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A plot on the moon as b’day gift for Mayawati-UP CM Mayawati releases 25 convicts on her birthday-Landlords exploited SC/STs in Aldur- Scheduled Caste (Aboriginal Inhabitant of Jambudvipa, that is, the Great Prabuddha Bharath treated as Untouchable)youth allegedly made to eat human excreta-Fact Sheet: No place for SC/ST (Aboriginal Inhabitants of Jambudvipa, that is, the Great Prabuddha Bharath treated as Untouchables) in JAC-Cong leaders controversial ‘caste list’- 6th Universal peace march -2010 -SC stay on Noida park statues causing Rs 3 lakh loss per day: UP govt
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A plot on the moon as b’day gift for Mayawati

A plot on the moon as b’day gift for Mayawati
January 16th, 2010 - 4:05 pm ICT by IANS  -
Lucknow, Jan 16 (IANS) To please “Behenji”, some Bahujan Samaj Party
(BSP) partymen are willing to go to any lengths. On her 54th birthday,
BSP boss and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has been gifted a
three-acre plot - on nothing less than the moon!
The special gift was made by BSP leader from Kanpur, Mahendra Singh Sengar.
He told reporters here Saturday that he purchased the lunar plot from
US-based Lunar Republic Society. The society openly sells plots on the
moon, said Sengar, showing the registration papers signed by its
member-secretary Margaret Hayes Barton.

The papers, however do not mention the price he paid for the plot.
Sengar took offence on being asked how much he shelled out for the
lunar plot.

“How does it matter how much it cost me; when I am gifting the plot to
my most revered Behenji, its price is immaterial. It is the feeling
that matters,” he said.

Mayawati, who was known for her ostentatious birthday parties in the
past, celebrated her 54th birthday Friday without the usual cultural
extravaganza, announcing welfare programmes and development schemes
worth a whopping Rs.7,312 crore (Rs.70.3 billion).

UP CM Mayawati releases 25 convicts on her birthday


Lucknow, Jan 15 (PTI) On the occasion of her birthday, Uttar Pradesh

Chief Minister Mayawati has recommended release of 25 old and sick

convicts undergoing imprisonment in various jails of the state.

The government has already recommended it to Governor BL Joshi, CM

Mayawati said here.

The government has also decided to release of 26,336 poor inmates who

were languishing in jails due to non payment of bail amount while 960

other were also released on bail after completion of half of their

jail term.

Meanwhile, several welfare camps were organised across the state to

provide benefits of various welfare schemes being run by the state

government to people.

She also saw saw a colourful programme in which school children participated.

Mayawati also laid the foundation stones for 264 welfare schemes.

‘Landlords exploited SC/STs in Aldur’

‘’People with vested interests among the upper class are responsible
for the pathetic life condition of SC/STs in Machagondana Halli,'’
said BSP

Speaking, after listening to the grievances of SC/STs
in Machagondana Halli, BSP said that SC/STs in the region
were being exploited by landlords and people from upper class in the
region. Moreover, they were also trying to take away SC/STs land.
“Those people did not allow SC/STs, who live in huts without any basic
facilities, to come to the mainstreams of the society,” BSP charged.
There is no legal hurdle before the government to issue title deeds to
SC/STs. The SC/ST colony is situated outside the college campus, BSP
said adding that lack of political will is the only reason why title
deeds were not distributed to SC/STs.

At any cost, SC/STs, who dwell in the colony, should not be shifted.
Moreover, they should be given title deeds for their land and
infrastructure should also be provided for their colony, BSP
emphasised. Government should take initiative to reclaim land
encroached by upper class people in the region, BSP added.

Memorandum to DC

BSP workers submitted a memorandum seeking title deeds for
SC/STs of Machagondana Halli colony to the Deputy Commissioner R
Narayanaswamy.  They alleged in the memorandum that a local person had
encroached about 10 acres of land near the SC/ST colony in
Machagondana Halli. They charged that those people’s representatives
neither raise voice against the land encroachment, nor help SC/STs in
the colony.

