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22-9-2007-Spiritual Community of the True Followers of The Path Shown by The Awakened One-Index of Suttas-
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Spiritual Community of the True Followers of The Path Shown by The Awakened One

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Index of Suttas

The suttas listed below are available here at Access to Insight. A handful of sutta-like passages from the Vinaya Pitaka are also listed here.

Sutta references are either to sutta number (in the case of DN, MN, and Iti), samyutta and sutta number (SN), nipata and sutta number (AN), verse number (Dhp), vagga and sutta number (Ud, Sn), or vagga and poem number (Thag, Thig). The translator’s name appears in the square brackets []. Suttas marked with the »SuttaReadings.net icon ( SuttaReadings.net icon ) are regarded by senior Theravada Buddhist teachers as being especially noteworthy. Click on the icon to visit SuttaReadings.net and hear a teacher read it aloud.


A [go up]

Abhasita Sutta: What Was Not Said (AN 2.23) [Thanissaro]
Abhaya (Thag 1.26) [Thanissaro]
Abhaya Sutta: Fearless (AN 4.184) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Abhaya Sutta (Abhaya-raja-kumara Sutta): To Prince Abhaya (On Right Speech) (MN 58) [Thanissaro]
Abhibhuta (Thag 3.13) [Thanissaro]
Abhisanda Sutta: Bonanzas (1) (SN 55.31) [Thanissaro]
Abhisanda Sutta: Bonanzas (2) (SN 55.32) [Thanissaro]
Abhisanda Sutta: Bonanzas (3) (SN 55.33) [Thanissaro]
Abhisanda Sutta: Rewards (AN 8.39) [Thanissaro]
Accayika Sutta: Urgent (AN 3.91) [Thanissaro]
Acela Sutta: To the Clothless Ascetic (SN 12.17) [Thanissaro]
Acintita Sutta: Unconjecturable (AN 4.77) [Thanissaro]
Adanta Suttas: Untamed (AN 1.31-40) [Woodward]
Adhimutta and the Bandits (Thag 16.1) [Thanissaro]
Adhipataka Sutta: Insects (Ud 6.9) [Olendzki | Thanissaro]
Adhipateyya Sutta: Governing Principles (AN 3.40) [Thanissaro]
Aditta Sutta: (The House) On Fire (SN 1.41) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Aditta-pariyaya Sutta: The Fire Sermon (SN 35.28) [Ñanamoli | Thanissaro]
Adiya Sutta: Benefits to be Obtained (From Wealth) (AN 5.41) [Thanissaro]
Agara Sutta: The Guest-house (SN 36.14) [Nyanaponika]
Agati Sutta: Off Course (AN 4.19) [Thanissaro]
Aggikkhandopama Sutta: The Mass of Fire Comparison (AN 7.68) [Thanissaro]
Aggi-Vacchagotta Sutta: To Vacchagotta on Fire (MN 72) [Thanissaro]
Aghata Sutta: Hatred (AN 10.80) [Thanissaro]
Aghatavinaya Sutta: Subduing Hatred (1) (AN 5.161) [Ñanamoli | Thanissaro]
Aghatavinaya Sutta: Subduing Hatred (2) (AN 5.162) [Thanissaro]
Ahara Sutta: Nutriment (SN 12.11) [Nyanaponika | Thanissaro]
Ahina Sutta: By a Snake (AN 4.67) [Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Ahu Sutta: It Was (Ud 6.3) [Thanissaro]
Ajaniya Sutta: The Thoroughbred (AN 3.94) [Thanissaro]
Ajañña Sutta: The Thoroughbred (AN 8.13) [Thanissaro]
Ajita-manava-puccha: Ajita’s Questions (Sn 5.1) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Ajivaka Sutta: To the Fatalists’ Student (AN 3.72) [Thanissaro]
Akankha Sutta: Wishes (AN 10.71) [Thanissaro]
Akasa Sutta: In the Sky (1) (SN 36.12) [Nyanaponika]
Akkhama Sutta: Not Resilient (AN 5.139) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Akkosa Sutta: Insult/Bharadvaja the Abusive (SN 7.2) [Buddharakkhita | Thanissaro]
Alagaddupama Sutta: The Snake Simile (MN 22) [Nyanaponika | Thanissaro]
Alavaka Sutta: To the Alavaka Yakkha (SN 10.12) [Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Alavaka Sutta: To the Alavaka Yakkha (Sn 1.10) [Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Alavika Sutta: Sister Alavika (SN 5.1) [Bodhi | Thanissaro]
Ambalatthika-rahulovada Sutta: Instructions to Rahula at Mango Stone (MN 61) [Thanissaro]
Ambapali (Thig 13.1) [Thanissaro]
Anagata-bhayani Sutta: Future Dangers (1) (AN 5.77) [Thanissaro]
Anagata-bhayani Sutta: Future Dangers (2) (AN 5.78) [Thanissaro]
Anagata-bhayani Sutta: Future Dangers (3) (AN 5.79) [Thanissaro]
Anagata-bhayani Sutta: Future Dangers (4) (AN 5.80) [Thanissaro]
Ananda (Thag 17.3) [Hecker/Khema | Olendzki]
SuttaReadings.net icon Anana Sutta: Debtless (AN 4.62) [Thanissaro]
Ananda Sutta: Ananda (Instructions to Vangisa) (SN 8.4) [Thanissaro]
Ananda Sutta: Ananda (SN 22.83) [Thanissaro]
Ananda Sutta: To Ananda (on Self, No Self, and Not-self) (SN 44.10) [Thanissaro]
Ananda Sutta: To Ananda (on Mindfulness of Breathing) (SN 54.13) [Thanissaro]
Ananda Sutta: With Ananda (AN 9.37) [Thanissaro]
Ananda Thera: Ananda’s Grief (Thig 17.3) [Olendzki (excerpt)]
Anapanasati Sutta: Mindfulness of Breathing (MN 118) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Anathapindikovada Sutta: Instructions to Anathapindika (MN 143) [Olendzki (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Anatta-lakkhana Sutta: Discourse on the Not-self Characteristic (SN 22.59) [Mendis | Ñanamoli | Thanissaro]
Andhakavinda Sutta: Let the Wilderness Serve! (SN 6.13) [Olendzki (excerpt)]
Andhakavinda Sutta: At Andhakavinda (AN 5.114) [Thanissaro]
Andhakara Sutta: Darkness (SN 56.46) [Thanissaro]
Aneñja-sappaya Sutta: Conducive to the Imperturbable (MN 106) [Thanissaro]
Anga Sutta: Factors (For Exertion) (AN 5.53) [Thanissaro]
Angulimala Sutta: About Angulimala (MN 86) [Thanissaro]
Angulimala Thera: The Moon Released (Thag 16.8) [Olendzki (excerpt)]
Anguttara Nikaya: The Further-factored Discourses [Various]
Ani Sutta: The Peg (SN 20.7) [Thanissaro]
Anicca Sutta: Impermanent (SN 36.9) [Nyanaponika]
Anisansa Sutta: Rewards (AN 6.97) [Thanissaro]
Aññakondañña (Thag 15.1) [Olendzki (excerpt)]
Anodhi Sutta: Without Exception (1) (AN 6.102) [Thanissaro]
Anodhi Sutta: Without Exception (2) (AN 6.103) [Thanissaro]
Anodhi Sutta: Without Exception (3) (AN 6.104) [Thanissaro]
Anopama, the Millionaire’s Daughter (Thig 6.5) [Thanissaro]
Anubuddha Sutta: Understanding (AN 4.1) [Thanissaro]
Anudhamma Sutta — In Accordance with the Dhamma (1) (SN 22.39) [Thanissaro]
Anudhamma Sutta — In Accordance with the Dhamma (2) (SN 22.40) [Thanissaro]
Anudhamma Sutta — In Accordance with the Dhamma (3) (SN 22.41) [Thanissaro]
Anudhamma Sutta — In Accordance with the Dhamma (4) (SN 22.42) [Thanissaro]
Anugghita Sutta: Supported (AN 5.25) [Thanissaro]
Anupada Sutta: One After Another (MN 111) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Anuradha Sutta: To Anuradha (SN 22.86) [Thanissaro]
Anuruddha Sutta: Anuruddha (SN 9.6) [Thanissaro]
Anuruddha Sutta: To Anuruddha (AN 8.30) [Thanissaro]
Anusaya Sutta: Obsessions (1) (AN 7.11) [Thanissaro]
Anusaya Sutta: Obsessions (2) (AN 7.12) [Thanissaro]
Anusota Sutta: With the Flow (AN 4.5) [Thanissaro]
Aññatra Sutta: A Certain Brahman (SN 12.46) [Thanissaro]
Aparihani Sutta: No Falling Away (AN 4.37) [Thanissaro]
Appaka Sutta: Few (SN 3.6) [Thanissaro]
Appamada Sutta: Heedfulness (SN 3.17) [Thanissaro]
Appativana: Relentlessly (AN 2.5) [Thanissaro]
Appayuka Sutta: Short-lived (Ud 5.2) [Thanissaro]
Aputtaka Sutta: Heirless (1) (SN 3.19) [Thanissaro]
Aputtaka Sutta: Heirless (2) (SN 3.20) [Thanissaro]
Arakenanusasani Sutta: Araka’s Teaching (AN 7.70) [Thanissaro]
Arañña Sutta: The Wilderness (SN 1.10) [Ireland | Olendzki | Thanissaro]
Arañña Sutta: Wilderness (AN 5.98) [Thanissaro]
Araññika Sutta: A Wilderness Dweller (AN 4.259) [Thanissaro]
Arittha Sutta: To Arittha (on Mindfulness of Breathing) (SN 54.6) [Thanissaro]
Ariyamagga Sutta: The Noble Path (AN 4.235) [Thanissaro]
Ariyapariyesana Sutta: The Noble Search (MN 26) [Thanissaro]
Ariya-vamsa Sutta: The Traditions of the Noble Ones (AN 4.28) [Thanissaro]
Ariyavasa Sutta: Dwellings of the Noble Ones (AN 4.20) [Thanissaro]
Asivisa Sutta: Vipers (SN 35.197) [Thanissaro]
Assu Sutta: Tears (SN 15.3) [Thanissaro]
Assutava Sutta: Uninstructed (SN 12.61) [Thanissaro]
Atanatiya Sutta: The Discourse on Atanatiya (DN 32) [Piyadassi]
Attadanda Sutta: The Rod Embraced (Sn 4.15) [Ireland | Olendzki (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
Atta-rakkhita Sutta: Self-protected (SN 3.5) [Thanissaro]
Atthakanagara Sutta: To the Man from Atthakanagara (MN 52) [Thanissaro]
Atthakarana Sutta: In Judgment (SN 3.7) [Thanissaro]
Atthaka Vagga: The Octet Chapter (Sn 4) [Various]
Atthakatha (Commentaries)
Atthasata (Atthasattapariyaya) Sutta: One Hundred Eight Feelings (SN 36.22) [Nyanaponika | Thanissaro ]
Atthi Raga Sutta: Where There is Passion (SN 12.64) [Nyanaponika | Thanissaro]
Avarana Sutta: Obstacles (AN 5.51) [Thanissaro]
Avaranata Sutta: Obstructions (AN 6.86) [Thanissaro]
Avassuta Raga Sutta: Soggy (SN 35.202) [Thanissaro]
Avijja Sutta: Ignorance (SN 35.80) [Thanissaro]
Avijja Sutta: Ignorance (SN 45.1) [Thanissaro]
Avijjapaccaya Sutta: From Ignorance as a Requisite Condition (SN 12.35) [Thanissaro]
Avyakata Sutta: Undeclared (AN 7.51) [Thanissaro]
Ayacana Sutta: The Request (SN 6.1) [Thanissaro]
Ayoniso-manasikara Sutta: Inappropriate Attention (SN 9.11) [Thanissaro]

