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June 2024
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LESSON 3238 Fri 10 Jan 2020 Free Online NIBBANA TRAINING from KUSHINARA NIBBANA BHUMI PAGODA -PATH TO ATTAIN PEACE and ETERNAL BLISS AS FINAL GOAL Dr B.R.Ambedkar thundered “Main Bharat Baudhmay karunga.” (I will make India Buddhist) All Aboriginal Awakened Societies Thunder ” Hum Prapanch Prabuddha Bharatmay karunge.” (We will make world Prabuddha Prapanch) VOICE of ALL ABORIGINAL AWAKENED SOCIETIES (VoAAAS) Chitpavan brahmins of Siberia, Tibet, Africa, Eastern Europe, Western Germany, Northern Europe, South Russia, Hungary, etc, etc. Quit Prabuddha Bharat !
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LESSON 3238 Fri 10 Jan 2020




Dr B.R.Ambedkar thundered “Main Bharat Baudhmay karunga.” (I will make India Buddhist)

All Aboriginal  Awakened Societies Thunder ” Hum Prapanch Prabuddha Bharatmay karunge.” (We will make world Prabuddha Prapanch)


Chitpavan brahmins of Siberia, Tibet, Africa, Eastern Europe, Western
Germany, Northern Europe, South Russia, Hungary, etc, etc. Quit
Prabuddha Bharat !

Chitpavan brahmins of Siberia, Tibet, Africa, Eastern Europe, Western
Germany, Northern Europe, South Russia, Hungary, etc, etc. Quit
Prabuddha Bharat ! After extensive study of DNAs of various castes
in India that Brahmins are in fact foreigner to the country they have
been ruling for thousands of years. Religious Minorities ,OBCs/SC/STs
are aboriginals of this country and people living, in Pakistan, Bangala
Desh, Burma, Sri lankha, Afganistan etc., have the same DNA and have the
right to live in all these countries which were part and parcel of this
country except the chitpavan brahmins of Rowdy/Rakshasa Swayam Sevaks
(RSS) who are terrorists. They are intolerant, violent, militant, number
one terrorists, ever shooting, mob lynching, cunning, crooked, lunatic,
mentally retarded, greedy, full of hatred, jealousy, delusion,
stupidity towards 99.9 % all aboriginal awakened societies. The advent
of internet they are exposed. Due to this DNA report it is proved
scientifically that the chitpavan brahmins are foreigners in our country
but they are completely silent on this issue. CAA NRC etc., are
applicable to chitpavan brahmins. Now Mulnivasi Bahujan peoples are
aware of this report. The World has now approved this fact that the
chitpavan brahmins are foreigners in our Prabuddha Bharat. The Brahmins
have enslaved all aboriginals by creating ignorance among them. However;
now chitpavan brahmins can’t hide this fact that they are the
foreigners because this fact is now highlighted all over the
World.“Genetic evidence on the Origins of Indian Caste Population”.
Presented this scientific report on origin of the aboriginal castes in
2001 in front of the World and the World too, acclaimed this grand work.
The chitpavan brahmin- baniya PRESSTITUTE media of this Prabuddha
Bharat however tried to hide this report from the general peoples so as
to keep them ignorant from this surprising report. With the help of the
genetic science, aboriginals also wanted to know as how chitpavan
brahmins created the castes and how they divided the majority of
aboriginalss into 6000 different castes and how they ruled on them
instead of being in minority? Not a single PRESSTITUTE media tried to
highlight this matter in front of the peoples. However, the nationwide
organization of BAMCEF of Manyavar Kanshiram created awareness all over
the country. RSS and its allied other chitpavan brahmanical
organizations tried to divert this issue unsuccessfully. One of their
cunning tactics is to kill the issue by neglecting it. The chitpavan
brahmins in Bharat didn’t discuss a single word on this issue. They
attempted to kill this sensitive issue by neglecting it. However; they
couldn’t succeed in it because the nationwide organizations of BAMCEF
had done a continuous nationwide awareness campaign on this matter. Now,
we have decided to hand over this report directly to the public. This
scientific research would improve their thinking on this reality.

Dr B.R.Ambedkar thundered “Main Bharat Baudhmay karunga.” (I will make India Buddhist)
All Aboriginal Awakened Societies Thunder ” Hum Prapanch Prabuddha
Bharatmay karunge.” (We will make world Prabuddha Prapanch)

DNA can be divided into 4 different types: (1) Nuclear DNA, (2)
Mitochondrial DNA, (3) X Chromosomal DNA and (4) Y Chromosomal DNA.In
case of the nuclear DNA, the DNA of parents is inherited into their
offspring. The report of this DNA only is held significant in the court
cases. The court case of Mr. N. D. Tiwari was solved by the respective
court on this basis only and he was found guilty. We must know about the
mitochondrial DNA too. At the time of origin of human beings, the
regional DNA gets codified into that DNA. On this basis only, they found
similarity in DNA of all the aboriginals divided into 6000 different
castes. Not even this but they also found matching of DNA of the
converted peoples with those different caste peoples. The DNA of 85%
aboriginals didn’t matched that with the minority of the chitpavan
brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas. However; DNA of the chitpavan
brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas matched completely among their own
peoples. It does mean that, the DNA of 1750 castes belonging to the
Scheduled Castes, of 750 castes among the Scheduled Tribes and about
5000 Castes among the Other Backward Castes didn’t matched that with the
chitpavan brahmins at all. Thus, this DNA report proclaims that, the
higher Castes (i.e. the Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas) are not the
original residents of Bharat but they are the foreigners.

Who are the Brahmins according to Rashtrapita Jotirao Phule and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar?

Rashtrapita Jotirao Phule’s theory is further strengthened by DNA
research. He had openly stated that, chitpavan brahmins are the
foreigners and they have exploited the aboriginal Bali’s successors of
this country. Rashtrapita Jotirao Phule’s those statements were so bold
that, he even used these words in his compositions. In one of his
Akhanada, he had said that, “chitpavan brahmins have no provision here,
they must be expelled forever, says Joti”. In his book ‘Gulamgiri’ he
had expressed his opinions very boldly as follows:“The extreme fertility
of the soli in India, its rich productions, the proverbial wealth of
its peoples, and the other innumerable gifts which this favored land
enjoys, and which have more recently tempted the cupidity of the Western
nations, no doubt, attracted the Aryans, who came to India, not as
simple emigrants with peaceful intentions of colonization, but as
conquerors. They appeared to have been a race imbued with very high
notions of self, extremely cunning, arrogant and bigoted. Such self
gratulatory, pride-flattering epithets as “Arya, Bhudev, etc with which
they designated themselves, confirm us in our opinion of their primitive
character, which they have preserved up to the present time, with,
perhaps, little change for the better. The aborigines whom the Aryans
subjugated, or displaced, appear to have been hardy and brave peoples
from the determined front which they offered to these interlopers. Such
opprobrious terms, as Shudra ‘Insignificant’ Mahari- ‘the great foe’,
Antyaj, Chandal, etc. with which they designated them, undoubtedly show
that originally they offered the greatest resistance in their power to
their establishing themselves in the country, and hence the great
aversion and hatred in which they are held.” (Ref. – Mahatma Phule
Samagra Vangmay, page no. 72, 1st Edition, 1969)

Rashtrapita Jotirao Phule had exposed the foreignness of chitpavan
brahmins. He also had exposed the chitpavan brahminical mythology and
had relieved Bali from the prison of chitpavan brahmins. There are
proper answers to the cunningness of Brahmins in his literature. Brahmin
Chiplunkar was so much irritated by his literature that, he had badly
abused to Jotiba Phule that, “Phule’s movement will not go beyond
Bhamburda (todays Shivaji nagar) to Hadapsar”. However; due to BAMCEF of
Manyawar Kanshiram followed by Ms Mayawati Supremo of BSP who said: “We
alone can challenge and defeat the casteist, communal and
pro-capitalist BJP!

Behanji’s clarion call to the Nation to
liberate the country from the clutches of fascist rule .We, the
Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Religious
Minorities, are able to secure our rights guaranteed under the
Constitution of India due to the incessant struggle and matchless
sacrifice of Babasaheb Dr. Bheemrao Ambedkar. But the caste-prejudiced
governments did not implement these rights to the benefit of our people.
As the result, despite the provisions of Constitution, our
socio-economic condition remained worst as before. Hence, Babasaheb
advocated us to form the government on our own by getting united under
one political platform and one leadership. In this direction, he
contemplated to launch the Republican Party of India during his
life-time. But he, perhaps, did not know that he would die so early even
before he could bring his plans into action. He could not complete the
task which was later on completed by Manyawar Kanshi Ram Saheb.

Non-political Routes: When Manyawar Kanshi Ram Saheb decided to revive
the Ambedkarite movement, the movement was almost extinct. People had
almost forgotten about the movement. Kanshi Ram Saheb made a deep study
as to the conditions which caused the failure of Ambedkarite movement.
He saw that most of the followers of Babasaheb were out of the movement.
He started probing the reasons which led to the discontinuation of the
movement followed by the death of Babasaheb Ambedkar. He, after a
thorough study, understood that the failure of Ambedkarite movement was
caused due to the lack of ‘non-political routes’ among the Bahujan Samaj
and hence, he decided to strengthen the non-political routes to create
the ‘non-purchasable leadership’. He realized that only that society
with strong non-political routes would produce the ‘non-purchasable’
missionary leaders. Thus he decided to prepare the non-political routes
of the society by preparing the educated employees and youths. Before
launching the Bahujan Samaj Party, he started the BAMCEF and DS-4 to
prepare the educated employees and youth from among the SC/ST/OBCs and
Religious Minorities. He devoted the best part of his life to strengthen
the non-political routes of Bahujan Samaj.

