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LESSON 3237 Thu 9 Jan 2020 Free Online NIBBANA TRAINING from KUSHINARA NIBBANA BHUMI PAGODA -PATH TO ATTAIN PEACE and ETERNAL BLISS AS FINAL GOAL Buddhist Doctrines - What is Nibbana? - The Roots of Nibbana — The words of the Buddha — Dr B.R.Ambedkar thundered “Main Bharat Baudhmay karunga.” (I will make India Buddhist) All Aboriginal Awakened Societies Thunder ” Hum Prapanch Prabuddha Bharatmay karunge.” (We will make world Prabuddha Prapanch)
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Realizing Nirvana (Pang Sai Yati)<br />
The Tuesday Buddha image is lying on his right side, head resting on his arm, toes evenTuesday Buddha Realizing Nirvana (Pang Sai Yati) pink glowing color with dharma wheel and temple background

Image result for Best moving image and line sketch of inclined BuddhaImage result for Best moving image and line sketch of inclined BuddhaBuddhism Nirvana

Buddhist Doctrines - What is Nibbana? - The Roots of Nibbana

— The words of the Buddha —

The Buddha once said,

for those who have confidence in the foremost, the result is foremost”

The Flower of the Sasana

Dr B.R.Ambedkar thundered “Main Bharat Baudhmay karunga.” (I will make India Buddhist)

All Aboriginal  Awakened Societies Thunder ” Hum Prapanch Prabuddha Bharatmay karunge.” (We will make world Prabuddha Prapanch)



Brahmins are ‘Terrorists’

Brahmins Exposed

A scientific research has concluded after extensive study of DNAs of
various castes in India that Brahmins are in fact foreigner to the
country they have been ruling for thousands of years.

The Brahmins misused their Brains as like the Prostitutes

The Brahmins are the foreigners in India.
There are thousands of evidences in Rig- Veda. In Rig- Veda, Indra is
called as ‘Purandara’ means one who destroys the cities (Puras). There
are many hymns (slokas) in the Rig- Veda depicting how Brahmins had
attacked on the aboriginal Indians by different cunning tactics. A Rig-
Veda is the basic evidence of the Brahmins cunningness. Many evidences
of the Brahmins being foreigners as well as the foreign invaders in
India are seen in Rig- Veda. The Brahmins are invaders; the Rig- Veda
also gives evidences that they are very cruel and uncivilized peoples.

Brahmins are the true terrorists in the World! If anyone would write the
history of terrorism in the World, then, he would be needed to start
writing it from the events recorded in the Rig- Veda. In the 10th
Mandala of Rig- Veda, the Varna system supportive bunk that is
Purush-Sukta is written- at which time actually it was written? The
Brahmins killed numerous aboriginal Naga peoples of India. After that,
in order to prevent the future generations of these Nagas from raising
their heads again, the Purush-sukta is attached to Rig- Veda by the
Brahmins in later times to maintain their supremacy. In that sukta, they
told an imaginary story that, the upper three Varna’s of Brahmin,
Kshatriya and Vaishyas are born from the upper parts of the Brahma and
so by excluding the Shudras, they allotted all the special powers to the
upper classes only. They named these upper three Varnas as “Dvij”. Dvij
means a twice born upper caste Eurasian. One natural birth through the
womb of his mother and another birth mean the authority of the Upanayana
ceremony. The Brahmins another philosophy is that, they are born
through the mouth of the Brahma; hence, the Brahmins are the great.
Rashtrapita Jotirao Phule had exposed this Brahma-conspiracy
(Brahma-Ghotala) for the first time. According to this philosophy, the
Brahmins are born through the mouth of the Brahma; hence, Brahmins are
the great but are present Brahmins giving birth to their children from
their mouth instead of giving natural births from their pregnant women?
Does any Brahmin get pregnant through his mouth? If this could be proved
by any Brahmin then we will accept their greatness. For what the
Brahmins are great? The Brahmins are so much cunning, heretics and
lowest peoples that we won’t be able to find such a lowest being in the
other parts of the World. Those cunning, heretic and lowly peoples used
their Brains as like the prostitutes! These Brahmins only had created
the Varna system and made the aboriginal Indians powerless by declaring
them as the Shudras and then divided these Shudras into 6 thousand
different castes in the later times. They separated one class among
those Shudras and declared them as the untouchables. The Brahmins also
created the criminal tribes and the Nomadic tribes. They also enslaved
the women and allotted them the status lower than that of the
Shudra-Atishudras. That’s why; Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had used a special
term for them in the following words that “The Brahmins have used their
brains as like prostitutes”!