B [go up]

SuttaReadings.net icon Bahiya Sutta: About Bahiya (Ud 1.10) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Bahuna Sutta: To Bahuna (AN 10.81) [Thanissaro]
Bahuvedaniya Sutta: Many Things to be Experienced/The Many Kinds of Feeling (MN 59) [Nyanaponika | Thanissaro]
Bahuvedaniya Sutta: The Many Kinds of Feeling (SN 36.19) [Nyanaponika]
Bala Sutta: Fools (AN 2.98) [Thanissaro]
Bala-pandita Sutta: The Fool & the Wise Person (SN 12.19) [Thanissaro]
Bala-pandita Sutta: Fools & Wise People (AN 2.21) [Thanissaro]
Balisika Sutta: The Fisherman (SN 35.189) [Thanissaro]
Belatthasisa (Thag 1.16) [Hecker/Khema | Thanissaro]
Bhabba Sutta: Capable (AN 9.62) [Thanissaro]
Bhadda Kapilani (Thig 4.1) [Hecker/Khema]
Bhadda Kundalakesa, the Former Jain Ascetic (Thig 5.9) [Hecker/Khema]
SuttaReadings.net icon Bhaddekaratta Sutta: An Auspicious Day (MN 131) [Ñanananda | Thanissaro]
Bhaddiya Kaligodha Sutta: About Bhaddiya Kaligodha (Ud 2.10) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Bhaddiya Kaligodhayaputta (Thag 16.7) [Thanissaro]
Bhaddiya Sutta: About Bhaddiya the Dwarf (1) (Ud 7.1) [Thanissaro]
Bhaddiya Sutta: About Bhaddiya the Dwarf (2) (Ud 7.2) [Thanissaro]
Bhadravudha-manava-puccha: Bhadravudha’s Question (Sn 5.12) [Thanissaro]
Bhalliya (Thag 1.7) [Thanissaro]
Bhara Sutta: The Burden (SN 22.22) [Thanissaro]
Bharadvaja Sutta: About Bharadvaja (SN 35.127) [Thanissaro]
Bhaya Sutta: Danger (AN 3.62) [Thanissaro]
Bhaya-bherava Sutta: Fear & Terror (MN 4) [Thanissaro]
Bhikkhu Patimokkha: The Bhikkhus’ Code of Discipline [Thanissaro]
Bhikkhu Sutta: The Monk (On Identifying with the Aggregates) (SN 22.36) [Thanissaro]
Bhikkhu Sutta: To a Certain Bhikkhu (SN 36.23) [Thanissaro]
Bhikkhu-aparihaniya Sutta: Conditions for No Decline Among the Monks (AN 7.21) [Thanissaro]
Bhikkhuni Patimokkha: The Bhikkhunis’ Code of Discipline [Thanissaro]
Bhikkhuni Sutta: The Nun (AN 4.159) [Thanissaro]
Bhikkhunupassaya Sutta: Directed and Undirected meditation (SN 47.10) [Olendzki (excerpt)]
Bhojana Sutta: A Meal (AN 5.37) [Thanissaro]
Bhumija Sutta: To Bhumija (MN 126) [Thanissaro]
Bhumija Sutta: To Bhumija (SN 12.25) [Thanissaro]
Bhuta Thera: No Greater Contentment (Thag 9) [Olendzki]
Bhutamidam Sutta: This Has Come Into Being (SN 12.31) [Nyanaponika | Thanissaro]
Bija Sutta: Means of Propagation (SN 22.54) [Thanissaro]
Bija Sutta: The Seed (AN 10.104) [Thanissaro]
Bodhi Sutta: Awakening (1) (Ud 1.1) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Bodhi Sutta: Awakening (2) (Ud 1.2) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Bodhi Sutta: Awakening (3) (Ud 1.3) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Brahmadatta (Thag 6.12) [Thanissaro]
Brahmana Sutta: To Unnabha the Brahman (SN 51.15) [Thanissaro]
Brahmavihara Sutta: The Sublime Attitudes (AN 10.208) [Thanissaro]
Buddha Sutta: Awakened (SN 22.58) [Thanissaro]

C [go up]

Cakka Sutta: Wheels (AN 4.31) [Thanissaro]
Cakkavatti Sutta: The Wheel-turning Emperor (DN 26) [Thanissaro (excerpt)]
Cakkhu Sutta: The Eye (SN 25.1) [Thanissaro]
Cakkhu Sutta: The Eye (SN 27.1) [Thanissaro]
Cakkhupala (Thag 1.95) [Thanissaro]
Cala Sutta: Sister Cala (SN 5.6) [Bodhi | Thanissaro]
Canda the Beggar (Thig 5.12) [Thanissaro]
Candala Sutta: The Outcaste (AN 5.175) [Thanissaro]
Candima Sutta: The Moon Deity’s Prayer for Protection (SN 2.9) [Piyadassi]
Canki Sutta: With Canki (MN 95) [Thanissaro (excerpt)]
Capala Sutta: Nodding (AN 7.58) [Thanissaro]
Cetana Sutta: Intention (SN 12.38) [Thanissaro]
Cetana Sutta: Intention (SN 25.7) [Thanissaro]
Cetana Sutta: Intention (SN 27.7) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Cetana Sutta: An Act of Will (AN 11.2) [Thanissaro]
Chachakka Sutta: The Six Sextets (MN 148) [Thanissaro]
Channa Sutta: To Channa (SN 22.90) [Thanissaro]
Channa Sutta: To Channa the Wanderer (AN 3.71) [Thanissaro]
Chappana Sutta: The Six Animals (SN 35.206) [Thanissaro]
Chavalata Sutta: The Firebrand/Wood from a Pyre (AN 4.95) [Buddharakkhita | Thanissaro]
Chiggala Sutta: The Hole (SN 56.48) [Thanissaro]
Cittaka (Thag 1.22) [Thanissaro]
Cula-dhammasamadana Sutta: Shorter Discourse on Taking on Practices (MN 45) [Thanissaro]
Cula-dukkhakkhandha Sutta: The Lesser Mass of Stress (MN 14) [Thanissaro]
Cula-gopalaka Sutta: Shorter Discourse on the Cowherd (MN 34) [Olendzki (excerpt)]
Cula-hatthipadopama Sutta: The Shorter Elephant Footprint Simile (MN 27) [Thanissaro]
Cula-kammavibhanga Sutta: Lesser Discourse on Kamma (MN 135) [Ñanamoli | Thanissaro]
Cula-Malunkyovada Sutta: The Shorter Instructions to Malunkya (MN 63) [Thanissaro]
Cula-punnama Sutta: The Shorter on the Full-moon Night (MN 110) [Thanissaro]
Cula-Rahulovada Sutta: The Shorter Exposition to Rahula (MN 147) [Thanissaro]
Cula-sihanada Sutta: Lesser Discourse on the Lion’s Roar (MN 11) [Ñanamoli]
Cula-suññata Sutta: Lesser Discourse on Emptiness (MN 121) [Thanissaro]
Culavedalla Sutta: The Shorter Set of Questions-and-Answers (MN 44) [Thanissaro]
Cula-viyuha Sutta: The Lesser Array (Sn 4.12) [Thanissaro]
Culaka (Thag 2.46) [Olendzki]
Cunda Sutta: About Cunda (Sariputta’s Passing Away) (SN 47.13) [Nyanaponika | Thanissaro]
Cunda Sutta: Cunda (AN 6.46) [Thanissaro]
Cunda Sutta: Cunda (AN 10.24) [Thanissaro]
Cunda Sutta: To Cunda (Sn 1.5) [Thanissaro]

D [go up]

