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Bahujan Samaj Party-Karnataka-Sarvajana Samaj Sahodhratha samavesha-Chief Guest: Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji-BSP National President and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister-December 23,2007 Time: Morning 11.00 Hrs.-Place: Bangalore Palace Grounds (Enterance from Mekhri Circle), Bangalore
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Bahujan Samaj Party-Karnataka
Sarvajana Samaj Sahodhratha samavesha
Chief Guest: Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji
BSP National President and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister
December 23,2007                            Time: Morning 11.00 Hrs.
Place: Bangalore Palace Grounds (Enterance from Mekhri Circle), Bangalore
Dear  Brothers and Sisters,
National President of BSP Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji has performed a rare feat! 
All the National Parties had divided the society by poisioning the minds of thousands 
of Castes for their vested interest. But Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji had brought unity 
among all the castes and became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh! Now we can say 
that a real casteless society has come into being.
All the political parties such as Congress, BJP, Janata Dal are representing one or the 
other caste to create hatred against each caste for their survival. But 
Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji has changed the situation by bringing genuine unity 
among all castes and religions. 
BSP-Karnataka Executive Committee members met on 10-12-2007 to mobilize the 
masses on 23-12-2007 at Bangalore Palace Grounds at 11:00 A.M. to hear 
Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji.
Sri.Veersingh M.P. and National Secretary, In-charge of Karnataka and 
Maharashtra Guided the deliberations. He said that in Mahrashtra More than 
12 lakhs people gathered at Shivaji park to hear Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji. 
More than a lakh people from different districts of Mahashtra had gone to Mumbai 
and stayed with their relatives and went to the meeting with them. Each family 
prepared food and supplied in carry bags to the people who went for the meet. And 
Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji said that not a single pie was given from UP.
Sri. B.Gopal, State President presided over the meeting. He said that more than 
10 lakh people are expected to participate in the Samavesha. And BSP will capture 
power after the Assembly Elections which has to be completed before May 2008.
Sri.M.Muniappa, State Vice President said he will arrange for Buntings, Posters and 
Digital boards to be put on all the major highways. And arrange for a golden crown 
of ¾ kg to be presented to Bahenji along with a golden sword.
Sri. K.Muniappa, Treasurer,Sri.R.Muniappa, Zonal General Secretary, Janab 
Dr. Roshan Mulla, State Secretary, Sri.P.Ramaswamy, State General Secretary, 
Sri. V. Muniswamy, State Secretary, Sri. Baskar Reddy, State Secretary, 
Sri. Jigini Shankar, State Secretary, Sri. Syed Julfeqar  Hasmi, State Secretary, 
Sri. Krishna Reddy, Sri. P.S. Prakash, Ex.M.L.A. Sri. Pani Patel, Sri. Lakshmi Narayan,
 Sri. Adhinath, Shri. Manjunath addressed the meeting and reported that they will see 
that the target of mobilizing more that 10 lakh people is achieved. Brahmana Samaj 
Leader Sri Ganesh said that 2000 Brahmins will mobilize 50000 Brahmins for the 
Samavesha and they would arrange for food for the people coming from all over the 
Advisory Meeting of Minorities will take place on Saturday the 15th December 2007 at: 
6:30 P.M. at Infantry Function Hall, Infantry Road, Bangalore with all the above 
members participating in the same to mobilize more than 50000 muslims. 
Sri. Sajjad Ahmed  Vice President and Sri. Rustum Quraishi, B.S.P.Leader have arranged for the meet.
The meet experience a very rare feat where cadres from different political parties such 
as congress Janata Dal and different language speaking people, castes and religion 
participated in the deliberation with oneness. Youth belonging to Tamil, Telugu, 
Malayalam Marathi said that they will mobilize people for the success of the 
At 10:00 A.M. before the executive meeting all the above members demonstrated a 
protest in Front of the Corporation Building of Bangalore in a Akkrama Sakrama 
A brief account of the political life of Behan Mayawati Ji
Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji was born on 15th January,1956 at Delhi in the 
Original Inhabitant of Jambudvipa that the Great Prabuddha Bharath  “Jatav” 
family of Scheduled Caste.She was brought up and educated mostly in Delhi. She 
was in a Government Service as a Teacher for some time in the 
