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2760 Sun 30 Sep 2018 LESSON (101) Sun 30 Sep 2007 Do Good Be Mindful - Awakened One with Awareness (AOA) in 01) Classical Magahi Magadhi, 02) Classical language, 03)Magadhi Prakrit, 04) Classical Hela Basa, 05n ) Classical Pali 06) Classical Deva Nagari, 07) Classical Cyrillic Bhavissanti bhikkhū Jin·addhānaṃ, ye te suttantā tathāgata·bhāsitā gambhīrā gambhīr·atthā lok·uttarā suññata·p·paṭisaṃyuttā, tesu bhaññamānesu na sussūsissanti na sotaṃ odahissanti na aññā cittaṃ upaṭṭhāpessanti na ca te dhamme uggahetabbaṃ pariyāpuṇitabbaṃ maññissanti.
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2760 Sun 30 Sep 2018 LESSON (101) 2759 & Sat 29 Sep 2018
K (100) Vipassanā Fellowship
meditation from the Theravāda tradition for the spiritual development of people of all faiths and
10 week ourses begin:Sat 29 Sep 2007 Do Good Be Mindful - Awakened One with Awareness (AOA)

Always be Calm, Quiet, Alert and Attentive and have an Equanimity Mind with a Clear Understanding that Everything is Changing - that is Vipassana (Insight) Meditation that brings Eternal Bliss as a Final Goal.

As we begin our journey together

Dear Jagatheesan

Welcome to the September 2018 session and the first day of our meditation
course. It is good to have you with us and I hope you will enjoy the experience.

There’s new material every day on the course site so it is best if you can visit
each day. The most important thing is to begin a daily practice and I hope
that the daily material will provide clear guidance and some encouragement as
we work together through these 10 weeks. You can contact me by e-mail at any
time if there are issues that arise from your sittings or if you have questions
about the practices. There’s also a searchable database called “In Practice” that
has questions and replies from some earlier courses. The most frequent basic
questions are probably already featured there.

My advice for the course is to work steadily but gently. Don’t feel that everything
has to be mastered immediately; much of this is the foundation for a lifetime of
developing practice rather than a quick fix. It is hoped that the course will stretch
everyone a little whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned veteran. We
work in different ways, over the weeks, and some methods will come easier to
some people than others. You may well be surprised by the approaches that suit
you best. Try to work in an open-minded and inquisitive way - and just see what
happens. This is a process of exploration rather than a submission to particular
dogmas. We do provide enough of the doctrinal context to help you begin to see
how the various elements form part of a consistent path but there is certainly no
need to swap one cherished belief for another. Gentle but regular engagement
with your meditation practice will produce positive results and useful challenges,
over time. It is the practice that matters.

We sent the access details for the course by e-mail, earlier, and I hope they
arrived. If you don’t seem to have received them please check your spam folder
(particularly if you use one of the web mail services) and contact us if you need it
to be re-sent. We can send it to an alternative address if you prefer.

I hope the course will be of great benefit to you. I look forward to getting to know
you in the coming weeks.

(Please note that all course support requests must be sent to
rather than any of our other addresses. This is a priority address that ensures your
message will be seen in a timely way.)

With metta,


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