The Brahmins own opinions stating that they are the foreigners

During the British rule, some foreign
thinkers like Rhode, Schlegal Patti, Jacob, Lassen, Max Muller,
Schleccher, Mommsen, Monier Williams had stated that, the Brahmins are
not of an Indian origin and their origin is in Central Asia. Bal
(Keshav) Gangadhar Tilak, a chief terrorist among the Brahmins had
written a book named “The Arctic Home in the Vedas”. At his time, it was
generally accepted that the Brahmins are foreigners in India but there
were different opinions regarding from where did they come? According to
Tilak, Brahmins came from the North Arctic region, however; some other
thinkers said that, they came from Siberia, Tibet, Africa, Eastern
Europe, Western Germany, Northern Europe, South Russia, Hungary, etc,
etc. When the British were calling Brahmins as the foreigners in India,
then, Brahmins, too, were accepting their opinions gladly. A reason
behind this was that, it was a true fact but the other practical reason
was that, Brahmins were suggesting to the British that, as like you, we
too, are the foreigners in India; so, together we both would rule on
these aboriginal Indians.

(1) In Manusmriti, there is one hymn (sloka), which proves that the Brahmins are the foreigners.

Manusmriti hymn no. ||24||

Meaning: “Brahmins are originated in
another country. (Brahmins are the Dvijas born in a foreign land). The
Brahmins should live forcefully in this country!”

(2) Bal Gangadhar Tilak (Arctic Home in
the Vedas):- “My effort is limited to the Vedic literature only. In the
Vedas, there are some events which are secreted and hence, become
difficult to understand. If we would study them with the help of the
modern science, then, we would come to the conclusion that the ancestors
of the Vedic Aryans were residing in the region of Northern Arctic land
at the end of an Ice Age”.

(3) Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s chief
guest speech in 39th convocation of Congress which was published in
“Aaj” newspaper on 27th December 1924.

On ‘Un-touchability’ with courtesy:-

“One more obstacle, which is on the way
to Swarajya is un-touchability and peoples can’t make a demand for their
Swarajya or can get it, until they don’t give freedom to their Dalit
brothers. By drowning them, they have drowned their own ship. Now a day,
the British invaders are treating us badly more or less similar to the
invaders of the Aryan caste peoples who had treated the aboriginals of

(4) Pandit Javaharlal Nehru: – Nehru had
written a letter to his daughter Indira Gandhi in the form a book whose
title is “A letter from father to his daughter”. In this letter, Nehru
had clearly written that, Brahmins are the foreigners and they have
destroyed the Indus civilization by attacking on it.

“Come and let us see what happened in
India. We have seen before that in ancient days, India possessed its own
culture and civilization as Egypt. Those who inhabited it at that time
were known as Dravidians. Their descendants are today living around
about Madras. The Aryans invaded these Dravidians from the North.
Surely, these Aryans must have been a big force in Central Asia, who had
to go and live in other countries for want of food.”

(5) In his book “Bharat Varsh ka Itihas”,
Lala Lajpatrai had clearly written on page no. 21 -22 that, Brahmins
are the foreigners.