As dreamt by
Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar, Manyawar Kanshi Ram Saheb launched the political
party, namely, Bahujan Samaj Party on April 14, 1984. We, by following
the footsteps of our ancestors and guidance of Manyawar Kanshi Ram
Saheb, are able to form our own government for four times in Uttar
Pradesh in the past. As the result, we are able to improve the
socio-economic condition of our people in Uttar Pradesh. We are able to
secure the constitutional rights of our people. We are also able to
build memorials, statues and parks in the honor of our ancestors. But we
could not succeed to form our government in other states. As the
result, atrocities against our people are continuing unabatedly.
Exploitation of the poor has not been ended.

Tampering of EVMs
by BJP : Our failure to form our own government in other states has
helped the BJP to defeat us in Uttar Pradesh. They found that BSP is
strong only in UP and not in other states and hence they thought that if
they could finish us in UP, BSP will die a natural death in all other
states. That is how they focused their entire strength to defeat us in
UP. However, they could not win through fair means. They had to resort
to fraudulent way of tampering the electronic voting machines (EVMs) to
defeat us.

BJP and company had used the EVMs in 2014 itself to
win the General Election. We thought that it was the mandate against the
scams-ridden and scandals-tainted rule of Congress. But the election
results of the five states held in March 2017 have exposed the EVM
scandal of BJP. They could not win in Punjab, Uttarkhand, Goa and
Manipur. In Goa and Manipur, Congress party got lead over the BJP. But
BJP leaders have managed the other MLAs form their governments. In
Uttarkhand, it was the internal quarrel of the Congress that gave a lead
to the BJP. In Punjab, the anti-incumbency factor of Akali Dal gave the
victory to Congress. BJP, being the partner of Akali Dal, lost the
election. In all the above four states, they did not tamper with the
EVMs and the results were on the expected lines. But in Uttar Pradesh,
nobody expected that BJP would get such a huge margin of victory. The
senior bureaucrats of UP, who are usually the first to know the results
in advance, were making preparations to welcome the BSP Government. They
were utterly surprised when the results were announced. I, seeing the
trend of results late in the morning, went to the press and exposed the
EVM fraud. Later on, we also launched nation-wide struggle against the
fraud of EVMs and legal battle to get the VVPAT incorporated with EVMs.
Thus, we are confronting the BJP at every step.

BJP Mischief in
Saharanpur: It is to be understood that we are the only one who are
challenging the RSS agenda of BJP rulers during the past three years. Be
it the death of Rohit Vemula in Hyderabad University, attack against
Dalits in Una of Gujarat, Vyapam scandal of Madya Pradesh or lynching of
Muslims in Dadri, I vehemently opposed and exposed them in the Rajya
Sabha. Hence, the BJP leaders had been hatching plans to choke our
voice. They are planning to isolate BSP from other communities and limit
us only to Dalits. That is why they managed to create clashes between
Dalits and the Jat community in Saharanpur. They are also able to use a
Dalit organization in their conspiracy. I have clearly understood the
game-plan of BJP behind the Saharanpur clashes. I decided to expose them
in the Parliament. When I gave the notice to speak on the Saharanpur
issue in the Rajya Sabha on July 18, 2017, they were afraid that their
mischief would get exposed and hence they did not allow me to speak.
Even the ministers also joined the chorus to prevent my speech. I went
to the Parliament to give voice to the aspirations of people and find
redresses to their woes. The issue of Sabbirpur in Saharanpur is a very
serious one in which a Dalit was killed, several others were injured and
their houses were burnt. If I am not allowed to do justice to my
aggrieved people and not able to protect them, why should I remain in
the Parliament? BJP people may try to silence me. But I, being
Babasaheb’s daughter and Kanshi Ram Saheb’s disciple, cannot be silenced
by anyone. I decided to resign my Rajya Sabha membership as Babasaheb
Ambedkar did in 1951. I, after quitting the Rajya Sabha seat, have also
decided to tour the whole country to prepare our people and strengthen
our movement in every state. We must put an end to all kinds of
exploitations by forming our government.

Have Faith in the
Success of our Movement: The BJP has become strong not because of its
own strength, but because of the failure of other parties. Presently,
you may be thinking that we can succeed if we join the UPA / Congress
and other parties. These parties are in such pitiable conditions that
they cannot be of any use to us. We must achieve the success on our own
strength without depending on any other party. In fact, only we can
challenge and defeat the casteist, communal and pro-capitalist BJP.
Other than BSP, no other party has got the determination and morality to
challenge BJP. Do not lose your faith in the success of our movement.
Do not lose your heart in the face of odd situations. Our ancestors had
faced much more tough situations, but they did not lose heart. Babasaheb
Ambedkar and Manyawar Kanshi Ramji were neither disappointed nor did
they get discouraged when they faced severe challenges and setbacks.
Look at me. Have you ever seen me disheartened, sad and disappointed?
Every tough situation has made me tougher and made me to move ahead with
greater determination. When I took over the charge of party’s president
post, I had faced toughest time of my life. Our old leaders such as
Phulsingh Barayya and Davuram Ratnakar betrayed the movement by playing
in the hands of other parties. But I was not disappointed. I carried
ahead the movement all alone. I always enjoyed my work. You must also do
your work with great joy. Do not think that success brings us joy. On
the other hand it is the joy that brings us success. We must carry our
struggles with great celebration and bliss. The present situation may
look very critical and depressing. But we can convert this situation to
our advantage by our determination and hard work.

America Europe GIF - America Europe History GIFs…/why-are-people-opposing-the-cit……/

Mayawati opposes Citizenship (Amendment) Bill

Slamming the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, Bahujan Samaj Party supremo
Mayawati on Thursday said the Bill, brought in hurriedly by the Centre,
was completely divisive and unconstitutional. The BSP president said to
grant citizenship on the basis of religion and discriminate among the
citizens on the basis of religion, etc was a step completely against the
desire and basic structure of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar’s humanitarian and
secular constitution. The BSP does not agree to the present form of this

She did not approve violence and said BSP cadres will not
hit the streets as there was a Emergency like situation.She advised
people to protest by writing.

Ms Mayawati said rather than
imposing the Bill, brought in a very unconstitutional and immature
manner, much like demonetisation and the Goods and Services Tax (GST),
the Centre should re-think on the matter. It should be sent to a

Parliamentary Committee for better discussions and deliberations so that
the Bill can be presented before the people of the country in a
constitutional manner.

The BSP chief said she wanted to make it
clear that if the Union government takes the right and suitable
decisions according to the Indian Constitution in the country and public
interest, they will rise above party-based politics and support the

Further, the BSP honcho said her party has always had a
clear stand that if a policy is made after respecting believers of every
caste, community and religions, by not indulging in narrow politics, it
will be supported. If its the opposite case though, her oppose will
firmly oppose it.

The present Citizenship (Amendment) Bill has many flaws and the Centre, for removing the same, should deliberate and
discuss the matter with all the parties before bringing it in
Parliament so that the various, serious apprehensions regarding it are

“The stand taken by the party chief vis-a-vis the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill was praised, and that there is positive
discussion among people regarding the stand taken by the party,” the statement issued by the BSP said.

“Citizenship in the name of religion and discrimination in the name of
religion of the citizens through it is totally against the basic
structure of the humanitarian and secular Constitution of Dr. Bhimrao
Ambedkar,” she had said.

“Instead of forcing this Bill, like demonetisation and GST, the central government should review it,” she said.

“It should be sent to a parliamentary committee for better
deliberations so that this Bill could come before people in a proper
manner that is in consonance with the Constitution,” the BSP chief had


She is a strong lady of 99.9% All Aboriginal Awakened Societies for
Sarvajan Hithaya Sarvajan Sukhaya i.e for the welfare, happiness and
peace for all societies & a good administrator. As CM of UP she
distributed wealth of the State equally
among all sections of the
society as enshrined in the Constitution with her excellent
administration and became the PM of this country. This was not tolerated
by just 0.1% intolerant, violent, militant, number one terrorists of
the world, cunning, crooked, ever shooting, mob lynching, lunatic,
mentally retarded, timid, foreigners from BENE ISRAEL CHITPAVAN

BRAHMINS of Rowdy/Rakshasa Swayam Sevaks (RSS) hence gobbled the Master
Key through the slaves, stooges, chamchas, chelas, bootlickers, own
mother’s flesh eaters, Murderer of democratic institution and Master of
diluting institutions (Modi) by tampering the filthy fraud EVMs.

Hence the solution is to Capturing the Master Key

Babasaheb Dr B.R Ambedkar has said that “political power is the master
key using which you can open all the doors of your progress and self

If Foreigners from Bene Israel chitpavan brahmins of
Rowdy/Rakshasa Swayam Sevaks (RSS) can call this as manusmriti manuvad
hindutva land why can not we declare this land as PRABUDDHA BHARAT for
the benefit of AllAboriginal Societies ?

As we were Buddhists, are Buddhists and continue to be Buddhists.

