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March 2010
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A documentary film on Kanshi Ram would be released by the BSP supremo and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati, he said.- Government orders inquiry on complaint of executive engineer posted in Etawah against MLA Principal Secretary for irrigation to hold inquiry-Rural Development Commissioner and other officers participated in workshop organised at Jhansi-Special drive from February 22, 2010 to prevent adulteration on directives of C.M.-C.M. reviews conclusions of Principal Secretaries, Secretaries and Commissioners meeting-Uttar Pradesh waives off trade tax for exporters-UP given ‘step-motherly treatment’, says Maya-“Many states failed to implement SC/ST Act”-Neha Dhupia is studying Mayawati for her next role-SC/STs protest demanding land for cremation-Maya govt hikes allocation for Ambedkar villages
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MERITS makes us



makes us
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati attending<br />
 a function on her birthday on January 15 in Lucknow. Photo: Subir Roy

U.P. to have special
force for monuments, parks

LUCKNOW: A well-equipped special security force is to be constituted
now to protect the Mayawati Government’s monuments, parks, statues and
memorials erected in memory of SC/ST icons in Lucknow and Gautam Buddha
Nagar (Noida). A Bill to this effect, titled State Special Zone Security
Force Bill, 2010, was tabled in the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha on by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Lalji Verma.

The “special zone” in the Bill has been defined as areas where the
memorials, parks and statues have been erected by the State Government.
These are:

1. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Samajik Parivartan Sthal (Centre for
Social Change), Lucknow;

BSP supporters at the Ambedkar Centre for Social
Changes on Sunday.
Built during Mayawati’s first tenure on 23 acres at a cost of Rs 150
crores. In 2007, she started building it afresh in 150 acres in Gomti
Nagar for Rs 500 crores. It has an elephant gallery with 60 stone

of BSP Election Symbol


March Of The
BSP Elephants

Cover Story

2. Dr. Ambedkar Vihar, Lucknow;

3. Samta Mulak Chauraha and Ambedkar
Having two roundabouts and 2 crossings at Samtamulak
Chauraha; statues of SC/ST icons to be installed

Parivartan Prateek Sthal, Lucknow;

2 acres on Gomti embankment for Rs 7 crores.
Kanshiram Sanskritik Sthal Area:
LDA carves out 80 acres from Smriti Upvan, built for Kargil martyrs
which costs Rs 90 crores.

4. Kanshi Ram Smarak Sthal
(Memorial), Lucknow;

Over 42 acre for Rs 370 crores
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati pays<br />
floral tribute to her mentor and Bahujan Samaj Party founder, Kanshi<br />
Ram, at the newly built Kanshi Ram memorial in Lucknow on Friday. Photo:<br />
 Subir Roy

The Hindu
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati pays floral tribute to her mentor
and Bahujan Samaj Party founder, Kanshi Ram, at the newly built Kanshi
Ram memorial in Lucknow 

5. 13 Mall Avenue, Lucknow;

Manyawar Kanshi Ram Yaadgar Vishram
Sthal: Guesthouse on 13, Mall Avenue, initially allotted to
Mayawati. 2 halls, 12 rooms, garden which cost Rs 12 crores.

6. Manyavar Kanshi Ram
Eco Garden, Lucknow; 4,800 square meters for Rs 4 crores.

7. Ramabai Ambedkar Maidan, Lucknow;

51 acre, for Rs 54 crores. Construction began in August 2007.

8. Gautam
Buddha Samta Moolak Sthal, Gautam Buddha Nagar;

Buddha Sthal and Sharda Canal Front
Development Area: 6,000 square meters on VIP Road in Alambagh
which costs Rs 90 crore. Statue of Buddha under a canopy 100 stone
columns, each with an elephant head
Park Area
: 30 acres which costs Rs 50 crores.Noida

9. Buddha Vihar Shanti
Upvan, Lucknow;,%20Jun%2027,%202009%20at%200310%20hrs/M_Id_90932_memorials.jpg

Buddha Shanti Upwan Area: 18
acre at Kanpur Road which cost Rs 15.15 crores.