Dabba Sutta: About Dabba Mallaputta (1) (Ud 8.9) [Thanissaro]
Dabba Sutta: About Dabba Mallaputta (2) (Ud 8.10) [Thanissaro]
Dahara Sutta: Young (SN 3.1) [Thanissaro]
Dana Sutta: Giving (AN 7.49) [Thanissaro]
Danda Sutta: The Stick (SN 15.9) [Thanissaro]
Danda Sutta: The Stick (Ud 2.3) [Thanissaro]
Dantabhumi Sutta: The Discourse on the “Tamed Stage” (MN 125) [Horner]
Dantika and the Elephant (Thig 3.4) [Rhys Davids | Thanissaro]
Daruka-khandha Sutta: The Log (SN 35.200) [Thanissaro]
Daruka-khandha Sutta: The Wood Pile (AN 6.41) [Thanissaro]
Dasa Dhamma Sutta: Ten Things (AN 10.48) [Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Dasa Sikkhapada: The Ten Training Rules (Khp 2) [Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Dasama Sutta: To Dasama (AN 11.17) [Thanissaro]
Datthabba Sutta: To Be Known (SN 36.5) [Nyanaponika]
Devadaha Sutta: At Devadaha (MN 101) [Thanissaro]
Devadaha Sutta: At Devadaha (SN 22.2) [Thanissaro]
Dhajagga Sutta: The Top of the Standard (SN 11.3) [Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Dhamma (Thig 1.17) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta: Setting the Wheel of Dhamma in Motion (SN 56.11) [Harvey | Ñanamoli | Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Dhammacariya Sutta: Wrong Conduct (Sn 2.6) [Ireland]
Dhamma-niyama Sutta: The Orderliness of the Dhamma (AN 3.134) [Thanissaro]
Dhammaññu Sutta: One With a Sense of Dhamma (AN 7.64) [Thanissaro]
Dhammapada [Buddharakkhita | Olendzki (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
Dhammassavana Sutta: Listening to the Dhamma (AN 5.202) [Thanissaro]
Dhamma-viharin Sutta: One Who Dwells in the Dhamma (AN 5.73) [Thanissaro]
Dhammika (Thag 4.10) [Thanissaro]
Dhammika Sutta: Dhammika (AN 6.54) [Olendzki (excerpt)]
Dhammika Sutta: Dhammika (Sn 2.14) [Ireland (excerpt)]
Dhana Sutta: Treasure (AN 7.6) [Thanissaro]
Dhaniya Sutta: Dhaniya the Cattleman (Sn 1.2) [Thanissaro]
Dhanuggaha Sutta: The Archer (SN 20.6) [Thanissaro]
Dhatu Sutta: Properties (SN 25.9) [Thanissaro]
Dhatu Sutta: Properties (SN 27.9) [Thanissaro]
Dhatu-vibhanga Sutta: An Analysis of the Properties (MN 140) [Thanissaro]
Dhotaka-manava-puccha: Dhotaka’s Questions (Sn 5.5) [Thanissaro]
Digha Nikaya: The Long Discourses [Various]
Dighajanu (Vyagghapajja) Sutta: To Dighajanu/Conditions of Welfare (AN 8.54) [Narada | Thanissaro]
Dighanakha Sutta: To LongNails (MN 74) [Thanissaro]
Dighavu-kumara Vatthu: The Story of Prince Dighavu (Mv 10.2.3-20) [Thanissaro]
Dipa Sutta: The Lamp (SN 54.8) [Thanissaro]
Ditthi Sutta: Views (AN 10.93) [Thanissaro]
Dona Sutta: With Dona (AN 4.36) [Thanissaro]
Donapaka Sutta: King Pasenadi Goes on a Diet (SN 3.13) [Olendzki]
Duggata Sutta: Fallen on Hard Times (SN 15.11) [Thanissaro]
Dukkha Sutta: Stress (SN 38.14) [Thanissaro]
Dullabha Sutta: Hard to Find (AN 2.119) [Thanissaro]
Dutthatthaka Sutta: Corrupted (Sn 4.3) [Thanissaro]
Dvattimsakara: The 32 Parts (Khp 3) [Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Dvayatanupassana Sutta: The Contemplation of Dualities (Sn 3.12) [Ireland (excerpt) | Olendzki (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
Dvedhavitakka Sutta: Two Sorts of Thinking (MN 19) [Thanissaro]
Dvejana Sutta: Two People (1) (AN 3.51) [Thanissaro]
Dvejana Sutta: Two People (2) (AN 3.52) [Thanissaro]

EF [go up]

Ekadhamma Suttas: A Single Thing (AN 1.21-40) [Thanissaro]
Ekaputta Sutta: The Only Son (Ud 2.7) [Thanissaro]
Ekavihariya: Dwelling Alone (Thag 10.2) [Olendzki (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
Ekuddaniya (Thag 1.68) [Thanissaro]
Eraka (Thag 1.93) [Thanissaro]

G [go up]

Gabbhini Sutta: The Pregnant Woman (Ud 2.6) [Thanissaro]
Gaddula Sutta: The Leash (1) (SN 22.99) [Thanissaro]
Gaddula Sutta: The Leash (2) (SN 22.100) [Thanissaro]
Gadrabha Sutta: The Donkey (AN 3.81) [Thanissaro]
Ganaka-Moggallana Sutta: The Discourse to Ganaka-Moggallana (MN 107) [Horner]
Ganda Sutta: A Boil (AN 9.15) [Thanissaro]
Gandhabhaka (Bhadraka) Sutta: To Gandhabhaka (Bhadraka) (SN 42.11) [Thanissaro]
Gandhatthena Sutta: The Thief of a Scent (SN 9.14) [Olendzki (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
Ganika Sutta: The Courtesan (Ud 6.8) [Thanissaro]
Garava Sutta: Reverence (SN 6.2) [Thanissaro]
Gavesin Sutta: About Gavesin (AN 5.180) [Thanissaro]
Gavi Sutta: The Cow (AN 9.35) [Thanissaro]
Gelañña Sutta: The Sick Ward (1) (SN 36.7) [Nyanaponika | Thanissaro]
Gelañña Sutta: The Sick Ward (2) (SN 36.8) [Nyanaponika]
Ghatva Sutta: Having Killed (SN 1.71) [Thanissaro]
Ghosa Suttas: Voice (AN 2.125-126) [Thanissaro]
Gihi Sutta: The Householder (AN 5.179) [Thanissaro]
Gilana Sutta: Ill (1) (SN 35.74) [Thanissaro]
Gilana Sutta: Ill (2) (SN 35.75) [Thanissaro]
Gilana Sutta: Sick (Citta the Householder’s Last Hours) (SN 41.10) [Thanissaro]
Gilana Sutta: Ill (SN 46.14) [Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Gilana Sutta: Ill (SN 46.16) [Piyadassi]
Gilana Sutta: Sick People (AN 3.22) [Thanissaro]
Gilana Sutta: To a Sick Man (AN 5.121) [Thanissaro]
Gilayana Sutta: Illness (SN 52.10) [Thanissaro]
Girimananda Sutta: To Girimananda (AN 10.60) [Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Godatta (Thag 14.2) [Thanissaro]
Godatta Sutta: To Godatta (On Awareness-release) (SN 41.7) [Thanissaro]
Gopaka Moggallana Sutta: Moggallana the Guardsman (MN 108) [Thanissaro]
Gopala Sutta: The Cowherd (Ud 4.3) [Thanissaro]
Gopalaka Sutta: The Cowherd (AN 11.18) [Thanissaro]
Gosala (Thag 1.23) [Thanissaro]
Gotama (Thag 3.14) [Thanissaro]
Gotamaka-cetiya Sutta: At Gotamaka Shrine (AN 3.123) [Thanissaro]
Gotami Sutta: Sister Gotami (SN 5.3) [Bodhi | Thanissaro]
Gotami Sutta: To Gotami (AN 8.53) [Thanissaro]
Guhatthaka Sutta: The Cave of the Body (Sn 4.2) [Thanissaro]
Guhatthaka-suttaniddeso: Upon the Tip of a Needle (Nm I.42) [Olendzki (excerpt)]
Gutta (Thig 6.7) [Thanissaro]

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Haliddakani Sutta: To Haliddakani (SN 22.3) [Thanissaro]
Harita (Thag 1.29) [Thanissaro]
Harita (2) (Thag 3.15) [Thanissaro]
Hatthaka Sutta: To Hatthaka (on Sleeping Well in the Cold Forest) (AN 3.34) [Thanissaro]
Hatthaka Sutta: About Hatthaka (1) (AN 8.23) [Thanissaro]
Hatthaka Sutta: About Hatthaka (2) (AN 8.24) [Thanissaro]
Hemaka-manava-puccha: Hemaka’s Question (Sn 5.8) [Thanissaro]
Heraññakani (Thag 2.13) [Olendzki (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
Himavanta Sutta: The Himalayas (on the Factors for Awakening) (SN 46.1) [Thanissaro]
Hiri Sutta: Conscience (SN 1.18) [Thanissaro]
Hiri Sutta: Conscience (Sn 2.3) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Hita Sutta: Benefit (AN 5.20) [Thanissaro]

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Iccha Sutta: Desire (SN 1.69) [Thanissaro]
Iddhipada-vibhanga Sutta: Analysis of the Bases of Power (SN 51.20) [Thanissaro]
Ina Sutta: Debt (AN 6.45) [Thanissaro]
Indriya Sutta: Faculties (SN 35.153) [Thanissaro]
Indriya-bhavana Sutta: The Development of the Faculties (MN 152) [Thanissaro]
Indriya-vibhanga Sutta: Analysis of the Mental Faculties (SN 48.10) [Thanissaro]
Isidatta (Thag 1.120) [Thanissaro]
Isidatta Sutta: About Isidatta (SN 41.3) [Thanissaro]
Isigili Sutta: The Discourse at Isigili (MN 116) [Piyadassi]
Issattha Sutta: Archery Skills (SN 3.24) [Thanissaro]
Itivuttaka [various translators]
Ittha Sutta: What is Welcome (AN 5.43) [Thanissaro]