Education Department after obtaining degrees in B.A. & B.Ed. Thereafter, 
she passed LL.B. and was registered as an Advocate. She is considered an 
original resident of Uttar Pradesh because her parents originally belong to the State 
of Uttar Pradesh.
Inspite of being a girl, Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji devoted her life to the cause of 
her larger family i.e. Bahujan Samaj by remaining unmarried and leaving her 
own family and relatives. Impressed by her devotion, the founding father of the B.S.P. 
Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji declared Behan Kumari Mayawati Ji as his only political 
successor in a huge rally at Lucknow on 15th December, 2001.
After some time, on 18th September 2003, Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji, for the first 
time, formally elected as the National President of Bahujan Samaj Party. Besides 
that, she has also been elected as Member of Lok Sabha four times, as 
Member of Rajya Sabha twice, as Member of Legislative Assembly of Uttap Pradesh 
twice and once she was elected as Member of the Legislative Council of Uttar Pradesh.
Behan Kumari Mayawati Ji has been appointed as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh 
four times. First from 3rd June, 1995  to 18th October, 1995, Second time from 
21st March, 1997 to 20th September, 1997, Third time from 
3rd May, 2002 to 26th August, 2003 and Fourth time from 
13th May onwards till date.
Association with Bahujan Movement kept Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji active 
even after the demise of  Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji and for this reason, our party 
is of the view that although 9th October 2006, which the date when 
Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji  left us, will fall every year and his followers will pay 
homage tro him, but we who are committed to the Mission will have to think beyond 
this formality and will have to move forward and keep working for the upliftment of 
Bahujan Samaj.
People with such thinking pay homage to Manyawar Kanshi ram Ji everyday by 
working to achieve the goal set by him. It will be a bigger homage to 
Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji, if we can strengthen the hands of his only political 
successor Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji to such an extent that we can capture the 
political power at the Centre through the means of our “Vote” and accomplish 
the Mission of Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji to form a Government in the country 
based on the principle of “ Sarvajan Hitai, Sarvajan Sukhai”.(Upliftment of all, 
Happiness for all).
Although Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji is not with us today but his ideology and 
thoughts will always inspire and guide us in furthering the cause of Bahujan Samaj, 
which consists of Original Inhabitants of Jambudvipa that is the Great Prabuddha 
Bharath i.e. of SC/ST, Other Backward Classes, and Religious Minorities comprising 
Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Parsis and Buddhists.
The people, having faith in the ideology of Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji, will definitely be 
happy to know that the political organization known as Bahujan Samaj Party, which 
was founded by him many years ago on 14th April. 1984, is continuously and 
uninterruptedly progressing towards its goalunder the able leadership of Bahen 
Kumari Mayawati Ji and it appears that the following election slogan of B.S.P. is 
coming true –
“Chalega Haathi, Udegi Dhool,
Na Rahenga Punja, Na Rahenge Phool.”
The dream of “Social Transformation” and a “Casteless Society” which was visualized by Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji at the time of founding the Party has come true in the biggest state of Uttar Pradesh. It would have been wonderful had Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji was alive to witness the expanding mass base and support of “ Sarv Samaj” under the guidance of Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji along with her ever growing popularity.
Nevertheless, his followers are happy to see that Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji is 
gradually turning all his dreams to reality. People are, therefore, giving the following 
slogan –
“Kanshi Ram Ji, Tera Mission Adhoora,
Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji Karengi Poora.”
This is because of the fact that today the Blue Flag, which was made a symbol of B.S.P.,
 is flying high in the sky held in the strong hands of Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji and it 
has become a strong symbol of the movement for dignity and self-respect of 
Bahujan Samaj.
Action Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji Honourable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