10. Smriti Upvan, Lucknow.

See<br />
 full size image
See<br />
 full size image
See<br />
 full size image
Prerna Sthal: Statues of Mayawati and her mentor Kanshi Ram by Druidlord.Manyawar Kashi Ram Smarak Sthal, Jail
Road, Lucknow: 18 ft bronze statue which costs Rs 47.25 lakhs.
Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar Samajik Pariwartan
Sthan, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow: 9 ft bronze statue which costs Rs 23

Pratibimb Sthal: 24
ft bronze statue costs Rs 1.55 lakhs.

Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar
Samajik Pariwartan Sthal, Gomti Tatbandh, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow:
12 ft bronze statue costs Rs 20.25 lakhs.

Near Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Samajik Pariwartan Sthal: 7 ft
bronze statue.

Kanpur Road Yojana
Sector L Area Park: 15 ft bronze statue costs Rs 47.25 lakhs.

The Director-General of UP Police will be the director-general of the
security force and the appointment of the members of the force will be
overseen by the D-G.

One battalion of the security force comprising 1,000 personnel would
be constituted in the first phase. An estimated annual expenditure of
Rs.14 crore from the State Contingency Fund would be incurred on the
constitution of the security force. Indian Police Service and Provincial
Police Service officers would be appointed as security officers of the
force which would also have subordinate officers, under-officers and
members. Under-officers will be known as “rakshak”. Outlining the
objective of constituting the security force, the Bill states that the
areas where the memorials, parks and other monuments are situated should
be declared a special zone, and a well-equipped force be constituted
for ensuring their securi

LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati  warned that
if the monuments and memorial sites dedicated to the Bahujan Samaj Party
icons here were demolished, a serious law and order situation would

arise in the country.

BSP chief Kanshi Ram offers a piece of cake to Uttar Pradesh chief<br />
minister Mayawati on her 47th birthday, in New Delhi on January 15,<br />

Kanshi Ram

On March
15, BSP would be celebrating its Silver Jubilee
function at
Ramabai Ambedkar
Ground in Lucknow and 250
from Karnataka,Tamil Nadu and millions of supporters from all over the world
would be participating, said Mr. Suresh Mane and Mr. Ashok Siddharth. On
occasion, a
documentary film
on Kanshi Ram
would be released by the BSP
and Uttar Pradesh
Chief Minister
Mayawati, he said.

As part of
the nation-wide membership drive which started on January
16, Ms.
Mayawati would be visiting southern states during April or

Kanshi Ram

March 15, 1934 - October 9, 2006

Kanshi Ram is a popular leader of the Bahujan Samaj Party. He was born
in 1934 as a Raedasi Sikh, a community

of Punjabi Chamars converted to Sikhism. His father was half-literate,
but he managed to educate all his four daughters and three sons. Kanshi
Ram, the eldest, is the only graduate in his family. He faced no overt
discrimination on the base of his caste.

Later, he was introduced to the
political ideas of Ambedkar. He
decided to organise the people of backward classes. In 1971, Kanshi Ram
and his colleagues established the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes,
Other Backward Classes and Minorities Employees Welfare Association. In
1973, he established All India Backward and Minority Employees

In 1981, Kanshi Ram took the plunge and
formed the Bahujan Samaj
Party. He led the party to success in many elections.

“Many states failed to
implement SC/ST Act”



It has been 20 years since the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled
(Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 came into force but

states in the country, including Tamil Nadu have failed to

the Act, said Suresh Mane, national general secretary,


Talking to
The Hindu in Madurai
recently, Mr. Mane cited

reasons for the non-implementation of the Act.

exists lacunae on many fronts, right from conducting the


by a competent authority till the setting up a Special
should have a nodal officer to look into its


but none
of this has been done.”He was in the city to
in a
workshop on Social Transformation Strategy and the

Role of

general conviction rate under the Indian Penal Code is 45 per cent

the conviction rate under SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act,

is less than 15 per cent, this showed that this Act which was a

for legal empowerment of SC/STs, lacked resources for its


he said. In the case of Tamil Nadu, The National
Scheduled Castes, Vice Chairman, N.M. Kamble had

this at a
review meeting.

