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1942 Sun Jul 31 2016 LESSONS from Rector JCMesh J Alphabets Letter Animation ClipartMesh C Alphabets Letter Animation Clipart an expert who identifies experts influenced by Expert and Infulencer Sashikanth Chandrasekharan of Free Online Awaken One With Awareness Mind (A1wAM)+ ioT (insight-net of Things) - the art of Giving, taking and Living to attain Eternal Bliss as Final Goal through Electronic Visual Communication Course on Political Science -Techno-Politico-Socio Transformation and Economic Emancipation Movement (TPSTEEM) from INSIGHT-NET-Hi Tech Radio Free Animation Clipart Online A1 (Awakened One) Tipiṭaka Research & Practice University in Visual Format (FOA1TRPUVF) free online university research practice TO up a level through http://sarvajan.ambedkar.orgup a level https://awakenmediaprabandhak. Button Plant Green Butterfly E Mail Animation Clip Classical Buddhism (Teachings of the Awakened One with Awareness) belong to the world, and everyone have exclusive rights:JCMesh J Alphabets Letter Animation ClipartMesh C Alphabets Letter Animation Clipart is the most Positive Energy of informative and research oriented site propagating the teachings of the Awakened One with Awareness the Buddha and on Techno-Politico-Socio Transformation and Economic Emancipation Movement followed by millions of people all over the world in 105 Classical languages. Rendering exact translation as a lesson of this University in one’s mother tongue to this Google Translation and propagation entitles to become a Stream Enterer (Sottapanna) and to attain Eternal Bliss as a Final Goal. Pariyatti Logo Donate Now Email not displaying correctly? View it in your Browser Message from the Executive Director I. Kāyānupassanā B. Section on postures Sutta Piṭaka >> Digha Nikāya DN 22 (D ii 290) Mahāsatipaṭṭhāna Sutta — Attendance on awareness — [ mahā+satipaṭṭhāna ] This sutta gathers various instructions the Buddha gave for the sake of his followers after his passing away, which makes it be a very important set of instructions for us nowadays. in Classical English,Sinhala-සම්භාව්ය සිංහල,Myanmar(Burmese-Classical မြန်မာ (ဗမာ),Bengali- ক্লাসিক্যাল বাংলা,Chinese (Simplified)-中国古典(简体),Chinese (Traditional)-中國古代(傳統),Japanese-)クラシック日本, Khmer- បុរាណខ្មែរ,Korean- 한국어 클래식,Thai- คลาสสิกไทย, Lao-ລາວຄລາສສິກ,Vietnamese- Việt cổ điển,Gujarati -આ Classical ગુજરાતી,Hindi- शास्त्रीय हिन्दी,Kannada-ಶಾಸ್ತ್ರೀಯ ಕನ್ನಡ,Malayalam-ക്ലാസ്സിക്കൽ മലയാളം,Marathi - शास्त्रीय मराठी,Punjabi-ਕਲਾਸੀਕਲ ਦਾ ਪੰਜਾਬੀ, Tamil-பாரம்பரிய இசைத்தமிழ் செம்மொழி,Telugu-ప్రాచీన తెలుగు,
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1942 Sun Jul 31 2016

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Sinhala-සම්භාව්ය සිංහල,Myanmar(Burmese-Classical မြန်မာ (ဗမာ),Bengali- ক্লাসিক্যাল বাংলা,Chinese (Simplified)-中国古典(简体),Chinese (Traditional)-中國古代(傳統),Japanese-)クラシック日本, Khmer- បុរាណខ្មែរ,Korean- 한국어 클래식,Thai- คลาสสิกไทย, Lao-ລາວຄລາສສິກ,Vietnamese- Việt cổ điển,Gujarati -આ Classical ગુજરાતી,Hindi- शास्त्रीय हिन्दी,
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Internet of Things Global Events List


IoT Tech Expo North America

20 October 2016 10:00 - 21 October 2016 17:00

Santa Clara, United States
IoT Tech Expo Event will bring together key industries from across
America for two days of top level content and discussion. Industries
include Manufacturing, Transport, Health, Logistics, G …


29 November 2016 09:00 - 30 November 2016 17:00

London, United Kingdom
WORLD FORUM, 2016 is the world’s leading Internet of Things Conference
2016 focusing on IoT applications, IoT Solutions and IoT Companies for
all verticals including automotive, healthcar …

Broadcom’s Wireless IoT Business IP | Chi

Broadcom’s Wireless IoT Business IP

Contributed by Ray Angers

Just three months after the formation of Broadcom Limited,
the first large organizational change came recently with the
announcement that the newly formed entity was selling its wireless
Internet of Things (IoT) business to Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
This news provided the motivation for Chipworks to take a look at the
patent landscape of the new Broadcom and try to determine what
intellectual property (IP) might be associated with this transaction.