52% of the population of Bharat is living below the poverty line. More than 
20 crore people are earning just Rs.12  per  day and struggling in their lives. 
70% of the population are living without proper drinking water and sanitation. 
40% of the population are suffering without any medical care facilities. 
80% of the population are under nourished. More than 16 crore youths are 

 HP polls 2007: BSP tries to get inTuesday, December 11 2007 18:57(IST)   RSS\"Subscribe to Newsletter\"
Shimla, Dec. 9, 2007 : Ahead of the assembly elections in
Himachal Pradesh, where analysts maintain that, the main
electoral battle is between the BJP and the Congress, this
time even Bahujan Samaj Party is trying its hand at the
game. The BSP, for the first time is contesting in all the
68 assembly constituencies. Further, analysts say that in
the Rohru segment where former CM P.K. Dhumal was unable
to sway the pro-Congress electorate; the BSP has garnered
a good response.
Online edition of India’s National NewspaperTuesday, Dec 11, 2007
BSP will develop HP on the line of UP: Mayawati 
Sundernagar (HP) (PTI): Blaming both Congress and the BJP 
for not solving problems 
of farmers, labourers and common man in Himachal Pradesh 
despite being in power,
 BSP supremo Mayawati on Tuesday promised accelerated 
development of the hill state 
on the line of Uttar Pradesh if given a chance. 
“Congress and the BJP which ruled Himachal Pradesh 
alternately so far have failed to 
solve the problems of farmers, labourers and common man.
 Rather their woes increased 
all these years,” Mayawati said addressing a rally at 
Sundernagar in Mandi district. 
The Uttar Pradesh chief minister blamed the two parties 
for enacting policies for the 
“benefit of industrial houses, leaving the poor in the 
Mayawati, whose party is contesting all the 68 seats in 
the state, said if given a chance her 
party would take steps for faster development of the hill 
state balanving interests of all 
the section of the society on the pattern of the country’s 
most populous state. 
She promised 10 per cent reservation for poor among the 
forward castes in Himachal 
Party general secretary and a close confidant of Mayawati, 
S C Mishra said BSP was party 
of all castes and class of the society. 
Riot-affected families in Kanpur get compensation 
35 families receive money; process on to help 18 other families

Over Rs 17.58 lakh disbursed to the 35 riot affected Sikh 
Teams of area magistrates constituted to expedite the 

Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh Government has made final 
compensation to 
35 families affected in the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 in 
Kanpur while process is on to 
provide compensation to 18 other families. 
Kanpur District Magistrate Alok Kumar, on the directive of 
the Uttar Pradesh 
Chief Minister Mayawati, has disbursed Rs 17,58,000 to the 
35 riot affected Sikh 
families, official sources said. 
According to the information received from the Kanpur DM, 
procedure for disbursing 
Rs 4,67,350 to 18 other riot affected families was in 
‘Efforts on war-footing’ 
“The district administration is making all efforts to 
settle the remaining claims of the 
riot affected persons at war footing,” the sources said. 
Teams of area magistrates have been constituted to 
expedite the process, who has been 
directed to verify the eligibility of the claimants and 
disburse the compensation cheques 
to them at the earliest. 
There was a delay in distribution of compensation cheques due to lack of verification of 
the families, but now top priority has been accorded to the verification process, the sources said. 
Mayawati’s directive 
The Chief Minister had recently directed the officials to 
settle all cases of 1984 riots and 
make payment of final compensation by launching a drive. 
Govt. orders probe into fake encounter 