Stating that
every State in the country was
trying to divide SC/STs in

the name of reservation, he said that it
was against the Constitution

and law.

Citing the
case in Tamil Nadu, he questioned whether the

Tamil Nadu
could provide a special quota in the case of

coming under
Other Backward Classes and Most Backward Classes.


On March
15, BSP would be celebrating its Silver Jubilee
function at
Ramabai Ambedkar
Ground in Lucknow and 250
from Tamil Nadu
would be
participating, he said. On the
occasion, a
documentary film
on Kanshi Ram
would be released by the BSP
and Uttar Pradesh
Chief Minister
Mayawati, he said.

As part of
the nation-wide membership drive which started on January
16, Ms.
Mayawati would be visiting southern states during April or

Press Information Bureau

Information Campus)

Information and Public Relations Department,

Government orders inquiry on complaint

of executive
engineer posted in Etawah against MLA

Principal Secretary for
irrigation to hold inquiry

Lucknow: 21 February 2010

Uttar Pradesh Government has directed to inform it

with all the facts with regard to the complaint against the

MLA by
executive engineer posted in tube-well department in Etawah.

The inquiry
into this case has been given to Principal Secretary for

Mr. K.S. Atoria.

Giving this information the government
spokesman said

here today that the government had taken the
case seriously and

ordered an inquiry into it, on getting the
information through some

newspapers and electronic media regarding the
complaint made

against MLA by executive engineer, tube-well
posted in district


The spokesman said that
Principal Secretary, irrigation had been

directed to collect complete
information regarding all facts by the

concerning executive engineer
immediately and give the report, so

that the state government could take action
after taking proper

decision in this case.

government spokesman said that the undue and improper

pressure by
any person on the officers and employees of the state

during discharging their duties would not be tolerated. He

said that if
the complaint was found correct from the facts after the

then effective and proper action would be taken against the

Rural Development Commissioner and other
participated in workshop organised at Jhansi

20 February 2010

The spokesman of U.P. Government said
here today that news has been

published in some newspapers that senior
officers of the state government were not

participating in the workshop
organised in Jhansi on Feb 20, 2010 by Union

Rural Development Department with regard to the development of

area. He said that in the news it has been said by Union Minister of

state for
rural development that the Chief Secretary was not participating in the

due to his busy schedule and state government’s Principal Secretary for

development was not taking part in the workshop owing to flower

organised in Lucknow today.

In this
connection, the spokesman of the state government has made it clear,

that the
Chief Secretary neither had been invited in writing nor orally.
Therefore, it

was not possible for the Chief Secretary to
participate in the workshop. So far as the

question of participation of
Principal Secretary, rural development was concerned,

in this connection had already been given to the Central Government.

He said
that Principal Secretary Rural Development was also looking after the

of horticulture and food processing department as Principal
Secretary and the state

level fruit, vegetable and flower exhibition
had been organised on 20 and 21

February this year like every year with the
sanction of the Governor according to the

scheduled programme.

spokesman said that presence of Principal Secretary, Rural Development

was most
essential keeping in view the arrangement of state fruit, vegetable and

exhibition and the august presence of the Governor. He said that in view

this important programme, request had been made from the Union
Ministry of Rural

Development to organise the workshop on any
other date, so that Principal

Secretary could also participate in the

The spokesman said that Rural Development
Ministry of Union Government

had not accepted the request of the state
government. Despite of it, Rural

Development Commissioner Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
and Special Secretary Mr. B.L.

Agarwal had been sent to participate in the
workshop as the representatives of

Principal Secretary for rural development.
He said that the state government had

ensured all arrangements timely
to make this programme completely successful and

get the full
cooperation of union government. The officers of the state government

had talked
several times with the senior officers of the Central Government

this programme, the spokesman added.

Special drive from February 22, 2010
to prevent
adulteration on directives of C.M.

Lucknow: 20 February 2010

In view
of coming Holi festival, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister

Ms. Mayawati
has directed to launch regular/special drive from February

22, 2010 to
March 08, 2010 to prevent the production and selling of


milk and milk products, ghee, edible oil etc. This
decision has
been taken in the public interest to check the possibility of

and selling of adulterated milk and milk products in view of the

demand and consumption on the occasion of the festival.

