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June 2022
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LESSON 3031 Sat 15 Jun 2019
Diploma in Theravada Buddhist Studies (DBS)
Model Question Paper

Q 18 to Q 56

Q 18  On the full moon day of Ashala (July), two months after awakenment, the Buddha walked all the way from

Mandapa (Bodhgaya) to Isipatana in Baranasi. Why did he chooser this
mode of travelling rather than using psychic abilities as in the case of
other Buddhas?

Q 19  Having in mind whose spiritual well-being did he decide to walk rather than levitate ?

Q 20  What did the Buddha say regarding the nature of a Supreme Awakened One as given in the five verses ?

Q 21  Write down the ideals enunciate by the Buddha in the five verses ?

Q 22  Who is the real conquer (Jino), and why so ? elaborate.

Q 23  On hearing the five gathas of the Buddha what did the other traveler say ?

24  Is it possible to construe the Buddha either as a god or an
incarnation, prophet or messaiah of a god from what has been said about
Boddhahood in Buddha’s own words in the five gathas ?

I ) If your answer is no, write why do you think so.
II) If your answer is yes, please explain why do you think so.

Q 25  Write an essay on Buddha’s own definition of Buddhahood as given in the Dona Sutta

Q 26  Why did the brahmin Dona put those four questions based on his knowledge of the footprint?

Q 27 Why did theBuddha give give negative answers to all the four questions and what was his explanation cankers ?

Q 28  What do you understand by the word i) ‘canker’? ii) by lotus analogy?

Q 29 What do you understand about the Buddha-nature as compared with the lotus ? Elaborate as clearly as you can.

30 The message of the Buddha in this Sutta can be breifly expressed
thus: ” Though I am bor in the world, I am above it. It cannot spoil
me.” How would you interpret it ?

Q 31 How are you going to apply this message in your daily life ? Please write clearly.

Q 32 Please clarify:
i. What id Bodhi and how many kinds of Bodhi are there ?
ii Who is a Bodhisatta and how many typts of Bodhisattas are there ?
iii Who is a Buddha and how many types of Buddhas are there ?

Q 33 Together with the Three Refugees what moral principles should a Buddhist follow ?

Q 34 Write a brief esssay on the meaning of Buddha Vandana, as you understand it ?

Q 35 Is the word “Buddha ” a personal name or title, or does it stands for an office ?

Q 36 Explain clearly the meaning of the word “Buddha” as you understand it.

Q 37 Why is he called Buddha ? What are the prerequisites for becoming a Buddha ?

Q 38 What is the meaning of the term Bodhisatta ? How many different types of Bodhisatta are there ? Enumerate.

Q 39 What are the requirements for becoming the different types of Bodhisatta?

Q 40 How many types of Buddha are there ? What are the prerequisites for becoming these different types of Buddha ?

Q 41  What id parami ? How many Paramis are there ? Enumerate .

Q 42 How do the Paramis determine the attainment of different types of Bodhi ?

Q 43 Write an essay on on the core teaching of all Buddhas.

Q 44 How can the Middle path be explained in terms of ethics, psychology and philisophy ?

45 Describe when the Buddha Ratana, Dhamma Ratana, and Sangha Ratana
arose. What is the significance of the term Ratana in this context,
i.e., why are Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha called Treasure Gems ?

Q 46 What is the essential points of the Discourse on non-self as found in his second discourse ?

Q 47 What is the Noble Eightfold Path ? Analyse in terms of 3 modes of Spiritual training ?

Q 48 Write an essay of twelve factors of the law of dependent origination. What does the dependent origination portray ?

Q 49 Write down text of the Paticca Samppada both in Pali and English in forward and backward orders ?

Q 50 Give details account of Ashoka’s Nine messengers of Dhamma dispatched to nine countries ?

Q 51 Write an essay on the Aditta Pariyaya sutta explaining the important features ?

Q 52 What id Dhammapada, in which pitaka it appears ? How many chapters and verses are there ?

Q 53 Explain Dhpd. Verse no 42 & Verse no. 43 with back ground story and give your comments ?

Q 54 Explain Dhpd. Verse no 127 and 128 with background story ?

Q 55 Write down in Pali any 10 verses from citta vagga ?

56 What are the four protective meditations and how does one can
practice in daily life ? Write short Notes on each Arakkha bhavana ie.,
Buddhaanusatti, metta, ashubha and maranussati? 

Q 29

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