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978 LESSON 13-07-2013 SATURDAY FREE ONLINE eNālāndā Research and Practice UNIVERSITY run through TIPITAKA-Vinaya Pitaka-PALI-Parajika- 02 Parajika 2 VOICE OF SARVA SAMAJ Centenary of our messiah Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar’s at Columbia University on Saturday, July 20th 2013 DAILY SCHEDULE FOR THE PHOWA COURSE BY HIS EMINENCE “CHOEJE” AYANG RINPOCHE IN BODHGAYA, INDIA FROM JANUARY 19 – 28, 2014 SUBJECT : peace march against attack on bodh vihar
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978 LESSON 13-07-2013 SATURDAY

FREE ONLINE  eNālāndā Research and Practice UNIVERSITY

run through

TIPITAKA-Vinaya Pitaka-PALI-Parajika-
Parajika 2


SUBJECT : peace march against attack on bodh vihar

Dhamm Friends

are organizing a domestication march from vishwa shanti stupa  inderprastha
park  near sarai kale khan bus stand delhi to parlimanet  delhi
against attack on mahabodhi vihar in bodh shall be started on 14- 7-2013 .Time
10.00 am pl. attend this rally. pl. support us and join us

Amar Visharat Presdent Lord buddha Trust


Hi All,

Jai Bhim!
There is another event going to be held next day on July 21st
in Washington, DC to celebrate the first land mark in North America. As
you all might be knowing Ambedkar International Center (AIC) bought 13
acres of land in Washington DC for having effective and impressive
building and services on the principles of Babasahab. AIC arranged event in Washington DC will start at 2:30PM and will go until 6:30PM EST so please do come to the event and help in making this event
good and successful. Couple of vans and one bus is being arranged to take people from NY, NJ area to the event.
would like to request all coming to Columbia University to celebrate
centenary of our messiah Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar, to also come to AIC
arranged event on Sunday, July 21st.

Let us make Rajuji’s arranged and AIC arranged events great with appreciable unity. BE UNITED
Venu location is bought property location and address is given below:



