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June 2022
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1137 LESSON 19114 SUNDAY FREE ONLINE E-Nālanda Research and Practice UNIVERSITY Rector Jagatheesan Chandrasekharan Comments on the comments by the moderator of THE ECONOMIC TIMES It is a well known fact that your media do not support any comments favouring non-braminical/baniya comments. But we dont care as we have a better means of communication with the masses until you change your policy for the benefit of the entire society. There are media in our country akin to yours which will not lost long. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE MASSES GATHERED AT RAMABAI AMBEDKAR MAIDAN WAS NOT BECAUSE OF YOUR SUPPOIRT.IF YOU COME WITH YOU! IF YOUY DONT COME WITHOUT YOU! IF YOU OPPOSE INSPITE OF YOU! Mayawati’s pitch at birthday rally, rules out alliances for Lok Sabha polls Uttar Pradesh has now become crime pradesh, says Mayawati: highlights Here are the highlights:(Contd) Mayawati exhorted party workers and supporters to fan out into every nook and cranny in the country to inform people of the inclusive policies of the BSP. She asked them to ensure that the “vote transfer” strategy of political rivals against the Bahujan Samaj Party is countered.”We cannot just keep complaining about the others, we must also devise strategies to defeat this nefarious design of our opponents,” she told the crowd, which roared in approval. Mayawati asked her supporters to ensure that people of all sections, “sarva samaj” (all of society), are brought under the BSP’s umbrella, which will unite people from all classes and castes, including the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes and the other backward classes.For this purpose some of the Internet savoy intellectuals formed an online RASHTRIYA SARAV SAMAJ SWAYAM SEVAK SANGH (RS5)-Inner Circle consisting Entire Society Computer Users to propagate worldwide since Mayawati like Nelson Mandela leads this movement. Many Sarv Samaj Intellectuals ln general and SC/ST/OBC/Muslims and Minorities in particular from RSS’s BJP,Congress and other local parties have decided to join this movement because of caste and communal discrimination that is root cause of corruption, price rise and black money of the baniyas dumped in foreign banks to help ruling caste parties again to make more black money. 1st step - RS5 appealed all cadres and supporters to write ELEPHANT SYMBOLS on WALLS congradulating Ms Mayawati for her successful rally. 2nd step - From Each Booth minimum 10 members be enrolled by cadres becoming ROAD MASTERS on BICYCLES the path shown by MANYAWAR KANSHIRAMJI.
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