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August 2022
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BSP completes 100 days in office -State Government withdraws new agriculture policy -C.M. honours S.T.F. team members -SC/ST and weaker sections will be given top priority in development : Chief Minister -C.M. stresses for responsive and sensitive administrative system -
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Online edition of India’s National Newspaper
Thursday, Aug 23, 2007

BSP completes 100 days in office

Atiq Khan

LUCKNOW: Riding on the crest wave of the Dalit-Brahmin social engineering formula and having completed 100 days in office on Wednesday, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati made it clear that the Bahujan Samaj Party’s next stop was Delhi.

Aware of the popular political perception that the road to Delhi passes through Uttar Pradesh, Ms. Mayawati outlined her party’s agenda for the future. Addressing the function to mark the completion of 100 days in office at the Ganna Kisan Sansthan auditorium here, Ms. Mayawati said memorials to Bhimrao Ambedkar, who instilled a feeling of self-respect and pride in the Dalits, and BSP’s founder, Kanshi Ram, would be built in New Delhi when the BSP captures power at the Centre.

Ms. Mayawati condemned the attempts of the Opposition parties to deride her Government for creating “symbols ” in the form of the Ambedkar Memorial and the proposed Kanshi Ram memorial. She denied that there was a move to build memorials in the name of Dr. Ambedkar and Kanshi Ram in all the 70 districts of the State. The Chief Minister said while the Ambedkar Memorial — completed during her second and third stint as Chief Minister — in Lucknow was being given a facelift, another in the name of the BSP’s founder would be built soon in the State capital.

Stating that its neglect and vandalism during the previous regime necessitated the renovation of the memorial, Ms. Mayawati said she wanted to create a permanent structure which would exist for “thousand years” and whose “walls were not shaken” by the passage of time.

The Chief Minister painted a rosy picture of the achievements of her 100-day old Government ( she was sworn in Chief Minister for the fourth time on May 13) with emphasis on the rule of law and a society free from injustice and crime. She said the BSP Government took 100 decisions in 100 days whose collective goal was to take forward the party’s motto of “sarv jan hitaya, sarv jan sukhaya.”

Elimination of the dreaded brigand, Dadua, on July 22, 2007 was billed as the biggest achievement of the 100-day-old Government with the Chief Minister describing the encounter as “a historic success.” On the law and order and crime front, of the 1452 mafias identified by the police, action had been taken against 948 mafia elements in the last 100 days, the Chief Minister claimed. For removing the backwardness in Purvanchal and Bundelkhand regions of the State, Ms. Mayawati reiterated her demand for the Rs. 80,000-crore “Special Area Incentive Package” from the Centre.