Tamil Nadu

MADURAI, January 15, 2010

Scheduled Caste (Aboriginal Inhabitant of Jambudvipa, that is, the Great Prabuddha Bharath treated as Untouchable)youth allegedly made to eat human excreta

A 24-year-old SC youth was allegedly made to eat human excreta at

Melakoilpatti village coming under Nilakottai circle and Batlagundu

police station limits in Dindigul district.

P. Sadaiyandi, in his complaint to the police, has said that on

January 7 a group of Thevar Christian youth stopped him near the

village salon and abused him by his caste name for daring to defy the

ban on SCs wearing footwear in the streets where upper castes live.

The group comprising Arockiasamy, David, Selvendran, Kennedy,

Kannadasan, Peter and Anbu beat him up. Two of them then forced his

mouth open and thrust excrement down his throat. They later smeared

his face with it.

The SCs of Indira Nagar in his village came to his rescue and took

him to the hospital where he underwent treatment. However, fearing

repercussion, Sadaiyandi did not file a complaint against them

immediately and waited till the next day.

The Batlagundu police on Friday, January 15, filed a case against

Arockiasamy and 20 others under Sections 147, 148, 341, 323, 355, 324,

506 (2) of the Indian Penal Code and Sections 3(1) (10) and 3(1)(3) of

Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities

Act),1989. No arrest has been made so far.

Madurai-based non-governmental organisation Evidence, which conducted

a field study, found that animosity between the SC/STs and Thevars had

been there for sometime after a ruckus on Christmas Day.

A. Kathir, Executive Director, Evidence, said that complaints had been

sent to National Human Rights Commission, State Human Rights

Commission and Chief Secretary.

Fact Sheet: No place for SC/ST (Aboriginal Inhabitants of Jambudvipa, that is, the Great Prabuddha Bharath treated as Untouchables) in JAC

SC/ST ) groups forming part of the Telangana Joint Action Committee are
fretting and fuming at the JAC leaders for ignoring them in taking
on taking forward the Telangana movement.

The way the SC/ST was treated at the JAC meeting a couple of days ago
resulted in a lot of
heart burn among the SC/ST groups. “He has every right
to express his
opinion. Why should his mike be snatched away?
Would they do the same
thing if TRS president K Chandrasekhara Rao was speaking?”
a SC
leader said.

It was also pointed out that whenever the JAC leaders address
a press conference, they would not allow a single SC/ST leader to
speak. “Take any photograph published in the media. You would find
only upper caste leaders in the front row, while we are seen only in
the back rows”.

The SC/ST organisations are also threatening to go independently,
alleging that the political parties were fighting for one-upmanship
rather than fighting for the Telangana cause. “There is no proper
representation for SCs, STs, BCs, women and minorities in the JAC. All
those who are taking decisions are only from upper castes. How can
they ensure social justice in the Telangana? We will chalk our own
plans at the grassroot level.”

Cong leaders controversial ‘caste list’

Prevention of Atrocities Act, state Congress chief Anil Kumar Sharma

and AICC Bihar in-charge Jagdish Tytler are desperately trying to

wriggle out of the soup they find themselves after distribution of the

list of BPCC office-bearers with their castes affixed against their

names. They included Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar.

BSP adds that the best solution to stop such happenings is to make BSP as the
ruling community which is strongly working Social Transformation through social engineering
and for Economic Emancipation.People should work hard to make large number of
people at sector and booth level to strengthen BSP. Once the Master Key is got every thing
will become alright


Regd Office- RZ A3/108 ,
Street No. 1, Durga Park, New Delhi-110045 India,

Ref. ……………                                                                                                                                                                   Date





Universal peace march -2010 

Srawasti – sankisa 28 jan – 8 fab 2010 

                             Hello, Dear
Friends! Wish you a very Happy New Year 2010 in advance. Hopefully you all must
be very well as usual. I am very glad to tell you that as every year this year
also YBS is going to organize 6th Universal Peace March on 28th
January to 8th Feb. 2010.