In the
directives issued to commissioners and district magistrates of

the state
by the Food and Drug Administration Department, it has been

said that
SDM nominated by City Magistrate/District Magistrate would be

made as
nodal officer for launching special drive in each district. City

and concerning SDMs have been assigned the responsibility for

this special
drive in urban and rural areas respectively. A joint team

chief food inspector and food inspectors including executive

and police officers constituted by nodal officer will take the

action of
raids and inspection.

According to directives, it has been said
that food items and storage

units should be inspected especially during
the drive. The raw material for

the preparation of food items and its
source, besides the storage and

receipts should be checked during the
inspection of these units, so that

genuineness could be ensured. In the serious
cases of adulteration, legal

action should be ensured under the relevant
sections of IPC, besides

Khadya Upmishran Nivaran Adhiniyam 1954.

It has been
expected from Commissioners and District Magistrates

that they
should send the detail of action on fixed format on daily basis and

sent it to
fax number 0522-2258102 at FDA control room set up in Food

and Drug
Administration Headquarter. District Magistrates have been

directed to
review the progress of special drive on every Saturday. The


will review the action taken in the districts on March 09,
2010 and
they will send their reports to Commissioner, Food and Drug


mentioning remarkable achievements clearly. The slack and
officers during the drive would be identified and recommendations

disciplinary action against them would be sent to the government.

C.M. reviews conclusions of Principal

Secretaries and Commissioners meeting


19 February 2010

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Ms.
Mayawati has directed for

electrification in Dr. Ambedkar villages,
completion of sodium light and

clean drinking water supply works, besides,
cent per cent distribution of

residential and agriculture land pattas. She
has also directed to complete

all works of Dr. Ambedkar Gram Sabha
Development Scheme by the end

of this financial year. Directing to ensure
full transparency and quality in

the works of link road, C.C. roads, K.C.
drains, construction of Kharanjas

and drains etc, she said that a team would
be send by the Government to

verify these works and if any complaint would
be found then

responsibility of concerning officers would
be fixed. She said that an

effective policy should be made for the
maintenance of infrastructure

facilities in rural areas to be developed in
next 20-25 years.

The Chief Minister directed for launching
intensive drive to prevent

the sale of adulterated food items during
Holi festival. She said that

stringent action should be taken against the
sellers of adulterated milk

products, ghee, khoya etc. She suggested to
set-up a control room at the

food and drugs administration directorate to
inform about adulterated

food items. She also directed for taking
effective action on the complaints

received at control room.

Ms. Mayawati
gave these directives when the Cabinet Secretary Mr.

Shekhar Singh, Chief Secretary Mr. Atul Kumar Gupta and

Cabinet Secretaries Mr. Vijay Shankar Pandey and Mr. Netram

apprised her
with the conclusions of review meeting of Principal

of all departments, Secretaries and Commissioners. She said

development works should be completed timely and any slackness in

this regard
would not be tolerated. She directed to launch drive for arrear

realisation and completion of all formalities for land arrangement

for the
residences to be built this year for eligible selected beneficiaries

Manyawar Shri Kanshiramji Shahri Awas Yojna. She said that

under this
scheme, construction of the new houses should be started

from the
month of April.

The Chief Minister directed the officers to
remain present and

dispose off the people’s problems received in
Tehsil and Thana Diwas.

Expressing displeasure over the pending cases
under revenue

department, she directed to dispose these
cases in maximum one year.

She said that in the villages where
consolidation work is going on, should

be examined by the first week of
March. She directed to ensure the

disposal with regard to the publication of
section-52 after examining it


Ms. Mayawati
directed for handing over the possession on the

pattas of
SC/ST and poor in Tarai areas of the state. She directed for the

of available amount under MNREGA scheme. She directed for

of drinking water supply schemes and making of cards under

NRHM timely.

