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May 2022
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2171 Mon 20 Mar 2017 LESSON-Ban EVMs to stop the murder of democracy-Let us have a heart and reach out to victims of crime, says CJI Khehar
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2171 Mon 20 Mar 2017 LESSON

Let us have a heart and reach out to victims of crime, says CJI Khehar


JS Khehar

Chief Justice of India Jagdish Singh Khehar.(PTI File Photo)

Victims of heinous crimes
often get a raw deal in India’s criminal justice system, while accused —
even in terror cases — get better legal assistance, Chief Justice of
India JS Khehar said on Saturday.

“Ours is a strange country. The
bigger the criminal, the bigger is the outrage. As we have seen before
that the convict in a terror crime, who has failed up to the Supreme
Court and also in his review, can get access to justice in a manner that
we extend,” justice Khehar said in an oblique reference to 1993 Bombay
blast case convict Yakub Memon.

Memon was granted an early
morning hearing by the apex court even after dismissing his review and
curative pleas against the original verdict that ordered his hanging.

have wondered over the years — what about the families, which have lost
their bread earners, the acid attack victims who are defaced and cannot
survive, the rape victims and their lives. I wonder why we don’t reach
out to them,” he said, appealing to the legal services authority to make
2017 the year of the victims.

He asked the National Legal
Services Authority (NALSA) to send its para-legal volunteers to every
trial court to inform victims that their right to compensation is not

“Let us make them
understand that the case is not closed with the acquittal or conviction
of the accused. Let us have a heart and reach the victims,” he said.

referred to the criminal procedure code (CrPc) that provides for a
creation of fund at the national and state level for the victims under
section 357A, which victims are unaware of.

Justice Dipak Misra,
the second senior-most judge of the Supreme Court, minister of state for
law and justice PP Chaudhary and other judicial officers from across
the country were present at the function.

The CJI urged the Centre
to telecast on national television the short films movie maker Praksh
Jha has directed on legal literacy.


Let’s reach out to victims, says CJI

J.S. Khehar
| Photo Credit:
Shiv Kumar Pushpakar

‘There is hardly any such step today’

In a reference to the Supreme Court’s unprecedented midnight hearing
of Mumbai blasts terror convict Yakub Memon hours before he was hanged
to death in 2015, Chief Justice of India J.S. Khehar said that while the
legal machinery worked overtime to give terrorists and hardcore
criminals access to justice, there was hardly a mechanism to reach out
to their victims.

Survival of families

In his
inaugural address at the 15th All India meet of State Legal Service
Authorities, Chief Justice Khehar, who is also the patron-in-chief of
the authority, said he often wondered what had befallen the victims of
rape, sexual assault and acid attacks, many of whom were breadwinners
for their family.

“Ours is a strange country. The bigger the
criminal, the bigger is the outrage. As we have seen before that the
convict in a terrorist crime who has failed up to the Supreme Court and
also in his review, can get access to justice in a manner that we
extend,” he said.

“I have
wondered over the years, what about the victims. I have wondered over
the years what about the families which have lost their bread earner. I
have wondered over the years what about that acid attack victim who has
been defaced and cannot survive the society. I think about rape victims
and their lives and I wonder why we don’t reach out to them.”

wish to make an appeal to you today as a patron of the organisation.
Let us reach out to the victims. Make 2017 a year of the victims,” the
CJI said.

We should not think that Muslims, Other Backward
Classes and Upper Castes have not voted us. They all have voted for BSP
as promised. But the votes are manipulated by BJP through electronic
voting machines (EVMs).

against the scandal of EVMs. The victory of BJP is not from fair means.
BSP have got ample proof that they have tampered the EVMs to win the
electronics. They are guilty of their mischief. They will not allow this

to go unprotested. They will agitate against the misuse of EVMs on 11th
every month starting from next April. In Uttar Pradesh, this agitation
will be held in every district headquarter and in other states, it must
be held in state capitals. Slogan of the agitation will be “Ban EVMs to
stop the murder of democracy”.

They will also move the Supreme Court in
this regard. Agitations must continue till the further instructions.

EVMs were used first during the elections of 2002. In the initial
years, these machines were used promptly. But the tampering started only
in 2014 in favor of BJP and it has continued to the recent election of
2017. It was thought that the huge mandate given to the BJP was a reflection
of anti-Congress wave. But it was not so.

