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Kushinara NIBBΔ€NA Bhumi Pagoda White Home, Puniya Bhumi Bengaluru, Prabuddha Bharat International.

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VR1 MEDIA FREE ONLINE TRAINING ON PRECEPTS AND TRADE-36-ON MORALITY THE WAY OF CULTIVATION- COMPREHENSIVE PALI COURSE-COMPREHENSIVE PALI COURSE LESSON – 3 Exercise No.2-Mayawati demands Rs 80,000 crore for backward regions-Monetary compensation for victims of rape and murder hurts SC/STs’ Mayawati-Final notification on BBMP wards issued-High Court toughens stand on BBMP election
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According to the Book of Rites, “one who has achieved the Way understands what is moral; those who are moral therefore respects the Way. That is why the immoral is not respected and that which is not the Way is incomprehensible”. Zhou Duni saya, “Correct action is the Way, and its harmonious use is called morality”. Buddhism and Confusianism are alike in that they both emphasize a moral life. Confucious never talked about strange phenomenon or spirits; and true Buddhism never praises the spirits of marvels and occult, but rather places emphasis on compassionate morality.



Exercise No.2


Translate into Pāli


The disciple of the Awakened One
travels in the villages

Buddhassa Sāvako gāmesu carati.


Wise monks preach the Truth.

PaαΉ‡ditā samaṇā Dhammaṁ desenti.


There is no refuge for ignorant.

Bālānaṁ saraαΉ‡aṁ natthi.


I speak from the teachings of the
Awakened One.

Aham Buddhassa Dhammato bhāsāmi.


Monks come to the monastery from the

Samaṇā gāmasmā vihāraṁ āgacchanti


The path of greed is the way of the

Lobhassa maggo lokassa maggo hoti.


Disciples are giving, teachers are

Sāvakā dadanti, ācariyā ādenti.


Yes. We go to the Awakened One, to
the teaching, to the Order for refuge.

ṁ Buddhassa
Dhammassa Sanghassa sara
ṇāya gacchāma.


You sit and eat, I stand and speak.

Tvam nisidasi ca bhunjasi, aham
āmi ca bhāsāmi.


The Awakened One Stays in the
village and teaches the Truth.

Buddho gāme vasati, Dhammaṁ ca deseti.

Mayawati demands Rs 80,000 crore for backward regions
Lucknow, Jul 15 (PTI) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister
Mayawati today requested the 13th Finance Commission to
approve a special package of Rs 80,000 crore for Poorvanchal
and other backward regions of the state.

During a meeting with the commission led by its chairman
Vijay Kelkar, Mayawati said while allocating financial
resources to the states, certain points like economic
backwardness and actual requirement of a state should be taken
into consideration.

Referring to the recommendations of Samra Committee, the
Chief Minister requested the commission to approve a special
package of Rs 80,000 crore for Poorvanchal and other backward
regions of the state.

She said implementation of Sixth Pay Commission
recommendations had put an additional burden of Rs 6,000 crore
on the state exchequer and demanded that 50 per cent of the
additional expenditure should be borne by the Centre.

Monetary compensation for victims of rape and murder hurts SC/STs’ Mayawati

LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati said on Thursday that
if the Bahujan Samaj Party came to power at the Centre, it would repeal
the Scheduled Castes, Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.

She said a new Act would be framed for the β€œsarv samaj,” under which
the punishment for rape and murder would be life imprisonment or death

At a press conference here, Ms. Mayawati said her party did not
approve of the monetary compensation for rape and murder victims given
under the SC, ST Act as it hurt the pride of SC/STs. The Act was framed
when the Congress was in power at the Centre. Even the terms for
monetary compensation were mentioned in the Act.

Dr. Joshi was arrested for making derogatory remarks against

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and Bahuguna are strong as SC/STs all over India support Congress
party, which gets 27 percent of SC/ST’s votes in the recently held Lok
Sabha election. Take that support out, and Congress will topple like a
house of cards. There is no ideology with Congress, but due to mindless
decisions and misinformed SC/STs Congress, enjoys its power. 