JaiBhim, Namo Buddhay,
International mission(AIM) pleased announce a historic event
celebration to commemorate the Centenary of our messiah Dr.Babasaheb
Ambedkar’s  at
Columbia University on Saturday, July 20th 2013 
Time: 9.30AM till 6.30PM (A day event)
We expect about 30-50 delegates, likely to be attending from India and 15-20 delegates from U.K., Canada , Malaysia ,Japan.
There will most likely be an extended half day session on Sunday, July 21st, 2013 due to the large number of delegates from India and other places.  
Please plan to attend this event with your family and friends.
Please find the attached program flier and let us know if you need more information about this event.
Thank you.
Organizing team from
Ambedkar International Mission
An Invitation, A proud Moment and An Appeal
- By Sandeep Chavan
Personal invitation to attend first ever gathering/meeting at Dr.
Ambedkar International Center, Washington DC, USA on 21-Jul-2013!
A Proud Moment!
Bhim All! As you all are aware, in May 2013 the first step of
completing formalities of taking over and setting up our very own first
Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar International Center in Washington DC around 20
miles from White House in a
13 acre land was completed. It is a very proud moment for us all.
all know very well more than me that building our own infrastructure
(buildings, media, radio station, internet/TV channels etc) is so much
crucial along with our regular activities for taking our caravan to next
logical step. This was a small endeavour in that pursuit with help and
support of you from all around the world.
Please find above whole
hearted special invitation from president of AIC to you all to please
come forward and see for yourself your own Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar
International Center on 21-Jul-2013 and get inspired. Please come
celebrate, collaborate and share! Let us remember all the mahapurushs
& each of the naked, thirsty, starving but dedicated, determined
committed brothers/sisters from remote villages who gave up
their lives and rededicate ourselves for the big task that remains in
front of us.
Thank you and Jai Bhim Salutes to one and all again!
Pictures of Dr. Ambedkar International Center at Washington DC.
An Appeal!
someone asked Babasaheb what is your message to your people, people who
have no access to Education, Oppressed, Poor, Starving & Suffering
from poverty and what not!
Babasaheb said my life is my Message for
my People! What did he mean by it? I feel, he tried to leave his life as
a lesson for US ALL!
There is lot to learn from Babasaheb, his
Sufferings, his Sacrifices, his Education, his Dedication, his
Commitment, his Undying spirit and Never Say Die Attitude etc! Babasaheb
had to bury 4 of his children at very young age because he could not
provide them Medicines. He lost his wife also because he could not
provide decent medicines. And friends he could not provide medicines for
them because he was busy fighting for us. Busy fighting for our moms,
our dads and our children! We are here because he gave up his very
family & everything to see us all here.
Babasaheb did not have a
property of his own but created huge infrastructure for the movement to
take his dream, mission and vision forward. In fact, Babasaheb died with
some debts on his name.
Babasaheb showed how one can create Infrastructure by building following:
1. 1920 - MookNayak - The leader of the dumps - Marathi Weekly paper
2. April 1927 - Bahiskrit Bharat
3. In 1930, Dr. Ambedkar started a new journal named, “Janata (The People)”. –> “Prabuddha Bharat (Enlightened India)”
4. Equality
Agitations & Representations led by Babasaheb Ambedkar:
1927 –> Mahad Satyagraha at Mahad against the prohibition on untouchables to have drinking water at the public pond
(25.12.1927) - ManuSmriti Dahan Din - Burning of Manusmriti
1930 –> Kalaram Temple Movement
1919 & 1928 –> Simon Commissions - in 1919 and on Oct 23, 1928
Organization - Youth Volunteer:
March7-8, 1933 - Samata Sainik Dal - Youth Volunteer Force
is organization which use to protect Babasaheb and All those who use to
fight for us like a shadow! At times, Disguising like Beggars, and at
times Disguising like Brits!!
Educational Institutions created/run by Babasaheb Ambedkar:
8th July 1945 –> People’s Educational Society
Colleges and Universities
performed inaugural Ceremony of “Atre Pictures.” Mahatma Phule, at the
famous studios in the Bombay on Sunday January 4, 1954.
Around 1936 - “Independent Labour Party”
Around 1942 - “Scheduled Castes Federation”
Around 1956 - “Republican Party of India”
1955 —> Buddhists Society of India
above institutions Babasaheb single handedly could establish when
almost we had nothing. No Money, No Education, No Access, Nothing!!!
what is the condition today? In Last 57 years after Babasaheb’s
Mahaparinirvaan where have we taken his movement, its infrastructure and
the strength he left for next generations!
I humbly appeal to you
all to self-introspect and ask yourself the same question which bothers
us all. Did we take the Babasaheb’s movement an inch forward? If not,
time is not lost. Please think & act and rededicate yourself ASAP.
most of us and our so called leaders have bungalows, cars etc worth
lakhs of rupees which is in turn generating lakhs of rupees monthly
revenues for self but what is that we have left for Babasaheb’s movement
for next generations. There are young people who are willing to give
their life but for who funds, infrastructure and direction is missing.
do not have a worthy setup of office infrastructure all around the
country that we can rely on (like the RSS shakhas & other centres
they have), neither do we have our local or national Media (Radio, TV
channels etc) nor do we have great political or religious network that
we can rely
on. We have been harping on the only thing we have and
that is 85% majority (off course partitioned for now!). We meet, talk,
discuss, agitate and go back to homes and return again for next meet.
The next generation/person has to start from scratch again! They lack
the infrastructure, funds, media etc which could have provided them more
Friends, it does not matter which organization you are
aligned to as long as you have a clear vision, mission and objective in
mind. Work towards building the infrastructure and building next level
of leadership as was done by Babasaheb! As long as all our organizations
realize that we all have same objective (resurrection of society based
on Liberty, Equality, Fraternity & Justice) and one enemy (Manuwadi
ideology and anything that supports it) we are good. Our task is very
humongous and we need all support we can. As long as we work supporting
and enabling each other directly or indirectly, we will reach our goal
Committed followers are as important as their Leaders. They
can study and question the leadership so that the direction of the
movement is not side tracked. We cannot afford to misuse or waste our
meagre resources.
Today we are plagued with several problems. Anybody can talk for hours on problems but we need to focus on solutions.
country has come to such a sorry state because we do not have our
institutions/infrastruture! We forgot Babasaheb’s message! We forgot the
movement which one man could run so efficiently when nothing was
Let us question our leaders/mentors what is their vision, how
are they grooming next level of leadership and importantly what
infrastructural support are they building and planning to leave behind
for next generations!
I am just a foot soldier in our movement but
with my little experience I can say BAMCEF and organizations like AIC is
fighting this battle! To the least we should spread good word about it
and encourage & support it to the extent possible.
In hopes of seeing lot of our very own Dr. Ambedkar Centres in every corner of India and World!
A Humble Suggestion for Ambedkarite groups in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh:
can take up an initiative to build our very own Babasaheb Dr. B.R.
Ambedkar Bhavan in Hyderabad (May be 10 to 25 acres land) so that it
will not only be place for all of us to meet and greet on regular basis,
have our offices but will serve as an epicentre for most of
activities/agitations in Andhra Pradesh along with potential for
some recurring funds for the movement. If each one of us
contribute even 1 Lakh each (one-time Payment) we can make this possible
within short period. This will potentially give us and the movement
regular funding too which is also very key for movement. This way we
will leave something solid for the coming generations to take the
movement forward more rigorously. After one Babasaheb Bhavan, we can
take more things like a Radio Station to raise our voice loud and clear
in Andhra Pradesh etc. I for one am willing to donate 1 Lakh rupees for
this immediately and I am sure I can pull in another 2 or 3 friends
easily into this. Just a thought I wanted to share as I hail from
Hyderabad. If we can do it in USA near White House, then we can as well
do it everywhere in India!