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Jambali Sutta: The Waste-water Pool (AN 4.178) [Thanissaro]
Janussonin Sutta: To Janussonin (On Offerings to the Dead) (AN 10.177) [Thanissaro]
Jara Sutta: Old Age (Sn 4.6) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Jara Sutta: Old Age (SN 48.41) [Thanissaro]
Jata Sutta: The Tangle (SN 7.6) [Thanissaro]
Jatila Sutta: Ascetics (Ud 6.2) [Thanissaro]
Jatukanni-manava-puccha: Jatukannin’s Question (Sn 5.11) [Thanissaro]
Jenta (Thag 1.111) [Thanissaro]
Jenta, the Royal Chaplain’s Son (Thag 6.9) [Thanissaro]
Jhana Sutta: Mental Absorption (1) (AN 4.123) [Thanissaro]
Jhana Sutta: Mental Absorption (2) (AN 4.124) [Thanissaro]
Jhana Sutta: Mental Absorption (AN 9.36) [Thanissaro]
Jinna Sutta: Old (SN 16.5) [Thanissaro]
Jivaka Sutta: To Jivaka (On Being a Lay Follower) (AN 8.26) [Thanissaro]
Juñha Sutta: Moonlit (Ud 4.4) [Thanissaro]

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SuttaReadings.net icon Kaccayanagotta Sutta: To Kaccayana Gotta (on Right View) (SN 12.15) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Kakacupama Sutta: The Simile of the Saw (MN 21) [Buddharakkhita (excerpt) | Thanissaro (excerpt)]
Kaladana Sutta: Seasonable Gifts (AN 5.36) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Kalaha-vivada Sutta: Quarrels & Disputes (Sn 4.11) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Kalaka Sutta: At Kalaka’s Peak (AN 4.24) [Thanissaro]
Kalama Sutta: Advice to the Kalamas: The Buddha’s Charter of Free Inquiry (AN 3.65; AN 3.66 in the Thai Tipitaka) [Soma | Thanissaro]
Kaludayin Thera: Crossing the Rohini (Thag 10.1) [Olendzki (excerpt)]
Kama Sutta: Sensual Pleasure (Sn 4.1) [Thanissaro]
Kamabhu Sutta: With Kamabhu (On the Cessation of Perception & Feeling) (SN 41.145) [Thanissaro]
Kamada Sutta: Kamada’s Lament (SN 2.6) [Olendzki (excerpt)]
Kamesu Satta Sutta: Attached to Sensual Pleasures (1) (Ud 7.3) [Thanissaro]
Kamesu Satta Sutta: Attached to Sensual Pleasures (2) (Ud 7.4) [Thanissaro]
Kamma Sutta: Action (SN 35.145) [Thanissaro]
Kamma Sutta: Action (Ud 3.1) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Kammavaranata Sutta: Kamma Obstructions (AN 6.87) [Thanissaro]
Kandarayana Sutta: To Kandarayana (AN 2.38) [Thanissaro]
Kanhadinna (Thag 2.30) [Thanissaro]
Kankharevata (Thag 1.3) [Thanissaro]
Kannakatthala Sutta: At Kannakatthala (MN 90) [Thanissaro]
Kappa (Thag 10.5) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Kappa-manava-puccha: Kappa’s Question (Sn 5.10) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Karaniya Metta Sutta: Good Will (Khp 9) [ Buddharakkhita | Amaravati | Ñanamoli | Piyadassi | Thanissaro]. See also Metta Sutta.
SuttaReadings.net icon Karaniya Metta Sutta: Good Will (Sn 1.8) [ Buddharakkhita | Amaravati | Ñanamoli | Piyadassi | Thanissaro]. See also Metta Sutta.
Kasi Bharadvaja Sutta: To the Plowing Bharadvaja (SN 7.11) [Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Kasi Bharadvaja Sutta: To the Plowing Bharadvaja (Sn 1.4) [Olendzki (excerpt) | Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Kassaka Sutta: The Farmer (SN 4.19) [Thanissaro]
Kassapa Sutta: About Maha Kassapa (Ud 1.6) [Thanissaro]
Kassapa Sutta: Kassapa (Ud 3.7) [Thanissaro]
Kataññu Sutta: Gratitude (AN 2.31-32) [Thanissaro]
Katha Sutta: Talk (AN 5.97) [Thanissaro]
Kathavatthu Sutta: Topics for Discussion (AN 3.67) [Thanissaro]
Kathavatthu Sutta: Topics of Conversation (1) (AN 10.69) [Thanissaro]
Kathavatthu Sutta: Topics of Conversation (2) (AN 10.70) [Thanissaro]
Katthaharaka Sutta: Firewood-gathering (SN 7.18) [Olendzki (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
Katthopama Sutta: The Fire-stick (SN 48.39) [Thanissaro]
Katuviya Sutta: Putrid (AN 3.126) [Thanissaro]
Kayagata-sati Sutta: Mindfulness Immersed in the Body (MN 119) [Thanissaro]
Kayasakkhi Sutta: Bodily Witness (AN 9.43) [Thanissaro]
Kesi Sutta: To Kesi the Horsetrainer (AN 4.111) [Thanissaro]
Kevatta (Kevaddha) Sutta: To Kevatta (Kevaddha) (DN 11) [Thanissaro]
Khaggavisana Sutta: A Rhinoceros Horn (Sn 1.3) [Thanissaro]
Khajjaniya Sutta: Chewed Up (SN 22.79) [Thanissaro]
Khalunga Sutta: Unruly (AN 8.14) [Thanissaro]
Khana Sutta: The Opportunity (SN 35.135) [Thanissaro]
Khandha Sutta: Aggregates (SN 22.48) [Thanissaro]
Khandha Sutta: Aggregates (SN 25.10) [Thanissaro]
Khandha Sutta: Aggregates (SN 27.10) [Thanissaro]
Khema Sutta: With Khema (SN 44.1) [Thanissaro]
Khema Sutta: With Khema (AN 6.49) [Thanissaro]
Khemaka Sutta: About Khemaka (SN 22.89) [Thanissaro]
Khitaka (Thag 1.104) [Thanissaro]
Khuddaka Nikaya: The Collection of Little Texts [Various]
Khuddakapatha [Various]
Kimattha Sutta: What is the Purpose? (AN 11.1) [Thanissaro]
Kimbila (Thag 1.118) [Thanissaro]
Kimila Sutta: To Kimila (AN 7.56) [Thanissaro]
Kimsila Sutta: With What Virtue? (Sn 2.9) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Kimsuka Sutta: The Riddle Tree (SN 35.204) [Thanissaro]
Kindada Sutta: A Giver of What (SN 1.42) [Thanissaro]
Kisagotami (Thig 10.1) [Hecker/Khema (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
Kitagiri Sutta: At Kitagiri (MN 70) [Thanissaro]
Kodhana Sutta: An Angry Person (AN 7.60) [Ñanamoli | Thanissaro]
Kokanuda Sutta: To Kokanuda (On Viewpoints) (AN 10.96) [Thanissaro]
Kolita Sutta: About Kolita (Maha Moggallana) (Ud 3.5) [Thanissaro]
Kosala Sutta: The Kosalan (AN 5.49) [Hecker/Khema | Thanissaro]
Kosala Sutta: The Kosalan (AN 10.29) [Thanissaro]
Kosambi Sutta: At Kosambi (On Knowing Dependent Co-arising) (SN 12.68) [Thanissaro]
Kotthita Sutta: To Kotthita (SN 35.191) [Thanissaro]
Kotthita Sutta: To Kotthita (AN 4.174) [Thanissaro]
Kotthita Sutta: With Kotthita (AN 9.13) [Thanissaro]
Kucchivikara-vatthu: The Monk with Dysentery (Mv 8.26.1-8) [Thanissaro]
Kukkuravatika Sutta: The Dog-duty Ascetic (MN 57) [Ñanamoli]
Kula Sutta: Families (SN 42.9) [Thanissaro]
Kula Sutta: On Families (AN 4.255) [Thanissaro]
Kumaraka Sutta: The Boys (Ud 5.4) [Thanissaro]
Kumma Sutta: The Turtle (SN 17.3) [Thanissaro]
Kumma Sutta: The Tortoise (SN 35.199) [Thanissaro]
Kusala Sutta: Skillful (AN 2.19) [Thanissaro]
Kusita-Arambhavatthu Sutta: The Grounds for Laziness and the Arousal of Energy (AN 8.80) [Thanissaro]
Kuta Sutta: Gabled (SN 56.44) [Thanissaro]
Kuta Sutta: The Peak of the Roof (AN 3.105) [Thanissaro]
Kutiviharin (1) (Thag 1.56) [Thanissaro]
Kutiviharin (2) (Thag 1.57) [Thanissaro]
Kutthi: The Leper (Ud 5.3) [Thanissaro]
Kutuhalasala Sutta: The Debating Hall (SN 44.9) [Thanissaro]

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Lahu-parivatta Suttas: Quick to Reverse Itself (AN 1.48) [Thanissaro]
Lakkhana Sutta: Characterized (By Action) (AN 3.2) [Thanissaro]
Latukikopama Sutta: The Quail Simile (MN 66) [Thanissaro]
Lekha Sutta: Inscriptions (AN 3.130) [Thanissaro]
Licchavi Sutta: To the Licchavi (SN 55.30) [Thanissaro]
Lohicca Sutta: To Lohicca (DN 12) [Thanissaro]
Loka Sutta: (Surveying) the World (Ud 3.10) [Thanissaro]
Loka Sutta: (Qualities of) the World (SN 3.23) [Thanissaro]
Loka Sutta: The World (SN 12.44) [Thanissaro]
Loka Sutta: The World (SN 35.82) [Thanissaro]
Lokapala Sutta: Guardians of the World (AN 2.9) [Thanissaro]
Lokavipatti Sutta: The Failings of the World (AN 8.6) [Thanissaro]
Lokayatika Sutta: The Cosmologist (SN 12.48) [Thanissaro]
Lonaphala Sutta: The Salt Crystal (AN 3.99) [Thanissaro]