State Government withdraws new agriculture policy

Lucknow : August 23, 2007 The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, while giving the information regarding the important decisions taken by the Cabinet on Thursday, said that the new agriculture policy passed by the Cabinet on August 03, 2007 had been withdrawn in view of farmers’ opposition. She said this policy was announced keeping in view of benefiting farmers and the development of agriculture sector. Addressing the press persons at Media Centre after the Cabinet meeting, the Chief Minister said that new agriculture policy was explained earlier in detail with a view to remove confusion among farmers regarding it. After giving a serious thought over this issue the Intelligence Department was asked to gather reports from all the 70 districts. According to the report, it was found that about 60 per cent farmers were against this policy. Therefore, the Cabinet had decided to withdraw this agriculture policy. The State Government never wanted to take any decision against farmers’ wish, she pointed out. The Chief Minister said that some opposition parties were spreading rumours that maximum land limit was going to be decreased by amendment in Ceiling Act. Several Cabinet members had also made her aware that after the formation of the government opposition was spreading rumours regarding the amendment in Ceiling Act. Denying vehemently, she said that no proposal of decreasing the maximum land limit had come to the government, neither had it been discussed nor any decision been taken in this connection. She termed it as totally false and baseless. Giving information regarding another decision, Km. Mayawati said that law and order problem was created due to the opposition of people on the opening of Reliance Fresh Stores in Lucknow and Varanasi on August 22, 2007. Keeping this in view, the setting up of Retail Stores, besides law and order, hygiene and health aspects needed to be reviewed. A committee had been constituted under the chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Shashank Shekhar Singh in this regard. The Principal Secretaries of Agriculture, Home, Housing and Urban Development, Medical and Health were included in this committee, she said adding that committee would give its report in a month after discussing all the aspects in detail. This committee will also review the opening of new stores in this connection. Due to the law and order problem, the district administration of Lucknow and Varanasi had decided to close all the Reliance Fresh Stores. The Principal Secretary to C.M. Mr. Shailesh Krishna, while giving details in this connection, said that concerning district magistrate could take the decision of closure in view of law and order problem. The law and order became worse, therefore district administration had taken the decision of closure and police force was employed on concerning stores to improve law and order. This decision of closure was temporary, he said adding that further decision would be taken after a high-level review on all the aspects. Mr. Krishna said that proceedings were going on for opening of stores like Reliance Fresh and Spencer in some other districts. Government was considering for making a policy in this regard after reviewing all aspects. Giving information regarding another decision, he said that the duration of district cooperative committees’ members had been decreased to two years from five years. This decision had been taken in view of insensitivity of members and complaints of poor arrangements in committees. The process of election could take time, therefore the procedure of appointing administrator had been restored. On this occasion, Cabinet Minister Mr. Satish Chandra Mishra, Cabinet Secretary Mr. Shashank Shekhar Singh and Chief Secretary Mr. P.K. Mishra were also present. ————-

