anne is an active volunteer for the
campaign, as well as for a local animal protection group. She hosts a
weekly local radio program named Art and Review, in which she
reads to the blind. Anne strongly believes in the protection of our
civil liberties. She will attend with a friend and fellow campaign

James T. Fondriest of Massillon, Ohio
James, a 22-year-old law student and graduate of Ohio State University,
never thought he would vote for anyone other than a Republican. An
active Bush-Cheney supporter in 2004, he became disillusioned with his
state party and Republicans’ handling of Iraq, health care, and
education. “Barack Obama has inspired me to believe in politics again
and, most importantly, the power of the ordinary citizen,” he writes.
“Although I still identify as a Republican and still stand for some
conservative values, I finally feel like America has found a leader it
can look up to and trust.” Leading up to the Ohio primary, James made
over 500 “Buckeyes for Obama” T-shirts and donated the profits to the
campaign. He plans to bring his father with him to the convention.

John Volkmar of Boulder, Colorado
John served in the U.S. Army for 10 years. He says his two tours in
Iraq with the 10th Special Forces Group opened his eyes to “the link
between our country’s lack of an effective energy policy and our flawed
foreign policy.” John believes changing this relationship is an
essential step towards ensuring that our government works for the
interest of the American people instead of special interest groups. He
is now pursuing an MBA and hopes to work in the alternative energy
industry. He is coming to Denver with his wife.

Marsha Shearer of Orlando, Florida
Marsha is a retired elementary school principal. She has phone banked
and canvassed for Obama in Florida, and has been a supporter since even
before Barack made the decision to run. Marsha believes that both the
Iraq War and America’s dependence on oil are negatively affecting the
health of our economy. She supports Barack because he is not a typical
politician. “He represents something above and beyond,” she says. “I
haven’t felt so energized since McCarthy, trying to end the Vietnam
War.” She will bring her college-age granddaughter to the convention.

Trinace Johnson of Richmond, Virginia
Trinace is a single mother and disabled veteran who served overseas for
the Iraq War. She currently works for the U.S. Army as a public affairs
specialist. She has voted since the age of 18, but this is the first
time she has actively been involved with a political campaign. Trinace
is inspired by Senator Obama’s message of change and his plans to
address all of the issues that she cares deeply about: veterans’
support, education, stopping the war, tax breaks for the middle class,
gas prices and health care. Trinace became motivated to get involved
when her neighborhood ran out of ballots in the primaries, and is
determined to ensure access to voting in this election. “I wish I could
be there in Denver,” she wrote to Backstage with Barack. “I would love
to be a part of this historical event. [It’s] so long overdue.” Trinace
will attend the convention with her sister.

Eric Melder of Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Eric is a 59-year-old married father of three sons and a grandparent to
seven grandchildren. A retired YMCA director, he has worked at Diakon
Wilderness Center for the past 13 years counseling young men with drug,
alcohol, and family problems. “The boys call me ‘E-rock’ and I do all I
can to make a difference in their lives,” writes Eric. A
self-proclaimed “values voter” and evangelical Christian, Eric switched
his allegiance from Mike Huckabee to Barack, convinced by Barack’s
ability to lead and build coalitions. Eric is bringing Anthony, a
former student at the Wilderness Center, who overcame immense
hardships, including an absent father and a drug-addicted mother, to
ultimately become Program Director of the Center. “Barack needs to meet
him,” Eric says.

Holly Miowak Stebing of Anchorage, Alaska
Holly, a 20-year-old Alaska Native Inupiaq, is spending her summer
break from Stanford University at the First Alaskans Organization
interviewing native elders about their experiences with segregation.
Holly is passionate about improving healthcare access for Native
Americans, and protecting Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from
drilling. The 2008 presidential election is Holly’s first as a voter.
She says: “This was the first campaign I felt I needed to support. I
don’t have a lot of money, but I donate what I can because I believe in
[Barack].” She will attend the convention with her mother who is the
first Native American woman to pass the Alaska bar.

Kayla Whitaker of West Fargo, North Dakota
Kayla is a 20-year-old student and evangelical Christian who credits
Barack for her newfound interest in the political process. “As a
Christian, I have seen it repeated that evangelical Christians are
‘required’ to vote Republican. When I heard Barack’s ‘Call to Renewal’
speech, I was surprised… This is change I can believe in and many
other young, evangelical Christians can believe in, too. For the first
time in my life, I got hooked on politics.” She now plans to register
to vote so that she can cast her ballot for Barack in November. Among
Kayla’s top concerns are health care, teacher pay, and the environment.
In an effort to convince her mom to become involved in politics, she is
bringing her to Denver.

Dear Jagatheesan,

Join the Grassroots Finance Committee
Barack will accept the nomination in less than two weeks, and the pace of this campaign will get faster than ever.

Millions of new people will be paying attention, and you can help bring them into our movement at this crucial time.

Join the Grassroots Finance Committee (GFC), a core group of dedicated supporters who are setting a personal goal to raise $1,000 each in small-dollar donations.

Barack is relying on ordinary people giving only what they can afford
to support this movement. Join the GFC and reach out to your network of
friends, family, and neighbors and encourage them to make a donation
and own a piece of this campaign.

Sign up to join the Grassroots Finance Committee today.

You don’t need to have any prior political experience. This campaign is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

In a few simple steps, you can create a personal fundraising
page on My.BarackObama and start reaching out to the people you know
today. You can track your progress on your page, send email
invitations, and even see who has responded.

We’ve made it as easy as possible, and campaign staff will be
available to make sure your personal fundraising efforts are a success.

The GFC team put together a video of Michelle, a committee member from the spring who wanted to share her experience.

Watch what she has to say and join the GFC today.

Video: Join the GFC

More than a thousand people like you have joined the committee and
helped power this movement through personal contact with fellow
grassroots supporters. That stands in stark contrast to the campaign
being run by John McCain and the RNC.

Right now, McCain and the RNC are raking in huge contributions from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs to fund their increasingly negative attacks.

With just 80 days to the election, we need more supporters like you to join the GFC now.

Even if you have never done anything like this before, you can easily get started today.

Learn more about the Grassroots Finance Committee and have a major impact on this campaign:


Thank you for getting involved as we prepare for our final push,


David Plouffe
Campaign Manager

Obama for America

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