The rape remarks should make SC/STs aware what as to what lies in the minds of upper caste people and Congress. 
It is time we think carefully about our strengths and weaknesses. 
With much metta,


Final notification on BBMP wards issued

Staff Reporter

Names of over 45 wards changed; boundaries of over 30 wards modified

Over 1,500 suggestions received for the draft notification

Yelahanka ward named after Kempe Gowda

BANGALORE: Nearly a month after issuing the draft notification for
the 198 delimited wards of the Bruhat Bangalore Mahangara Palike
(BBMP), the State Government on Wednesday published the final
notification of the wards.

The number of wards in the final notification remains the same as in
the draft, and the number of wards whose names have changed are over
45. The number of wards in which the areas have either been included or
excluded are over 30. The draft notification, issued by the Urban
Development Department on June 17, was subject to suggestions and
recommendations before June 30. After looking into over 1,500
suggestions, the Urban Development Department finalised the

Now, the due course of action would require State Election Commission to prepare the voters’ list for each ward.

The ward list according to the final notification is as follows. The
earlier names according to the draft notification have been mentioned
in brackets wherever there has been a change in the name.

Kempegowda Ward (Yelahanka) , Chowdeshwari Ward (Puttenahalli) ,
Atturu Ward, Yelahanka Satellite Town, Jakkuru, Thanisandra
(Dasarahalli), Byatarayanapura (Amruthhalli), Kodigehalli,
Vidyaranyapura (GKVK), Dodda Bommasandra, Kuvempu Nagar, Shettihalli,
Mallasandra (Kalyananagar), Bagalakunte, T. Dasarahalli, Jalahalli,
J.P. Park, Radhakrishna Temple Ward (RMV II Stage), Sanjayanagar,
Ganganagar, Hebbal, Vishwanath Nagenahalli (Kanakanagar), Nagawara, HBR
Layout, Horamavu, Ramamurthynagar (Kalkere), Banaswadi, Kammanahalli
(Ramaswamy Palya), Kacharkanahalli (St. Thomas Town), Kadugondanahalli
(Venkateshpura), Kushal Nagar (Kadugondanahalli), Kaval Byrasandra,
Manorayanapalya, Gangenahalli, Aramanenagara, Mattikere,
Yeshwanthapura, HMT Ward, Chokkasandra (Nagasandra), Dodda Bidarakallu,
Peenya Industrial Area, Lakshmi Devi Nagar (Goraguntepalya), Nandini
Layout, Marappana Palya, Malleswaram (Subedar Palya), Jayachamarajendra
Nagar, Devara Jeevanahalli, Muneshwar Nagar, Lingarajapura,
Benniganahalli, Vijnanapura, K.R. Puram, Basavanapura, Hoodi
(Ayappanagar), Devasandra, A. Narayanapura, C.V. Raman Nagar, New
Thippasandra, Maruthiseva Nagar, Sagayapuram, S.K. Garden, Ramaswamy
Palya, Jayamahal, Rajamahal Guttahalli, Kadu Malleshwara Ward
(Malleswaram), Subramanyanagar, Nagapura, Mahalakshmipuram, Laggere,
Rajagopal Nagar (Dodanna Industrial Estate), Hegganahalli, Herohalli,
Kottigepalya, Shakthiganapathinagar, Shankar Math, Gayathri Nagar,
Dattatreya Temple Ward, Pulikeshinagar, Sarvagna Nagar, Hoysala Nagar,
Vijnananagar (Mahadevapura), Garudachar Palya, Kadugodi, Hagadur,
Doddanekkundi (Kundalahalli) , Marathahalli, HAL Airport Ward,
Jeevanbima Nagar, Jogupalya, Halasoor, Bharatinagar, Shivajinagar,
Vasanthanagar, Gandhinagar, Subhasnagar, Okalipuram, Dayanandanagar,
Prakashnagar, Rajajinagar, Basaveshwaranagar, Kamakshipalya,
Vrushabhavathi Nagar, Kaveripura (Pattegarapalya), Govindarajanagar,
Agrahara Dasarahalli, (Rajajinagar Industrial Town), Dr. Rajkumar Ward,
Shivanagara, Sri Rama Mandira Ward, Chikpet, Sampangiram Nagar,
Shantalanagar, Domlur, Konena Agrahara (Murugeshpalya), Agara,
Vannarpet, Neelasandra, Shanthinagar (Richmond Town), Sudhamnagar,
Dharmaraya Swamy Temple Ward (Kalasipalya), Cottonpete, Binnipete,
Kempapura Agrahara, Vijayanagar, Hosahalli, Marenahalli, Maruthi
Mandira ward (GKW Layout), Mudalapalya, Nagarabhavi (Chandra Layout),
Jnana Bharathi Ward (Bangalore University), Ullalu, Nayandahalli,
Attiguppe, Hampi Nagar, Bapujinagar, Padarayanapura,
Jagajivanaramnagar, Rayapuram, Chalavadipalya, K.R. Market,
Chamrajapet, Azad Nagar, Sunkenahalli (Kempe Gowda Nagara), Visveshwara
Puram, Siddapura, Hombegowda Nagara, Lakkasandra, Adugodi, Ejipura,
Varthuru, Bellanduru, Koramangala, Suddagunte Palya, Jayanagar,
Basavanagudi, Hanumanth Nagar (Gavipura), Srinagara, Gali Anjaneya
Temple Ward, Deepanjali Nagar, Kengeri, Raja Rajeshwari Nagar,
Hosakerehalli, Girinagar, Kathriguppe, Vidyapeetha Ward (Ashoknagar),
Ganesh Mandir Ward, Karisandra, Yediyur, Pattabhiram Nagar, Byrasandra,
Jayanagar East (Jayanagar Ninth Block), Gurappanapalya, Madivala,
Jakkasandra, HSR Layout, Bommanahalli, BTM Layout, J.P. Nagar, Sarakki,
Shakambari Nagar (Jayanagr Fifth Block), Banashankari Temple Ward,
Kumaraswamy Layout, Padmanabhanagar, Chikkalsandra, Uttarahalli,
Yelchenahalli, Jaraganahalli, Puttenahalli, Bilekhalli, Hongasandra,
Mangammanapalya (Bandepalya), Singasandra, Begur, Arakere, Gottigere,
Konanakunte (Kottanur), Anjanapura, Vasanthapura and Hemmigepura.