C.M. honours S.T.F. team members

Lucknow : August 22, 2007 On the occasion of completing 100-days of her Government, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Km. Mayawati announced in a programme organised for the celebration that a grand memorial of Manyawar Kanshi Ram would be built in his honour, besides the museum and a rest house in Lucknow. Denying the baseless allegation by opposition parties that Ambedkar Memorial would be built in every district of the State, she said that necessary arrangements were being made for a long-lasting Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Memorial. She said that earlier Governments overlooked Dr. Ambedkar Memorial due to which it needed major repairing and improvement works. Acknowledging the paucity of space for seating arrangements in local Ganna Sansthan Auditorium, she announced that another auditorium having six times more capacity would be constructed very soon in Lucknow. The Chief Minister said that police officers and employees were being honoured for their valour and exemplary services. Likewise, the I.A.S. and P.C.S. officers would also be honoured for their good works regarding development. This honour would be given on the basis of three months progress of development works for which surprise visit would be made. The good officers would be encouraged and stern action would be taken against those officers, who were failed in achieving desired results. She said that I.A.S. and P.C.S. officers had an important role in providing thrust to the development and the Government would give full protection to the good officers. She appreciated the efforts of her Principal Secretaries Mr. Shailesh Krishna and Kuwar Fateh Bahadur for organising such a grand programme in a very short span of time on the completion of 100-days of Government. On this occasion, the Chief Minister honoured the S.T.F. and police personnel for their successful operation of killing the dreaded dacoit Dadua. She awarded the letter of appreciation, revolver and Rs. three lakh each to the Additional Police D.G. Mr. Shailjakant Mishra, Police D.I.G. S.T.F. Mr. Arvind Kumar Jain and S.S.P. S.T.F. Mr. Amitabh Yash for their superb guidance and contribution in conducting operation Dadua. She announced Rs. three lakh each to the police officers later on. She said that law and order situation was an important factor for development works. The Chief Minster awarded a plot in Lucknow, letter of appreciation and Rs. three lakh each to A.S.P. S.T.F. Mr. Anant Dev, Police Inspector S.T.F. Mr. Hrishikesh Yadav and Inspector S.T.F. Mr. Anil Kumar Singh. Besides, Sub-Inspector S.T.F. Mr. A.P. Mull, Head Constable S.T.F. Mr. P.K. Singh, Head Constable S.T.F. Mr. Ratan Lal Kanaujia, Head Constable S.T.F. Mr. J.P. Sharma, Constable S.T.F. Civil Police Mr. Rizwan Ahmad, S.T.F. Mr. Manoj Chaturvedi, Head Constable P.A.C. Mr. Kailash Yadav S.T.F. and Commando Mr. Ram Nath Rana, Commando Mr. Harish Chandra Yadav, Commando Mr. Virendra Singh, Commando Mr. Krishna Mohan Singh, Commando Mr. Shashi Bhushan, Commando Mr. Anil Kumar, Commando Mr. Ram Prakash, Commando Mr. Sheshnath Yadav, Constable Drivers S.T.F. Dr. Brajesh Kumar, Mr. Shiv Kumar and Mr. Dhirendra Singh got out of turn promotion, letter of appreciation and Rs. three lakh each. On this occasion, D.G.P. Mr. Vikram Singh, while expressing his gratitude towards the Chief Minister said that the entire police administration got encouragement and felt honoured today. He assured the Chief Minister that police force would do its best efforts for fulfilling her dreams. He also presented a memento of Japanese sword ‘Samurai’ to the Chief Minister. **************