All Aboriginal Awakened Societies have started writing in the social media demanding :
1.Ballot papers to be used in elections instead of the filthy fraud EVMs
2. Foreigners from BENE ISRAEL chitpavan brahmins of Rowdy/Rakshasa Swayam Sevaks (RSS) to be forced to quit PRABUDDHA BHARAT.
3. Action to be taken on the ex CJI sathasivam who committed a grave
error of judgement by ordering that the EVMs have to be replaced in a
phased manner where the question of replacement in itself amounted to
agreeing thet the EVMs are tamperable.Action to be taken on the ex CEC
sampath who suggested for replacement of EVMs in phased manner becaust
it cost Rs 1600 crore at that time.
4. Stringent action have to be initiated on all the fchiefs of four pillars of democracy who have
become slaves, stooges, chamchas, chelas, bootlickers of chitpavan brahmins.
When the issues were attempted to e-file in Supreme Court, its website did not work. Did not get reply when attempted to
write to the CJI. Therefore, the only alternative is to propagate through the social media.…/rss-terrorist-organisatio_n…
RSS India’s Number One Terrorist Organisation Volunteers of the militant Hindu group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
(RSS) participate in a three-day workers camp on the outskirts of
Ahmadabad, India, Saturday, Jan. 3, 2015. The RSS, parent organization
of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, combines religious education with
self-defense exercises. The organization has long been accused of
stoking religious hatred against Muslims. (AP Photo/Ajit Solanki)

BJP’s ideological mentor, RSS as India’s ‘number one terrorist organisation’.

According to a report in The Times Of India, “RSS activists have been
chargesheeted in at least 13 cases of terror acts in which RDX has been
used. If organisations like Bajrang Dal are taken into the account, then
the number of such cases goes up to 17.”

The incidents of 2007
Mecca Masjid bombing in Hyderabad, the 2006 and 2008 Malegaon blasts in
Maharashtra and the 2007 Samjhauta Express bombings among others, “The
RSS is India’s number one terrorist organisation, there is no doubt on

The “terror group” has nothing to do with which party is in the power.

“Intolerance has been going on for a long time. There have been many severe bigger incidents earlier.

Intelligence Bureau (IB) was behind the killing of Hemant Karkare who
was investigating the involvement of Hindu radicals in terror acts.
Karkare was killed during the Mumbai terror attack in 2008..

“There is clinching evidence about the IB’s involvement but all efforts
to establish that have been defeated. Efforts to call for an independent
probe have always been defeated. Unless there is a massive public
movement, this will never be established,” Sensational claims is in
thebook “Who Killed Karkare”.

Just 0.1% intolerant, violent,
militant, number one terrorists of the world, ever shooting, mob
killing, cunning crooked, lunatic, mentally retarded FOREIGNERS from
BENE ISRAEL chitpavan brahmins of Rowdy/Rakshasa Swayam Sevaks (RSS)
remotely controlling as ideological mentor the Bevakoof Jhoothe
Psychopaths (BJP) who gobbled the Master Key by tampering the filthy
fraud EVMs to win elections by the Murderer of democratic institutions
and Master of diluting institutions (Modi).…/

“Modi is a Terrorist” Slams the Ears of Indians in The USA

New York: Sentence “Modi is a Terrorist” hitting the ears of Indians
living in the United States. India is a Terrorist country which is
killing innocent Kashmiri Muslims for 70 years. These sentences
arechanting on most of the countries.

The world was told that Narendra Modi is a Terrorist and he is doing state terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

American people came to know that prime minister Modi is a Terrorist
who had killed more than 2000 people in Gujrat and he was banned from
travelling to the US because of his terror activities in Gujrat and
India. Modi is a life member of the hindutva terrorist organisation “The
RSS” which is based on Hitler’s ideology of Superior manusmriti
hindutva which says chitpavan brahmins as 1st rate athmas (souls), the
kshatrias, vysias, shudras as 2nd,3rd,4th rate souls and the aboriginal
SC/STs have no souls so that all sorts of atrocities could be committed
on them.But the Buddha never believed in any soul. He said all are
equal. Therefore, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar returned back to his original
homBuddhism along with all aboriginal awakened societies and the process

US Court Of Southern Texas Summons Narendra Modi And Amit ShahUS Court Of Southern Texas Summons Narendra Modi And Amit Shah

Houston: A District court in the United States (US) has summoned Indian
Modi and Amit Shah on Human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir.
According to details the summon against Modi, Amit Anilchandra Shah and
Indian Army commander in Jammu and Kashmir Lt Gen Kanwar jeet Singh
Dhillon were issued on September 19, 2019, by the district court of
Southern Texas, United States.

A petition was filed against the
atrocities being committed against innocent Kashmiris in the occupied
Kashmir. The Courts asked all three to explain their role in Gross Human
rights abuses in Jammu and Kashmir. In the case of failing to submit
and answer, A judgement by default will be entered against them. Modi is
going to United States this week to attend 74th General convention
ofUnited Nations General Assembly.

People of Jammu and Kashmir
are still under siege for 48th consecutive day by Indian military. More
than 60,000 Extra troops were deployed in Indian occupied Kashmir in the
beginning of August, which was already the most militarized area in the
world since decades. After the deployment of these extra troops in the
valley, the total number of Indian military troops reaches upto 800,000.

India took these steps to crush the reaction of Kashmiri people after
revoking Article 35A and Article 370 of Indian constitution on August 5.
These two articles were giving a special status to Jammu and Kashmir.
People of Kahsmir are under curfew since August 5, 2019, and all
communication with the rest of the world were cut off by Indian Army.
Even the international reporters were not allowed to enter the valley.

People accused the government for a massive genocide in Kashmir in efforts to change the demographics of the region.

In past few decades more than 95 thousands innocent Kashmiri were
killed and thousands of women were rsped by Indian Army. But the ratio
of human rights violations is on the peak since the latest steps of the
government to crush the freedom moment of Kahsmiri people.

must be a massive movement by All Aboriginal Awakened Societies
including the SC/STs/OBCs/Religious Minorities/the non-chitpavan
brahmins who are the aboriginals of PRABUDDHA BHARAT to force the
chitpavan brahmins to quit PRABUDDHA BHARAT to save Universal
AdultFranchise, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity as enshrined in our
Marvelous Modern Constitution for the welfare, happiness and peace of
all societies and for them to attain Eternal Bliss as Final Goal.

They are

according to…/rss-guys-are-not-even-hindu…
RSS guys are not even Hindus? /One group converted to Hinduism as chitpavan brahmins, the other remained Jewish or Bene Israel
People are finding the truth now. Power of western freedom and
platforms to research and communicate truth as it is- from people to
people without any perverted intermediary. Thanks Jose Kissinger. Your
time and energy is energizing. We are the beneficiaries of your research
and knowledge. For Tamils, four other stalwarts to follow are Anthony
இன்று யூதன் என சொல்லிக்கொள்ளும் யூதனில் 98% யூதனே கிடையாது, அதுபோல
இந்துக்களின் காவலன் என சொல்லிக்கொள்ளும் RSS ன் தோற்றுவிப்பாளர்கள்
இந்துக்களே கிடையாது. 98% யூதர்கள் ஹஸாரியர்கள், செமிடிக் (சேம் மின்
சந்ததி) இனக்குழுவே கிடையாது. RSS நிறுவனர்கள் இந்த ஹஸாரியர்களே!

According to Bene Israeli myth, the chitpavan and Bene Israel are
descendants from a group of 14 people shipwrecked off the Konkan coast.
One group converted to Hinduism as Chitpavan Brahmins, the other
remained Jewish or Bene Israel.

Some of the prominent figures in
the Hindu reform movements of the 19th and 20th centuries came from the
Chitpavan Brahmin community. These included Dhondo Keshav Karve,

Justice Mahadev Govind Ranade,

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar,

Gopal Ganesh Agarkar,

Vinoba Bhave.

Wolpert, Stanley A. (April 1991).

Tilak and

Revolution and Reform in the Making of Modern India. Oxford: OxfordUniversity Press. p. 32. ISBN 978-0195623925.

Some of the strongest resistance to change also came from the very same
community.The vanguard and the old guard clashed many times. D. K.
Karve was ostracised. Even Tilak offered penance for breaking caste or
religious rules.One was for taking tea at Poona Christian mission in
1892 and the second was going overseas to England in The chitpavan
community includes two major politicians in the Gandhian tradition:
Gopal Krishna Gokhale whom Gandhi acknowledged as a preceptor, and
Vinoba Bhave, one of his outstanding disciples. Gandhi describes Bhave
as the Jewel of his disciples, and recognized Gokhale as his political
guru. However, strong opposition to Gandhi also came from within the
chitpavan community. V D Savarkar, the founder of the Hindu nationalist
political ideology hindutva, was a chitpavan brahmin.
members of the Chitpavan community were among the first to embrace the
Hindutva ideology, which they thought was a logical extension of the
legacy of the Peshwas and caste-fellow Tilak. These chitpavans felt out
of place with the Indian social reform movement of Mahatama Phule and
the mass politics of Mahatama Gandhi. Large numbers
of the community
looked to Savarkar, the Hindu Mahasabha and finally the RSS.Nathuram
godse who murdered gandhi was also a chitpavan brahmin. Inspired by
Zionism, Savarkar believed that Hindus and Jews shared a history of
oppression at the hands of Muslims, and that both deserved redress. “It
must be emphasized that speaking historically, the
whole of
Palestine has been, from at least 2,000 years before the birth of the
Muslim prophet, the national home of the Jewish people,” Savarkar said.
In hindutva (published in 1923), he underlined his support for the
Zionist cause. ‘If the Zionists’ dreams were realized, if Palestine
became a Jewish state, it would gladden us almost as much
as our Jewish friends.’….

Therefore, the only alternative is to propagate through the social media.