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Macchariya Suttas: Stinginess (AN 5.254-259) [Thanissaro]
Madhupindika Sutta: The Ball of Honey (MN 18) [Thanissaro]
Magandiya Sutta: To Magandiya (MN 75) [Thanissaro]
Magandiya Sutta: To Magandiya (Sn 4.9) [Thanissaro]
Magga-vibhanga Sutta: An Analysis of the Path (SN 45.8) [Thanissaro]
Maha-Assapura Sutta: The Greater Discourse at Assapura (MN 39) [Thanissaro]
Maha-Kaccana (Thag 8.1) [Bodhi]
Maha Kassapa (Thag 18) [Olendzki (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
Maha-cattarisaka Sutta: The Great Forty (MN 117) [Thanissaro]
Maha-dukkhakkhandha Sutta: The Great Mass of Stress (MN 13) [Thanissaro]
Maha-gopalaka Sutta: The Greater Cowherd Discourse (MN 33) [Thanissaro]
Maha-hatthipadopama Sutta: The Great Elephant Footprint Simile(MN 28) [Thanissaro]
Mahaka Sutta: About Mahaka (SN 41.4) [Thanissaro]
Mahakala (Thag 2.16) [Thanissaro]
Maha-kammavibhanga Sutta: Great Discourse on Kamma (MN 136) [Ñanamoli]
Mahakotthika (Thag 1.2) [Thanissaro]
Mahali Sutta: To Mahali (SN 22.60) [Thanissaro]
Maha-mangala Sutta: Protection (Sn 2.4) [Narada | Piyadassi | Soni | Thanissaro]
Mahanama Sutta: Being a Lay Buddhist (AN 8.25) [Kumara]
Mahanama Sutta: To Mahanama (1) (SN 55.21) [Thanissaro]
Mahanama Sutta: To Mahanama (1) (AN 11.12) [Thanissaro]
Mahanama Sutta: To Mahanama (2) (SN 55.22) [Thanissaro]
Mahanama Sutta: To Mahanama (2) (AN 11.13) [Thanissaro]
Maha-nidana Sutta: The Great Causes Discourse (DN 15) [Thanissaro]
Mahaniddesa (excerpt)
Mahapañha Sutta: The Great Questions(AN 10.27) [Nyanaponika (excerpt)]
Maha-parinibbana Sutta: The Last Days of the Buddha (DN 16) [Thanissaro (chapters 5-6) | Vajira/Story]
Maha-punnama Sutta: The Great Full-Moon Discourse(MN 109) [Thanissaro]
Maha-Rahulovada Sutta: The Greater Exhortation to Rahula (MN 62) [Thanissaro]
Maha-Saccaka Sutta: Greater Discourse to Saccaka (MN 36) [Thanissaro (excerpt)]
Maha-sala Sutta: Very Rich (SN 7.14) [Thanissaro]
Maha-salayatanika Sutta: The Great Six Sense-media Discourse (MN 149) [Thanissaro]
Maha-samaya Sutta: The Great Meeting (DN 20) [Thanissaro]
Maha-satipatthana Sutta: Great Discourse on the Four Frames of Reference/Foundations of Mindfulness (DN 22) [Thanissaro]. See also Satipatthana Sutta (MN 10)
Maha-sihanada Sutta: Greater Discourse on the Lion’s Roar (MN 12) [Ñanamoli]
Maha-suññata Sutta: Greater Discourse on Emptiness (MN 122) [Thanissaro]
Mahavedalla Sutta: The Greater Set of Questions-and-Answers (MN 43) [Thanissaro]
Maha-viyuha Sutta: The Great Array (Sn 4.13) [Thanissaro]
Majjhima Nikaya [Various]
Makkata Sutta: The Monkey (SN 47.7) [Olendzki (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
Malunkyaputta Sutta: To Malunkyaputta (SN 35.95) [Thanissaro]
Manava (Thag 1.73) [Thanissaro]
Mangala Sutta: Protection (Khp 5) [Narada | Piyadassi | Soni | Thanissaro]
Maniculaka Sutta: To Maniculaka (SN 42.10) [Thanissaro]
Maranassati Sutta: Mindfulness of Death (1) (AN 6.19) [Thanissaro]
Maranassati Sutta: Mindfulness of Death (2) (AN 6.20) [Thanissaro]
Marapasa Sutta: Mara’s Power (SN 35.115) [Thanissaro]
Mata Sutta: Mother (SN 15.14) [Thanissaro]
Matangaputta (Thag 3.5) [Thanissaro]
Meghiya Sutta: About Meghiya (Ud 4.1) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Metta Sutta: Good Will (1) (AN 4.125) [Ñanamoli (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
Metta Sutta: Good Will (2) (AN 4.126) [Ñanamoli (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
Metta (Mettanisamsa) Sutta: Good Will (AN 11.16) [Piyadassi | Thanissaro]. See also Karaniya Metta Sutta.
SuttaReadings.net icon Mettagu-manava-puccha: Mettagu’s Questions (Sn 5.4) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Micchatta Sutta: Wrongness (AN 10.103) [Thanissaro]
Migajala Sutta: To Migajala (SN 35.63) [Thanissaro]
Mitta Sutta: A Friend (AN 7.35) [Thanissaro]
Mittakali (Thig 5.6) [Thanissaro]
Moggallana Sutta: With Moggallana (SN 44.7) [Thanissaro]
Mogharaja-manava-puccha: Mogharaja’s Question (Sn 5.15) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Moneyya Sutta: Sagacity (AN 3.120) [Thanissaro]
Muccalinda Sutta: About Muccalinda (Ud 2.1) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Mula Sutta: Roots (AN 3.69) [Thanissaro]
Mula Sutta: Rooted (AN 10.58) [Thanissaro]
Mulapariyaya Sutta: The Root Sequence (MN 1) [Thanissaro]
Muluposatha Sutta: The Roots of the Uposatha (AN 3.70) [Thanissaro]
Muni Sutta: The Sage (Sn 1.12) [Thanissaro]
Mutta (Thig 1.11) [Thanissaro]

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Na Tumhaka Sutta: Not Yours (SN 35.101) [Thanissaro]
Nadi Sutta: The River (SN 22.93) [Thanissaro]
Naga Sutta: The Tusker (AN 9.40) [Thanissaro]
Naga Sutta: The Bull Elephant (Ud 4.5) [Ireland]
SuttaReadings.net icon Nagara Sutta: The City (SN 12.65) [Thanissaro]
Nagara Sutta: The Fortress (AN 7.63) [Thanissaro]
Nagita (Thag 1.86) [Thanissaro]
Nagita Sutta: To Nagita (AN 5.30) [Thanissaro]
Nagita Sutta: To Nagita (AN 6.42) [Thanissaro]
Nakhasikha Sutta: The Tip of the Fingernail (SN 13.1) [Thanissaro]
Nakhasikha Sutta: The Tip of the Fingernail (SN 20.2) [Thanissaro]
Nakhasikha Sutta: The Tip of the Fingernail (SN 22.97) [Thanissaro]
Nakula Sutta: Nakula’s Parents (AN 6.16) [Thanissaro]
Nakulapita Sutta: To Nakulapita (SN 22.1) [Thanissaro]
Nalaka Sutta: To Nalaka (Sn 3.11) [Olendzki (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
Nalakalapiyo Sutta: Sheaves of Reeds (SN 12.67) [Thanissaro]
Nanda Sutta: About Nanda (Ud 3.2) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Nandaka (Thag 2.27) [Thanissaro]
Nandakovada Sutta: Nandaka’s Exhortation (MN 146) [Thanissaro]
Nanda-manava-puccha: Nanda’s Questions (Sn 5.7) [Thanissaro]
Nandana Sutta: Delight (SN 4.8) [Thanissaro]
Nanda’s Vision (Thig 5.4) [Hecker/Khema | Thanissaro]
Nandiya Sutta: To Nandiya (SN 55.40) [Thanissaro]
Nandiya (to Mara) (Thag 1.25) [Thanissaro]
Natha Sutta: Protectors (AN 10.17) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Nava Sutta: The Boat (SN 22.101) [Thanissaro]
Nava Sutta: A Boat (Sn 2.8) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Navakammika Sutta: The Builder (SN 7.17) [Thanissaro]
Neyyatha Sutta: A Meaning to be Inferred (AN 2.25) [Thanissaro]
Nibbana Sutta: Unbinding (AN 4.179) [Thanissaro]
Nibbana Sutta: Unbinding (AN 9.34) [Thanissaro]
Nibbana Sutta: Total Unbinding (1) (Ud 8.1) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Nibbana Sutta: Total Unbinding (2) (Ud 8.2) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Nibbana Sutta: Total Unbinding (3) (Ud 8.3) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Nibbana Sutta: Total Unbinding (4) (Ud 8.4) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Nibbedhika Sutta: Penetrative (AN 6.63) [Thanissaro]
Nidana Sutta: Causes (AN 3.33) [Thanissaro]
Nidhi Kanda: The Reserve Fund (Khp 8) [Thanissaro]
Nigrodha (Thag 1.21) [Thanissaro]
Nimitta Sutta: Themes (AN 3.100 (xi-xv)) [Thanissaro]
Niramisa Sutta: Unworldly (SN 36.31) [Nyanaponika | Thanissaro]
Nissaraniya Sutta: Leading to Escape (AN 5.200) [Thanissaro]
Nissaraniya Sutta: Means of Escape (AN 6.13) [Thanissaro]
Nita (Thag 1.84) [Thanissaro]
Nivarana Sutta: Hindrances (AN 9.64) [Thanissaro]

