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February 2009
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LESSON 3 BSP in South India and the forthcoming Parliamentary elections VOTE BSP ELEPHANT FOR CHANGE-FOR SELF RESPECT! GET A VOTE AND A NOTE! FOR BSP! DONT WAIT BUT BAIT! TO GRAB THE MASTER KEY!-Make me PM Write Down on the Wall was Dr. Ambedkar’s Sign ! Two Thousand Nine ! Will Be Mine ! - Says Ms Mayawati Bahen ! Now is all that you have! By voting for BSP, the Nation you save! 2008 Bahen Mayawati the UttarPradesh Chief Minister ! Map of the Maurya Empire under Ashoka’s rule. 2009 Prabuddha Bharatha Matha the Prime Minister !-BSP in South India and the forthcoming Parliamentary elections-Uttar Pradesh plans public-private model for power distribution-No help from Centre for welfare projects: Mayawati-Important cabinet decisions
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LESSON 3 BSP in South India and the forthcoming Parliamentary elections

BSP in South India and the forthcoming Parliamentary elections

— On Sun,
8/2/09, E. Anban

From: E. Anban

Subject: Fw: BSP in South India and the forthcoming Parliamentary elections
To: “chandra jagadesan”
Date: Sunday, 8 February, 2009, 9:37 PM

Dear sir,
In Dhamma,
E Anban

— On Sat, 7/2/09, P.P.

From: P.P. Lakshman

Subject: BSP in South India and the forthcoming Parliamentary elections
To: “Saint S” ,,,,,,,,,,,
“veera mani” ,,,,,,
Date: Saturday, 7 February, 2009, 7:50 PM

BSP in South India and the forthcoming Parliamentary elections

The Parliamentary elections in India will take place during the
months of April and May 2009.

All the major parties like the Congress, BJP, Communist
Parties have announced that they will announce the candidates for the
constituencies concerned in the next few days.

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is making its presence in Uttar
Pradesh and the neighboring States of Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and
Rajasthan. Little or no presence in the Southern States of Andhra Pradesh,
Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. It may be recalled that BSP made extensive
efforts in the Karnataka
State Assembly elections
last year. It did not win a single seat there, but it increased the votes
polled in its favour by more than 50% compared to the previous elections.

BSP is emerging as a
national party, representing 85% of India’s population of OBCs, SCs, STs and all
the minorities of Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis, Buddhists. But there
seems to be a conspiracy in place by a few bigoted minority with its manuwadi
mindset against the rising BSP, downgrading it as a party of dalits only
opposed to high caste Hindus and other sections of the society. The history

of the origin and growth of BSP over the past 25 years
based on the vision of Dr B.R. Ambedkar and the guiding principles of the
Indian Constitution framed by him is a history of the struggle of the downtrodden
suffering from the stranglehold of the manuwadis.(For ready reference, please
google Bahujan Samaj Party). Penguin publishers have just come out with a
fascinating biography of BSP President Mayawati, presently the Chief Minister
of Uttar Pradesh (”Behenji: Political biography of Mayawati” by Ajay
Bose). A recent article in the Times of India makes reasoned estimates of
the chances for the next Prime Minister for Manmohan Singh at 25 to 30%, L.K.
Advani at 10 to 15%, and for Mayawati at 40 to 45%.

The purpose of this review is to draw attention to the
need, the urgent need, for doing every thing possible to increase the votes
polled for BSP in the Southern states in the coming Lok Sabha elections, even
if that is not likely to get seats. This will be an opportunity, which comes
only once in five years, and we should not miss it. BSP is only 25 years old,
compared to Congress and other major parties which are more or less than a
hundred years old. BSP has to take roots and grow, and the people in Southern States
especially ought to do their bit, right now.

Right now, Dr Suresh
Mane, Regional Director of BSP,  a very talented organiser and tireless
campaigner (Mobile:98690 89814 and 94479 57775, Email:, is
touring the southern States for finalising the candidates for the
constituencies, and facilitating campaigning programs. Kerala, my home

State, has 20 constituencies, and I am reviewing the
position there, constituency by constituency, with the local supporters of BSP
that I know or have heard about. Prospects of increasing the votes polled for
BSP varies, depending upon the resources available for the candidates for
transport (jeep, driver, diesel) for 3 months (Feb 10 to April 10, 2009),
printing and distribution of flyers, pamphlets, and various other items.