Jagatheesan Chandrasekharan

RSS favours paper ballots, EVMs subjected to public scrutiny New Delhi |
Saturday, Aug 28 2010 IST Joining the controversy regarding the
reliablity of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) which have been
questioned by political parties, the RSS today asked the Election
Commission (EC) to revert back to tried and tested paper ballots and
subject EVMs to public scrutiny whether these gadgets are tamper proof.
In an editorial titled ‘Can we trust our EVMs?’, The Organiser, the RSS
mouthpiece, noted it was a fact that till date an absolutely
tamper-proof machine had not been invented and credibility of any system
depends on ‘transparency, verifiability and trustworthiness’ than on
blind and atavistic faith in its infallibility.

The issue is not a
‘private affair’ and it involves the future of Prabuddha Bharat. Even
if the EVMs were genuine, there was no reason for the EC to be touchy
about it, the paper commented. The Government and the EC can’t impose
EVMs as a fait accompli on Indian democracy as the only option before
the voter. There were flaws like booth capturing, rigging, bogus

voting, tampering and ballot paper snatching in the ballot paper system
of polling leading the country to switch over to the EVMs and all these
problems were relevant in EVMs too. Rigging was possible even at the
counting stage. What made the ballot papers voter-friendly was that all
aberrations were taking place before the public eye and hence open for
corrections whereas the manipulations in the EVMs is entirely in the
hands of powers that be and the political appointees manning the sytem,
the paper commented. The EVM has only one advantage — ’speed’ but that
advantage has been undermined by the staggered polls at times spread
over three to four months. ‘’This has already killed the fun of the
election process,’’ the paper noted. Of the dozen General Elections held
in the country, only two were through the EVMs and instead of
rationally addressing the doubts aired by reputed institutions and
experts the Government has resorted to silence its critics by
‘intimidation and arrests on false charges’, the paper observed,
recalling the arrest of Hyederabad-based technocrat Hari Prasad by the
Mumbai Police. Prasad’s research has proved that the EVMs were

‘vulnerable to fraud’. The authorities want to send a message that
anybody who challenges the EC runs the risk of persecution and
harassment, the RSS observed. Most countries around the world looked at
the EVMs with suspicion and countries like the Netherlands, Italy,
Germany and Ireland had all reverted back to paper ballots shunning EVMs
because they were ‘easy to falsify, risked eavesdropping and lacked
transparency’. Democracy is too precious to be handed over to whims or
an opaque establishment and network of unsafe gizmos. ‘’For the health
of Indian democracy it is better to return to tried and tested methods
or else elections in future can turn out to be a farce,’’ the editorial

— (UNI) — 28DI28.xml
When the BJP was in opposition even the RSS favoured Paper Ballots as
EVMs was subjected to public scrution.After the Bevakoof Jhoothe
Psychopaths (BJP) gobbled the Master Key by tampering the filthy fraud
EVMs to win elections the Rowdy/Rakshasa Swayam Sevaks (RSS) are now
siding the EVMs.
RSS favours paper ballots, EVMs subjected to public scrutiny
Joining the controversy regarding the reliablity of Electronic Voting
Machines (EVMs) which have been questioned by political parties, the RSS
today asked the Election Commission (EC) to revert back to tried and…

the controversy regarding the reliablity of Electronic Voting Machines
(EVMs) which have been questioned by political parties, the RSS today
asked the Election Commission (EC) to revert back to tried and tested
paper ballots and subject EVMs to public scrutiny whether these gadgets
are tampeable…/8/3/……/3g9mvj/khazars_ii_brahmin_vindaloo/

Therefore, the only alternative is to propagate through the social media.

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We Brahmins Are Aryans From Eurasia

#Brahmins #rss #hindus

This movement is spread not only at the national level but also at an
international level. Now, due to the DNA report, this movement has got a
scientific basis. On the other hand, children’s of Chiplunkar’s own
caste even don’t know who are Chiplunkar, Agarkar, Tilak!

Phule’s completed literature has got Laxmanshastri Joshi’s
introduction. After reading Joshi’s thoughts in his introduction, it
becomes clear that, Joshi also scared to mention about what Phule had
said about the chitpavan brahmins that they are the foreigners. This
Joshi only agrees with Jotirao Phule’s opinions in his book
‘Jotinibandh’ but he couldn’t disprove the fact said by him that the
chitpavan brahmins are foreigners. Joshi only does time pass with a
useless talking. He couldn’t deny the fact that the Brahmins are
foreigners. Joshi’s abortive efforts are like an old dying woman
attempting to survive in vein. Joshi’s statements:- “Other thing is
that, it can be possible suspected that, chitpavan brahmins or the
Aryans could have attacked on this country from outside but we can’t
find any perfect proof in support of this view. We don’t get any perfect
evidence which can prove that Indian chitpavan brahmins are genetically
different from the other Indians. So, we can’t get any proof for the
fact that the cause of the supremacy of chitpavan brahmins in India lies
in their genetic differences from other Indians or whether it lies in
the struggle between the Aboriginals versus the foreign invaders. (Ref. –
Tarktirtha Laxmanshastri Joshi; Lekh-Sangraha, Page no. 397).
Rashtrapita Jotirao Phule not only said that the chitpavan brahmins are
foreigners but also proved it with evidences. Why Brahmins established
their supremacy in India? Since because they are the foreigners! DNA
report also has given support to the views of Rashtrapita Jotirao Phule.
However; DNA report has defeated Laxmanshastri even after his death.
Joshi’s DNA was of foreign origin and his chitpavan brahmins caste
living in India is also of foreign origin!

Dr. Babasaheb
Ambedkar’s opinion was similar to what was his teacher’s opinion. His
teacher was Rashtrapita Jotirao Phule. Narhar Kurundkar was feeling
giddiness after hearing the name of Mahatma Phule only. ‘Vivek’ was the
mouthpiece of RSS. After publication of DNA report in 2001, RSS had
published a confusing article of ‘Mulnivasi yethe ani yethe’ in Marathi
in Vivek on 26th October 2013. The foreigner Brahmins special policy is
to talk wrong but to talk it with stress! After Michael Bamshad’s
report, Brahmins developed a severe hatred towards the word ‘Mulnivasi’.
After that, they have started ‘Vanvasi’ movement amongst the Adivasis
in a larger amount, which is a prominent thing. The Brahmins present Dr.
Babasaheb Ambedkar’s statements from his book ‘Who were the Shudras?’
by breaking and disarranging them. Here, I am presenting only two
evidences of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar so as to shorten my introduction in
which, he had started that, chitpavan brahmins are the foreigners.

Evidence No. 1:– An important thing is that, these both statements are
after so called independence. To understand Dr. Ambedkar’s thoughts, we
should link his moves with references. Dr. Ambedkar had delivered a
historical speech on 28th October 1951 in Ludhiana city of Punjab state.
In that speech, he had clearly stated that, chitpavan brahmins are the
foreigners in India. Let’s see in his own words- “When chitpavan
brahmins came to India, at that time, the Varna system got started here.
Peoples were allotted their status as per their birth. Some were called
as chitpavan brahmins, some Vaishyas, some Shudras and remaining
‘untouchables’. According to this division, the untouchables were at the
lowest level and were completely separated from the society. Relation
between Savarna Hindu and untouchables is like foot with its shoe. When
we enter our homes, we keep our shoes out of home. In the same way, the
untouchables were kept out of society and they were not given any kind
of powers. We have tolerated an insulting treatment from the Savarna
Hindus for many centuries and even now, we are tolerating social,
economic and political injustice.” (Reference- Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
Writing and Speeches, Volume-18, Part-3, Page no. 257)

Try to
understand Dr. Ambedkar’s statement- “When Aryans came to India then
Varna system started here” – in this statement, ‘the Aryans came’ this
word signifies what? It does mean that, chitpavan brahmins are the
foreigners and after attacked on India they established their supremacy
on this country with numerous conspiracies and then they established
their Varna system here with their cunning tactics. Here, Dr. Ambedkar
straightforward says that, chitpavan brahmins are the foreigners.

Evidence No. 2:– On 25th November 1956 means before 9 days of his
death, Dr. Ambedkar was gone for the inauguration ceremony of Kashi
University. He had given a historical speech there. There also, he had
told openly in his speech that, chitpavan brahmins are the foreigners –
“The peoples which are now a day considered as Hindus are mostly the
Nagvanshi ones. Those Naga peoples who had inhabituated India before the
Aryans were much developed than the Aryans. The Aryans defeated them,
only this reason is not sufficient to say that the Aryan civilization
was more developed than them”. (References: – Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
Writing and Speeches, Volume-18, Part-3, Page no. 563)Dr. Babasaheb
Ambedkar uses word ‘Arya’ for the Brahmins and further states that, now a
day, to whom; we call Hindu were the Shudras who were the earlier
Nagvanshi peoples. In the pre-Aryan time that is before the invasion of
the Aryans, the Naga peoples were living in India which means that, they
were the native or aboriginal peoples of this country according to Dr.

In one of his speeches, he says clearly that, ‘When
Nehru’s caste peoples come to India before 3000 years’. Does it not mean
that Dr. Ambedkar wanted to say that chitpavan brahmins are the
foreigners? The issue of chitpavan brahmins being foreigners in India
was presented by Rashtrapita Phule and Babasaheb Ambedkar throughout
their lives. However; to reject these words, chitpavan brahmins adopt
various tricks. These different tricks of Eurasian chitpavan brahmins
now won’t be successful. Daily Marathi news paper ‘Loksatta’ had
published an article of ‘Mulnivasi Viruddha Ambedkarvad’. Basically,
that article was published in the name of their agent Madhu Kamble.
However; originally, it was written by a chitpavan brahmin person. The
Eurasian chitpavan brahmins may do whatever tricks but how their
foreignness could be hidden?

