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May 2022
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VR1 MEDIA FREE ONLINE TRAINING ON PRECEPTS AND TRADE-37- ON MORALITY THE WAY OF CULTIVATION-COMPREHENSIVE PALI COURSE-Don’t disturb peace, Mayawati warns Congress -State swimming team runs into troubled waters
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In Buddhism, examples
of moral behaviour include: the

Four means of
embracing, six perfections, five precepts, ten

Wholesome conducts,
right understanding and views, giving

charity and forming
good affinities, not bearing old grudges,

modesty and kindness,
protecting the six sense organs,

blessing and giving
joy to the living, repaying the four

kindnesses, widely
proclaiming Dhamma for the benefit

of all sentient
beings, respectfulness and forgiveness,

loving words of praise, protecting right

selflessness, sacrificing oneself for others, and

selflessly working
for others.



Excercise 3


five Pāli sentences and five English sentences

vocabulary from Pāli Lesson 2 and 3, in your own


1)         Buddho
Dhammam deseti

2)         Buddhassa
Dhammassa Sangassa Nibbanaya sukhāya

hitāya saranam gacchāmi.

Samanā vihārato gāme passanti.

Dārākanam ācariyo na pandito hoti.

Bālā Buddhassa
Dhammam na passanti.



The Awakened One goes to the village
by foot.

Men go to the monastery of the monk
by path.

Among men are ignorant, there are
wise ones.

The teacher of the boys is not wise.

5)               For
the Awakened One there is no greed, there

                        is no hatred, there is no delusion.

Don’t disturb peace, Mayawati warns Congress

Atiq Khan

LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on Friday warned the
Congress that attempts to disturb the peace or a repeat of the
Lucknow-type arson would invite strict action from her government.

The Bahujan Samaj Party leader also made it clear that the Rita
Bahuguna Joshi episode was not over, notwithstanding the regrets
expressed by Congress president Sonia Gandhi over the Pradesh Congress
Committee chief’s derogatory remarks. Ms. Mayawati said Ms. Joshi would
have to face the consequences for her misdemeanour.

Ms. Joshi’s insulting and despicable remarks could not be condoned,
she said and indicated that the cases registered against Ms. Joshi
would not be withdrawn.

Equating the PCC chief’s case with Varun Gandhi’s, Ms. Mayawati said
it was possible that she would be bailed out, but that would not lessen
her crime. “She will be punished according to the law of the land,” Ms.
Mayawati told journalists here.

In Congress circles, the Chief Minister’s observations are seen as
an indication that the State government is preparing to book Dr. Joshi
under the National Security Act as Mr. Gandhi was booked.

The Chief Minister said had the BSP workers not been stopped by her
on Wednesday when Ms. Joshi made the remarks, the entire country would
have been brought to a halt and the Congressmen would have been running
for cover. A serious law and order situation would have been created in
Uttar Pradesh, she said.

State swimming team runs into troubled waters

 Special Correspondent

English Channel crossing aborted due to bad timing and alleged apathy

BANGALORE: A team of master swimmers from Karnataka, which attempted
a relay swimming in the English Channel on July 10, returned home after
a traumatic experience. The team’s spokesperson, Nandita Kapoor, a 50 m
and 100 m butterfly national record holder in the Master’s Section,
recounting their bitter experience to The Hindu,
said: “We were lucky to get back home in one piece. We were misled and
let down by the Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation, which
controls and organises English Channel crossing, an open sea swim over
a distance of 35 km from Dover in England to Calais in France”.

The Karnataka team reached Dover, and on July 6 was ready to
undertake the attempt with two groups of six swimmers each, which
included three women, and dedicate their efforts to world peace.


But Channel Federation authorities, according to Ms. Kapoor,
dissuaded them from doing it on July 8 and 9 despite perfect weather
conditions. “They gave the clearance on July 10, when we had a terrible
weather. But we were told by Alliston Streeter, the head of the Channel
Swim Federation, the sea would be choppy for a while and conditions
would improve.”

The swimmers, on that assurance, took the plunge, with disastrous
results. “The tides, which were already six ft. high, became worse.
Giant tidal waves, topping over 10 ft, tossed the swimmers up and down
the sea and one of the girls, Rajani, went under the boat and had to be
rescued. All of us were badly bruised and before there were any
fatalities, we decided to call it off after swimming for eight to 10
km,” Ms. Kapoor said.

The swimmers returned to base in Dover but what hurt them, said Ms.
Kapoor, was the apathy shown by the authorities. “They just dumped us
and left. There were no explanations and apologies and our request for
a second attempt on a suitable day was rejected.”

Their attitude was all the more surprising because Alliston was a
renowned long distance swimmer, who had 43 solo crossing of the
Channel, the swimmers said.

The State swimmers spent Rs.4 lakh for their abortive attempt, which
came after hard toil for over one year under the supervision of noted
coach Sindhia of Sindhia Swim School. “Some of us are so traumatised by
the experience that we don’t want to get into the sea again,” Ms.
Kapoor said.

The team has lodged a strong protest with Channel Swimming
Federation and has sought a refund. “We doubt whether we will get back
our money, but it is a lesson to all of us and the Indian swimming
fraternity who wish to attempt English Channel crossing,” said Ms.

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