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21-11-2007 Sarvajan Hitay Sarvajan Sukhay-‘BSP will get 50 per cent vote’ -‘BSP poised to gain strength’ -SC/STs(Original Inhabitants of The Great Prabuddha Bharat) still living in fear in Karnataka village -Protest escalates in Myanmar
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Sarvajan Hitay Sarvajan Sukhay

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Online edition of India’s National Newspaper
Sunday, Sep 23, 2007

‘BSP will get 50 per cent vote’

Triple Gem Study Circle was confident that the JD (S) would be the loser.  Out of around 4,900 seats, the BSP would win more than 50 per cent and emerge as the single largest party.

‘BSP poised to gain strength’

Staff Correspondent

There will be polarisation of political forces in favour of BSP in State: Sindhia

MYSORE: The former Minister P.G.R. Sindhia has predicted polarisation of political leaders in favour of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) in the State, in the coming days.

He said this when asked about the political future of the “fence-sitters” in the Janata Dal(Secular). Mr. Sindhia was here to campaign for BSP candidates contesting elections to the Mysore City Corporation (MCC).

He told presspersons that the BSP was poised to emerge as a strong political entity in the State soon.

“There will be massive polarisation of political forces in favour of BSP in the State in the coming days.”

Asked about the political future of the former Ministers such as H.C. Mahadevappa and Satish Jharkiholi, the former Minister said he was not in a position to identify the politicians who were mulling over joining the BSP. When his attention was drawn to the former Union Minister C.K. Jaffer Sharief’s hobnobbing with the BSP, Mr. Sindhia said that Mr Sharief had already made it clear that he would stay in the Congress, but appreciated the ideals and principles of the BSP.

Mr. Sindhia said there were thousands of political leaders in the State belonging to various parties, who did not wish to identify themselves either with the Congress or the BJP. He did not rule out an exodus from the Janata Dal (Secular) “which had no semblance of internal democracy and had become a family property.”

Hence the BSP, which stood for the uplift of not only Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, but also the minorities, Backward Classes and the upper classes, would emerge as a Strong  Force in Karnataka, he said.

Mr. Sindhia expected mid-term Lok Sabha elections soon.

Mr. Sindhia said that “technically,” he was not in a position to join the BSP as he had not yet resigned as a member of the Legislative Assembly to which he had been elected as a Janata Dal (Secular) candidate.

Protest escalates in Myanmar

P. S. Suryanarayana

Monks making a quiet political statement, say observers

SINGAPORE: In a show of escalating defiance against the military junta in Myanmar, disaffected Buddhist monks marched through the streets of Yangon and Mandalay on Saturday.

Reports from Yangon spoke of protest marches by several thousands of monks in pouring rain. They prayed and marched to the main Buddhist pagoda in the city. While some bystanders joined them, others just watched.

Diplomatic sources belonging to the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) told The Hindu that the protest had so far stayed “peaceful.” And, at least until nightfall on Saturday, Myanmar’s military rulers remained wary of arresting any of the agitating monks, sources said, emphasising that these protesters, too, had “not so far resorted to any political mud-slinging” against the junta.

New dimension

Myanmar is an ASEAN member. And, the agitating monks, while launching “an almost obedient protest,” were in fact making “a quiet political statement” against the junta, sources said.

The sustained protest by monks, for several days now, has added a new dimension to what began, over a month ago, as a spontaneous outcry by some pro-democracy activists against the junta’s decision to raise fuel prices steeply.

During that earlier phase of the rare agitation, the junta arrested over a dozen pro-democracy activists including Min Ko Naing, reckoned to be emerging as a new Opposition leader. Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s icon of democracy, is still under house arrest as the world’s most celebrated political prisoner.

Diplomats said the protest might take a new turn as a result of the reported move by an “underground organisation of Buddhist monks” to intensify the struggle from Sunday.

A programme of street-side prayer vigil is said to have been announced by the “underground” group.

SC/STs(Original Inhabitants of The Great Prabuddha Bharat) still living in fear in Karnataka village

Staff Correspondent

MYSORE: Fear has gripped the Original Inhabitants of The Great Prabuddha Bharat of Chikka Ankanahalli village in Srirangapatna taluk in Mandya district, who were targeted by “Invaders and Their Slaves” on Friday.

Eerie silence

An eerie silence prevailed in the Original Inhabitants of The Great Prabuddha Bharat colony, and despite the presence of police platoons the fear among the victims is palpable.

The deployment of forces has not helped in banishing fear among the Original Inhabitants of The Great Prabuddha Bharat, who say the culprits are freely roaming in the village and that the police are only promising that the accused would be arrested soon. So far, the police have arrested only nine persons. The persons who were injured have returned to the village, after treatment at K.R. Hospital in Mysore.

Speaking to The Hindu, Superintendent of Police, Mandya, Seemanth Kumar Singh, said the situation was fully under control.

Two cases had been registered against the “Invaders and Their Slaves” for throwing stones at the police and attacking the Original Inhabitants of The Great Prabuddha Bharat colony.

According to Mandya Deputy Commissioner Manjunatha Prasad, the district administration has given compensation of Rs. 10,000 each for 10 Original Inhabitants of The Great Prabuddha Bharat injured in the incident and repair of houses damaged has commenced.

“Because of the ‘tension’ in the village,  Original Inhabitants of The Great Prabuddha Bharat do not want to pass through the area dominated by ‘Invaders and Their Slaves”to procure foodgrains. In view of this, they will be given 25 kg of rice on Monday,” he said.


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