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February 2021
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2130 Mon 6 Feb 2017 LESSONS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGhDr3HOKZM Mayawati Powerful Speech In Parliament | BR Ambedkar | Religious Intolerance | Modi https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-developments-done-by-may… http://pib.nic.in/prs/2011/lates… Important decisions and achievements of Mayawati.
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2130 Mon 6 Feb 2017



Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Chief Mayawati will address the masses in mega rallies.

While addressing a rally in Bareilly yesterday, Mayawati continued to
train her guns on the Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance and underlined
as tainted alliance. She also blamed that BJP could not dare to project
any face for chief ministership while Samajwadi Party has projected
tainted Akhilesh Yadav again.

Addressing another meeting in Firozabad Mayawati narrated achievements
of her tenure, asserting that in the Samajwadi Party regime more
criminal activities were recorded than development works.


Mayawati Powerful Speech In Parliament | BR Ambedkar | Religious Intolerance |  Modi

BSP chief Mayawati delivered a powerful speech in Parliament talked about BR Ambedkar, paying tribute…

MODI VS MAYAWATI fight for Reservations

Modi Ki Sarkar Nahi Chalegi… MAYAWATI December 28, 2016

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Important decisions and achievements of Mayawati.

Population of Uttar Pradesh 21+ crore, It is the 5th largest place in the world in terms of population.

21. Infrastructural
Development: construction of 165 Km long, 6-lane Yamuna express-way at a
cost of Rs. 9,935 crore between Noida and Agra.


Noida ka VIKAAS, Mayawati ke SAATH
The Bahujan Samaj Party believes in continuously working towards the
upliftment of weaker sections and betterment of the society and it
stands against communal forces.BSP has the capability to provide good
governance to the society.

The major achievements of the Mayawati government to improve the infrastructure of Gautam Budh Nagar include:

· The Metro rail in 2009 was the first among the NCR towns to have the facility.

· Construction of 165 km long, 6-lane Yamuna express-way at a cost of Rs 9,935 crore between Noida and Agra.

· Gautam Buddha University on 511 acres built at a cost of Rs
600 crore was a major education project Noida’s first 300 bedded,
multi-speciality hospital was being built on the lines of AIIMS in Delhi
at a cost of Rs 300 crore.

· Dalit Prerna Sthal - Noida

· Noida Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Park Phase-II being developed.

· Noida Stupa being constructed.

· Noida Park Project to beautify the Sector 95 Park is being built at a cost of Rs 187.20 crore.

· To improve the power position 220 KV substation was being developed at sector 129.

· 400 KV sub station at sector 148 and a 132 KV sub station at sector 115 were in the final stages of implementation.

· 2,000 MW power generation plant was planned at Greater Noida.

Bahujan Samaj Party believes in continuously working towards the
upliftment of weaker sections and betterment of the society and it …
bspgautambudhnagar.blogspot.com|By BSP Gautam Budh Nagar

22. Rs.30,000 crore –construction project of 1,047 Km long, 8-lane entry controlled express-way from Greater Noida to Ballia.


Till mayawati came to Power in Uttar Pradesh, The Government debt and
Interest payment alone amounted to the almost 30% of revenue
expenditure, thus squeezing the capacity of state to spend on priority
sector. Meaning no funds for development.

Uttar Pradesh 2006-2007 - UP budget for 2006-2007- 80,000 crore, fiscal deficit more than 5% of GDP, reference: http://agup.nic.in/atagl0506.pdf.

Today UP State Budget 2015-16 is 302687 crore rupees. Mayawati
Iniciatives put Uttar pradesh on the development path now UP government
has more funds to carry out development works with less fiscal deficit.

Before Mayawati came to Power please read the book “Political Process
in Uttar Pradesh: Identity, Economic Reforms, and Governance for reality
of and State of Uttar Pradesh.”