                               Every year,
since 2005 under the cooperation between Youth Buddhist Society of India
) and International Work Camp Organization (IWO) S.Korea,
“Universal Peace March (UPM)” has been held in different parts of India and Nepal. We are promoting peace by
sharing our ideas about global issues with youths from all over the world.
Within 12 days we will stay in different places and have meetings with
different religion, cast and rural village people. We will share how to make
peace to each other, how to be in peace between young people and how to be
aware and recover the humanity. In 2010, Foreign and Indian participants will
march from Shravasti, (India)
to Sankissa (India)
by walking. Local hosting condition will be inconvenient sometimes but it will
be a good opportunity to think and do for peace .

the present scenario we are facing so many problems such as Terrorism, war over
the land, war over the borders, war over the natural resources such as oil,
water etc, war over the development, war over the religion, cast, colors etc,
conflict over the education, technology. Domestic violence is also one of the
biggest increasing problems. Now we have started to face the effect of Global
Warming, pollution and effect of plastic problem. Because of developed science
and technology human is reaching on the moon but on the other side human is
killing to each other every day and every moment. 

dear friends stand up for Peace, come and join us. We do hope people will be
encouraged by your representation and about your ideas and contributed sharing.
Please come and represent yourself, your country and the whole universe.

anyone who wants to put their holly step for peace during the March, please do
feel free to contact me. For more information you can also visit our website- 

forward to see you during the 6th UPM. 



Peace March

No. +91 9897269184, 0091 9937393526

Email-  ,

Infosheet  for participants of UPM 2010


 6th Universal  Peace  March in India

 â€“ 8th Feb 2010 (12days)




Youth Buddhist

Vivek Vihar
Colony District Mainpuri,
Uttar Pradesh – India



Workcamp Organization

Sogyo-dong, 121-836,







Universal Peace March 2010



India is the second biggest country in Asia. It has
diverse religion
s, casts, and climates. There
are many disputes due to religion and cast. As you know there
also border conflicts between India and Pakistan. Due to the problem, people have been killing each other. You can see the same problem in Nepal
and Bangladesh
as well. Once a year
, we hold the Peace March project to help people
be aware of this situation.

Buddhist Society
) is trying to create mutual harmony
and friendship
in spite of their religion: Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim
or Christian. When national and international government
s cannot stop the violence and conflicts, it is
time for youths
in the
world to take action and put an end to one of the longest
running conflicts in
. This humanistic and peaceful march will give an opportunity to the
participants from various countries to be involved directly or indirectly in
global issues

In addition, the each destination of the march is a holy site of
Buddhism in history. However, the activities and the objectives are not just
related with Buddhism but the peace.


What is the Universal Peace
March? What is the purpose of this march?

Since 2005, under
the cooperation between YBS
(Youth Buddhist Society) and IWO(International Workcamp Organization), “Universal Peace March
has been held in different parts of India.

This year we are please announce that the 6th Universal Peace
March(UPM) will be held from sravasti
to Sankisa, India with the name of “PEACE IN YOUR FOOT”.
We promote peace by sharing our ideas about global issues with youths
from all over the world.

During the 12 day march, we will stay in different locals and have meetings with various people no matter what their religions are or where they come
. We will share ideas about how to promote peace with each
how there can be peace among young people, and how
to be aware and recover
a sense of mutual
humanity. In 200
9, foreign and Indian participants will march from Lumbini, Nepal
to Sravasti
, India on foot. Local living condition will be
during the march in general. However, this will be
a good opportunity to challenge you


*Duration:  28 Jan, 2009 – 8 Feb, 2009, (12days)

*Distance of march: About 500 km, from Sravasti to Sankisa in India

 Youth Buddhist Society(YBS), India

Workcamp Organization(IWO), Korea


*Participants:  -Those who are
more than 18 years old

who are interested in promoting world peace


*Language:  English   

*MEETING POINT & TIME - there will be two meeting point

28, Jan 2010,
at Thai
Buddhist temple Saravasti

: Please make sure to book your train before 40 to 45 days in advance otherwise you can’t get sits.