A Comparative study between DNA report and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s thesis of ‘Castes in India’

Michael Bamshad also focused in his DNA research on the question about
what is the status of females in the Indian society? After completion of
his research, Michael Bamshad had come to the conclusion that the
Indian women’s were used while creating the Caste system in India. The
conclusion of Michael Bamshad is as follows: – “But undoubtedly now we
have been able to prove the fact that, the higher castes are more closer
to the Europeans than the lower castes and the second thing is that,
Indian women’s are more unstable in the social system of India- Among
the Indian caste system, they are upgrading into the higher castes from
the lower castes at a larger scale”.

The religious texts of
chitpavan brahmins don’t give any authority to the females. They have
considered all the women’s into the Shudra Varna. Manu even gives an
order that ‘the females are not liable to freedom’. The opinion of
Manusmriti is that, women’s are only an object of enjoyment and this
too, is the opinion of Indian chitpavan brahmins. In the Varanasi Court,
one trial had became very much famous on the subject of whether women’s
could be sold or not as like any other goods? And the chitpavan
brahmins of Kashi-Varanasi had given ample evidences from their
religious texts that as like any object the females could be sold. When
chitpavan brahmins had come to India, they didn’t have brought their
women with them. Those peoples who bring their females with them on war
are easily defeated as like the war of ‘Panipat’! This example of looser
Peshva chitpavan brahmins is sufficient to understand the fact. The
Eurasian chitpavan brahmins had used women’s from here only for their
procreation. While doing this, they given an importance to increasing
their population.

In later times, chitpavan brahmins devised the
concepts of Anulom- Pratilom marriages and also devised their way
through it. (A marriage in which higher caste males can marry with the
lower caste females is called as Anulom marriage and a marriage in which
lower caste male cant marry with the higher caste females is called as
Pratilom marriage. Thus, Pratilom marriage keeps lower caste males
restricted to their respective castes and hence maintains the Caste
system; whereas, in Pratilom marriage, higher caste Dvij’s can use lower
caste women’s for their procreation and in that process, lower caste
females can access the status of higher castes from lower castes. This
fact was presented by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar in his research paper and
the same was proved scientifically by Michael Bamshad with evidences).

In the Bhagavad-Gita, there is repeated mentioning of the inter-mixture
among the different Varna’s. To find the origin of Caste system in
India, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had presented his thesis – “Castes in
India- its origin and its mechanism” in 1916 at Columbia University of
New-York, America. In that thesis, he stressed more on the origin of the
caste, its structure and its development. It’s a surprising disclosure
of the phenomenon of the Caste system of India. Indian Brahmins had
presented two main points like Inter-caste marriages and Inter-Gotra
marriages. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar states his opinion that, “The caste
system in India is meant to divide a unified society into numerous
artificial divisions- Each part (or caste) is bound internally by
traditions and marriage rules. So, the same caste marriages are the
prime character of Caste system’. The sole conclusion of Babasaheb’s
research thesis is that, Brahmins used Indian women’s while creating the
Caste system in India. The final conclusion of DNA report is similar to
the conclusions of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar! If we would do a comparative
study of Micahel Bamshad’s DNA report and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkars
thesis, then, we will find a surprising similarity among these two.

A DNA report gives the firm evidences about the origin of Caste system.
Now, the chitpavan brahmins postal address has been disclosed. Due to
this report, the secrets of Caste system are also disclosed worldwide.
The grading of Caste system is based on the ‘graded inequality’. The
chitpavan brahmins have created such system to maintain their supremacy
for prolonged period. Khaparde saheb was always saying that, “An
inequality among the unequals is the heart of Caste system”. Another
important character of Caste system is that, there isn’t any single
caste but there are multiple castes in India.

The foreigners
Eurasian chitpavan brahmins divided Indians not only among the castes
but also among the graded inequality of the castes. ‘chitpavan brahmins’
is a castes and a Race too. To divide the aboriginals of this country,
3% minority foreigner chitpavan brahmins created an unequal gradation of
Caste system here and started the rule of ‘Divide and Rule’. This rule
is not of the British but it is of the chitpavan brahmins only! Manu is
the owner of its copyright!! To study the origin, development and the
progress of caste system, this DNA report is very important.

there should be no hindrance is saying that chitpavan brahmins are the
foreigners in India. The science also says that they are the foreigners.
Now, one thing should be kept in mind that, the chitpavan brahmins, who
were feeling proud in saying that we are the foreigners at one time,
those chitpavan brahmins now days are trying to show unsuccessfully that
they are from here only. The World is going to agree with the report of
Michael Bamshad, until chitpavan brahmins don’t disprove it. Now days,
why chitpavan brahmins are not declaring themselves openly that, they
are the ‘foreigners’? In India, there is democracy and in Democracy,
those peoples who are having majority can only rule. To hide their
minority, the chitpavan brahminsare trying to hide their original
‘foreigner’ identity and to misuse the majority of aboriginal Indians;
they are taking the help of word ‘Hindu’. The minority chitpavan
brahmins are taking an advantage of word ‘Hindu’ to misguide S.C. /S.T.
and O.B.C.’s due to their ignorance. However; due to this DNA report,
their cunningness would be exposed.The chitpavan brahmins have no
regrets even now for their Bad deeds!

The present chitpavan
brahmins do support the cunningness of their ancestors. The present
chitpavan brahmins who say that now where is remained the caste system,
etc; in reality, these chitpavan brahmins indirectly do support their
cunning ancestors. Now a day, there are two groups among the chitpavan
brahmins: (1) Religious chitpavan brahmins and (2) Progressive chitpavan
brahmins. Due to these Progressive chitpavan brahmins only, the caste
system is getting stronger instead of becoming weaker. A may be whatever
either religious or progressive; however; these two Brahmin are like
the two arms of the same body! We can experience this reality at each
and every time. Brahmin are even giving the slogans of ‘caste-less
society’. However; the basic fact is that, as like the life of a prince
of the mythical story is dependent upon the parrot in a cage; similarly,
a life of the Brahmin is dependent upon the caste system. If the caste
system is abolished, then, the religion of Brahmanism will be destroyed.
So, Brahmin are trying to save their caste system by adopting various
cunning measures.

With the help of this report, we are giving an
intellectual weapon in the hands of general peoples which is more
powerful than RDX. An important thing is that, Brahmin are the
foreigners and another thing is that, they are in minority. On the other
hand, the aboriginals of this country are in majority in numbers. This
book would become an important milestone to enable these peoples to
overthrow the chitpavan brahminical slavery and to aware them that they
are the original owners of this country. We hope that peoples should
read this book and should think on it. To prepare this book, we have got
important co-operation from our friend Dr. Pratap Chatse, Mohan Savant
of Solapur, P. S. Sadar, Hon’ble Vendy Donniger, Sunderlal Takbhore.
Also, my wife Rupali has equally contributed in preparing this book. We
are sure that, due to this book the Brahmins would lose their ground!

Curse of ancient caste system. Brahmins Kshatriya and Vaishya and Sudra identify themselves as upper castes.
Posted on February 10, 2016 by patriotindians

Brahmins always criticize, condemn and mock at other religions Their criticism and mocking is unreasonable and unacceptable.

In his autobiography, Dr Charles , an American scholar says that it is
Very simple to define a Hindu. He says a Hindu means “one who believes
in anything and everything if said in the name of god and shall never
question its authenticity”.

The Brahmins claim that Lord Rama is
incarnated (came in human form) to study and understand the difficulties
of mankind. Is it really necessary for a god to incarnate Himself?? Can
he not understand the creation? Why should God become a donkey or a
cockroach in order to understand the sufferings of these creatures?


Lord Rama is the central character to the Epic RAMAYAN (whose author
was Valmiki) Rama is the son of Dasharath, the king of Banaras.
Dasharath had three wives, kaushalya, kaikeyi and Smitra besides several
hundreds concubines.

According to the Ramayana, Rama spent most of his life trying to save

His wife, Sita from the clutches of Ravan At the same time Rama was enjoying life to the full at every opportunity.


When god Rama was exiled to the forest together with his wife,
sukrievan appeared as deer and fooled god Rama. Although Rama was a
“god”, he was not able to see through Sukreivan’s disguise!


To retrieve his wife from Devil Ravan, god Rama sought the help of
Hanuman, a monkey god. Hanuman agreed to help Rama bring his wife back
on condition that god Rama in turn help him (Hanuman) to kill his twin
brother prior to undertaking the mission. I took more than twelve years
for Hanuman to build a bridge and accomplish the task while Ravan just
took Sita and flew to Sri lanka in just one day’s time Where is the
bridge that Rama built?? Who is more powerful – God Rama or Devil Ravan ?
Would a god seek the help of another god to murder a third god? If
Hanuman could fly carrying big mountains, he should have in the first
instance carried and flown god Rama to Sri Lanka, which would have
resulted in early rescue of Sita. Who knows what Ravan might have done
to Sita during this period of twelve years? Definitely a devil would
have done only “devilish” things! Before helping god Rama, Hanuman made
Rama shoot his own twin brother in the back and only then did Hanuman
help god Rama How can a “god” indulge in such a criminal act for
personal gain?


When God Rama was told to
go to forest, he mournfully revealed to is mother: “if has been ordained
that I have to lose the kingdom, forego the princely comforts and the
tasty, MEAT DISHES. (Ayodha Kandam, 20, 26, 94th Chapters).