SC/ST and weaker sections will be given top priority in development : Chief Minister

Lucknow : August 22, 2007 Elaborating upon the policies, commitments and priorities of the State Government, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Km. Mayawati said that it had been successful at all the fronts during the past 100 days. She said that the true development would take place when its impact could be felt by the downtrodden. All the works undertaken would be verified to ascertain the degree of development, she pointed out. She said that the efforts of the government would not be confined to papers only, instead they would be translated into reality. The Chief Minister was addressing a function organised at the Lal Bahadur Shastri Ganna Sansthan to mark the achievements of the government on the completion of 100 days. She said that after taking over the reins of the government, she had directed all the officers to stick to the policy of ‘Sarvajan Hitai, Sarvajan Sukhai’. Km. Mayawati said that after taking the oath, she initiated efforts to solve the long pending dispute between U.P. and Delhi over the plying of buses. This step benefited a large number of students, service class people, poor and labourers. The jungle raj prevalent in the State was ended and rule of law by law was established by creating an atmosphere free of injustice, crime and fear. The government set up ‘Civil Services Board’ to eradicate ‘transfer industry’, so that the senior officers could work impartially and fearlessly. ‘Day officers’ have been appointed in the police stations, who would listen to the complaints of the people and ensure that the cases were registered. The DMs and other officers have been directed to remain present at their offices between 10 a.m. and 12 noon to listen to the grievances of the people. The tehsil diwas are being organised on every Tuesday to solve the problems of the people. Besides, a three tier review system had also been introduced to ensure effective redress of the grievances of the people. Almost 7000 people got their FIRs registered during the past two months, whose FIRs were not filed during the past three years. Orders have been issued to initiate legal action against those who had filed fake FIRs. The C.M. said that the State Government had formed special investigation team (SIT) to effectively control the activities of white collared criminals and also to check economic offences and frauds. The basic problems of the naxalism affected areas would be taken into account, while initiating action. She said that with a view to controlling the criminal activities of the mafias, who were operating from jails, the Jail Department has been put under the administrative control of the Home Department. The notorious brigand Dadua, who was a synonym of terror, has been gunned down and the team who helped to eliminate him had been honoured today. An amount of Rs. Five lakh was being provided to the family members of the six martyred jawans, who laid down their lives during an exchange of fire with Thokia gang. She also paid homage to the martyred jawans. Km. Mayawati said that a growth rate of 10 per cent was being targeted for the 11th Five Year Plan. She directed the officers to go to the field to verify the data. She said that the government was serious towards the social security, therefore the amount of Rs. 150 being paid under the old age and kisan pension scheme had been doubled to Rs. 300. All the lease holders were being provided the possession of the land on priority basis. Effective action was being taken to dispossess illegal land grabbers. Eligible villagers were being handed over the possession of Gram Sabha land, ponds etc. The SC/ST were being given priority in it. She said that the unauthorised possession on the Gram Sabha land by the members of the SC/ST and farm labourers was being regularised. This would benefit those farm labourers of the SC/ST category, whose land did not exceed 3.125 acres including the unauthorised possession. The C.M. said that the State Government had decided to set up Regional Rural Employment Generation Centres instead of providing unemployment allowance to the youths. The road side vendors were being provided licences to save them from exploitation. An arrangement of Rs. 395 crore had been made in the budget for the schemes of Bundelkhand and Poorvanchal. Km. Mayawati said that there was a gap of 2000 MW in the demand and supply of power in the State. There was no increase in the generation capacity, which needed to be improved, she pointed out. The Chief Minister said that the incomplete works of selected villages left by earlier Government under Dr. Ambedkar Gram Vikas Yojna were being completed. An amount of Rs. 200 crore was arranged under Scheduled Caste Housing Scheme and Rs. 160 crore for providing Indira Awas to 2.5 lakh poor families living below the poverty line belonging to all sections of society. ‘Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji Shahri Samagra Vikas Yojna’ was being started for which Rs. 200 crore has been arranged. Decision had been taken for the recruitment of 88,000 primary teachers. Agriculture Development and Investment Policy was implemented for the welfare of farmers. Fair Price System was being improved and reservation system had been implemented for the allotment of fair price shops. A G.O. had been issued for filling the vacant seats backlog in Government Departments for reserved categories. Decision had been taken for providing reservation in private sector on voluntary basis, she said. On this occasion, the Cabinet Secretary Mr. Shashank Shekhar Singh said that the development of Uttar Pradesh was a big challenge after Independence where the economic backwardness and social imbalances were on the top. A need for dynamic leadership was being felt for providing stability to the Government and thrust to the development. It had become possible for the first time in the political history of the State in the leadership of the Hon’ble chief Minister and the State Government was moving ahead in the direction of ‘Sarvajan Hitai, Sarvajan Sukhai’. **********