A bit of background on Broadcom and Avago

On February 1st
this year, Broadcom Limited was created. The new company combines
Singapore-based Avago Technologies and California’s Broadcom into a
communications semiconductor powerhouse.

In the agreement
announced in May 2015, it was reported that Avago was buying Broadcom
Corporation in a $37 billion cash and stock deal. One would expect many
negotiations would be involved when two large companies such as these
join forces, and that was likely the case here. When the deal closed,
Avago’s website was revised to announce Avago Technologies is now a
Broadcom Limited Company. Avago’s English Wikipedia page re-directs to
the entry for Broadcom Limited (the Broadcom Corp. entry remains).
Interestingly however, the new Broadcom Limited is traded under Avago’s
AVGO Nasdaq ticker symbol and is headed by former Avago CEO Hock Tan.

was formed back in 2005 from Agilent’s Semiconductor Division which
traces its lineage back to Hewlett-Packard. Avago grew in 2014 with the
acquisition of LSI in 2014, which had previously acquired Agere Systems,
whose origins trace back to Lucent/AT&T. Avago was a diverse
company with products used in communications and storage networks.

Corp., formed in 1991, as a fabless semiconductor company offering
leading-edge products targeting the wireless and broadband communication

A closer look at the combined Avago/Broadcom patent portfolio

Avago and Broadcom Corp. bring sizable patent portfolios to the newly
formed company. The majority of publications for both companies were
filed in the US. Using the Chipworks Patent Analytics Solution
Powered by KMX, we generated a patent landscape for the combined
Avago/Broadcom patent portfolio, which consists of almost 22,000 active
US grants and 1,800 applications.

Each dot on the landscape below
represents a US patent grant or application (Broadcom Corp. painted blue
and Avago in orange). The text algorithm built into KMX attempts to
group patents similar in concept together on the landscape.
Topographical peaks denote key technology concepts, with the top three
most frequent words for each peak shown.

initially jumps out is the large area at the bottom of the landscape
populated predominantly by Avago patents. These are related to process
and packaging technology and it comes as no surprise that the fabless
Broadcom has little presence in this region.

Above this area it
appears as though the Avago patents continue to dominate, however that
is not the case. Display order resulted in the Avago publications
obscuring the view of the Broadcom patents below. In fact, almost 60% of
the patents in this area are assigned to Broadcom.

patents generally reside at the upper right area of the landscape.
Keywords such as oscillator, mixer, clock, amplifier, and filter point
to that fact. Circuit patents specific to memory applications are also
found on the opposite side of the landscape, near the location labeled
memory/bus/address. More than half of the patents in this
combined portfolio are systems-related and span the entire landscape
above the lower process cluster. IP developed for memory,
storage systems, wireless networks, and data communications is found
here, with some smaller technology clusters located around the

Broadcom’s Wireless IoT Business

to the April 28th press release, Cypress would acquire Broadcom’s
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee IoT product lines and intellectual
property, along with its WICED™ brand and developer ecosystem for $550
million in cash. The business unit generated $189 million in the
previous 12 months, negligible when compared to the $8.4 billion total
revenue reported by Broadcom Corp. in 2014.

By searching for
keywords related to wireless IoT technology and accounting for patent
families, we identified approximately 470 US grants and applications
which we think could potentially be transferred to Cypress in
conjunction with the deal announced. Displaying only these assets shows
that those identified are located in the upper portion of the landscape
where the systems and circuit patents are found. Not surprisingly, most
of the patents identified originated from Broadcom Corp. 

IoT Products

are also interested in seeing which Broadcom products may go to Cypress
when the business unit transfer is completed. The BCM43362 single-chip
IEEE 802.11b/G/N MAC/Baseband/Radio is one product that comes to mind.
Using Inside Technology,
we have identified numerous socket wins for this component, including
handsets, cameras, tablets and game consoles. Broadcom solutions are
often found in Murata modules. Murata is one of many device suppliers
identified on Broadcom’s partner community list.


transfer of this business will allow Cypress to offer a complete IoT
design platform, while letting Broadcom focus on its wireless
connectivity solutions for the access and mobility segments (set-top
boxes, wireless equipment, personal computers, and smartphones). We will
know for sure what Cypress is getting after the deal closes, with the
expected completion date sometime in Q3 2016.

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