(6) Bal Gangadhar Tilak (Bharat Varsh ka Itihas, Page no. 87-89. Writer- Mishra Bandhu)

(7) Pandit Shyambihari Mishra, M.A.,
M.R.A.S. and Pandit Sukhdev Bihari Mishra, M.A., M.R.A.S. in their book
‘Bharat Varsh ka Itihas, Part-1, Page no. 62-63)

(8) In a monthly magazine of ‘Madhuri’
published by Pandit Janardan Bhatt; in which, an article published in
1925- ‘Bhartiya puratatva ki nayi khoj’ (page no. 27-29)

(9) Shri Pandit Gangaprasad, M.R.A.S.,
Deputy Collector, U.P. and Ex. Professor of Merath College written boo
‘Jati Bedi’ (Page no. 27-30)

(10) ‘Ravindra Darshan’ written on Ravindranath Tagore by Sukh Sanpatri Bhandari (Page no. 81-82)

(11) ‘Bhartiya Lipitatva’ (Page no. 47-51) written by Nagendranath Basu, M.A., M.R.A.S.

(12) The famous Rigveda translator,
Rameshchandra Dutta written ‘Prachin Bharatvarsh ki Sabhyata ka Itihas,
Part-1’ (Page no. 17-19)

(13) Hindi writer Mahavir Dvivedi written ‘Hindi Bhasha ki Uttpati’

(14) Babu Shyam Sundar, B.A., Secretary
of Kashinagari Pracharani Sabha and Editor of Hindi Shabda Sagar Kosh,
Professor of Banaras Hindu University written book- ‘Hindi Bhasha ka
Vikas’ (Page no. 3-7)

(15) Pandit Laxminarayan Garde, B.A.,
Editor of ‘Shrikrushna Sandesh’ (On the page no. 8-9 and on 29 of book
‘Hindutva’ written by him)

(16) Pandit Jagannath Pancholi Gaud written book- ‘Aryon ka adim nivas’

(17) Rai Bahadur Chintamani Vinayak Vaidya, M.A., LL.B., written book- ‘Mahabharat Mimansa’

(18) Swami Satyadevji Paribhrajak written book- ‘Jati Shiksha’ ( Page no. 8 and 9)

(19) Ramanand Chatterjee, chief guest of
the 29th Conference of Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha and Editor of
‘Modern Review’. He said in his chief guest speech that, Brahmins are
the foreigners.

(20) Acharya Prafulla Chandra Rai’s article published in daily news paper “Aaj” on 29 th November 1926.

(21) Editor of ‘Desh-Bhakt’ (Page no. 29th February 1924)

(22) Yogeshchandra Pal’s monthly news paper ‘Premache Vrindavan’ published in May 1927. Page no. 136-143.

(23) The first Backward Commission was
established under the head of Kaka Kalelkar in which he had admitted
that, Brahmins are the foreigners. Not even this but he had proudly
written that, as like the British we are also the foreigners in India-
“This is a general tendency of peoples of this country to live under the
influence of powerful peoples to safeguard their lives and to make
their living happy and protected. During that period only, peoples of
this country had accepted the supremacy of the Brahmins and their
Sanskrit language. In the later times, when the rulers changed, they
accepted the supremacy of the Arabians and Persians. After that, the
British came and all peoples accepted their supremacy happily.

If we want to give some old name to these
peoples, who have a power to keep the masses under their control, then,
we can call them as Brahmins. During the British rule, those who were
calling them as the Brahmins were the British them self. They were
claiming themselves that, “We are the Brahmins today”.

In the Swarajya too, these Brahmins are
the only rulers, whether they might be of any caste or any religion or
any country. Politics is under the control of Brahmins only. Educational
system is in their hands and the Media which controls the masses is
also in their hands.” (Referance: Adhunik Bharat ke Nirmata:- Kakasaheb
Kalelkar, Writer- Ravindra Kelekar, Page no. 594-95, Publishing
Department, Information and Technology Ministry, Government of India)

The British were saying that, ‘We are the
Brahmins today’. It clearly means that, as like Brahmins we are the
foreigners in India. However; Kalelkar shamelessly said that the present
so called Independence belongs to the foreigner Brahmins only!

