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September 2019
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VR1 (WE ARE ONE) +ve NEWS -No new practice of religious, cultural activities and other programmes at Government campuses/ properties should take place-Mayawati-Local administration to be held responsible for poor law and order situation-C.M. reviews law and order at a high-level meeting- Responsibility of concerning Principal Secretary/Secretary will be fixed, if benefit of schemes/programmes was not delivered to poor eligible persons-— C.M. Follow policy of Sarvajan Hitai, Sarvajan Sukhai in development programmes, but Dalits and backward classes should be given special priority — Chief Minister Corruption in development schemes will not be tolerated — Mayawati-Bahujan Samaj Party National President and U.P. Chief Minister Ms. Mayawati meets Nepalese Prime Minister Multi-purpose flood control, irrigation and power projects should be developed for permanent solution of flood problem —Chief Minister-C.M. requests Prime Minister to take initiative for permanent solution of flood problem from Nepal rivers C.M. writes letter to PM-Divisional Commissioners responsible for ensuring benefits of welfare schemes to eligible persons with full honesty and dedication in a corruption free manner — C.M. People should get benefits of Government schemes — Chief Minister D.M. and S.S.P./D.I.G. should remain present during 10 a.m. to 12 noon on every Monday, Thursday and Friday in their respective offices to dispose of people’s problems — Chief Minister Divisional Commissioners will be given adverse entries for lack of improvement in functioning at divisional level, their promotion will be stopped — Chief Minister-Wealth is lost nothing is lost Health is lost something is lost Precepts (Character, morality self-discipline) is lost everything is lost-ONLINE TRAINING ON PRECEPTS AND TRADE-64-INTERNATIONAL JIVAKA PRESUMPTIVE HEALTH PROTECTION (IJPHP) NATIONAL MISSION ON MEDICINAL PLANTS POLICIES AND PROGRAMMES DIRECTORATE OF HORTICULTURE AND MISSION DIRECTOR DEPT. OF HORTICULTURE-Precepts (Character, morality self-discipline) is lost everything is lost A BLUE PRINT FOR LIFE THE WAY OF ON SOCIETY THE WAY OF ONESELF AND OTHERS-FREE ONLINE TRAINING ON BUDDHISM FOR CHILDREN -23 Mountain Buck and Village Doe [Infatuation]-A Permanent Online International Seminar on Buddhism and Buddhist Heritage of Jambudvipa that is the Great Prabuddha Bharath Theravāda Buddhist Economic Ethics- COMPREHENSIVE PALI COURSE LESSON 10-Bishnoi, son of former Haryana chief minister Bhajan Lal, said the HJC’s alliance with the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) was sure of winning the forthcoming assembly elections expected in October
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