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Obhasa Sutta: Brightness (AN 4.144) [Thanissaro]
Ogha Sutta: Floods (SN 45.171) [Thanissaro]
Ogha-tarana Sutta: Crossing over the Flood (SN 1.1) [Thanissaro]
Okkha Sutta: Serving Dishes (SN 20.4) [Thanissaro]

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SuttaReadings.net icon Pabbaja Sutta: The Going Forth (Sn 3.1) [Thanissaro]
Pabbata Sutta: A Mountain (AN 3.48) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Pabbatopama Sutta: The Simile of the Mountains (SN 3.25) [Olendzki (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
Pabhassara Suttas: Radiant (AN 1.49-52) [Thanissaro]
Paccaya Sutta: Requisite Conditions (SN 12.20) [Thanissaro]
Paccha-bhumika Sutta: [Brahmans] of the Western Land (SN 42.6) [Thanissaro]
Pacetana (Rathakara) Sutta: The Chariot Maker (AN 3.15) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Padhana Sutta: Exertion/The Great Struggle (Sn 3.2) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Pahana Sutta: Giving Up (SN 36.3) [Nyanaponika]
Pahanaya Sutta: For Adandoning (SN 35.24) [Thanissaro]
Pajatami Gotami: A Mother’s Blessing (Thig 6.6) [Olendzki]
Pamadaviharin Sutta: Dwelling in Heedlessness (SN 35.97) [Thanissaro]
Pansadhovaka Sutta: The Dirt-washer (AN 3.100 (i-x)) [Thanissaro]
Panthaka Sutta: About Cula Panthaka (Ud 5.10) [Thanissaro]
Pañcakanga Sutta: To Pañcakanga (Carpenter FiveTools) (SN 36.19) [Nyanaponika | Thanissaro]
Pañcalacanda Sutta: Pañcalacanda the Deva’s Son (SN 2.7) [Thanissaro]
Pañha Sutta: Questions (AN 4.42) [Thanissaro]
Pañhapuccha Sutta: On Asking Questions (AN 5.165) [Thanissaro]
Pañña Sutta: Discernment (AN 8.2) [Thanissaro]
Paññavimutti Sutta: Released Through Discernment (AN 9.44) [Thanissaro]
Parabhava Sutta: Downfall (Sn 1.6) [Narada | Piyadassi]
Paramatthaka Sutta: Supreme (Sn 4.5) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Parikuppa Sutta: In Agony (AN 5.129) [Thanissaro]
Parileyyaka Sutta: At Parileyyaka (SN 22.81) [Thanissaro]
Parinibbana Sutta: Total Unbinding (SN 6.15) [Thanissaro]
Pariñña Sutta: Comprehension (SN 22.23) [Thanissaro]
Parivatta Sutta: Attached (SN 22.56) [Thanissaro]
Pariyesana Sutta: Searches (AN 4.252) [Thanissaro]
Pasura Sutta: To Pasura (Sn 4.8) [Thanissaro]
Patacara (Thig 5.10) [Hecker/Khema | Thanissaro]
Patacara’s Thirty Students (Thig 5.11) [Hecker/Khema | Thanissaro]
Patacara’s 500 Students (Thig 6.1) [ Olendzki | Thanissaro ]
Patala Sutta: The Bottomless Chasm (SN 36.4) [Nyanaponika | Thanissaro]
Papata Sutta: The Drop-off (SN 56.42) [Thanissaro]
Paticca-samuppada-vibhanga Sutta: Analysis of Dependent Co-arising (SN 12.2) [Thanissaro]
Patitthita Sutta: Established (SN 48.56) [Thanissaro]
Patoda Sutta: The Goad-stick (AN 4.113) [Thanissaro | Woodward]
Pema Sutta: Affection (AN 4.200) [Thanissaro]
Phagguna Sutta: To Phagguna (SN 12.12) [Nyanaponika | Thanissaro]
Phassa Sutta: Contact (SN 25.4) [Thanissaro]
Phassa Sutta: Contact (SN 27.4) [Thanissaro]
Phassamulaka Sutta: Rooted in Sense-impression (SN 36.10) [Nyanaponika]
SuttaReadings.net icon Phena Sutta: Foam (SN 22.95) [Thanissaro]
Pilahaka Sutta: The Dung Beetle (SN 17.5) [Thanissaro]
Pinda Sutta: Alms (Ud 3.8) [Thanissaro]
Pindola Sutta: About Pindola (Ud 4.6) [Thanissaro]
Pindolya Sutta: Almsgoers (SN 22.80) [Thanissaro]
Pingiya-manava-puccha: Pingiya’s Questions (Sn 5.16) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Piti Sutta: Rapture (AN 5.176) [Thanissaro]
Piya Sutta: Dear (SN 3.4) [Thanissaro]
Piyajatika Sutta: From One Who Is Dear (MN 87) [Thanissaro]
Pokkharani Sutta: The Pond (SN 13.2) [Thanissaro]
Posala-manava-puccha: Posala’s Question (Sn 5.14) [Thanissaro]
Potaliya Sutta: To Potaliya (MN 54) [Thanissaro (excerpt)]
Potthapada Sutta: About Potthapada (DN 9) [Thanissaro]
Pubbakotthaka Sutta: Eastern Gatehouse (SN 48.44) [Thanissaro]
Punna (Thig 1.3) [Thanissaro]
Punna Sutta: To Punna (SN 35.88) [Thanissaro]
Punnaka-manava-puccha: Punnaka’s Questions (Sn 5.3) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Punnamasa (Thag 2.26) [Thanissaro]
Punnika and the Brahman (Thig 12.1) [Thanissaro]
Purabheda Sutta: Before the Break-up of the Body (Sn 4.10) [Thanissaro]
Puttamansa Sutta: A Son’s Flesh (SN 12.63) [Nyanaponika | Thanissaro]

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Raga-vinaya Sutta: The Subduing of Passion (AN 4.96) [Thanissaro]
Rahogata Sutta: Alone (SN 36.11) [Nyanaponika | Thanissaro]
Rahula (Thag 4.8) [Thanissaro]
Rahula Sutta: Advice to Rahula (Sn 2.11) [Ireland]
Raja Sutta: The Emperor (SN 55.1) [Thanissaro]
Raja Sutta: Kings (Ud 2.2) [Thanissaro[]
Raja Sutta: The King (Ud 5.1) [Thanissaro]
Rajadatta (Thag 5.1) [Thanissaro]
Rajja Sutta: Rulership (SN 4.20) [Thanissaro]
Ramaneyyaka (Thag 1.49) [Thanissaro]
Ratana Sutta: Treasures (Khp 6) [Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Ratana Sutta: Treasures (SN 2.1) [Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Rathakara (Pacetana) Sutta: The Chariot Maker (AN 3.15) [Thanissaro]
Ratha-vinita Sutta: Relay Chariots (MN 24) [Thanissaro]
Ratthapala (Thag 16.4) [Thanissaro]
Ratthapala Sutta: About Ratthapala (MN 82) [Thanissaro]
Revata: Revata’s Farewell (Thag 14.1) [Thanissaro]
Revata Sutta: About Revata (Ud 5.7) [Thanissaro]
Rohini (Thig 13.2) [Thanissaro]
Rohitassa Sutta: To Rohitassa (AN 4.45) [Thanissaro]
Rupa Sutta: Forms (SN 25.2) [Thanissaro]
Rupa Sutta: Forms (SN 27.2) [Thanissaro]