(24) P. V. Kane: – History of the religious texts.

(25) Radhakumud Mukherjee: – Hindu
Sabhyata- Page no. 41 and 47- “The chief history of India starts with an
entry of the Aryans”. In reality, it’s not a true history and there is
no entry of the Aryans but there is invasion of the Aryans in India!

(26) D. D. Kosambi: Prachin Bharat ki
Sanskruti aur Sabhyata- Kosambi also states that, Brahmins destroyed the
Indus Civilization.

(27) Rahul Sanskrutyayan: Volga to Ganga

(28) Jayadev Dikshit and Pratap Joshi
(IPS), these Koksnastha Brahmins also gives their opinions that,
Brahmins are the foreigners. After the disclosure of DNA research report
(2001), Joshi had written a book named ‘Greek Origins of the Kokanastha
Chitpavans’. In fact, it was Joshi’s reaction after disclosure of the
detailed postal address of Brahmins by Michael Bamshad. For one thing we
are thankful to Joshi that, he at least accepted that Brahmins are the
foreigners in India! Finally, what remains is that, the Kobra Brahmins
tried to connect their relations with the Greek civilization which is
just a shameless attempt! The Brahmins are trying to show their
relations with the Greek civilization only to give greatness to their
immorality, drunkennness and open sexuality. In reality, there is no
truth in their claims!

(29) N. G. Chaphekar- This ‘Chitpavan’
Brahmin has given his different opinions in his article of ‘from where
did Chitpavanas came?’ A common conclusion of all these statements is
that, Brahmins came to this country from outside. On page no. 295, he
has included some opinions of K. R. Joshi which are given as it is.

“Regarding from where did Kokanastha
come, my thinking is that, they might have come from the costal route of
Sindh-Kathewad-Gujarath to Kulaba and Ratnagiri and then settled in
these districts. Reasons:- If we would think through the linguistic
point of view, we will find an extensive similarity between the old
language of the Kokanastha and Gujarathi language; e.g. Ke Se (in
Chitpavan language), meaning ‘where are you’ becomes Kya Che (in
Gujarathi); Ghodo for horse, Kutro for Dog in Chitpavan language becomes
Dhodo for horse, Kutiya for Dog in Gujarathi. Some old Chitpavan
peoples talk their old Chitpavan language words with nasal tone as like
the Hindu peoples of the Sindh. The Chitpavan peoples are less united
since their tribes descended slowly from the North to south and due to
the long interval between these tribes, the successive tribes couldn’t
get mixed with their earlier tribes. (K. R. Joshi, Jalgaon)”

(30) V. K. Rajwade: – He also said proudly that, Brahmins are the foreigners.

(31) Swami Dayanand Saraswati: – He also had stated that, Brahmins are the foreigners.

(32) By taking ‘separate conferences of the Brahmins’ the present Brahmins also proved the fact that they are the foreigners.

Now, I think these evidences are sufficient to prove that the Brahmins are foreigners in India.

Source: http://beyondheadlines.in/2014/04/brahmins-are-terrorists/

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American Scientist Proves Brahmins are Foreigners

Prof. Vilas Kharat for BeyondHeadlines

A scientific research has concluded
after extensive study of DNAs of various castes in India that Brahmins
are in fact foreigner to the country they have been ruling for thousands
of years. This three-part article will bring out some of the
interesting facts. It is written by Prof. Vilas Kharat, Director, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Research Centre, New Delhi. – Editor

Michael Bamshad has published his DNA
report in ‘Human Genome’ in 2001 at an international level. Due to this
DNA report it is proved scientifically that the Brahmins are foreigners
in India but Brahmins are completely silent on this issue. However;
Mulnivasi Bahujan peoples must be aware of this report. The World has
now approved this fact that the Brahmins are foreigners in India. The
Brahmins have enslaved all Indians by creating ignorance among them.
However; now Brahmins can’t hide this fact that they are the foreigners
because this fact is now highlighted all over the World. A well known
scientist of Utah University named Michael Bamshad has tremendously
indebted the entire native Indians by publishing this report at an
international level.