Dear Jagatheesan,

Mahabodhi Stupa in Bodhgaya

Rinpoche and Phowa participants circumambulating the stupa
Ayang Rinpoche gives his 10-day Phowa Course
You are here: Home / Teachings / Phowa
PHOWA (Transference of Consciousness at the Time of Death)
introduces practitioners to both Nyingma and Drikung Kagyu practices
that will prepare one to face death with confidence.
“Among the
tantric methods, Phowa practice is the most direct, quickest way to
achieve to the enlightenment state.  More than this nothing. This Phowa
practice is very easy compared to other practices in the Vajrayana
Buddhism.  Everybody can do this practice.” “One time [taking the Phowa]
course is not enough.  Those who have been in the Phowa course 7 or 8
times, those people still they need more practice.”                  
Ayang Rinpoche
“It [Phowa] is extremely helpful for the dying person
and, like a traveler being put on the right path by a friend, has the
power to prevent rebirth in the lower realms.”   Words of My Perfect
Teacher, Patrul Rinpoche

the holy place of Shakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment, Bodhgaya.
is welcome to participate, although be aware that Rinpoche
requests a
practice commitment for everyone joining the course.
registration is not necessary, but please plan to attend the
course, including the last day for the Tsok Offering Prayers.  
your hotel and travel arrangements early, as Bodhgaya will be unusually
full of pilgrims in January.  Bodhgaya logistics and travel information
Bodhgaya Phowa Course with H.E. Ayang Rinpoche
Information and Travel Help
Phowa Course
Registration for the Phowa Course in Bodhgaya is not necessary —
the teachings are free. If you wish, you can make personal offerings
for the course and to the teacher. Texts and practice CDs will be
available to purchase for a nominal fee. Bread and tea are served
mid-morning and mid-afternoon at the teachings free of charge.
Water and other snacks are available for sale in the teaching area. A
variety of inexpensive meditation cushions and mats are available for purchase at stalls
in town. The course is located behind the main stupa complex. Ask at your hotel or look
for signs posted around the Mahabodhi stupa.
The nearest airport is Gaya International Airport, which is about 7 km from Bodhgaya.
Thai Airways, Sri Lankan, Royal Bhutan Airlines and Air India have direct or connecting
flights to Gaya from different cities. If you fly to Gaya you will need to make advance
arrangements for a taxi to Bodhgaya, which will cost 400 Rs. A three-wheeler taxi from
the airport is approximately 150 Rs. The nearest Railway connection is Gaya Railway
Station which is about 15 km to Bodhgaya. It is connected by local and express trains
(Rajdhani) from Delhi, Kolkata and other major train stations in India. A three-wheeler
taxi from the train station to Bodhgaya costs 70-100 Rs, while a car costs 250-300 Rs.
When traveling in India it is a good idea to lock your luggage and keep an eye on it.
Hotels and Restaurants
There are many clean and safe budget guest houses, mid-range hotels and luxury
hotels in Bodhgaya, but they fill up quickly in December and January. There are also
plenty of inexpensive restaurants with a variety of Asian and Western food. Boiled
water and tea are safe to drink, but be sure to check that bottled water is well sealed
and the bottles are not dented. A small travel electric water boiler (with adapter for
Asian outlets and converter for 220V) would be helpful for making tea or coffee in your
hotel room.
There is an ATM at the State Bank of India and money changers at the larger hotels.
You can also change money at the airport or ATMs in Delhi. Be prudent about keeping
your travel documents and money in a safe pocket, fanny pack or travel pouch.
Bodhgaya Phowa Course with H.E. Ayang Rinpoche
Information and Travel Help
Weather and Clothing
The weather in Bodhgaya in January is generally clear and free of rain. The
temperature ranges from 10-22 deg. C (50-72 deg. F). You will appreciate having a
jacket or warm sweater for evening prayers and circumambulating the Stupa and for
early morning teachings. Foreigners may dress in Western or Tibetan style clothes.
Please contact your own physician or health advisor for recommendations about
immunizations, anti-malarial or other travel medicines, and the need for a flu shot prior
to coming to India. Because of the crowded conditions and pollution many people easily
catch colds, and some people bring or purchase face masks for protection. There are
Western, Tibetan, homeopathic and ayurvedic doctors and medicines available in
Bodhgaya. It is a good idea to bring a mosquito net for comfortable sleeping.
Travel arrangements
For Bodhgaya train bookings or room bookings the following travel agents in Delhi are
very helpful. Compare both agents to receive better pricing.
Himalayan Travels
Mr. Karma Lhundup
Mobile +91 9811148031
Office +91 11 2381 9520/2381 3488
Senge Travels and Tours Pvt Ltd
Mr. Dorji Kyibuk
Mobile +91 9810235910
Office +91 11 65975248/65975252/23819209
Prepared by Amitabha Foundation USA
For questions contact
June 10, 2009
2014 Daily Schedule Bodhgaya Phowa Course