Mr. C.R. Sreenivasa lyengar’s translation of Valmiki Ramayana says:
“Though Rama had married Sita to be the queen, he married many other
wives for sexual pleasure in accordance with the royal customs. (Ayodha
Kandam 8th Chapter, page 28). (The term “Rama’s wives” as been used in
many places in Ramayan).


Rama called his father ” A FOOL, AN IDIOT” (Ayodhya Kandam, 53rd Chapter).


Rama’s brother Laxmanon orders of Rama disfigured and mutilated many
women by cutting off her noses, breasts, ears etc., and tortured them
(Soorpanaki, Ayomuki). Rama said, “Women should not be trusted” and that
“Secrets should not be confided to the wife” (Ayodhya kandam, Chapter
100). Sambuka was slain (by Rama) because he was making penance which
was forbidden to hime by Vedas as he was a “Shudra” (Uttara kanadam,
Chapter 76). Looking at is hand Rama said the Sanskirt slogan “O right
hand, you kill this Asche Shudra unhesitatingly as killing this Shudra
is the only way to get back the life of the deceased Brahmin boy.” Are
you not one of the limbs of Rama? (Valmiki Ramayana)

Note: This
Rama, who mercilessly took away the life of Sambuka for no other fault
than that of making penance, is held as the Avatar (incarnation) of
Vishnu (God)! If there were kings like Rama alive now, alas! what would
be the plight of those who are called “Shudras?”.


Laxman ,brother of Rama like an ordinary man, fell down into the river and was DROWNED. (Uttara Kandam, Chapter 106).


Sita told Rama “You are no better than a woman-monger who lets his wife
for hire and makes is livelihood. You want to be profited by my
prostitution”. Sita also told Rama “You lack in POTENCE, manners and
charm” & “She called her husband a simpleton”. As soon as Sita
stepped into Ravan’s palace her love towards Ravan grew more. (Aranya
Kandam, Chapter 54). When at length Rama asked Sita to swear about her
chastity, she declined and died. (Uttara kandam, Chapter 97).

Kukuvavathy, sister-in-law of Rama, said to him – “Oh Elder! How you
love Sita more than you love yourself! come with me and see what really
is in your lovely wife’s heart. Still she could not forget that fellow
Ravan. Drawing a picture of Ravan on hand-fan and pressing it closed to
her bosom She is lying on your bed with eyes closed thinking on and
rejoicing at Ravan’s glories. Rama sighed and went out to Sita’s house.
There she was found sleeping pressing to her breast the hand-fan on
which Ravan’s picture was drawn (This is found in pages 199, 200 of the
Bengali Ramayana written by Mrs. Chandravathi). If Rama loved Sita so
much and Sita is held as an ideal Hindu wife, can Hindu women tolerate
their husbands leaving them in forest for the years? Rama left Sita in
forest after she became pregnant and she delivered her two kids in
forest. (DR. B. R. Ambedkar : Riddles in Hinduism Maharashtra Govt.
Publication, 1987).


Rama (god Rama) is not the Rama of Ramayana”. Mahatma Gandhi “The
Ramayana and Mahabaratha are nothing but another Arabian Nights Story”.
Jawaharlal Nehru

“Rama is not a God; but he is a fantasy hero” Rajagopalachari, First Governor-General of India and a great Brahmin leader.

“Ramayan is not a divine story; it is only a literature” (Kaliyuga Kamban, T.K. Chidambaranatha Mudaliar).

Babri Masjid was demolished by Rama Bhatkas claiming that it was his birth place.


Lord krishna was very fond of looking at naked young girls. Once upon a
time Krishna, in order to get a full view of some bathing virgin girls,
went to the extent of hiding their clothes on the tree top just to get a
panoramic view. Does he have divine immunity from looking at naked
women? He later paraded them naked similar to India’s Hindus parading
the female missionaries in public. The Gita, a Holy book of the Hindus,
quotes that when these bathing low caste girls begged for the return of
their clothes, Lord Krishna demanded that they come out of the water
with their hands raised instead of covering their bodies. Oh my innocent
Hindu brethren! Can this action be attributed to God? Is this God
capable of indulging in such ungodly acts? Will Hindu mothers tolerate
their son imitating god Krishna??


The “Times of India” reported on 12-11-87 that the Education
Department, Government of Maharashtra, had published a book called “The
Riddles of Hinduism” by Dr. Ambedkar.

The report said that
various statements contained in the book aroused the ire of some
Brahmins, particularly the author’s observation on Rama & Dasharth’s
many wives and also Krishna’s moral character. (The Riddles of Rama and
Krishna is available from Dalit Saithya Academy, Bangalore-3).


According to Hinduism, god Shiva’s head is the source of the river
Ganges and his head is also the place where the moon is located (if this
was really a fact then why should America send astronaut Neil Armstrong
240,000 miles away to the moon) According to Puranas, goddess Parvathi,
wife of God Shiva, sought Shivas’s permission to have a baby When Shiva
refused, Paravathi took dirt from her body and created Lord Ganesh.
(The late E.V.R. Preiyar used to call this god a “bundle of dirt”).
Later God Shiva mistakenly chopped off his own son’s head. How could a
God make such a foolish mistake? Would such a god solve your problems or
make them more complicated? To rectify his error God Shiva severed the
head of baby elephant and transplanted in onto his son who then become
known as the Elephant headed god. His statues are usually found near
river-sides where he is said to be looking for a bride resembling his
mother! (There is a different version to this story which, for decency’s
sake, cannot be printed here).


recent report by the press trust of India stated that during the past
three years more than 2,500 young boys and girls were sacrificed to
goddess kali in India An AFP’s recent reports say: Hundreds of young
boys and virgin girls are sacrificed every month for the deity Kali. In
one case Rama Sewak hacked his eight year old son to death in broad
daylight in Delhi becuase Godess Kali had told him he woudl come back to
life and bring him good fortune. Bloot-thirsy kali is worshipped opnely
in te length and breadth of India. Kali’s statue stands naked aside the
inanimate body of the Hindu deity Siva, tongue stuck out with blood
dripping from fang-like teeth. She holds a noose, a skull-topped staff, a
blood-encrusted sword and a severed head. She is also known as Durga,
Devi, Shaktima, Uma and Parvathi in manifestations.


Dr. Charles claims that Ramayana contains much pornographic materials
and cannot be read in public. He gives the following examples.

Rama’s description of Sita’s beauty which is lewdly detailed (refer to
C.R Srinivasa lyengar’s translation of Aranya Kandam – Chapter 46). In
Kiskind Kandam, Rama explains to Lakshmana of his sexual experience with


According to the Ramayana,
the Aryans (Brahmins) used to drink liquor (nine different kinds), eat
beef, marry many wives and prostitution was an accepted way of life
amongst the priests and gods. “Sura” means alcoholic drink. All the
Aryan gods drink “sura” and hence they are called suras as against a
suras wo don’t drink. Ravana was an asura.

Periyar E.V.Ramaswamy, a great Hindu leader of Tamil Nadu, was a worshipper of Ravan because Ravana was a Dravidian.

Ramanaya also recounts the story of king Dasaratha who, in order to
have a baby son, made a big sacrifice (yagam) of sheep, cattle, horses,
birds and snakes. He then delivered his three wives Kaushaliya,
Sumatirai and Kaikeyi to three priests. These holy men, having fully
satisfied their carnal desire, returned the ladies to the king. By this
means, the king was able to have three sons-Ram, Lakshman and Bharat
(Bala Kandam, Chapter 14. For more details on yagam, refer to the book
“Gnana Surian”, published by the kudi Arasu Press.) Does it mean Rama
was born to a Brahmin?

The Ramayana tells us much about the
unlawful relationship of incest but we do not feel it appropriate or
decent for it to go in details (Please refer to Aranya Kandam, chapter
45 verses 122, 123, 124, & 125). The following Aryan practices will
reveal how immorality and indecency are sanctified in the name of


Lingam and Yoni in Sanskrit
means the male and female sexual organs respectively. Hindus are allowed
to worship anything – including sexual organs. It is not unknown for
them to name their children as Shiva Lingam (God Shiva’s sexual organ)
or Rama Lingam (God Rama’s sexual organ), (in some places in Karnataka,
the gods demand both male and females to pray naked together).


The Devadasi system was set up, according to a Times of India report
(10-11-87), as a result of conspiracy between the feudal class and the
priests (Brahmins). The latter, with their ideological and religious
hold over the peasants and craftsmen, devised a means that gave
prostitution their religious sanction. Poor low-caste Hindu girls,
initially sold at private auctions, were later “dedicated” to the
temples. They were then initiated in to prostitution Even to this day
this religious prostitution blessed by Hindu religion is still alive in
Karnataka and Maharashtra.


The Bharat Natyam is a dance performance which, because of the Brahmin
media, has gained much recognition as a form of art. The celebrated
Bharat Natya expert, Rukmini Devi, admits in National Geographic video
program, that the Barahta Natayam was really the art of Devadasis
(temple prostitutes) to please their audience,priests,wandering Gurus
and admirers. This is the reason why you might have seen various Baratha
Natyam postures in Hindu temples. May be like the art of KARATE of the
Japanese, the BHARAT NATYAM is a national art to the Brahmins and very
much part of their hindu Devadasi culture.


Brahmins has also created Kamasutra – a set of instructions on how to

Have sexual intercourse. Some of the postures detailed in Kamasutra are
so complex that they can only be performed with the help of one or more
ASSISTANTS! Some Hindu temples have stone carvings of Kamasutra sexual
poses and Hindus worship them.


