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April 2021
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For The Gain of the Many and For the Welfare of the Many-Centre not serious for solving problems of footwear industry : C.M.-Disabled persons will get multi-utility I.D. cards Free of Cost: CM -
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For The Gain of the Many and For the Welfare of the Many

Centre not serious for solving problems of footwear industry : C.M.

Lucknow : December 04, 2007 The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Km. Mayawati, while talking to the media persons here today, said that the news regarding the mushar population of the Anai village of Bada gaon development block in Varanasi district, which said that the entire population of the village was on the verge of starvation, was a publicity stunt of the opposition parties based on misleading, false and baseless facts. She said that as soon as she came to know about the news, she sent Principal Secretary, Revenue to conduct on-the-spot verification of the facts. During the investigation, it was revealed that several families of the village had been benefited by various schemes and programmes being run by the State Government. She said that she had directed the officers to issue ration cards and allot leases in this village on priority basis and also cover it under various other schemes. The officers had been directed to ensure development of such under developed villages on priority basis, she added. Km. Mayawati said that the child, whose name had been mentioned in the news report, was being treated at the hospital. The child, who lived in Anai village, was taken to hospital by the gram pradhan and the Government provided an assistance of Rs. 1000 as well. During the investigation, the child was found in good condition. She said that role of a voluntary organisation has been identified in this false publicity stunt. The same organisation had indulged in such a false publicity stunt earlier as well, she pointed out. Referring to the media reports regarding power scenario in the State, the C.M. said that since 1980 the State was not supplied its full quota of power allocated from the Central Power Projects, whereas other States were being supplied their full quota of power. Thus, it is clear that the Centre was totally responsible for the poor condition of power in the State, she pointed out. Km. Mayawati said that the Central Government had okayed eight 4000 MW ultra mega power projects for the entire country, but none of them would be installed in U.P. Out of this project, 50 to 60 per cent of the power would be utilised by the State, which would solve the power woes of a State up to great extent. She said that from the Central Government’s year 1980 Rihand and Singrauli projects, which had a capacity of 3000 MW, only 30 to 32 per cent of the power was allocated for U.P., whereas presently the Union Government was providing 50 to 60 per cent share to the States. The C.M. said that the Central Government was adopting a discriminatory attitude against U.P. regarding allocation of power. She said that she had written a letter to the Prime Minister to remove this discrimination. Km. Mayawati said that immediately after the formation of the government, she had demanded a special package of Rs. 80,000 crore for the development of Bundelkhand and Poorvanchal, which included a demand of Rs. 6,800 crore for the energy provisions. This package also included several important schemes, which were directly related to the common people. She regretted that the Central Government had not taken any decision so far. Despite that, the State Government had increased ex gratia/agriculture input aid amount to Rs. 1000 from Rs. 250 payable to small and marginal farmers belonging to the drought/flood affected districts, whose crops had suffered 50 per cent or more damages. The C.M. said that the Congress and opposition parties were indulging into false propaganda through newspapers that the VAT was higher on the U.P. Footwear Industry and it should be brought down. She said that the rates proposed in the VAT were fixed on the recommendations of the committee formed by the Central Government and these rates were implemented in the adjoining States. The VAT is not implemented in U.P. so far. Therefore, the statements of the opposition parties, regarding the U.P. Footwear Industry, were aimed at creating confusion and their silence over other States proved that these statements were being issued to gain political mileage. She said that such statements would not benefit anybody. Km. Mayawati said that in November 2006, the footwear manufacturers had requested the Central Government to decrease the central excise duty chargeable on the footwear, but the Centre did not consider their request. She said that if the Central Government was serious towards the problems of the footwear industry, then it would have provided relief to them. She said that at present 4 per cent and 8 per cent trade tax was applicable on rubber and plastic footwear respectively. It may be recalled that presently 4 per cent and 8 per cent trade tax was chargeable on rubber and plastic footwear costing up to Rs. 200 respectively. After the implementation of VAT in the State, the rate of the taxes had been proposed at par with the tax rates fixed by the authorised committee of the State Finance Ministers. The authorised committee had made two types of recommendations regarding the rates. This included 4 per cent tax on moulded plastic footwear, slippers (hawai chappals) and their straps and 12.5 per cent on other footwear. It is noteworthy that 16 per cent central excise duty was chargeable on the footwear besides VAT and this tax revenue was directly collected by the Centre. Besides VAT, the States of Uttarakhand, M.P., Rajasthan andBihar were getting tax exemption on footwear ranging between Rs. 150 to less than Rs. 300 and the VAT had been fixed at 12.5 per cent in all these States. Thus, the rates in U.P. were lesser and if the Central Government intended to give relief to the footwear manufacturers of U.P., then it would have brought down the central excise duty being charged at 16 per cent. *******