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Sabba Sutta: The All (SN 35.23) [Thanissaro]
Sabbasava Sutta: All the Fermentations (MN 2) [Thanissaro]
Sabhiya Sutta: With Sabhiya (SN 44.11) [Thanissaro]
Saccavibhanga Sutta: Discourse on the Analysis of the Truths (MN 141) [Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Sacitta Sutta: One’s Own Mind (AN 10.51) [Thanissaro]
Saddayamana Sutta: Uproar (Ud 5.9) [Thanissaro]
Saddha Sutta: Conviction (AN 5.38) [Thanissaro]
Sadhammapatirupaka Sutta: A Counterfeit of the True Dhamma (SN 16.13) [Thanissaro]
Sakalika Sutta: The Stone Sliver (SN 1.38) [Thanissaro]
Sakalika Sutta: The Stone Sliver (SN 4.13) [Thanissaro]
Sakka Sutta: To the Sakyan (AN 3.73) [Thanissaro]
Sakka Sutta: To the Sakyans (on the Uposatha) (AN 10.46) [Thanissaro]
Sakka-pañha Sutta: Sakka’s Questions (DN 21) [Thanissaro (excerpt)]
Sakkara Sutta: Veneration (Ud 2.4) [Thanissaro]
Sakunagghi Sutta: The Hawk (SN 47.6) [Thanissaro]
Salayatana-vibhanga Sutta: An Analysis of the Six Sense-media (MN 137) [Thanissaro]
Saleyyaka Sutta: The Brahmans of Sala (MN 41) [Ñanamoli]
Salha Sutta: To Salha (AN 3.66) [Ñanamoli]
Salla Sutta: The Arrow (Sn 3.8) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Sallatha Sutta: The Arrow (SN 36.6) [Nyanaponika | Thanissaro]
Sallekha Sutta: The Discourse on Effacement (MN 8) [Nyanaponika]
Samadhanga Sutta: The Factors of Concentration (AN 5.28) [Thanissaro]
Samadhi Sutta: Concentration (SN 22.5) [Thanissaro]
Samadhi Sutta: Concentration (SN 35.99) [Thanissaro]
Samadhi Sutta: Concentration (SN 36.1) [Nyanaponika]
Samadhi Sutta: Concentration (AN 4.41) [Thanissaro]
Samadhi Sutta: Concentration (Tranquillity and Insight) (AN 4.94) [Thanissaro]
Samadhi Sutta: (Immeasurable) Concentration (AN 5.27) [Thanissaro]
Samadhi Sutta: Concentration (AN 10.6) [Thanissaro]
Samajivina Sutta: Living in Tune (AN 4.55) [Thanissaro]
Samana-Mundika Sutta: Mundika the Contemplative (MN 78) [Thanissaro]
Samanera Pañha: The Novice’s Questions (Khp 4) [Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Samanupassana Sutta: Assumptions (SN 22.47) [Thanissaro]
Samaññaphala Sutta: The Fruits of the Contemplative Life (DN 2) [Thanissaro]
Sambodhi Sutta: Self-awakening (AN 9.1) [Thanissaro]
Samiddhi Sutta: About Samiddhi (SN 1.20) [Thanissaro]
Samiddhi Sutta: About Samiddhi (AN 9.14) [Thanissaro]
Sammaditthi Sutta: Right View (MN 9) [Ñanamoli | Thanissaro]
Sampada Sutta: Being Consummate (AN 5.130) [Thanissaro]
Samuddha Sutta: The Ocean (SN 13.8) [Thanissaro]
Samyutta Nikaya: The Grouped Discourses [Various]
Sandha Sutta: To Sandha (AN 11.10) [Thanissaro]
Sanditthika Sutta: Visible Here-&-Now (AN 6.47) [Thanissaro]
Sangaha Sutta: The Bonds of Fellowship (AN 4.32) [Thanissaro]
Sangama Sutta: A Battle (1) (SN 3.14) [Thanissaro]
Sangama Sutta: A Battle (2) (SN 3.15) [Thanissaro]
Sangarava Sutta: To Sangarava (AN 3.60) [Thanissaro]
Sankha Sutta: The Conch Trumpet (SN 42.8) [Thanissaro]
Sankhata Sutta: Fabricated (AN 3.47) [Thanissaro]
Sankhitta Sutta: In Brief (Good Will, Mindfulness, and Concentration) (AN 8.63) [Thanissaro]
Sankicca (Thag 11) [Thanissaro]
Santaka Sutta: To Ananda (1) (SN 36.15) [Nyanaponika]
Sanyojana Sutta: Fetters (AN 10.13) [Thanissaro]
Sañña Sutta: Perception (SN 25.6) [Thanissaro]
Sañña Sutta: Perception (SN 27.6) [Thanissaro]
Sañña Sutta: Perception (AN 9.16) [Thanissaro]
Sañña Sutta: Perceptions (AN 7.46) [Thanissaro]
Saññoga Sutta: Bondage (AN 7.48) [Thanissaro]
Sappadasa (Thag 6.6) [Thanissaro]
Sappurisa Sutta: A Person of Integrity (AN 4.73) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Sappurisadana Sutta: A Person of Integrity’s Gifts (AN 5.148) [Thanissaro]
Saranagamana: Going for Refuge (Khp 1) [Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Saraniya Sutta: Conducive to Amiability (AN 6.12) [Thanissaro]
Sariputta Sutta: With Sariputta (AN 10.7) [Thanissaro]
Sariputta Sutta: About Sariputta (Ud 3.4) [Thanissaro]
Sariputta Sutta: About Sariputta (1) (Ud 4.7) [Thanissaro]
Sariputta Sutta: About Sariputta (2) (Ud 4.10) [Thanissaro]
Sariputta Sutta: To Sariputta (Sn 4.16) [Thanissaro]
Sariputta Thera: Keeping the Wheel Rolling (Thag 17.2) [Olendzki (excerpt)]
Sariputta-Kotthita Sutta: Sariputta and Kotthita (1) (SN 44.3) [Thanissaro]
Sariputta-Kotthita Sutta: Sariputta and Kotthita (2) (SN 44.4) [Thanissaro]
Sariputta-Kotthita Sutta: Sariputta and Kotthita (3) (SN 44.5) [Thanissaro]
Sariputta-Kotthita Sutta: Sariputta and Kotthita (4) (SN 44.6) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Satipatthana Sutta: Frames of Reference/Foundations of Mindfulness (MN 10) [Ñanasatta | Soma | Thanissaro]. See also Maha-satipatthana Sutta (DN 22)
Satipatthana-vibhanga Sutta: Analysis of the Frames of Reference (SN 47.40) [Thanissaro]
Satta Sutta: A Being (SN 23.2) [Thanissaro]
Sattatthana Sutta: Seven Bases (SN 22.57) [Thanissaro]
Satthusasana Sutta: To Upali (The Teacher’s Instruction) (AN 7.80) [Thanissaro]
Satti Sutta: The Spear (SN 20.5) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Sedaka Sutta: At Sedaka (1) — The Acrobat (SN 47.19) [Olendzki (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
Sedaka Sutta: At Sedaka (2) — The Beauty Queen (SN 47.20) [Thanissaro]
Sekha Sutta: The Learner (SN 48.53) [Thanissaro]
Sekha-patipada Sutta: The Practice for One in Training (MN 53) [Thanissaro]
Sela Sutta: Sister Sela (SN 5.9) [Bodhi | Thanissaro]
Sesavati (Vv 3.7) [Ireland]
Sigala Sutta: The Jackal (SN 17.8) [Thanissaro]
Sigalovada Sutta: Advice to Sigala/Layperson’s Code of Discipline (DN 31) [Narada | Kelly/Sawyer/Yareham]
Siha Sutta: To General Siha (On Generosity) (AN 5.34) [Thanissaro]
Sikkha Sutta: Trainings (1) (AN 3.88) [Thanissaro]
Sikkha Sutta: Trainings (2) (AN 3.89) [Thanissaro]
Sikkha Sutta: Trainings (AN 4.99) [Thanissaro]
Sikkha-dubbalya Sutta: Things That Weaken the Training (AN 9.63) [Thanissaro]
Silabbata Sutta: Precept & Practice (AN 3.78) [Thanissaro]
Silavant Sutta: Virtuous (SN 22.122) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Simsapa Sutta: Simsapa Leaves (SN 56.31) [Thanissaro]
Singalapita (Thag 1.18) [Thanissaro]
Sirima (Vv 1.16) [Ireland]
Sirimanda (Thag 6.13) [ Olendzki (excerpt) | Thanissaro ]
Sirivaddha (Thag 1.41) [Thanissaro]
Sisupacala Sutta: Sister Sisupacala (SN 5.8) [Bodhi | Thanissaro]
Siti Sutta: Cooled (AN 6.85) [Thanissaro]
Sivaka Sutta: To Sivaka (SN 36.21) [Nyanaponika | Thanissaro]
Soma Sutta: Sister Soma (SN 5.2) [Bodhi | Olendzki (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
Sona Sutta: About Sona (AN 6.55) [Thanissaro]
Sona Sutta: About Sona (Ud 5.6) [Thanissaro]
Sona, Mother of Ten (Thig 5.8) [Hecker/Khema | Thanissaro]
Sona Potiriyaputta (Thag 2.37) [Thanissaro]
Sotar Sutta: The Listener (AN 5.140) [Thanissaro]
Subha, the Goldsmith’s Daughter (Thig 13.5) [Thanissaro]
Subha Jivakambavanika: Subha and the Libertine (Thig 14) [Thanissaro]
Subhasita Sutta: Well-spoken (Sn 3.3) [Thanissaro]
Subhasita-jaya Sutta: Victory Through What is Well Spoken (SN 11.5) [Thanissaro]
Subhuti (Thag 1.1) [Thanissaro]
Subhuti Sutta: About Subhuti (Ud 6.7) [Thanissaro]
Suda Sutta: The Cook (SN 47.8) [Thanissaro]
Sudatta Sutta: About Sudatta (Anathapindika) (SN 10.8) [Thanissaro]
Suddhatthaka Sutta: Pure (Sn 4.4) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Sujata (Thig 6.4) [Hecker/Khema]
Sukha Sutta: Happiness (SN 36.2) [Nyanaponika]
Sukhamala Sutta: Refinement (AN 3.38) [Thanissaro]
Sukhita Sutta: Happy (SN 15.12) [Thanissaro]
Sumana the Novice (Thag 6.10) [Thanissaro]
Sumangala (Thag 1.43) [Thanissaro]
Sumangala’s Mother (Thig 2.3) [Thanissaro]
Sunaga (Thag 1.85) [Thanissaro]
Sunakkhatta Sutta: To Sunakkhatta (MN 105) [Thanissaro]
Sundara Samudda and the Courtesan (Thag 7.1) [Thanissaro]
Sunita the Outcaste (Thag 12.2) [Thanissaro]
Suñña Sutta: Empty (SN 35.85) [Thanissaro]
Supina Sutta: Dreams (AN 5.196) [Thanissaro]
Suppiya (Thag 1.32) [Thanissaro]
Suriya Sutta: The Sun Deity’s Prayer for Protection (SN 2.10) [Piyadassi]
Susarada (Thag 1.75) [Thanissaro]
Susima Sutta: About Susima (SN 12.70) [Thanissaro]
Sussusa Sutta: Listening Well (AN 6.88) [Thanissaro]
Suta Sutta: On What is Heard (AN 4.183) [Thanissaro]
Sutadhara Sutta: One Who Retains What He Has Heard (AN 5.96) [Thanissaro]
Sutavan Sutta: To Sutavan (AN 9.7) [Thanissaro]
Sutta Nipata [Various]

