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January 2021
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‘Hamilton 5 Bridges River Swim’ – Sunday April 2nd, 2017
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Hamilton Masters Swimming Club

Sponsored by:

5 Bridges River Swim

(Annual Event since 1939 77th anniversary)

Sunday April 2nd, 2017

Swim 7.1 kms(current assisted)
under 5 central Hamilton bridges

Registration and Start: Hamilton Gardens, Hungerford Cr
Below car park
Finish: Ann St Beach.

Registration 11.00am-12.30 pm Briefing 12.40pm Start 1.00pm

General Information: Swim Rules

Minimum age for participation: 19 years as at 31 December 2017

  •   Please make sure you read the safety instructions on this page and those at registration.
    Safety instructions will be read out before the start

  •   Bright swim caps must be worn throughout

  •   Wetsuits are recommended

  •   2 motor boats & medical personnel, Kayaks and canoes will accompany swimmers for safety

  •   Competitors will be permitted to have their own safety kayak or canoe accompany them. All

    paddlers are required to wear a buoyancy vest or life jacket and attend boaters briefing at 12.40

  •   All Marshals and Water Safety Personnel instructions must be followed

  •   Cup for first woman and first man

  •   Times will be recorded

  •   Organisers reserve the right to withdraw any participant deemed incapable of safely continuing

    or finishing by 2.30PM

  •   Start is at Hamilton Gardens, Hungerford Cres Below the car park

  •   Finish is at Ann St Beach at designated site. Swimmers must exit river between finish indicators

  •   Final times are taken at marked finish exit from river at Ann St Beach

  •   The average time last year was 65 minutes but this can vary, depending on the current on the


  •   Environmental cancellations will be by email, or phone us if you are uncertain.

    We suggest that you park your car at the finish and organise a ride to the
    start. Organisers will transport belongings from the start to the finish.

    Contact: Ele Pinfold: 07 854 9874 ele-ross@wave.co.nz 027 417 0211


(Annual Event since 1939)

‘Hamilton 5 Bridges River Swim’ – Sunday April 2nd, 2017

Street Address
*Town / City

*Email address
(please print

Participant background (circle as many as appropriate):

Age Group Swimmer Lifesaver Triathlete Master Swimmer
Contact person for participants:

*Phone: ________________________________________________

Comments for Media Results release: eg Swim Champ (year) or Ironman finisher (year)

Entry Fees: (circle one)
Early bird entry $ 25.00
Late entry (after March 18
th) $ 35.00

I have included a payment of $……………….. Please make cheques
payable to
Hamilton Masters Swimming Club OR: DIRECT CREDIT TO:
03 1560 0047661 00

Direct payment = You must add ‘River Swim’ and your last name
to the bank transaction

Contact: Eleanor Pinfold: 07 854 9874 ele-ross@wave.co.nz 027 417 0211

I agree to comply with the rules of the 2017 - ‘5 Bridges River Swim’. I intend competing entirely at my own
risk. I waive all claims for liability against the event organisers, promoters and sponsors. I agree that any
photographs, videos, or recordings taken may be used by the organisers, promoters or sponsors for publicity
purposes. I consent to the collecting and storing of the information I have provided for the purpose of event
administration, in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

Signed______________________________Date / /2017
Must have your signature. No signature = No swim

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