The C.M.
directed for effective implementation of SC/ST reservation

in the
contracts of government departments. She directed to speed up

realisation of electricity arrears and take stringent action against big

besides arrangement of land for construction/up-gradation of

150 power
stations and sub-stations with a view to making improvement

electricity supply in rural areas. She directed for making arrangements

for enough
water for irrigation, energisation of tube-wells and completion

electricity work in primary schools. She also directed for making

arrangements for fertilizers’ supply and advance storage of

DAP, rake
availability for the next year.

Directing for effective implementation of
Forest Rights Act, Ms.

Mayawati said that distribution of pattas
work should be completed and

land bank for making arrangement of land for
tree plantation. She

directed for effective implementation of
Savitri Bai Phule Shiksha Madad

Yojna and assigned the responsibility to
district magistrate and

commissioners for peaceful and fair
examination of high school and

intermediate board.

The Chief
Minister directed for making necessary arrangements to

solve the
problem of drinking water. She directed to solve the problem of

city. She directed for effective implementation of Sarvajan Hitai

Garib Makan (slum area) Malikana Haq Yojna. She also directed

effective implementation of the schemes running for making

in the quality of education of minorities living in Tarai

Uttar Pradesh waives off
trade tax for exporters

With a view to boosting exports from Uttar Pradesh, the Mayawati
government has
announced a major tax incentive - a full waiver of trade

tax - to
export-oriented industrial units across the state, an official spokesman

From April 1, the state government has decided to give 100
percent relief in trade tax to exporters on the turnover of direct sale
to or
direct purchase by manufacturer-exporter of any raw material, processing
material, consumable stores, spare parts, accessories, components,
and fuel other than petrol and diesel, he said.

Besides, packaging
materials for use in the manufacture of goods by manufacturer-exporter
or in the
packing of goods manufactured by such units would also be exempt from
trade tax,
according to the formal notification issued Wednesday night for
providing the
relief under the Uttar Pradesh Value Added Tax Act, 2008.

At present,
as per the act, the tax was payable by manufacturer-exporters on
purchase of raw
material etc. with the provision for refund of such tax within 30 days

“This entailed a cumbersome process for the exporters with
wastage of precious time and resources, hence the need for a change in
policy was felt,” the spokesman said, but warned if the manufactured
goods were
not exported out of India, the manufacturer-exporter would be liable to
pay the
prescribed tax on the purchase of such goods and also interest from the
date of
purchase of such goods.

As a safeguard against misuse of this new
facility, penal action under Section 54 of Uttar Pradesh Value Added Tax
2008 and also under Indian Penal Code has been provided.

The bulk of
Uttar Pradesh’s exports are handicrafts, electronics and leather goods.

UP given ‘step-motherly
treatment’, says Maya

Chief Minister Mayawati described the
Railway Budget as a disappointment for the people of Uttar Pradesh and
said the state has received a “step-motherly treatment”.

press release
issued by the state’s Public Information department said the Budget has
paid special attention to West Bengal and Mumbai. Tourist spots, places
of religious importance and big cities in Uttar Pradesh have been
ignored, it added.


felt the
Budget does not reflect any concern for the aam aadmi and has not said
anything about filling up the backlog quota meant for SCs and STs.
Moreover, several projects are still incomplete.


chief minister
also said that though the UPA government has made announcements to
construct new railway tracks between Amethi-Shahganj, Amethi-Sultanpur
and Sambhal-Gajraula, other parts of the state have been ignored. The
release termed the UPA government’s slogan Sasti Rail and Sukhad Yatra
as an eyewash. Mayawati alleged that the Budget lacks focus on the
safety aspect of passengers.

Neha Dhupia
is studying Mayawati for her next role

By: Tushar JoshiDate: 2010-03-02

Neha Dhupia observes and emulates UP CM
Mayawati’s speech and manner

for her next role
in her next
film, With Love To Obama, Neha Dhupia’s character Munni

has a very distinct accent and manner of speaking, which is exactly

like the UP chief minister Mayawati.

Neha Dhupia on the sets of With Love, To Obama
Sounding like Maya Neha will be seen in a non-glamorous role
for the first time. It was

director Subhash Kapoor decision to have Munni sound like Mayawati.

And to prepare for the part, the actress was made to watch Mayawati’s

speeches and interviews on the Internet. She spent quite a lot of time

studying her personality and her manner.