DNA test of the victim to be conducted

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Government on Monday ordered a 
probe into the police encounter at a village in Kanpur in 
which a 
person, who was shown to be dead in police records, was 
allegedly killed. 
A DNA test of the victim of the controversial encounter 
would be conducted to 
ascertain the veracity of the police claim, Additional 
Director General of Police 
(Law and Order) Brijlal told reporters here. 
“We have recommended a CB-CID probe into the encounter and 
will also conduct a 
DNA test of the victim to ascertain his identity,” he said. 
Kanpur police had yesterday claimed to have gunned down 
Nirmal Katheria who was 
already shown in police records to have been killed in an 
encounter in 2003. 
After media reports that the person killed was one Pappu 
Kushwaha, the department has 
recommended the CB-CID probe into the matter and to conduct 
DNA test of the person 
killed to ascertain his identity. 
Mr Brijlal said Pappu Kushwaha had criminal record and was
 wanted in a number of 
criminal cases including that of murder. -PTI 
Terror links of couple held in fake currency racket being probed 
Special Correspondent 
LUCKNOW: The Uttar Pradesh police and the intelligence 
agencies are probing the role of a couple involved in a 
fake currency racket in allegedly funding terrorist 
activities in the State, including the November 23 
serial bomb blasts in Varanasi, Lucknow and Faizabad. 
The racket was busted in Aligarh on December 6.
Mohammad Liaquat Ali and his wife Shakila Bano were 
arrested by the West Bengal police from their village in 
Malda district on December 8. The village is barely 10 km 
from the Bangadesh border. Their arrest followed a tip-off 
from the Aligarh police, which found that the husband-wife 
duo operated two separate accounts in Axis Bank, Malda Town in which the money was deposited online from Aligarh and other places. Liaquat Ali and his wife are being sent to Aligarh. Aligarh SSP Raghubir Lal confirmed 
that they were on their way. “On busting the racket a 
four-member crack police team, including a lady 
sub-inspector, was despatched to Malda Town to bring them 
to Aligarh,” said Mr. Lal over the phone. Though the SSP 
declined to confirm the duo’s involvement in funding 
terror acts, he said “they were definitely the prime 
accused in the fake currency racket.”
In what turned out to be the tip of the iceberg, the 
police last month nabbed Avinash and Surendra in Sakinan 
Basauli under the Gonda police station area in Aligarh 
district and found in their possession around Rs. 1.25 
lakh in fake currency and 14 pistols. In fact, 
interrogation revealed that huge quantity of fake 
currency was dumped in Uttar Pradesh through agents 
belonging to terror outfits for funding terrorist 
activities in the State. The fake currency provided the 
economic backbone of terror groups.
New zoos in U.P. soon 
Lucknow: A proposal to set up three new zoos at 
Gorakhpur, Agra and Moradabad has been sent to the 
Central Zoo Authority, Uttar Pradesh Minister Fateh 
Bahadur Singh has said. Forest officials had been told 
to pursue the matter vigorously said 
Mr. Singh, who reviewed functioning of his Forest 
He asked officials to organise workshops in areas close 
to national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to create 
awareness among locals about the wildlife. The Minister 
of State for Forests suggested setting up of control 
rooms for protecting wildlife. 
Ansal Properties jumps on doubling size of UP township 
MUMBAI: Real estate firm Ansal Properties and Infrastructure’s stock today spurted 17.51 per
cent to Rs 341.85 on reports that it has got the Uttar Pradesh government’s approval to double
the size of its private township project in Dadri. Reports suggested that the Uttar Pradesh government has doubled its project size from an
earlier approved 2,500 acres to 5,000 acres with the total investment tipped to be around
Rs 21,000 crore. The stock hit a high of Rs 348 and a low of 292.60 during the day as over 18.24 lakh shares
changed hands on the BSE. Stock-split proposal lifts Gujarat Fluorochemicals * Shares of Gujarat Fluorochemicals,
engaged in refrigerant gases and power business, surged to hit a new 52-week high of Rs 800
after it announced plans to consider stock-split proposal at its board meeting to be held on
December 19. Later, the scrip of the company closed 5.59 per cent up at Rs 764.20 on the BSE. The board would consider proposal of sub-division of existing one equity share of Rs 2 each
into two equity shares of Re 1 each.

PNB amalgamates 4 rural banks
Monday, 10 December , 2007, 08:40Last Updated: Monday, 10 December , 2007, 09:37

New Delhi: Four regional rural banks (RRBs) in Uttar Pradesh, sponsored by Punjab National Bank (PNB), have now been amalgamated into a single RRB, bringing down the overall number of RRBs sponsored by PNB from nine to six.

