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March 2021
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244. Administration of Scheduled Areas and Tribal Areas.


244. Administration of Scheduled Areas and Tribal Areas.-

(1) The
provisions of the Fifth Schedule shall apply to the administration and
control of the Scheduled Areas and Scheduled Tribes in any State
_212*** other than _213[the States of Assam _214[,_215[Meghalaya,
Tripura and Mizoram]]].

(2) The provisions of the Sixth Schedule shall apply to the
administration of the tribal areas in _213[the States of Assam,
_214[,_216[Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram]]]

Formation of an autonomous State comprising certain tribal areas in
Assam and creation of local Legislation or Council of Ministers or both


_217[244A. Formation of an autonomous State comprising certain tribal
areas in Assam and creation of local Legislature or Council of
Ministers or both therefor.-

(1) Notwithstanding anything in this
Constitution, Parliament may, by law, form within the State of Assam
an autonomous State comprising (whether wholly or in part) all or any
of the tribal areas specified in _218[Part I] of the table appended to
paragraph 20 of the Sixth Schedule and create therefor-

(a) a body, whether elected or partly nominated and partly elected, to
function as a Legislature for the autonomous State, or

(b) a Council of Ministers,

or both with such constitution, powers and functions, in each case, as
may be specified in the law.

(2) Any such law as is referred to in clause (1) may, in particular,-

(a) specify the matters enumerated in the State List or the Concurrent
List with respect to which the Legislature of the autonomous State
shall have power to make laws for the whole or any part thereof,
whether to the exclusion of the Legislature of the State of Assam or

(b) define the matters with respect to which the executive power of
the autonomous State shall extend;

(c) provide that any tax levied by the State of Assam shall be
assigned to the autonomous State in so far as the proceeds thereof are
attributable to the autonomous State;

(d) provide that any reference to a State in any article of this
Constitution shall be construed as including a reference to the
autonomous State; and

(e) make such supplemental, incidental and consequential provisions as
may be deemed necessary.

(3) An amendment of any such law as aforesaid in so far as such
amendment relates to any of the matters specified in sub-clause (a) or
sub-clause (b) of clause (2) shall have no effect unless the amendment
is passed in each House of Parliament by not less than two-thirds of
the members present and voting.

I Was Surprised to Discover the Many Benefits of Aloe Vera


The Miraculous Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

vera is perhaps the most genuine and versatile cure-all plant there is,
offering a plethora of health benefits - the word ‘vera’ after all,
does mean true or genuine. In the past, it was considered to be the
plant of immortality by the Egyptians, and has been used since time
immemorial for its soothing and curing properties.


Aloe vera plant is luscious with thick, fleshy stems and spiny leaves.
The plant’s miraculous benefits are located within the stems, which
contain aloe juice and gel - a substance that is used in numerous
medicinal, cosmetic, and health treatments.

vera juice can be bought (preferably organic, and pure) from a health
shop or a well-stocked supermarket. Alternatively, if you’ve got a
couple of plants at home, you can just as easily make your own juice.

aloe vera

Making Aloe Vera Juice

  1. Cut
    and open a few stems of the plant from the middle section. Opt for the
    outer stems as they are the most mature, and have the highest
    concentration of antioxidants.
  2. Upon squeezing the stem, aloe gel will ooze out. Store it in a bowl, then put the gel in a blender and add 1 cup of water.
  3. To get pure aloe vera juice, blend the ingredients and consume within 3-4 days, before it loses its antioxidants.

What Makes Aloe Vera so Nutritious?

vera (both juice and gel) is packed with antioxidants and antibiotics
and works as stimulators of cell growth. It also has scar and pain
inhibitor properties. The entire leaf is at times used to treat
ulcerative colitis, metastatic cancer, infectious disease and
chemotherapy treatment. The plant is also rich in the following vitamins
and minerals, making it a highly nutritious ingredient.

aloe vera

15 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

juice can be consumed internally, or applied on the skin and hair. It
is also a general health tonic that you can consume every morning to
reap all of its benefits.

1. Use it to cure bowel problems

to its high anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera is just the thing
to take if you suffer from bowel problems. It promotes good bacteria in
the gut and keeps all digestive disorders at bay.

2. Use it to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

auto-immune disease attacks the body tissues, especially the membranes
lining the joints, causing inflammation and stiffness. Drinking aloe
juice for two weeks however, can help reduce inflammation in the body.
Aloe also contains anti-inflammatory compounds that help to reduce the
pain and stiffness to a great extent.

3. Use it to treat acid reflux

you suffer from severe digestive problems, drinking aloe vera juice
reduces the symptoms of acid reflux, and stabilizes the alkaline levels
of the body. Aloe juice has a soothing effect on stomach walls and
reduces heart burn and discomfort. It is also an ideal treatment for
constipation, due to its laxative properties.

4. Use it to reduce cholesterol levels

keep your cholesterol levels in check, as well as increase levels of
good cholesterol, include fresh aloe juice in your daily diet.

5. Use it to regulate blood sugar levels

consumed regularly, aloe vera helps to regulate blood sugar levels. On
this note though, it is important to consult with your doctor, for the
correct dosage. Often times, aloe can interfere with the medicines that
you take to curb blood sugar.

6. Use it to relieve sinus and chest congestion

you tend to suffer from constant sinus problems, opt for aloe vera. It
is rich in magnesium lactate that works as an antihistamine, which helps
in reducing the problems of sinus and chest inflammation due to various

7. Use it to help fight cancer

Aloe juice contains high levels of anti-carcinogenic properties that hinder the growth of tumors.

8. Use it to build immunity

aloe juice on a regular basis, replenishes the amino acid deficiency in
your body. Due to its high vitamin content, aloe boosts your body’s
immune system and self-defense mechanism.

aloe vera

9. Use it to fight the common cold and cough

juice is the best natural solution for anyone who suffers regularly
from colds, coughs, flu, stuffy nose, bronchitis and other respiratory
disorders. Aloe contains a good dose of Vitamin C, which ensures
protection from common colds that occur with environmental changes.

10. Use it to combat signs of ageing

contains anti-ageing properties, keeping the skin supple and
rejuvenated. It also lightens blemishes. The gel can be rubbed directly
on your face.

11. Use it to remove dead cells and stretch marks

vera moisturizes the skin, and helps to remove dead cells, wrinkles and
fine lines. The juice may also be used to remove stretch marks.

12. Use it to heal wounds

The blend may be used to heal cuts and wounds. It can also be used for dermatitis and insect bites when applied externally.

13. Use it to reduce eye irritation

easy to create your own natural eye wash with aloe vera gel - just mix 2
teaspoons of aloe gel in a cup of water. You can also add a teaspoon of
boric acid. It’s also the perfect remedy to reduce reddening and
irritation in the eyes.

14. Use it to maintain gum health

aloe vera gel can be directly applied to the gums, reducing pain and
inflammation. It can also be used to treat gum bleeding, caused by
bacterial infection.

15. Use it to promote healthy weight loss

you’d to lose weight naturally, try aloe vera - an easy and natural
weight loss solution that reduces weight by stabilizing the metabolic
rate, reducing the lipid levels, and helping burn fat.


You should not consume more than 4 ounces of aloe vera juice per day.
Excess intake of aloe vera can cause nausea and liver inflammation. It
should also be taken with caution when taken with water
pills, diuretics, and blood sugar lowering drugs. If any feelings of
discomfort arise upon taking aloe vera, report to your doctor - some
people may face allergic reactions.

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