You can
come directly
Sravasti from Nepal or Kolkatta.


27. Jan
2010,5:00 pm in front of new Delhi
Railway station near Bank of Barauda ATM

(pahargunj site ),


*Insurance: Insurance will not be provided. Participants
overseas insurance from



3.Participants fee- 180 euro, food and accommodation will be covered
during UPM.


*Accommodation: Participants
will stay in local accommodation. Accommodation
could be
schools, village community centers,
or temples
(Hindu, Buddhist, Islam, Christian, Sikh, Jaina etc). Participants should not
expect convenient facilities like those in their countries
, with amenities such as hot water, good toilet, beds, etc.


*Food:  During the 12-day-peaceful journey,
participants will have local vegetarian food for their
     meals. Participants can cook vegetarian
food in their own style and share. Peace
March is
not a picnic or
a race but
instead a spiritual journey to foster a positive mentality in
young people and a peaceful future. It will
be a time to understand the diverse value of life.

* Non-vegetable food and alcohol
is not allowed during the march


*Daily distance to march:  

We will move approximately 50 km a
day. Participants will walk
15-20 km in a day and take a public transportation for the rest of the


*Urgent Contact in India:

Cell  Number. 0091


*Special Remark*

During the 12-days of journey,
participants are asked to interaction with local people.
Therefore, p
eople who take part in UPM are asked
to have
he success of UPM project depends on the volunteer being prepared to take
responsibility for her/himself. The volunteer should not only be able to work
independently but also be able to work well as a part of the group. To take
part in a camp also means to organi
ze the





6:00 – 7:00

Yoga & Morning Gathering

7:00 – 8:00


8:00 – 8:30

Start the March

12:00 –13:00

Lunch(on the way)

18:00 – 19:00

Dinner(at the destination of the day)

20:00 – 21:30

Culture exchange program & meeting




SC stay on Noida park statues causing Rs 3 lakh loss per day: UP govt
SC stay on Noida park statues causing Rs 3 lakh loss per day: UP govt
PTI, 15 January 2010, 07:02pm IST

NEW DELHI: Uttar Pradesh government today told the Supreme Court that

its order to stop the work for construction of statues and memorials

for Scheduled Caste
(Aboriginal Inhabitant of Jambudvipa, that is, the Great
Prabuddha Bharath treated as Untouchable)
leaders, including those of Mayawati and her political

mentor Kanshi Ram at a park in Noida near here, was causing a loss of

Rs three lakh everyday.

“All work has been held up. We are losing Rs three lakh everyday,”

senior advocate K K Venugopal, appearing for Uttar Pradesh government,

told a Special Forest Bench headed by Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan.

The Bench, also comprising Justices S H Kapadia and Aftab Alam, had on

October 9 directed Uttar Pradesh government to stop the work at the

site and allowed NOIDA authorities only to continue with other work

like planting of trees.

However, later the Centre in its affidavit had said there was no need

for environmental clearance for the controversial project.

The Centre’s view was in response to the apex court notice asking it

to respond to the Central Empowered Committee report stating that the

state government should seek environmental clearance for the Rs

650-crore project in the 33.43 hectare.

The Centre had earlier opposed the project on environmental grounds.

When the matter came up for hearing, Venugopal said the Centre’s

affidavit was in favour of Uttar Pradesh government and it should be

given permission at the earliest to go ahead with the construction


The Bench posted the matter for further hearing on February 5 as the

state government itself has sought adjournment.

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