Those with internet facilities can make an easy start with
a list of the Parliamentary constituencies for each State in South
, with the current sitting members, their party affiliations,
etc. These data would be available from the websites of each State government.
Further work would begin with the old and new friends and acquaintances that
one is able to locate in and around each constituency.

Best wishes,



Feb 7, ‘09




Respected Anban Ji

Thank you for your inspiring mail.

As per THREE BASKETS Study Circle


2008 Bahen Mayawati is the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister !
2009 Prabuddha Bharath Matha the Prime Minister !

Now the name Mayawati is popular in the nook and corner of the entire Prabuddha
Bharath in general and Karnataka in particular.BSP will get more than 20 seats
from Karnataka alone.
Under the leadership of the following:
Mr. Veer Singh MP and Mr.Ashok Siddharth MLC are in-charge of Karnataka BSP
Mr.Marasandra Muniappa is the President
Mr.Zulfakir Hasmi Ex.MLS is the Vice-President
Mr. Gopinath State General Secretary
Mr.Koramangala Muniappa Treasurer
Mr. N.Mahesh
Mr.Sridhar Kalver
Mr. Bulla Subba Rao
Mr.KB Shanthappa
Mr.H Mohan Kumar
Mr.Jigini Shankar
Mr. Shanthappa G. Patil
Mr. B.Kamalanaban all General secretaries and around 26 Secretaries and leaders
of working committee BBMP Assembly, ward. sector and Booth level leaders are
working day 0n and day out for the success of the party.

For example in one of the Assembly constituency, the In-charge of the assembly
who is a member of BBMP, President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Office
Secretary, Brotherhood committee, BAMCEF, BVF, leaders along with the ward committee
Office bearers meet regularly. Ward Presidents have been asked to form sector
and booth committees and have been assured that they would be nominated for the
next elections to BBMP.The Sector and booth committee members are going around
and talking to the voters

to Vote for BSP elephant for Change

For Self  Respect !
Get a Vote and a Note !
for the success of BSP !
Not to wait but Bait !
to grab the Master Key !

Kindly visit:
create email such as,,
and websites and bogs to project all the good and positive news of BSP from and from Google news apart from talking to the voters as
suggested by Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji that each one of you become the media to
propagate for BSPs success.

BSP is sure to cross 260 seats in the next Lok Sabha Elections, if all the
sarvajan Cadres work in the most scientific manner.

With the permission of professor  Dr. Suresh Mane Regional Director of BSP
I can send as many copies of his talented Cadre Study Camp DVDs.
One copy is already. with him.

As far as Karnataka is concerned Mr. Gopinath Ji’s Cadre Study Camp DVDs
are there in Kannada language.

Kindly exchange views of above subject for inspiring the voters

with kind regards

Jagatheesan Chandrasekharan

Uttar Pradesh plans public-private model for power distribution

Lucknow, Feb 6 (IANS) The public-private partnership
model will first be implemented in the power sector in Uttar Pradesh,
with an input-based franchisee system being proposed to be put in place
in nine cities by March-end.

This follows a decision taken by the state cabinet earlier this week.

‘Under the system, the state power corporation will sell power to
the franchisee, which in turn will be free to carry out the
distribution at a price prescribed by SERC (State Electricity
Regulatory Commission),’ the commission’s chairman Navneet Sehgal told

‘Agra, Kanpur, Moradabad, Bareilly and Gorakhpur will be covered in
the first phase, while Varanasi, Meerut, Allahabad and Aligarh will
follow later,’ he said.

Maintaining that these cities incurred the most losses, Sehgal said: ‘The new system is expected to bring about a turnaround.’

With a view to expediting the process, SERC proposes to invite bids
next week. The contract will be awarded for 20 years, and bidders will
be required to submit a detailed proposal for the entire period.

Torrent Power, a key player in India’s power sector, is understood
to have evinced a keen interest in Kanpur, the biggest loss-maker.
Torrent already distributes power in Ahmedabad in Gujarat and Bhiwadi
in Rajasthan.

Asked whether the switchover to the new model would affect SERC
employees, Sehgal said employees would be given the option of
proceeding on deputation to the franchisee. ‘They will continue to
enjoy the same remuneration and perquisites they are entitled to now.’