Disabled persons will get multi-utility I.D. cards Free of Cost: CM

Lucknow : December 03, 2007 U.P. Chief Minister Km. Mayawati has announced that an additional provision of Rs. 2 crore will be made for incentive prize being given to disabled persons for marriage. She has also announced for a hike in the monthly amount being provided to disabled persons in Government institutes and educational institutions from Rs. 500 to Rs. 850. For the maintenance of schools and workshops of the Disabled Welfare department a provision of Rs. 1 crore will also be made and in this year these institutions will get four buses too. The C.M. has also announced for providing multi-utility identity cards to disabled persons free of cost, for which two rupees were being charge previously. The Chief Minister was addressing the State level Awards Distribution Ceremony here today which was organised to commemorate the World Disability Day. On this occasion, she announced that regular training and refresher courses for the officers, employees and teachers of the Disabled Welfare department will be organised at National institutes. For this, a budgetary allocation of Rs. 20 lakh will be made. She said that every year under the disabled pension scheme, a provision of Rs. 10 per beneficiary for incidental expenses will be made in the budget. Km. Mayawati said that among the social welfare sector, welfare of the disabled has remained her foremost priority. With this motive, her Government had constituted a separate department of Disabled Welfare in 1995. In 1997, during the tenure of her second Government she had made a provision for three per cent reservation of posts for disabled persons in public services and had also formulated the rules for providing incentive for marriage with a disabled person. During the tenure of her third Government in 2003, she had taken a decision for the establishment of an intermediate college for the visually impaired at Lucknow. Km. Mayawati also said that her Government has doubled the pension amount for those destitute disabled persons having a maximum income of Rs. 1000 per month, from Rs. 150 per month to Rs. 300 per month. Under this, there is a target to benefit 5.66 lakh disabled persons during the current financial year. Apart from this, under the rural development department out of every three self-help groups being constituted at village level representation of disabled persons has been made compulsory in at least one self-help group. With the intention of enabling the disabled persons to join the mainstream of society, provision of imparting training to them in 18 new trades has been made so that they become self-employed. She said that procedure for income certificate for the disabled persons has been simplified and private doctors have also been authorised to issue disability certificate. The Government is providing monetary aid to disabled persons for surgery. Simultaneously, surgery camps are also being organised under the Sarv Shikshaa Abhiyaan. She said that under the Sarv Shikshaa Abhiyaan in 8 districts, Bachpan Day-Care Centre for children of 3 to 6 years of age are being run. During the current academic session, in 8 more district of divisional-headquarter category, such day care centres will be become functional. The Chief Minister said that for treating patients of Japanese Encephalitis who have developed a disability, a psycho-development centre has been established at B.R.D. Medical College, Gorakhpur where efficient technical personnel have been posted for treating the disabled persons. Apart from this, under the Manyawar Shri Kanshi Ramji Shahri Samagra Vikas Yojna, eligible disabled persons from the selected wards of the urban areas will be provided pension. On this occasion the Chief Minister also announced that during her tenure as the Chief Minister in 2002 she had made some announcements and also given some assurances on demands raised by the association of visually impaired persons. Due to the apathy of successor Governments many of these remained unfulfilled. For the implementation of the remaining demands a committee will be constituted under the chairmanship of the Chairman, State Advisory Council Shri Satish Chandra Mishra which will ensure timely implementation of these announcements and assurances. Principal Secretaries of Justice, Personnel, Disabled Welfare departments as well as Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister will be the other members of this committee. The Chief Minister while congratulating the awardees as well as the institutions during the ceremony said that the motive of the Government for giving away these awards is to inspire the disabled persons so that they accept the challenges and proceed on a way to progress. She said that there is a fundamental need to change our attitude towards disabled persons and instead of sympathy one must inculcate the spirit of equality with the disabled persons which will help in their rehabilitation and progress. Prior to this, mentally challenged girls of Mamta Government school presented a welcome-song. Physically challenged children of a very tender age presented a bouquet to the C.M. Hearing impaired children of St. Francis’ School, Drishti Samajik Sansthan as well as physically challenged children of Bachpan Day Care Centre and also mentally challenged children of Mamta school, Asha Jyoti School and Chetna Sansthan presented many interesting cultural programmes. On this occasion, Disabled Welfare department Minister Shri Lalji Verma, Urban Development Minister Shri Nakul Dubey, Chief Secretary Shri Prashant Kumar Mishra, Principal Secretaries to the C.M. Shri Shailesh Krishna and Kunwar Fateh Bahadur Singh, Principal Secretary of Disabled Welfare department Shri Govindan Nayar, Secretary to the C.M. Shri Navneet Sehgal, District Magistrate Lucknow Shri Chandra Bhanu and senior officers of the Disabled Welfare department were also present. *********