UNI. – TIMES OF INDIA – 10th Nov 1987: confirms that the practice of

Dedication young Harijan (Hindu) girls (Mahars, Mangs, Dowris and
Chambhar) at childhood to a goddess, and their initiation into
prostitution when they attain puberty continues to thrive in Karnataka,
Andhra Pradesh and other parts of South India. This is largely due to
social backwardness, poverty and illiteracy, according to a study by two
doctors of the India Health Organization.

The report clearly
indicates that the Devadasi system was the result of a conspiracy
between the hindu feudal class and the priests (Brahmins) who with their
hindu ideological and religious hold over the peasants and craftsmen,
devised a hindu way of practice which acquired religious sanctions. They
noted in their study on – “Devadasis” – “the link between hindu
religious culture and child prostitution”.

The study revealed
that girls from poor Hindu families were sold after puberty at private
auctions to a master who initially paid a sum of money to the families
ranging from 500 to Rs. 5,000. The study, made during health camps
organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Devadasi
populated areas, revealed that the dedicated girls formed 15 percent of
the total women involved in prostitution in the country, and as much as
70 percent of the prostitutes in the border districts of Karnataka and

Posted on February 10, 2016 by patriotindians

In the Indian struggle of independence from the British, There is more
than what meets the eye. In fact chasing the British away itself might
have been unnecessary. Sree Narayana Guru, a contemporary of Gandhiji
did not participate in freedom struggle. Guru brushed away the issue
saying “Easterners and Westerners should merge” as “as all are just
human beings” !

Humanity is the only reality. Just people of all
shapes and sizes and colours, like the different fingers. To the palm
all fingers are just parts of it. So whatever combinations the fingers
make and unmake are immaterial to the palm.

The Indian mind set
has always been dominated by the upper castes, the ideas always fed by
the wise Brahmins, who realised how to live without working by scaring
people about God and punishments. Until the Mughals came, the Brahmins,
in company of the upper castes were hunting and exploiting the lower
castes. And made the lower castes feel that the lower castes thoroughly
deserved it too! Any objection was ruled out in the name of God. Upper
castes used the lower caste women for sex but kept out the lower caste
males with an innovative invention “untouchability”. If some self
respecting lower caste male challenged it and pulled up the upper castes
who raped his women , he was threatened with “Brahma hatya paapam”
means ‘killing a Brahmin is equal to killing God’ ! The same tricks used
by priests and politicians all over the world.

The Mughals
called bluff of the Brahminical way of worshiping God by making others
go around idols of various shapes, eating vegetarian square meals in
round stomachs and screwing women after scaring the males who were
afraid of God ! They introduced their own way of worship without idols,
eating non veg food and of course screwing as many women as possible !
Now Brahmins got the dose of their own medicine. Did they learn. No way.
It needs more repeated lessons for the morons and those unwilling to

Thus came the Europeans. By this time, Mughals were ruling
the country on the face of the Brahmins and doing exactly as the
Brahmins did, only with some variations in the ways. Like ways of
worship (with and without idols) Food (veg Vs Non Veg) etc. On women,
the Brahmins and the Muslims did strikingly similar rituals. The
Europeans were a refreshing new breeze. They were fairer, bigger, more
adventurous and far better looking. The current self proclaimed local
heroes found themselves as the dwarf males in the Malayalam movie
‘Athbhutha dweep’ trying to chase away the fresh better opponents. In a
heritage where the lesson is “Vasudhaiva kudumbakam” meaning ‘the entire
world is one family’, where is the possibility of such discrimination?
Remember all this was started by the wise Brahmins, in way of casteism
to enjoy the extra women in the name of a ‘stupid’ or ‘impotent’ God
which none really believed to exist. It was like a stone causing an

Now the wiser Brahmins had to decide the best way to
safeguard their interests. The wise brahmins had isolated and tortured
the lower castes. To escape torture and dehumanization, the lower castes
joined other religions like Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, Islam and
Sikhism. Still the Brahmins thought the “secret lessons in Vedas were
safe with them, being in Sanskrit language which none else knew !” See
the height of ego and ignorance ! The presnt challenge was to save the
females from getting attracted to the handsome Europeans ! So the
Brahmins decided to chase the Europeans first ! This was simply due to
sexual jealousy and insecurity of weak males who are the majority.

The approach to the Europeans is to be seen in this context. All this
is due to double standards kept by weak males. When it suits them, they
stand by it, When it does not, they change the subject. For example the
size of people. Suppose we make a rule that big people are respected,
then all big (or fair) people are to be respected. So there may be bid
people among lower castes. Or the Negroes. Or the Caucasians. So the
rule gets a modification by the vested interests. “All big people can be
respected, provided they belong to us !”

LOL ! Now who are these ‘us’ and ‘outsiders’?.

The basic issue is how to keep the women and wealth for oneself. So
males invent rules that suit them, sometimes knowingly hurting the
others. What they don’t understand is that they are creating an
unnecessary problem which they will have to answer later all by
themselves in another form. Thus the Brahmins decided to chase away the
smart Europeans (whom the local women must have started fancying) by
befriending the lower castes (whom the Brahmins were exploiting for
thousands of years) and even Muslims, who did many things unacceptable
to the Brahmins. Because, to the Brahmins, the similarly miserable
looking locals were not an issue. the issue was the far better placed
sophisticated Europeans, before whom the Brahmins felt like dwarfs.

It is this fear of the Brahmins that led to the war of Independence. A
lower caste Guru from Kerala, who advised to befriend and live with the
westerners, did not get many takers. So efforts were made to portray the
Europeans as ‘white Devils’. They were at worst traders. Living with
the better race was like making ourselves sidelined. So efforts were on
to chase them than accept them as better placed brothers of the world
family. Thus the leaders like a Brahmin Nehru was more acceptable to the
upper castes. with the help of Muslims and lower castes, the Europeans
were chased away. The Brahmins laughed as if they won, as usual. That
was the beginning of another tragedy !

After the Europeans left,
the locals tried to do exactly like the Europeans ! See the irony. When
they were here, they were treated as enemies. No merit of them were
considered worthy. The Muslims and lower castes were more worthy than
the Europeans ! Now it is back to square one. The Muslims are very much
here. The Europeans are keeping a respectable distance. The lower castes
are still here. And the Brahmins are back to their favorite pass times
of exploiting the lower castes and raping their women ! Had the
Europeans been here, India would have developed like Europe by this
time. With systems in place for free fearless respectable hygienic
living in light of modern science with equal human rights for females.
The Brahmins are still trying to bring in their own far better system in
India than anywhere else in the world. The only problem is on their way
to that utopia, they stumble upon females, their only weakness.

Soon there would be another situation, if not already there. The
upsurgence of Muslims as the rulers of the country. Are the Muslims
better than the Europeans? Except religious fanaticism, blind
consumerism and male chauvinism, Islam rejects education and sciences,
even when enjoying the benefits of both. Clearly the agenda of Islam is
to globalize Islam and use the scientists of other religions as their
slaves to continue to enjoy the comforts of science, in their own way.
Now the lower castes are asking a doubt to the wise Brahmins. The
Europeans were chased away with the help of Muslims. Now when the
Muslims take over power in a democracy through peaceful democratic
means, the Brahmins will ask the lower castes to fight the Muslims to
save the country !

Now rewind to the beginning. How did all this
happen in the first place? The wise Brahmins tried to exploit the lower
castes. We have reached a full circle. Today, the Brahmins are seeking
the help of the same lower castes whom they exploited until now to chase
away someone that the Brahmins do not like ! This is the time to crack
the Brahmins on their bluff. Suppose the lower castes listen to the
Brahmins again and defeat the Muslims and capture the control back. The
Brahmins will be back with their pass times !

Respect the
Christians and Muslims just for this aspect. Not cowing down to the
empty Brahmin bluff. The great India rope less tricksters.…/brahmins-exposed-pants-d…
Brahmins made mania of Rama
Posted on February 4, 2016 by patriotindians

Present Ramayana is an edited version of Hindu promoters. Hindu is the
name which has given by Persian & Afghan Islamic emperors when they
invaded India in 7th century. Rama was a king of a small kingdom
presently 10.24 km² with very specific region named Ayodhya that was not
the whole India (3.287 million km²) we have now as our democratic
country. Ramayana is an epic by Valmiki. Its authentication is still
mystery. It may be a mind born story of Valmiki that went popular in
ancient age of India in its specific tribal race where Valmiki was
belongs to. According to Brahmins, Valmiki is a Shudra writer. Its the
reason why Brahmins even don’t worship in Valmiki temple. It may have a
possibility this epic might be written on real identities with fictions
but characters like Hanuman(monkey God or manimal i.e. man body with
monkey head), Shugriba, Banara Shena (Monkey army), Jatayu(manimal),
Golden deer, Ravana’s Pushpak Viman(flower airplane) etc. those are
main base of the story, are all biologically and scientifically
impossible in ancient time even still now, so it point its all a
fiction. Its no-doubt its an all time popular story in a tribe where
Valmiki was belongs to that got viral due to recitations for
entertainment. When rise of Brahmins empire was in shining, i.e. in
ancient time after the Pushyamitra shunga; Brahmins used the the story
to promote their religion making him as one of their God. They taught
the follower of Sanatan Dharma Rama is your God and he is Maryada
Purusotamma. There is no role of its writer and even Rama making him as
God. Itself Brahmins made him God for their personal benefits to fool
their followers. There was no fourfold caste system in Ramayana but in
edited version of Valmiki Ramayana they certified the social group
according to Brahmin’s purusha sukta i.e. implemented fourfold caste
system to even this story. They made Rama as Ksatriya, Ravana as devil
and pointed to Ravana even origin to south Indians, Dhobi as Shudra,
Sabari as Shudra etc…. but not certified to Monkey God i.e. Hanuman to
any caste but taken as God i.e. God’s slave is also God 🙂

where its also belongs to Shudra according to their Vedic certificate;
its because he was slave to Rama and was from animal origin. Since
Shudra were treated as animals by Brahmins the position of Hanuman is
also like Shudra. Brahmins are well in making fools to innocents and
ignorant according to their wish. Its one kind of psychological disorder
promotion in the base of religious beliefs. BJP used Rama for its
election to bag votes. Now one psycho lawyer even seek justice for Sita
i.e. for the wife of Rama who had been exiled by Rama considering it as
injustice to Sita. Now a follower seek justice for injustice by his God
through democratic justice system in present era. He just wants to prove
that God is to be punished by their followers for his injustice 🙂
its simply a state of brain unhealthiness or mental sickness or he
wants to bag popularity making jokes to myth and justice system of
Rama should be in Jail…/bihar-court-hears-case-against-l…

Here is the news:

Patna: As a Bihar court on Monday began hearing of a case against Lord
Rama for exiling his wife Sita to forest as Ramayana narrates, it asked
the petitioner who should be punished for an incident of such ancient
times, a government lawyer said.