To see the final notification, visit www.bbmpwards.org.

High Court toughens stand on BBMP election

Staff Reporter

Plea to quash ordinance increasing number of wards

State, BBMP asked to file their objections

BANGALORE: The Karnataka High Court on Tuesday orally indicated that
it would take a tough stand against the State Government if elections
to the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) were not held by July
31, 2009.

A Division Bench comprising Chief Justice P.D. Dinakaran and Justice
V.G. Sabhahit made the observation when it was hearing a public
interest litigation petition by a resident of Bangalore on the
delimitation of BBMP wards.

The petitioner, B.K. Venkatesh, wanted the court to quash a
notification by the State Government modifying the guidelines
prescribing average population to each ward in Bangalore. He also
wanted the ordinance increasing the number of wards from 100 to 198 to
be quashed. He apprehended that the delimitation exercise could be used
as a ploy by the State Government to postpone the elections. He said
the State had issued a notification on June 4, 2009 by which the
guidelines for preparing the wards based on the average population has
been modified. Besides, on June 17 2009, the authorities had also
published a draft of the delimitation process.

An ordinance was issued under the Karnataka Municipal Corporations
Act by which the number of seats have been increased from 100 to 198.
The ordinance was violative of the Constitution and was liable to be
quashed, he said.

The Bench admitted the petition and ordered issue of notices to the
State and other respondents. It also asked both the State and the BBMP
to file their objections. It orally observed that it would initiate suo motu contempt proceedings in case the elections were not held by July 31.

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