Answer (1 of 3): Population of Uttar Pradesh 21+ crore, It is the 5th largest place in the world in terms of population. http://pib.nic.in/prs/2011/lates… Important…

23. Costing Rs. 8,911 crore, 148-km long Sanauta-Purkazi Express-way project along the upper Ganga canal bank.



This proposed 148 km long 8-lane access controlled Expressway starting
from Sanouta Bridge in Greater Noida is passing through western Uttar
Pradesh and will connect National Capital Region (NCR) to Uttarakhand
border near Purkazi. This unique
multi-dimensional project includes development of Expressway, 7 Hydro
Electric Power Stations (HEPS) and navigation facilities, besides the
ancillary works of rehabilitation of Upper Ganga Canal, construction of
service road and access road, raising of NH bridges and railway bridges
and connecting roads and interchanges.

The approximate cost of the project and ancillary works amounts to Rs.8,911 crores.

24. In the Taj city, Agra, construction of a 20.5 km long 6-lane ring road at a cost of Rs.1,100 crore.

The entire wikipedia with video and photo galleries for each article. Find something interesting to watch in seconds.

25. Delhi-Noida-Greater Noida Metro Rail Link, first phase, from Delhi to Noida completed.

26. PPP process activated to establish ab international airport at Kushinagar for the development of Buddhist circuit.

27. Energy development; with an amount of Rs. 28,796 crore incurred by
the government led by the Hon’ble Chief Minister Ms. Mayawati Ji, a “new
trust” born among the general public to meet its electricity needs,
during its four-year term,; the government seriously engaged at the
ground level about its promise to offer 24-hourelectricity by 2014,
Beginning of about 30,000 MW new projects. Investment of Rs. 1,20,000
crore. In the field of transmission, the largest ever investment of
Rs.10,000 crore through PPP in the country.

28. Road construction
– construction/reconstruction of more than 50,000 km long roads with an
expenditure of about Rs.9000 crore.

29. About 13,000 km long CC roads and KC drains constructed in 5,480 gram sabhas/villages at a cost of Rs. 3,569 crore.

30. Construction of 319 bridges at a cost of Rs.1,369 crore as well as
16 over-bridges, entailing an expenditure of Rs.363 crore.

31. Irrigation – Strengthening of irrigation works/activities at a cost of Rs.22,097 crore.

32. Additional irrigation capacity of about 1.5 lakh hectares generated with the construction of 2,975 tube wells.

33. Tail-feeding of more than 9,000 canals ensured.

34. Irrigation arrangement of 32 lakh hectares of land.40. Agriculture
and Allied services – about Rs. 19,50 crore spent in the last four

35. Drive to double the income of the farmers.

36. Weather-based crop insurance scheme started.

37. Rain water storage project in Bundelkhand.

38. Ban import of Sugar in Uttar Pradesh, as UP was the largest
producer of Sugar, still the sugar industry was unprecedented increase
in sugarcane price (SAP) 265 RS per quintal, highest is India next was

39. Uttar Pradesh tops the country in milk production.

40. Dr.Ambedkar Agricultural Improvement Scheme of feeder separation for uninterrupted power supply to farmers.


This is another avathar of Basically just 1% intolerant, violent,
militant, shooting, lynching, lunatic, mentally retarded chitpawan
brahmin cannibal psychopaths and all Rakshasa Swayam Sevaks (RSS)
avathars like Bahuth Jiyadha Psychopaths(BJP),ABVP( All Brahmin Venomous
Psychopaths),Bahuth Jiyadha Yuva Maddies (BJYM),(MSSS),Visha Hindutva
Psychopaths (VHP) and all other instant avathars of stealth, shadowy,
discriminatory hindutva cult rashtra seek votes in the name of forming
different violent squads for Ram temple, triple talaq and Kairana
“exodus”–it is not difficult to see the kind of provocation the BJP is
hinting at by creating an anti-Romeo squad.DJM launched a campaign
asking Hindus to “fight” love jihad . Ahead of the Uttar Pradesh bypolls
in 2017, the RSS had put Love Jihad on the cover of its mouthpieces
Panchjanya and Organiser.


BJP (Bahuth Jiyadha Psychopaths) remotely controlled by just 1%
intolerant, militant, shooting, lynching, lunatic, mentally retarded
chitpawan brahmin psychopaths of RSS (Rakshasa Swayam Sevaks ) for their
stealth, shadowy, discriminatory hindutva cult rashtra are themselves
the top terrorists of the world.

