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November 2023
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2058 Fri 25 Nov 2016 LESSON from INSIGHT-NET-Hi Tech Radio Free Animation Clipart Online A1 (Awakened One) Tipiṭaka Research & Practice University Now Modi is scared because of his wrong doings to save the stealth, shadowy, discriminating hindutva cult for just 1% intolerant, violent, militant, shooting, lynching, lunatic, mentally retarded cannibal psychopath chitpawan brahmin Rakshasa Swayam Sevaks (RSS). And the media must not forget that they were called as PRESSTITUTES. Once Napolean said : ” I can face two battalions but not two scribes”. Now it is time for the media to awake with awareness to see that the Murderer of democratic institutions who gobbled the Master Key by tampering the fraud EVMs is exposed and punished.…/SP-BSP-object…/article16442080.ece BSP object to demonetisation, says it’s akin to Emergenc…/mayawati-demonetisation-pm-modi…/ PM’s demonetisation drive aimed at fulfilling BJP’s ‘political interest’, says Mayawati…/story-wua1VmRhy9uIhPRt9nQME… Demonetisation survey fake, sponsored: Mayawati…/story-4Gbbz7voqW3z9U0fpimpM… Summon Modi over demonetisation: Mayawati to President…/articles…/55597643.cms Not against demonetisation but its implementation: Mayawati…/no-debate-on-demonetisat… No debate on demonetisation, unless PM is present: Mayawati…/Demonetisation-row-Mayawati-urges-Pr… Demonetisation row: Mayawati urges Pranab for summoning Modi…/demonetisation-mayawati-slams-g…/ Demonetisation: Mayawati slams govt, calls JPC probe #Demonetisation: Here are 5 things you can make at home with the cheapest veggie–potato Got some leftovers? These 3 easy hacks will save your lives…/modi-demonetis…/1/818729.html Besides economy, Modi’s demonetisation disrupts status quo of polity, society…/rs-3-5-crore-d…/1/818665.html Banned notes worth Rs 3.5 crore flown from Hisar to Nagas in Dimapur to make them white Arun Jaitley ‘Monkeys in Cockpit’ Financial Management Arun Jaitley Printed Rs.5,00,000 Cr Notes Then Demonetized Demonetisation: Rural India Hit Hard, Farmers Skip Season, No Work for Daily Wagers in Orissa
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