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May 2022
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24413 WEDNESDAY LESSON 899-THE TIPITAKA-Vinaya Pitaka- from FREE ONLINE eNālāndā Research and Practice UNIVERSITY through THE ONLY BUDDHIST & SARVA SAMAJ (SC/ST/OBC/MINORITIES/POOR UPPER CASTES) an Alternative Media is: The Only Hope of the Nation is Elephant of BSP! People are just fed up with Congress, other regional parties BSR, KJP and BJP! capture the MASTER KEY ! For Mayawati! For equal distribution of wealth of this country to Sarva Samaj i.e., for SC/ST/OBC/Minorities and poor upper castes for peace,welfare and happiness of the entire people and not just for corporate interests and in - humanists. Maha Mayawati JI the next Prime Minister of PRABUDDHA BHARATH VOICE OF SARVA SAMAJ AWAKENED ONE WITH AWARENESS ONE’S FAIR TRADE PRACTICE Green Consultant Small Business Idea The Pros and Cons of Becoming a Green Consultant
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from FREE ONLINE  eNālāndā Research and Practice UNIVERSITY through

Media is:

The Only Hope of the Nation is Elephant of BSP!

People are just fed up
with Congress, other regional parties BSR, KJP and BJP!
 capture the MASTER KEY !
For Mayawati!

equal distribution of wealth of this country to Sarva
Samaj i.e., for
SC/ST/OBC/Minorities and poor upper castes for peace,welfare and
happiness of the entire people and not just for corporate interests and
in - humanists

Maha Mayawati JI the next Prime Minister of PRABUDDHA BHARATH



Green Consultant Small Business Idea

The Pros and Cons of Becoming a Green Consultant


                                                                               The Only Hope of the Nation is Elephant of BSP!

People are just fed up
with Congress, other regional parties JDS, BSR, KJP and BJP!
 capture the MASTER KEY !
For Mayawati!

Maha Mayawati JI the next Prime Minister of PRABUDDHA BHARATH
Please vote for the following BSP candidates in ELEPHANT symbol on 05-05-2013

Green Consultant Small Business Idea

The Pros and Cons of Becoming a Green Consultant

Going green and living in an environmentally friendly way is not a
passing fad. An increasing number of individuals, families and
businesses are starting to look for ways to reduce their carbon
footprint and decrease their use of the earth’s resources. This isn’t
always easy, so some people are looking to green or environmental
consultants for help.

If you have a passion for the environment, are creative and eager to
learn new ways to conserve and recycle, and enjoy teaching others about
the environment, a small business as a green consultant may be a great
option for you.

The Pros

There are many benefits that can come from starting a business as a green consultant. Here are a few:

  • The work you do will benefit the environment.
  • You have a broad target audience and can work with individuals, families or businesses.
  • You can consult in the areas you are most passionate about — green business, green marketing, environmentally friendly household management, green pet care, etc.
  • You determine how much time you put in and when you work.
  • Green consulting can be a great part-time business.

The Cons

Some of the potential challenges you may face when becoming a green consultant include:

  • You may need to take training and become certified.
  • It can be expensive to purchase the kits and tools required if you work with a green franchise.
  • Some of the commissions you receive are minimal, so you’d have to do a lot of work to make significant income.
  • You need to stay up-to-date on all of the environmental regulations and laws.
  • You have to be able to think creatively to develop solutions to your clients’ everyday environmental challenges.

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Advani accused of taking money from Yeddyurappa

BJP leader L.K. Advani had taken money from erstwhile Karnataka chief
minister B.S. Yeddyurappa to allow him to remain in office after
corruption scandals involving him surfaced, Yeddyurappa’s Karnataka
Janata Party (KJP) alleged Monday

“I have
documents and will release them at the appropriate time,” V. Dhananjaya
Kumar, a former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP and junior central
minister in the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government at
New Delhi, told reporters here.