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Talaputa (Thag 19) [Khantipalo | Olendzki (excerpt)]
Talaputa Sutta: To Talaputa the Actor (SN 42.2) [Thanissaro]
Tamonata Sutta: Darkness (AN 4.85) [Thanissaro]
Tanha Sutta: Craving (SN 25.8) [Thanissaro]
Tanha Sutta: Craving (SN 27.8) [Thanissaro]
Tanha Sutta: Craving (AN 4.199) [Thanissaro]
Tanhakhaya Sutta: The Ending of Craving (Ud 7.6) [Thanissaro]
Tapussa Sutta: To Tapussa (On Renunciation) (AN 9.41) [Thanissaro]
Tekicchakani (Thag 6.2) [Thanissaro]
Thana Sutta: Courses of Action (AN 4.115) [Thanissaro]
Thana Sutta: Traits (AN 4.192) [Thanissaro]
Theragatha [Various]
Theranama Sutta: [A Monk] by the Name of Elder (On Solitude) (SN 21.10) [Thanissaro]
Therigatha [Various]
Tika (Sub-commentaries)
Tikicchaka Sutta (Virecana Sutta): A Purgative (AN 10.108) [Thanissaro]
Tirokudda Kanda: Hungry Shades Outside the Walls (Khp 7) [Thanissaro]
Tirokudda Kanda: Hungry Shades Outside the Walls (Pv 1.5) [Thanissaro]
Tissa (Thag 1.39) [Thanissaro]
Tissa Sutta (SN 22.84) [Thanissaro]
Tissa Metteyya Sutta: Tissa Metteyya (Sn 4.7) [Thanissaro]
Tissa-metteyya-manava-puccha: Tissa-metteyya’s Questions (Sn 5.2) [Thanissaro]
Tittha Sutta: Sectarians (AN 3.61) [Thanissaro]
Tittha Sutta: Various Sectarians (1) (Ud 6.4) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Tittha Sutta: Various Sectarians (2) (Ud 6.5) [Thanissaro]
Tittha Sutta: Various Sectarians (3) (Ud 6.6) [Thanissaro]
Titthiya Sutta: Sectarians (AN 3.68) [Thanissaro]
Todeyya-manava-puccha: Todeyya’s Questions (Sn 5.9) [Thanissaro]
Tuvataka Sutta: Quickly (Sn 4.14) [Thanissaro]

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Ubbiri (Thig 3.5) [Thanissaro]
Ubhatobhaga Sutta: (Released) Both Ways (AN 9.45) [Thanissaro]
Udakarahaka Suttas: A Pool of Water (AN 1.45-46) [Thanissaro]
Udakupama Sutta: The Water Simile (AN 7.15) [Thanissaro]
Udana: Exclamations [Various]
Udana Sutta: Exclamations (SN 22.55) [Thanissaro]
Udapana Sutta: The Well (Ud 7.9) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Udaya Sutta: Breaking the Cycle (SN 7.12) [Olendzki (excerpt)]
Udaya-manava-puccha: Udaya’s Questions (Sn 5.13) [Thanissaro]
Udayi Sutta: About Udayin (AN 5.159) [Thanissaro]
Udayin Sutta: With Udayin (SN 35.193) [Thanissaro]
Udayin Thera: The Blooming Lotus (Thag 15.2) [Olendzki (excerpt)]
Uddesa-vibhanga Sutta: An Analysis of the Statement (MN 138) [Thanissaro]
Udena Sutta: About King Udena (Ud 7.10) [Thanissaro]
Ukkacela Sutta: At Ukkacela (SN 47.14) [Nyanaponika]
Ugga Sutta: To Ugga (AN 7.7) [Thanissaro]
Upacala Sutta: Sister Upacala (SN 5.7) [Bodhi | Thanissaro]
Upadana Sutta: Clinging (SN 12.52) [Thanissaro]
Upadana Sutta: Clinging (SN 22.121) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Upaddha Sutta: Half (of the Holy Life) (SN 45.2) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Upajjhatthana Sutta: Subjects for Contemplation (AN 5.57) [Thanissaro]
Upakkilesa Sutta: Obscurations (AN 4.50) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Upanisa Sutta: Prerequisites (SN 12.23) [Bodhi | Thanissaro]
Upasaka Sutta: The Lay Follower (Ud 2.5) [Thanissaro]
Upasena Sutta: Upasena (SN 35.69) [Thanissaro]
Upasena Vangataputta Sutta: About Upasena Vangataputta (Ud 4.9) [Thanissaro]
SuttaReadings.net icon Upasiva-manava-puccha: Upasiva’s Questions (Sn 5.6) [Thanissaro]
Upatissa Sutta: About Upatissa (Sariputta) (SN 21.2) [Thanissaro]
Upatissa-pasine: Upatissa’s (Sariputta’s) Question (Mv 1.23.1-10) [Thanissaro]
Upaya Sutta: Attached (SN 22.53) [Thanissaro]
Uposatha Sutta: The Observance Day (AN 8.41) [Ñanavara/Kantasilo]
Uposatha Sutta: The Observance (Ud 5.5) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Uppalavanna Sutta: Sister Uppalavanna (SN 5.5) [Bodhi | Thanissaro]
Uraga Sutta: The Snake (Sn 1.1) [Nyanaponika | Thanissaro]
Uttama (Thig 3.2) [Thanissaro]
Uttara Sutta: Uttara the Deva’s Son (SN 2.19) [Thanissaro]
Utthana Sutta: Initiative (Sn 2.10) [Ireland | Thanissaro]
Uttiya Sutta: To Uttiya (AN 10.95) [Thanissaro]

V [go up]

Vaca Sutta: A Statement (AN 5.198) [Thanissaro]
Vaccha Sutta: To Vaccha (on Giving) (AN 3.57) [Thanissaro]
Vacchagotta Sutta: With Vacchagotta (SN 44.8) [Thanissaro]
Vajira Sutta: Sister Vajira (SN 5.10) [Bodhi | Thanissaro]
Vajjiputta Sutta: The Vajjian Princeling (SN 9.9) [Thanissaro]
Vajjiya Sutta: About Vajjiya (AN 10.94) [Thanissaro]
Vakkali (Thag 5.8) [Thanissaro]
Vala Sutta: Horsehair (SN 56.45) [Thanissaro]
Valahaka Sutta: Thunderheads (AN 4.102) [Thanissaro]
Valliya (Thag 2.24) [Thanissaro]
Vanavaccha (Thag 1.13) [Thanissaro]
Vanavaccha (Thag 1.113) [Thanissaro]
Vanavaccha’s Pupil (Thag 1.14) [Thanissaro]
Vangisa (Thag 21) [Hecker/Khema (excerpt) | Ireland]
Vanijja Sutta: Business (Wrong Livelihood) (AN 5.177) [Thanissaro]
Vanijja Sutta: Trade (AN 4.79) [Thanissaro]
Vappa (Thag 1.61) [Thanissaro]
Vasala Sutta: Discourse on Outcasts (Sn 1.7) [Piyadassi]
Vasitthi (Thig 6.2) [Thanissaro]
Vassakara Sutta: With Vassakara (AN 4.35) [Thanissaro]
Vatthupama Sutta: The Simile of the Cloth (MN 7) [Nyanaponika]
Vedana Sutta: Feeling (SN 25.5) [Thanissaro]
Vedana Sutta: Feeling (SN 27.5) [Thanissaro]
Vepacitti Sutta: Calm in the Face of Anger (SN 11.4) [Olendzki (excerpt)]
Vera Sutta: Animosity (AN 10.92) [Thanissaro]
Vibhanga Sutta: An Analysis (Of the Feeling Faculties) (SN 48.38) [Thanissaro]
Vijaya Sutta: Sister Vijaya (SN 5.4) [Bodhi | Thanissaro]
Vijitasena (Thag 5.9) [Norman]
Vijja-bhagiya Sutta: A Share in Clear Knowing (AN 2.30) [Thanissaro]
Vimala (Thag 1.50) [Thanissaro]
Vimala, the Former Courtesan (Thig 5.2) [Thanissaro]
Vina Sutta: The Lute (SN 35.205) [Thanissaro]
Vinaya-samukkamsa: Innate Principles of the Vinaya (Mv 6.40.1) [Thanissaro]
Viññana Sutta: Consciousness (SN 25.3) [Thanissaro]
Viññana Sutta: Consciousness (SN 27.3) [Thanissaro]
Vipaka Sutta: Results (AN 8.40) [Thanissaro]
Vipallasa Sutta: Perversions (AN 4.49) [Olendzki (excerpt) | Thanissaro]
Virecana Sutta: A Purgative (a.k.a. Tikicchaka Sutta) (AN 10.108) [Thanissaro]
Visakha Sutta: To Visakha (Ud 2.9) [Thanissaro]
Visakha Sutta: To Visakha (Ud 8.8) [Thanissaro]
Visakhuposatha Sutta: Discourse to Visakha on the Eight-factored Uposatha (AN 8.43) [Khantipalo]
SuttaReadings.net icon Vitakkasanthana Sutta: The Relaxation of Thoughts (MN 20) [Soma | Thanissaro]
Vitthara Sutta: (Strengths) in Detail (AN 5.2) [Thanissaro]
Viveka Sutta: Seclusion (SN 9.1) [Thanissaro]
Vuddhi Sutta: Growth (AN 5.64) [Thanissaro]

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Yamaka Sutta: To Yamaka (SN 22.85) [Thanissaro]
Yasa Sutta: Honor (AN 8.86) [Thanissaro]
Yasadatta (Thag 5.10) [Thanissaro]
Yasoja (Thag 3.8) [Thanissaro]
Yasoja Sutta: About Yasoja (Ud 3.3) [Thanissaro]
Yavakalapi Sutta: The Sheaf of Barley (SN 35.207) [Thanissaro]
Yodhajiva Sutta: To Yodhajiva (The Warrior) (SN 42.3) [Thanissaro]
Yodhajiva Sutta: The Warrior (AN 4.181) [Thanissaro]
Yodhajiva Sutta (1): The Warrior (AN 5.75) [Thanissaro]
Yodhajiva Sutta (2): The Warrior (AN 5.76) [Thanissaro]
Yoga Sutta: Yokes (AN 4.10) [Thanissaro]
Yuganaddha Sutta: In Tandem (AN 4.170) [Thanissaro]
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