Dr. Margaret Chan calls on C.M.

Lucknow : December 03, 2007 The Director General of World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) Dr. Margaret Chan called on the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Km. Mayawati at her 5, Kalidas Marg official residence here today. It was a courtesy call. During the interaction with Dr. Chan, the Chief Minister said that the Government had taken resolve to root out polio from the State and to achieve this target several effective steps had already been taken. She said that the State Government had accorded top priority to the polio eradication drive and included polio eradication and Birth Security Programme into its divisional review meetings for extensive review for the first time. Owing to the efforts of the present Government 37 out of 70 districts had become polio free. She said that only four cases of polio infection in the western U.P. had been detected following a targeted campaign against the P1 virus of this dreaded disease. Km. Mayawati said that the State Government was focussing on the P3 virus and making special efforts to eradicate it. The Government had ordered special monitoring of the polio campaign in the polio sensitive districts of the State, she pointed out. Besides, all the divisional commissioners, DMs and CMOs had been directed to make constant efforts for the eradication of polio. The Chief Minister apprised of Dr. Chan about the difficulties coming in way of the timely availability of polio vaccines. She said that one lakh Asha Workers had been pressed into this year’s polio vaccination drive for the first time. Dr. Chan appreciated the efforts of the Chief Minister and assured that the W.H.O. would extend all possible cooperation for the eradication of polio and ensure that there was no dearth of medicines as well. Km. Mayawati greeted Dr. Chan for being included in the list of eight most powerful women of the world by the international magazine Newsweek. She expressed the hope that under her leadership, the W.H.O. would set new records in the field of health protection for the people of the world. The Health Minister Mr. Anant Kumar Mishra, Cabinet Secretary Mr. Shashank Shekhar Singh, Principal Secretary Medical Ms. Neeta Chaudhary, Joint Secretary Health Government of India Ms. Aradhana Jauhari, Additional DG W.H.O. Mr. David Heyman, < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />W.H.O. India Representative Dr. Saleem Habeba and Hamid Jaffri and Secretary to C.M. Mr. Navneet Sehgal were present on the occasion. *******

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