America enlisted RSS in one of the Biggest Terrorist Organisation in the World

A US-based risk management and consulting company has put the Rashtriya
Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in its category of ‘Threat Group’ and called it
“a shadowy, discriminatory group that seeks to establish a hndutva cult

Terrorism Watch & Warning provides intelligence,
research, analysis, watch and warning on international terrorism and
domestic terrorism related issues; and is operated by OODA Group LLC
that helps clients identify, manage, and respond to global risks and
uncertainties while exploring emerging opportunities and developing
robust and adaptive strategies for the future.

The RSS was banned
in 1948 following the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by an chitpawan
brahmin as the owners of RSS member, Nathuram Godse.

Violence as
‘Group Activities’ for the RSS, “Violence has been a strategy for the
Sangh movement against minority groups. Stealth shadowy discriminatory
hindutva cult has been clear about the need for violence, particularly
communal riots. The Sangh has incited rioting to cause further chasms
between religions, and thus a further separation of religions, and to
rally the Hindu community around the philosophy of hindutva cult.”

The Terrorism Watch & Warning database contains over 1,00,000 Open
source intelligence (OSINT) excerpts from 1999 to present on terrorism
and security related issues, attack database of over 10,000 attacks,
original terrorism analysis, terrorism document repository, Homeland
Security Fact Sheets and profiles over 500 Terrorist/Threat Groups.



KOLKATA: Claiming that the activists of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
(RSS) have been indicted in at least 13 terror cases across India,
former Maharashtra inspector general of police S M Mushrif on Thursday
described the BJP’s ideological mentor as India’s number one terrorist

“RSS activists have been chargesheeted in at least
13 cases of terror acts in which RDX has been used. If organisations
like Bajrang Dal are taken into the account, then the number of such
cases goes up to 17,” Mushrif said at an event in Kolkata.

RSS is India’s number one terrorist organisation, there is no doubt on
this,” said Mushrif, referring to the 2007 Mecca Masjid bombing in
Hyderabad, the 2006 and 2008 Malegaon blasts in Maharashtra and the 2007
Samjhauta Express bombings among others.

During elections they
attempt to provoke violence by raking up issues such as Triple Talaq,
Removal of reservation, RSSIse Ram Temple, RSSised anti-reservationist
Sardar patel statue and RSSised Shivaji statue costing Rs 3000 crores
each.But not for replacing the entire EVMs which costs Rs 1600 crores
according to ex CEC Sampath because of which the ex CJI had committed a
grave error of judgement by ordering that the EVMs should be replaced in
a phased manner. Only 8 out of 543 lok Sabha 2014 were replaced. This
helped Murderer of democratic institutions (Modi) to gobble the Master
Key. Henve without any fear he is indulging in issues like the
DEMONItisation anti reservation etc.,
The present CEC says taht only
in 2019 the entire EVMs will be replaced. Till such time he never
ordered for Ballot Papers to be used which helped BSP of Ms Mayawati ti
win majority seats in UP Panchayat elections.

It is the duty of
all people for democracy, liberty, freedom, equality and fraternity as
enshrined in our Modern Constitution including the present CJI to
dissolve all Central and State governments selected by these fraud EVMs
and go for fresh elections with Ballot Papers till entire EVMs were

And to initiate legal action on BJP and RSS for their terrorist activities.And also ban these outfits.
America enlisted RSS in one of the Biggest Terrorist Organisation in the World – Assam123.com English
A US-based risk management and consulting company has put the Rashtriya
Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in its category of ‘Threat Group’ and called it

They first RSSised Trump and in his name they are intimidating SC/STs
by their anti-reservation propaganda, Muslims and Christians and
support Murderer of democratic institutions (Modi)’s Bahuth Jiyadha
Psychopaths (BJP).

ALL the hindutva groups have been vocal about
controversial issues like a proposed RSSised temple in Ayodhya and
RSSised cow slaughter and also support Yogi Adityanath.

A self-styled Trump Sena (Trump Army) has been raised by young Hindutva groups in India.

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