Michael Bamshad is a famous American
scientist and he is the head of a famous research centre in America. He
is the head of the head of Department of Pediatrics, Eccles Institute of
Human Genetics, 15 North 2030 East, Room no. 2100, USA – 1999-2005. He
is also the head of Department of Pediatrics, University of Utah, and
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112, USA – 2001-2004. He has a deep study in
human genetics. Along with the DNA study on Indians, he has also done
his research on six different important topics.

Being young and brilliant, Michael
Bamshad was came to India to complete his DNA research on the peoples
here and presented very surprising findings in front of the World.

After staying for about half decade in
India, he has done a tremendous work of finding the genetic origin of
Indians. The title of his report is – “Genetic evidence on the Origins
of Indian Caste Population”. He presented this scientific report on
origin of the Indians castes in 2001 in front of the World and the World
too, acclaimed his grand work. The Brahmin- Baniya media of India
however tried to hide this report from the general peoples so as to keep
them ignorant from this surprising report. With the help of the genetic
science, Indians also wanted to know as how Brahmins created the castes
and how they divided the majority of Indians into 6000 different castes
and how they ruled on them instead of being in minority? Not a single
Indian media tried to highlight this matter in front of the peoples.
However, the nationwide organization of BAMCEF created awareness all
over the country. RSS and its allied other Brahmanical organizations
tried to divert this issue unsuccessfully. One of their cunning tactics
is to kill the issue by neglecting it. The Brahmins in India didn’t
discuss a single word on this issue. They attempted to kill this
sensitive issue by neglecting it. However; they couldn’t succeed in it
because the nationwide organizations of BAMCEF and Bharat Mukti Morcha
had done a continuous nationwide awareness campaign on this matter. Now,
we have decided to hand over this report directly to the public. This
scientific research would improve their thinking on this reality.

There are many interesting facts in the
report of Michael Bamshad along with some scientific terms. The Indians
should try to understand those terms very clearly. DNA can be divided
into 4 different types: (1) Nuclear DNA, (2) Mitochondrial DNA, (3) X
Chromosomal DNA and (4) Y Chromosomal DNA.

In case of the nuclear DNA, the DNA of
parents is inherited into their offspring. The report of this DNA only
is held significant in the court cases. The court case of Mr. N. D.
Tiwari was solved by the respective court on this basis only and he was
found guilty. We must know about the mitochondrial DNA too. At the time
of origin of human beings, the regional DNA gets codified into that DNA.
On this basis only, they found similarity in DNA of all the aboriginal
Indians divided into 6000 different castes. Not even this but they also
found matching of DNA of the converted peoples with those different
caste peoples. The DNA of 85% aboriginal Indians didn’t matched that
with the minority of the Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas. However; DNA
of the Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas matched completely among their
own peoples. It does mean that, the DNA of 1750 castes belonging to the
Scheduled Castes, of 750 castes among the Scheduled Tribes and about
5000 Castes among the Other Backward Castes didn’t matched that with the
Brahmins at all. Thus, this DNA report proclaims that, the higher
Castes (i.e. the Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas) are not the original
residents of India but they are the foreigners.

Michael Bamshad is a famous international
personality. He had written a letter legally to the Indian Government
seeking for permission to do DNA research in India. The Indian
Government had given him permission too. He had done his research in the
Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO), Hyderabad. The Indian
Government had given him not only permission to do his research but
also given a team with him. Michael Bamshad himself was associated with
the group of 18 scientists. Along with 6 Indian Universities, 7 American
scientific organizations were also involved in this research.

Source: http://beyondheadlines.in/2014/04/american-scientist-proves-brahmins-are-foreigners/

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Ambedkar and Phule on Brahmins

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