Kumar, the KJP’s spokesman, made the claim a day after Advani
indirectly attacked Yeddyurappa for tarnishing BJP’s image by indulging
in corruption.

has no moral right to criticize Yeddyurappa as he had used his children
to threaten Yeddyurappa and extract money to allow him to remain in
office,” Dhananjaya Kumar alleged.

He said several central BJP leaders were known to take money from party chief ministers.

D.V. Sadananda Gowda said “if he proves the allegations, we will shut down BJP in Karnataka”.

EC pulls up Eshwarappa for hate speech

The Election Commission on Tuesday reprimanded Deputy
Chief Minister K.S. Eshwarappa for hate speech at a meeting in Shimoga
on April 9.

Mr. Eshwarappa is the BJP candidate in Shimoga Assembly constituency for the May 5 polls.

perusal of your impugned statement leaves no one in doubt that the same
has the effect of inciting communal feelings and promoting hatred and
ill-will between different classes of citizens of India, in a surcharged
election atmosphere, which is prohibited under the model code of
conduct. Now, therefore, the commission has decided to reprimand you for
having made the above provocative statement in violation of the model
code of conduct and has cautioned you to be careful in future,” the
Election Commission said.

It rejected Mr.
Eshwarappa’s reply to its notice, quoting a judgment of the Karnataka
High Court, wherein he had claimed that the model code of conduct would
come into force from the day of notification of the election (issued on
April 10) and not the date of announcement of polls (March 20). The
Election Commission quoted a verdict of the Supreme Court to justify its
stand on the date when the poll code would come into effect.

Criminal case filed against Eshwarappa for “hate speech”

Days after making an alleged “hate speech” against a
minority community, Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister K.S. Eshwarappa was
slapped with a criminal case on Friday after electoral officials issued
directions for it.

The case was registered and an FIR
filed as per the directions of chief of Flying Squad of poll code
enforcement for the May five Assembly elections at the order of Deputy
Commissioner and District Electoral Officer Vipul Bansal.

under IPC sections as also under Representation of People Act have been
booked after the squad submitted the video recording of Mr. Eswarappa’s
speech at a conference on Sunday, police said.

local court on Wednesday had admitted a complaint against Mr. Eshwarappa
for making a “hate speech” on a complaint by the President of minority
cell of the district Congress, Sayad W Addu, who accused him of
“instigating” a particular community against others and violating the
code of conduct.

Congress and a number of individuals
had filed complaints with district authorities and returning officer
against Mr. Eshwarappa for alleged violation of the model code of
conduct and instigating communal hatred.

If the case is proved, Mr. Eshwarappa has to face a jail term of three years.

Law Minister Ashwani Kumar in deep trouble

New Delhi: Union Law Minister Ashwani Kumar may find
himself in a spot when the CBI files its affidavit in the Supreme Court
on whether the coalgate report was vetted by the Law Ministry and the

Sources said that Kumar had made substantive changes in the
content in order to protect the PMO and the government. The CBI is
likely to take a stand that while the changes were indeed recommended,
the investigative agency did not incorporate them, sources said.

doing so, the CBI may put forth its original report and the changes
recommended. The court had made it clear that the report must be
submitted only to it in a sealed cover.  If the Law Ministry had stepped
in, it may lead to contempt of court.  

If the CBI tells the
court that changes were recommended, Kumar may not be able hold on to
his seat. The government will have no option but to sacrifice him in
order to cap the anger in Parliament.

The Law Minister had taken a
stand that he just corrected the English and certain grammatical
errors. But the BJP hit back asking the minister if he was an English
professor or the country’s Law Minister. Party spokesperson Ravi Shankar
Prasad said this was the first time in Parliamentary history when a
minister is found `correcting’ the English language of India’s premier
investigating agency.

Sources also said that the CBI may tell the
court that the Law Minister’s proposed changes were sent to the Prime
Minister’s Office. However, the PMO did not send a formal reply. But
following Kumar’s letter, CBI officials did meet senior officers at the
PMO. The question being asked is why did the meeting take place,
especially in the backdrop of the controversial recommendations of the
Law Ministry.

The PMO has dismissed the meeting as a routine one. But this stand is unlikely to hold much water.