Jan 19, 2014   Sunday
9:00 am
Short Introductory teaching on Phowa *

2:00 pm
Buddha Amitabha Empowerment *

Jan 20, 2014   Monday
7:00 am
Full Day-Detailed Phowa Teaching

Jan 21, 2014   Tuesday
7:00 am
Nyingma Phowa Oral Transmission Blessing *

1:00 pm
Nyingma  Phowa Practice

4:30 pm
Vajrasattva Teaching

Jan 22, 2014  Wednesday
7:00 am
Nyingma Phowa Practice

1:00 pm
Drikung Phowa Teaching

4:30 pm
Pureland Long Aspiration Prayer under the Bodhi Tree and Circumambulation *

Jan 23, 2014  Thursday
7:00 am
Drikung Phowa Oral Transmission Blessing with Practice

1:00 pm
Three Excellences Teaching *

4:30 pm
Pureland Long Aspiration Prayer under the Bodhi Tree and Circumambulation *

Jan 24, 2014   Friday
7:00 am
Buddha Amitabha Meditation Teaching *

1:00 pm
Drikung Phowa Practice

4:30 pm
Pureland Long Aspiration Prayer under the Bodhi Tree and Circumambulation *

Jan 25, 2014  Saturday
7:00 am
Drikung Phowa Practice

1:00 pm
Jetsun Milarepa Guru Yoga Tsog Offering Prayer *

4:30 pm
Pureland Long Aspiration Prayer under the Bodhi Tree and Circumambulation *

Jan 26, 2014  Sunday
7:00 am
Short Drikung Phowa Practice and Short Amitabha Sadhana Practice

1;00 pm
Teaching on doing phowa for others at the moment of death

4:30 pm
Pureland Long Aspiration Prayer under the Bodhi Tree and Circumambulation *
Jan 27, 2014 Monday
7:00 am
Teaching on doing phowa for oneself at the moment of death and instruction on how to practice Phowa after the course

1:00 pm
Short Nyingma Phowa Practice

4:30 pm
Pureland Long Aspiration Prayer under the Bodhi Tree and Circumambulation *

Jan 28, 2014 Tuesday
8:00 am
Buddha Amitabha Tsog Offering Prayer *
the Introduction to the True Nature of Mind teachings following
Phowa Course in alternate years. The next teachings are planned
Rinpoche invites everyone, whether or not they can make a
pilgrimage to Bodhgaya this year, to make an auspicious connection
by sponsoring the Phowa Course.
The teachings are free to participants,
so sponsorship is essential to
pay for all the arrangements, including
venue and sound equipment
rental, tea service, text and photo printing,
travel and accommodations
for Rinpoche and his attendants, etc. Please
share the merit of your
generosity in one of the following ways:
a check in USD to the Amitabha Foundation, 11 South Goodman
Rochester, New York 14607 USA (donations are tax deductible in
the US);
(2) Wire your donation directly to the Drikung Charitable Society (not tax deductible);
(3) Pay by credit card or Paypal using the button on our website (donations are tax deductible in the US).

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