The single RRB in Uttar Pradesh has been named as Sarva UP Gramin Bank with head office at Meerut.

The four RRBs amalgamated are Kisan Gramin Bank, Devi Patan Kshetriya Gramin Bank, Rani Laxmibai Kshetriya Gramin Bank and Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank.

The move to amalgamate the four RRBs in Uttar Pradesh was in line with the goal of “one State, one RRB for each sponsor bank” set by the Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram, in his meeting with the Chairmen of RRBs held at New Delhi in July last. With the amalgamation of RRBs in Uttar Pradesh, PNB has achieved the goal and has sponsored an RRB each in of the States of Bihar, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

Sarva UP Gramin Bank would operate in 12 districts of the State with 214 branches and one branch in Haridwar district of Uttarakhand, a release issued by PNB said.

Kindly visit:
http://www.upgov.nic.in/news10.asp for detail report

Centre not serious for solving problems of footwear industry : C.M.
Lucknow : December 04, 2007 The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Km. Mayawati, 
while talking to the media persons here today………….. 
Disabled persons will get multi-utility I.D. cards Free of Cost: CM
Lucknow : December 03, 2007 U.P. Chief Minister Km. Mayawati has announced 
that an additional provision of Rs. 2 crore ………….. 
Dr. Margaret Chan calls on C.M. 
Lucknow : December 03, 2007 The Director General of World Health Organisation 
(W.H.O.) Dr. Margaret Chan called on the Ut………….. 
Guilty should be severely punished : Mayawati 
Lucknow : December 01, 2007 Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Km. Mayawati has 
decided to handover the Rs. 35 thousand crore ………….. 
Presentation on Ganga Expressway Project on December 10 at New Delhi to get no objection 
C.M. directs officers to complete power projects in time 
C.M. addresses convention of senior police officers 
Requests Central Government for security of borders 
PPS officers will get promotion in IPS cadre very soon : Chief Minister 
C.M. reviews development works and law and order 
Seriously injured persons to get Rs. 1 lakh each and the people having minor injuries Rs. 50,000 
Seriously injured persons to get Rs. 1 lakh each and the people having minor injuries Rs. 50,000 
 Target to generate 10,000 MW power by the end of 11th Five Year Plan : Chief Minister 
MOU to be signed between NTPC and Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam tomorrow on November 22 
C.M. inaugurates U.P. Pavilion at International Trade Fair 
Former Cabinet Minister Mr. Satish Chandra Mishra nominated chairman of the council
Dutiful, honest and efficient officers will be given full protection 
State Government decides to file SLP in the Supreme Court 
C.M. on Punjab and Jammu visit from November 16 
 Division level review meeting of four divisions held at Meerut 
C.M. recommends C.B.I. inquiry into kidnapping of Original Inhabitant of Jambudvipa i.e.the Great Prabuddha Bharath girl student 
 Special Courts to be constituted for day to day hearing of the UPCOCA cases 
State Government decides cane prices for the crushing season 2007-08 
Board also to display name of Ramabai Ambedkar Maidan, Airport and Railway Station 
Gujarat riots should be deeply probed by CBI: Mayawati 
Periyar Book has no connection with U.P. Government or BSP: Chief Minister 
Government sensitive towards the quality of mid-day-meal scheme 
C.M. directs district administration for proper medical treatment of ill children 
IT Training Programme will bring transparency in the functioning of Secretariat personnel 
C.M. Pays Homage to Martyr Policemen on ‘Police Memorial Day’ 
C.M. greets people on the occasion of Dussehara 
Steering Committee headed by Chief Secretary constituted for construction of both Institutes 
Principal Secretary meets National Blinds Association office bearers 
Eight Cabinet Ministers and two Ministers of State administered oath 
Governor and C.M. visit Idgaah to greet Muslim brethren on I’d 
World Bank Country Director Meets C.M. 

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