BJP and the Left have now demanded the resignation of the Law Minister
and the Prime Minister for trying to influence a crucial investigation.

issue rocked both Houses of Parliament leading to a series of
adjournments. The possibility of a washout of the brief session looks
almost certain.

In a  related development, Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh had a meeting with UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi. The details of
the talks were not made available, but coming as it is in the backdrop
of the coalgate scam, the meeting assumes significance. 

Scrap coal mines not in production: Parliamentary Panel

New Delhi: Calling
coal mine allocations done in 1993 to 2010 as “unauthorised and
illegal”, a Parliamentary panel on Tuesday suggested scrapping of mines
that have not started production.

The Standing Committee on Coal
and Steel in its report tabled in Parliament on Tuesday said the mines
were allocated in “most non-transparent” manner and natural resources
were distributed to “few fortunates” through “abuse of power” by the
then ruling dispensation.

“Distribution of mines was done in a
most unauthorised manner,” said the panel Chairman Trinamool Congress MP
Kalyan Banerjee seeking scrapping of mines where production is yet to
start besides investigating role of officials involved in the allotment

“Most non-transparent procedure was adopted from 1993 to
2010 for allocation and supply of coal blocks. The natural resources and
state largesse were distributed to few fortunates for their own benefit
without following any transparent system, was total abuse of power by
the Government,” the Committee said.

Noting that “the government
cannot give largesse on its arbitrary discretion or its sweet will,” it
said the allocations were illegal and amounted to huge losses to the
state exchequer.

However, on the quantum of losses Mr. Banerjee
said, “Despite our repeated queries, Coal Ministry could not give us
information in respect of quantity of coal or its value. We are not
investigating agency and thus not in a position to assess the losses.”

report said: “It is unfortunate that for allocating coal blocks neither
any auction was held nor the Central Government earned any revenue.”

asked whether Trinamool Chief Mamata Banerjee, who was Coal Minister in
the NDA government was also involved, Mr. Banerjee said, “Every Coal
Minister is not party of the allocation process.”

The Committee
said it was “surprised” to note that between 1993 and 2004 no data was
maintained by the Coal Ministry regarding number of applications
received seeking mines while no “bidding process or auction was held.”

Committee have come to conclusion that entire procedure for
distribution of coal was unauthorised, no one should enjoy the benefit
of illegal auctions and therefore, all coal blocks allocated, at least
where coal production has not yet started, should be cancelled
immediately,” it said.

Terming no auction as unfortunate, it said
the entire decision—making process for distribution of coal blocks needs
investigation and that necessary penal steps should be taken against
everyone who was directly or indirectly a party. to such a
decision—making process.

Citing delays in development of blocks by
private firms, the Committee also sought an explanation from the
Ministry on and demanded a list of such companies, which were alloted
mines without any end—use projects.

“Out of 195 coal blocks
allocated so far for captive mining, 30 blocks have started coal
production and out of 160, captive coal blocks allocated during 2004 to
2008, only 2 have started production,” it said.

Saying that such
allocations have not generated any revenue and only helped private
firms, the panel said: “The commencement of coal production only from 30
coal blocks out of total allocated 218, puts a question mark over the
performance and efficiency of allocatee companies, especially private
companies which have a major share in allocation.”

The Committee
said it was “astonished” to find that although 195 blocks with 44.23
billion tonnes of reserves were allotted, no estimates for the value of
coal extracted was made by the government. It stressed the need for
introducing a proper mechanism for correct evaluation.

BJP looted Karnataka

Ruling BJP in Karnataka,is accused of “looting” the
state that it would lose the May 5 Karnataka assembly polls.

BJP broke
electoral promises and “the only thing they remembered was how to loot
public money in the state. They have done it. They are past masters in

the government for forgetting its promises of employment, water and
24-hour power supply, he said “last time you made BJP victorious, you
trusted them. They promised you 24-hour power supply, did you get it?
They promised you employment, did you get it? They forgot employment,

Taking a swipe at the BJP for talking about corruption in
Delhi, he slammed it for giving “Vidhan Sabha seats to two brothers
(mining barons from Bellary Janardhana Reddy and Karunakara Reddy who
are facing corruption cases).”