In character
the actress
confirms, “Yes I did study how Mayawati speaks, her style

and accent to deliver my dialouges. But my look isn’t based on

Mayawati! I watched a couple of interviews of hers and some speeches

on YouTube. It took me a while to get it right.”

She adds that apart from the accent, she also worked on the body

language of Munni. “She is, by far, the most experimental character I

have played. She is brave, strong, earthy and a very strong woman in a

big, bad world full of men. I worked on my accent, body language and

look. Thanks to my director, we cracked this one. I have never been

this extensively prepared and nervous before getting into character

for a film.”

SC/STs protest demanding land for cremation

Feb 24, DHNS:

Gram Panchayat witnessed a unique protest by SC/ST members on


The SC/STs, gheraoed the Panchayat
a site to cremate the body of a SC woman who died on

Tensed moments prevailed in the Panchayat premises when the

SC/STs made arrangements to cremate the woman’s body right

in front
of the Panchayat building in Malavur.

The protesters said they
lost their crematorium in Ambedkar Nagar when

about an
acre of land
in the area was acquired for the Bajpe airport a

few years
since then they were depending on private land

holdings in
neighbourhood for last rites.

“There are about 50 families of SC/STs in
Ambedkar Nagar, which have

no facility to cremate in case
of deaths. We have been demanding some

space for the purpose for the
past five years, but the urge has fallen

on deaf ears,” the
protesters alleged.

“During a meeting on January 16, the
authorities had assured that we

would be allotted a site for
crematorium within 10 days, but nothing

has happened so far. Gulabi, a
45-year-old cancer patient died on

Tuesday but the family could not
cremate the body since there was no

space. We had no other option
than deciding to cremate the body in

front of the Gram Panchayat
building,” said a SC leader.

The protesters had prepared for
the last rites, arranging firewood,

flowers and other materials.
However, learning about the incident,

Mangalore Tahsildar Ravichandra
Naik arrived on the spot, only to be

gheraoed by the protesters.

Tahsildar promised the protesters that he would show a site for

within half-an-hour and began searching some government

land in the
area. The search went on till 2.30 pm but in vein. The

could not find any vacant government land, which further

enraged the

Finally, the
Tahsildar said he had negotiated with
the owner of a

private land in the area to allow the SC/STs
observe the last rites

for the dead in a portion of his land until a

solution is drawn to
their problem. The body of Gulabi was
in the private land

identified by the Tahsildar in the afternoon.

on March 10

Speaking to
Deccan Herald, Naik said a survey will
be conducted in

Ambedkar Nagar on March 10 to find out
whether there
is any land

available for the cremation.]

We hope that at least 10 cents of vacant
land can
be identified after the survey,” he said.

Maya govt hikes allocation for Ambedkar

Tue, Feb 23 06:17 AM

Renewing the focus on Dalits once again, the Mayawati government has

raised the amount to be spent for providing basic facilities in

Dalit-dominated villages under the Dr Ambedkar Gram Sabha Vikas Yojna

from Rs 40 lakh to Rs 50 lakh.

The amount can even be raised to Rs 70 lakh on the recommendation made

by the district magistrates and divisional commissioners, depending

upon the requirement of work.

In the upcoming financial year, as many as 2,224 villages will be

developed as Ambedkar villages and provided amenities like roads,

drains, toilets, power, drinking water, health facilities and houses.

According to officials, the development fund had been raised so that

roads can be constructed to connect the hamlets with the main village.

Balvinder Kumar, Principal Secretary of Ambedkar Gram Sabha Vikas

department, said: “Rural Engineering Services and Public Works

Department have been directed to survey the selected villages and send

their estimates by March 15 so that funds can be released on time and

the development work can begin from April 1.”

A minimum of 15 villages in every district which were covered by the

scheme in 1995-96 and 1997-98 have been selected once again to be

developed under the new guidelines of the scheme.

“These villages lack amenities like cement-concrete roads and drains

for which there is a provision in the new guidelines,” said Kumar. The

funds received from the Central government under the National Rural

Employment Guarantee Act will also be used to develop the Ambedkar


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