C.M. stresses for responsive and sensitive administrative system

Lucknow : August 21, 2007 The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Km. Mayawati has directed to senior administrative and police officers for taking effective steps to solve common man’s daily problems on priority basis. She said that our government intention was to bring prosperity to the State by benefiting all sections of the society through development. Underlining the need for sensitive and responsive administrative system, she said that each section of the society should get the opportunity for development, especially the weaker sections, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward class. She pointed out that the talks for making the State as Uttam Pradesh were in the newspapers only so far, should indeed take practical shape. She said that district magistrates would be held directly responsible for any laxity found in solving the people’s problems. If any slackness or negligence was found on surprise visit made by her then concerning officers would face stern action, besides their transfers, she warned. The Chief Minister was reviewing the progress of development works here today at Tilak Hall with all the commissioners, district magistrates, DIGs and other senior administrative officers of the State. She said that the development works should actually took place in reality, not only on the papers and if any false report was found in this regard then concerning officers would not be spared. She said that good officers would be encouraged. The progress report regarding the development works would be held at government level every month and she herself would study those reports and make surprise visit. If any difference between the report sent to the government and her surprise visit was found then concerning officers would face stern action and officer-in-charge secretary of the government would also be held responsible. She stressed that arrears of cane farmers should be paid and district magistrates besides the commissioners should cooperate in this regard. The district magistrates should take interest in solving the people’s problems and sit at their offices on working days between 10 a.m. to 12 noon, so that people should not come to Lucknow for their petty problems and grievances. The development works should be completed within stipulated time period without compromising on quality. She warned the officers that the review meeting to be held next month would verify and the progress of development works strictly. Km. Mayawati reiterated her government priorities and said that the poor law and order situation had a direct affect on the development works. The police administration should cooperate in maintaining the law and order, so that the development works could not be affected. She appreciated the efforts of officers for improving the law and order situation during the last three months. The Chief Minister directed for completing the development works of Ambedkar villages selected during her last three regimes. She said the policy of ‘’Sarvajan Hitai, Sarvajan Sukhai'’ should be implemented with full honesty and transparency. Regretting the slow progress of development even after the 60 years of independence in the villages, she said much remains to be done. Our government had emphasised for development in villages, but the incomplete works in Ambedkar villages were not completed, besides its maintenance and repairing, when our government was out of power. Km. Mayawati said that new Ambedkar villages would not be selected this year but our emphasis would be on completing the works on priority basis of selected Ambedkar villages earlier. She said that under Dr. Ambedkar Gram Sabha Vikas Yojana, five Gram Sabhas would be selected in each Assembly Constituency and the criteria for selecting the Gram Sabhas would be sent to the district magistrates very soon. She directed for launching special campaign for giving possession to weaker sections to which the land had been allotted during her last three regimes. Stern action should be taken against those elements who had taken the land forcibly belonging to land Patta holders. The priority should be given to scheduled caste in land allotment, she said adding that the possession of land by scheduled caste people till May 13, 2007 should be regularised. The Chief Minister said that development of cities was also necessary, besides the villages for the development of the State. She directed that effective steps should be taken for preventing power theft. It took place only with the cooperation of officers. The district magistrates and commissioners should identify these officers of the department and take strong action, she warned. Km. Mayawati directed for immediately repairing the loose wires of electricity due to which many incidents took place. Medicines and doctors should remain available in hospitals and primary health centres. The district magistrates should make surprise visits in primary schools and hospitals for checking the attendance of teachers and doctors. She appealed to the officers for providing better results. The Chief Minister, while appreciating the campaign launched in capital Lucknow against the adulteration in food items and fake medicines, said that similar campaigns should be launched in districts. She said that availability of fertilizers and seeds should be ensured, besides the preparation for Rabi crops. She also directed for repairing of tube-wells, water for canals, creation of employment opportunities and scholarships distribution for children belonging to all sections during the second fortnight of September by launching special campaign. She also directed for speeding up the relief works in flood affected areas and stressed that there should not be any unnecessary harassment to poor people for revenue realisation. She said that fair price system should be improved. She warned that the directives issued in this review meeting should be implemented strictly, otherwise stern action would be taken against the concerning officers The Cabinet Secretary Mr. Shashank Shekhar Singh, Chief Secretary Mr. P.K. Mishra, APC Mr. Anees Ansari, IDC Mr. Atul Gupta, Principal Secretaries to C.M. Mr. V.K. Sharma, Mr. Shailesh Krishna and Mr. Kunwar Fateh Bahadur and DGP Mr. Vikram Singh also reviewed the development works and law and order situation during the meeting.

C.M. reviews law and order situation of U.P.