VVIP chopper deal: CBI freezes bank account of ex-IAF chief

AgustaWestland chopperAgustaWestland chopper

CBI has frozen bank accounts of former Indian Air Force chief S P
Tyagi and other Indians named as accused for allegedly receiving
kickbacks in the Rs 3,600 crore VVIP helicopter deal.

Agency sources said here today that “certain bank accounts of all the Indian accused” named in the FIR have been frozen by CBI.

The bank accounts of Indian companies named in the alleged scam
– Aeromatrix Info Solutions Private Limited and IDS Infotech — have
already been frozen by the agency, they said.

The sources said bank accounts of Tyagi’s cousins — Sanjeev
alias Julie, Rajeev alias Docsa and Sandeep — have also been frozen as
part of the investigation.

Other Indians named in the FIR whose accounts have been frozen by
the agency include former Union Minister Santosh Bagrodia’s brother
Satish Bagrodia, who is also Chairman of IDS Infotech, the company’s
Managing Director Pratap Aggarwal, Aeromatrix CEO Praveen Bakshi and
legal advisor Gautam Khaitan, the sources said.

CBI in its FIR has booked all the accused under the provisions of
the IPC relating to cheating and criminal conspiracy and the Prevention
of Corruption Act.

Tyagi is the first chief of the Indian Air Force to be named in a corruption or criminal case by CBI.

CBI has alleged that during his tenure as Air Chief, Tyagi and
“with his approval” the Air Force “conceded to reduce the service
ceiling for VVIP helicopters from 6,000 meters to 4,500 meters as
mandatory to which it was opposing vehemently on the grounds of security
constraints and other related reasons”.

According to the FIR, “Haschke Guido and Gerosa Carlo (middlemen)
managed to send € 5.6 million through Mohali-based IDS Infotech and
Chandigarh-based Aeromatrix Info Solutions Private Limited to India and
kept the remaining amount out of about €24.30 million received from
AgustaWestland with themselves in the account of IDS Tunisia.”

You ready?

Mozilla Webmaker

Hi there,

Yesterday at the White House Science Fair,
we announced the first of some big plans to teach the world the Web
over the next few months — and we need you with us from the start.

June 15 to September 15, Mozilla and the National Writing Project will
host dozens of partners from around the world in a giant global Maker Party.

of community-led events will celebrate the amazing things we can make
and share on the Web — from video remixes, to apps and webpages, to DIY

the party! It’ll be a blast, and whether you want to make, teach or
just help others get started, there’ll be something for everyone.

Sign up to be in from the start and get updates as the Maker Party gets going.

Party 2013 will be the second annual distributed party Mozilla has
thrown focused on Web education and digital literacy. Last year,
Mozilla’s Summer Code Party included more than 700 community-led events,
with more than 10,000 participants across 80 countries. And just like
last year, you can join from anywhwere — school, an internet cafe or
even your own kitchen table.

are part of a growing global community of makers, and this year we’re
proud to be expanding our reach and joining even more people around the
world who feel the same way.

why this year’s party isn’t just about learning to code, it’s about
celebrating the huge range of learning, making and creating the Web
makes possible.

this year, as part of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur
Foundation’s Summer of Connected Learning, we’re joined by dynamic
start-ups, non-profits, institutions, and tech companies, including
Black Girls Code, California Academcy of Sciences,,
Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana, Intel, NYC
Department of Education, the Sesame Workshop and Make Things Do Stuff.

Together, we’ll be engaging more than 500,000 people to learn and make things thanks to the Web.

To see who’s taking part and join the party, sign up here:


— We’re really excited about Maker Party 2013 — but to pull this off,
we’ll need support from folks like you every step of the way. Can you donate today to help ensure the Maker Party is a success?

Michelle Thorne
Global Events Strategist
Mozilla Foundation

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