They have given 115 seats to OBCs and 99 seats to Muslims in the UP
election. They should have secured at least 50 seats each of OBCs and
Muslims. These communities are with the BSP even to this day and they
are utterly unhappy over the results. Hence, do not be under the
impression that they did not vote us. We should blame the failure on the
conspiracy of BJP’s tampering of EVMs for this disaster.

Sarvajan Samaj i.e., all societies are the real victims of this
Techno-logical, political, social crime and  being circulated in the
social media that
the Supreme Court would order for re-polling. They are getting ready to
the Parliament Election of 2019 and assembly elections in other states.

play of the corrupt media. Indian media – both print and electronic –
worked as the paid workers of BJP. These media people joined the
conspiracy of BJP to murder the democracy. They were not sincere in
performing their duty as journalists.

whole game-plan of BJP of tampering the EVMs is to frustrate Ms Mayawati and their
movement. They played this game to distance the OBCs and Muslims away
from their movement. She is not be frustrated
and  will not allow others to get frustrated. She will break those
conspirators who try to break her.

She told that what people are today is the result of the
struggles of our ancestors. They did not get the fruits of their
struggle, but we are enjoying them. We are better than our earlier
generations due to the constitutional rights provided by Babasaheb
Ambedkar. But we, the SC/ST/OBCs and Religious Minorities, are yet to
get all the rights provided by him. We need to get the power to get the
fullest benefits. But the manuvadis will not allow us so easily to get
the power. They will play their dirty game to keep us away from the
power of implementing the constitution.

Government under Jawaharlal Nehru promised Babasaheb of their support
to pass the Hindu Code Bill in the Parliament. But they all opposed him
when it was tabled in the Parliament. He had to resign in protest as the
Law Minister in 1951. When he contested in the General Election of
1952, he was defeated by the Congress. There were no EVMs then and yet
he was defeated. How? They had managed to spoil as much number of votes
as he had secured over the Congress candidate. If they could defeat
Babasaheb Ambedkar, even when there was ballot paper system, will they
allow us so easily to win now? They will resort to any sort of mischief
to prevent us from coming to power. It is our work to find the ways and
means for every challenge we are faced with. We must prepare the Bahujan
Samaj in support of our movement.

Winning election and becoming MP/MLAs alone is not their goal. There must be change in the lives of our people. How can we
bring change unless we change ourselves? We must work as missionaries
for the betterment of next generations. If we do not struggle now, our
children will sure to become slaves once again in one or two
cannot succeed in our mission unless we educate and unite all the
constituents of Bahujan Samaj. The OBCs are our own brothers and
sisters. They have been misguided to behave like duplicate Brahmins and
Kshatriyas. Kindly educate them about the struggles of Babasaheb
Ambedkar in getting them the Article 340 incorporated in Constitution.
The recommendations of Mandal Commission were implemented only because
of the struggles of BSP under the leadership of Manyawar Kanshi Ramji.
In 1990, when Mr. V.P. Singh sought the support of BSP to form his
Government in the Centre, we did not demand for any minister post in his
Cabinet. We asked him to implement the Mandal Commission
Recommendations and posthumous Bharat Ratna Award to Babasaheb Ambedkar.
He promised and implemented them promptly. The credit for implementing
the Mandal Commission Recommendations should be given to us. But we have
allowed someone else to take this credit.

leaders of BJP had opposed the implementation of Mandal Commission
Recommendations in 1990 and withdrew their support extended to Mr. V. P.
Singh then. How these opponents of OBCs have become the benefactors of
OBCs now? Mr. Narendra Modi claims himself as an OBC man. He belonged to
a community called Danchi, which is an equivalent caste of Theli, which
is an upper caste among Vyshyas in UP. He managed to include his
community in the OBC list in 2000 when he was the chief minister of
Gujarat. You must educate the OBCs about this historical truth.

the Muslims and Christians are the converts from SC/ST and OBC
communities. Why did they get converted? They wanted to get rid of the
discrimination in brahminical society and hence they left Hinduism. Are
they happy now? No. They are still the victims of discriminations as
they too are not yet secured the constitutional rights and protection.
Educate them that unless they join our movement, they cannot get their

Organize State-level Seminar on April 14, 2017, the Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti.

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