Lucknow : August 17, 2007 The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Km. Mayawati, while reviewing the law and order of the State at the Tilka Hall (Vidhan Sabha) here today, said that the F.I.R.s would be lodged at the S.P. offices if the police station fails to register it. She said that after reviewing the situation stern action would be initiated against the concerning S.H.O. for not registering the F.I.R. This order would come into force from today, she pointed out. She directed the senior officers to fill the vacancies of S.I.s by launching a special recruitment drive. Warning the officers to control the killings, she said that the culprits should be arrested immediately. Ordering cancellation of large number of arms licences issued by the previous government after reviewing them, she said that they also played a role in damaging the law and order of the State. She directed the officers to respect the peoples’ representatives and take immediate action on their complaints and suggestions. Surprise inspections would be conducted by her to know the ground reality of the law and order, she warned. This was the first law and order review meeting held by the C.M. after taking over the reins of the State. Elaborating upon her priorities, the C.M. said that an atmosphere sans injustice, crime and fear, which is conducive for development, should be created by streamlining the law and order of the State. She said that it was the top priority of the Government to establish rule of law by the law in the State. The police administration has succeeded in keeping up the promise made by the State Government to the people up to some extent. Notable decline was registered in the crime graph of the State because of the courage shown by the police officers. She appreciated their efforts and asked them to keep it up. Km. Mayawati said that several directives and G.O.s had been issued from time to time to improve the law and order of the State. These should be strictly followed, she pointed out adding that the law and order would be reviewed every month. The police officers should remain present at their respective offices between 10 a.m. and 12 noon to listen to the complaints of the people. Surprise inspections would be conducted to take stock of the situation, she warned. If, any officer was found absent from his office during the office timings then stringent action would be initiated against them. The officers should compulsorily be present at the thana diwas, she said. Quick action should be taken on the complaints, she added. If the number of F.I.R.s increases then there was no need to worry, the C.M. stated. Giving the S.P.s the confidence that they would not be transferred on anyone’s advice, she asked them to perform their duties without fear and with total honesty. Those who do good work would be given good posting, she said adding that those showing laxity and indifference in their approach would be transferred and action would also be initiated against them. The Chief Minister said that those, who had been harassed during the previous regime, can lodge their F.I.R.s by August 22 only. She said that if someone lodged a fake F.I.R. then action would be initiated against the guilty and if the F.I.R. was correct then action would be initiated against the erring police officers. She said that registration of fake F.I.R.s tarnished the image of the State Government. Km. Mayawati said that law and order situation of the State had become from bad to worse during last few years and police officers had to work hard to improve it. She hoped that police officers would do their best efforts for making the State crime free. We had promised to establish the rule of law in the State before coming into the power. We had assured the people that whoever was the criminal would be dealt with sternly, she said adding that we had moved in this direction with full honesty and transparency. Strong action was being taken against the criminals rising above from caste and religion. Our police had killed the dreaded dacoit Dadua, who had become the symbol of terror in the two States. Those police personnel would be honoured on August 22, 2007 on the occasion of government’s completion of 100 days. She said that people should become aware regarding the steps taken by the government for improving the law and order situation during the last three months. Km. Mayawati directed for preventing the incidents of murders and said that most of these murders took place due to the personal enmity. SHOs should ensure necessary action immediately in these cases in their respective areas. She said that notorious and professional criminals should be immediately arrested, if they were found engaged in these incidents. Immediate action should be taken in the incidents of violence and cruelty against women. There should be no harassment on any section of society, especially on SC and ST because if the incidents of cruelty, harassment or exploitation occur on them then the image of the government got affected. She warned the police officers that the SC and ST Act should not be misused. The Chief Minister said that the Government has implemented the reservation system in all police stations and the postings of scheduled caste SHOs should not be a mere formality, but their postings should be in the big police stations of city and rural areas. She said that naxal activities in Mirzapur, Chandauli and Sonebhadra districts should be prevented by knowing its root causes. Earlier, reviewing the law and order situation, Cabinet Secretary Mr. Shashank Shekhar Singh, Chief Secretary Mr. P.K. Mishra, Principal Secretary Home Mr. J.N. Chamber and DGP Mr. Vikram Singh directed the police officers for improving it more. They also spoke about the priorities and expectations of the Chief Minister. The Cabinet Secretary said that unless there was any serious complaint SP would not be transferred. The police officers should discharge their duties with enthusiasm without any fear and give better results. The evaluation of officers would be done on the basis of action taken by them in the registered crimes not on the basis of data. The police officers giving better results would be encouraged, he added. The Principal Secretaries to C.M. Mr. V.K. Sharma, Shailesh Krishna, Kunwar Fateh Bahadur, Secretary Mr. Vijay Singh, Secretary Home Mr. Vijay Gupta and Mrs. Renuka Kumar, SSPs and senior officials of police department were present on the occasion. *******


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