No help from Centre for welfare projects: Mayawati

Lucknow (PTI): Uttar Pradesh Chief
Minister Mayawaton Wednesday accused the Congress-led UPA Government at
the Centre of not providing any help to the state for carrying out
developmental and welfare works. Mayawati said her government has been
carrying out such works with the limited resources of the state and
will continue to do so.

“Despite hurdles created by the
Congress-led UPA government the state would continue to carry on
welfare works for which the state government is totally committed,” she
said at a function here. Citing the earlier demands like a help of Rs
5,000 crores for reviving sick units at Amethi, Rae Bareli and
Jagdishpur and the Rs 80,000 croers package for drought-hit
Bundelkhand, the CM said the state has not received even a single

The chief minister also motioned the
various schemes being implemented by her government and took a dig at
the previous Samajwadi Party government’s ambitious unemployment
allowance schemes, saying that instead of distributing the allowance
her government believed in providing permanent jobs. She claimed her
government has provided employment to five lakh youths and helped two
lakh in getting job in private sector.

On the occasion, the chief minister
also inaugurated ‘Mahamaya Garib Balika Ashirvad Yojna’ and ‘Savitribai
Phule Balika Shiksha Madad Yojna’.

Under Balika Ashirvad scheme, FDRs are
provided to girl child of BPL families born after January 15, 2009 of
an amount which grows to Rs one lakh at the time when she reaches the
age of 18, while ‘Shiksha Madad’ scheme provides Rs 15,000 and 10,000
for girls students of classes XI and XII.

Press Information Bureau
(Chief Minister Information Campus)
Information and Public Relations Department, U.P.

Important cabinet decisions

Lucknow : February 09, 2009

The cabinet meeting which was recently held through bycirculation

recently under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister Ms.
Mayawati took following decisions:-

Rates of tax on Gypsum, components of sprinkler sets and

seeds changed under VAT Act-2008
Gypsum and certified seeds fully exempted from VAT
The Uttar Pradesh Government has changed the Rates of tax on
Gypsum, components of sprinkler sets and seeds changed under VAT

According to the Cabinet decision, the 4 per cent tax levied on

gypsum has been waived off. The tax being charged on the components
of the sprinkler sets viz. Q.R.C. Bend, Q.R.C. service saddle, spray
nozzle, Q.R.C.T., Q.R.C. pump connector and Q.R.C. and cap, has been
decreased to 4 per cent from 12.5 per cent. Likewise, the seeds have
also been exempted from tax.

Decision taken to exempt chemical fertilisers purchased by

Cooperative Societies within the State from sales tax
The Uttar Pradesh Government has decided to exempt chemical
fertilisers purchased by Cooperative Societies within the State from
sales tax under the VAT Act-2008.

According to the Cabinet decision, the selling of the chemical

fertilisers has been exempted from tax under some conditions. Under it,
those Cooperative societies would come which were registered under
U.P. Cooperative Societies Act-1965 and U.P. Cooperative Societies
Rules-1968 and such registered Cooperative societies which sell
chemical fertilisers and VAT was being paid on the maximum M.R.P.
Besides, the certificate of the remitted tax issued by the Commissioner
Trade Tax regarding the VAT should also be submitted. Under the new
system, such registered Cooperative Societies would also come, which
sell chemical fertilisers on the rates fixed by the Government within the

Notification of Uttar Pradesh Rozgar Guarantee Complaint

Redressal System Rules-2009 approved

The Cabinet has approved the proposed notification of Uttar

Pradesh Rozgar Guarantee Complaint Redressal System Rules-2009.
According to the decision of the Cabinet, the notification has been
approved under the Section-32 of the National Employment Guarantee
Act-2005. Under it, the provision of effective implementation of National
Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) has been ensured. For
the effective implementation of this scheme, the State Government can
formulate rules for the disposal of complaint letters at Kshetra

Panchayat, Zila Panchayat and other levels.

For the disposal of complaints received under the scheme, the
Uttar Pradesh Rozgar Guarantee Complaint Redressal System Rules-
2009 would be formulated under the National Rural Employment
Guarantee Act (NREGA). According to the sub-section-1 of the section-
32 of the Act, the format of the rules would be published to inform all
the related persons and to invite their objections and suggestions.
Thereafter, after disposing of all the objections and suggestions, the
rules would be notified.

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