“Judge of the court asked the petitioner soon after hearing in the case
began, whom should he punish in such an ancient incident?” the lawyer

The judge also asked the petitioner why has he filed a case
in such an ancient incident and who will be his witness? “You have also
not mentioned the date on which Rama ousted Sita and sent her to
forest. And what is the basis of complaint,” the judge posed, according
to the lawyer.


Bihar court on Monday began hearing of a case against Lord Rama for
exiling his wife Sita to forest as Ramayana narrates. Image Courtesy:
Shri Sita Ram Foundation, USA

The petitioner said he approached
the court to seek justice for Sita. “I am in court, begging for justice
to Sita.” The complaint-case was filed against Lord Rama and his brother
Lakshman in the court of chief judicial magistrate in Sitamarhi on
Saturday by lawyer Thakur Chandan Kumar Singh.

In his petition,
Singh said Rama sent Sita to a life in exile in a forest without any
fault of her and there was no justification for doing it.

was exiled for no fault of hers. It was hypocritical order of King Rama.
How can a man become so cruel towards his wife that he sends her to
live in a forest alone? the petitioner said.

The court admitted the case and fixed the hearing for February 1.

“I have filed a case under Section 367/34 and other sections of the
IPC, seeking direction of the court for justice to Sita in this regard,”
Singh said.

He said as per Ramayana, Rama sent Sita to the forest after her purity was questioned by a washerman of his kingdom Ayodhya.

Singh is a resident of Dumri Kala village under Majorganj police station.

“Sita, who was a devoted wife, always fulfilled her duty in good and
bad times with her husband. How could such a crime be committed against
her? Rama also ignored how could a lonely woman spend time in deep
forest,” Singh said.

Stating that Sita was daughter of Mithila in
Bihar and justice was not done to her by Lord Rama, Singh said the aim
of his petition was to seek justice for Sita. “My petition in the court
is not to hurt religious sentiments.”
48 hours after violence broke out at the Jawaharlal Nehru University
(JNU) in Delhi, the police are yet to make any arrests in the case.

RSS top terror group of India: Maharashtra ex-Top cop S.M Mushrif
RSS India’s No.1 terror group: Former Mumbai police officer.
Posted on January 29, 2016 by patriotindians

0218_rss rss-march

Former Maharashtra inspector general of police S M Mushrif termed the
BJP s ideological mentor Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as India’s
top terrorist organisation. Claiming that RSS activists have been
indicted in at least 13 terror cases across India, former Maharashtra
inspector general of police S.M. Mushrif on Thursday described the
Hindutva outfit as India’s No.1 terrorist organisation.

activists have been charge-sheeted in at least 13 cases of terror acts
in which RDX has been used. If organisations like Bajrang Dal are taken
into the account, then the number of such cases goes up to 17,” Mushrif
said at an event here.

“The RSS is India’s number one terrorist
organisation, there is no doubt on this,” said Mushrif, referring to the
2007 Mecca Masjid bombing in Hyderabad, the 2006 and 2008 Malegaon
blasts in Maharashtra and the 2007 Samjhauta Express bombings among

Mushrif, however, asserted that “saffron terror” had no bearing on which party was in power.

“The RSS as a terror organisation has nothing to do with political
power. It is immaterial which party is in power. It is the system that
is working, it’s the Brahminical system. And when I say Brahminical, it
doesn’t mean the Brahmin, it’s the mentality, the attitude to dominate
and oppress,” he said.

However, Mushrif was not in agreement with the view that intolerance was rising in recent times.

“Intolerance has been going on for a long time. There have been many
severe bigger incidents earlier, I don’t understand why it is being
highlighted now,” he asked.

Reiterating his claims that the
Intelligence Bureau (IB) masterminded the killing of Hemant Karkare, who
was probing the involvement of Hindu radicals in terror acts, during
the Mumbai terror attack in 2008 Mushrif called for a people’s movement
to establish the truth behind the killing of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorism
Squad chief.

“There is clinching evidence about the IB’s
involvement but all efforts to establish that have been defeated. Our
efforts to call for an independent probe have always been defeated.
Unless there is a massive public movement, this will never be
established,” said Mushrif, who made the sensational claims in his book
“Who Killed Karkare”.

Mushrif, along with national award winning
music director and former Trinamool Lok Sabha member Kabir Suman,
participated in an event to commemorate Karkare’s martyrdom.

Jagatheesan Chandrasekharan

1. If economic crisis means a ‘good’ Budget then…

in 01) Classical Magahi Magadhi,
02) Classical Chandaso language,

03)Magadhi Prakrit,

04) Classical Hela Basa (Hela Language),

05) Classical Pali,

06) Classical Devanagari,Classical Hindi-Devanagari- शास्त्रीय हिंदी,
07) Classical Cyrillic
08) Classical Afrikaans– Klassieke Afrikaans

09) Classical Albanian-Shqiptare klasike,
10) Classical Amharic-አንጋፋዊ አማርኛ,
11) Classical Arabic-اللغة العربية الفصحى
12) Classical Armenian-դասական հայերեն,
13) Classical Azerbaijani- Klassik Azərbaycan,
14) Classical Basque- Euskal klasikoa,
15) Classical Belarusian-Класічная беларуская,
16) Classical Bengali-ক্লাসিক্যাল বাংলা,
17) Classical  Bosnian-Klasični bosanski,
18) Classical Bulgaria- Класически българск,
19) Classical  Catalan-Català clàssic
20) Classical Cebuano-Klase sa Sugbo,

21) Classical Chichewa-Chikale cha Chichewa,

22) Classical Chinese (Simplified)-古典中文(简体),

23) Classical Chinese (Traditional)-古典中文(繁體),

24) Classical Corsican-Corsa Corsicana,

25) Classical  Croatian-Klasična hrvatska,

26) Classical  Czech-Klasická čeština,
27) Classical  Danish-Klassisk dansk,Klassisk dansk,

28) Classical  Dutch- Klassiek Nederlands,
29) Classical English,Roman
30) Classical Esperanto-Klasika Esperanto,

31) Classical Estonian- klassikaline eesti keel,

32) Classical Filipino klassikaline filipiinlane,
33) Classical Finnish- Klassinen suomalainen,

34) Classical French- Français classique,

35) Classical Frisian- Klassike Frysk,

36) Classical Galician-Clásico galego,
37) Classical Georgian-კლასიკური ქართული,
38) Classical German- Klassisches Deutsch,
39) Classical Greek-Κλασσικά Ελληνικά,
40) Classical Gujarati-ક્લાસિકલ ગુજરાતી,
41) Classical Haitian Creole-Klasik kreyòl,

42) Classical Hausa-Hausa Hausa,
43) Classical Hawaiian-Hawaiian Hawaiian,

44) Classical Hebrew- עברית קלאסית
45) Classical Hmong- Lus Hmoob,

46) Classical Hungarian-Klasszikus magyar,

47) Classical Icelandic-Klassísk íslensku,
48) Classical Igbo,Klassískt Igbo,

49) Classical Indonesian-Bahasa Indonesia Klasik,

50) Classical Irish-Indinéisis Clasaiceach,
51) Classical Italian-Italiano classico,
52) Classical Japanese-古典的なイタリア語,
53) Classical Javanese-Klasik Jawa,
54) Classical Kannada- ಶಾಸ್ತ್ರೀಯ ಕನ್ನಡ,
55) Classical Kazakh-Классикалық қазақ,

56) Classical Khmer- ខ្មែរបុរាណ,
57) Classical Korean-고전 한국어,

58) Classical Kurdish (Kurmanji)-Kurdî (Kurmancî),

59) Classical Kyrgyz-Классикалык Кыргыз,
60) Classical Lao-ຄລາສສິກລາວ,
61) Classical Latin-LXII) Classical Latin,

62) Classical Latvian-Klasiskā latviešu valoda,

63) Classical Lithuanian-Klasikinė lietuvių kalba,

64) Classical Luxembourgish-Klassesch Lëtzebuergesch,

65) Classical Macedonian-Класичен македонски,
66) Classical Malagasy,класичен малгашки,
67) Classical Malay-Melayu Klasik,

68) Classical Malayalam-ക്ലാസിക്കൽ മലയാളം,

69) Classical Maltese-Klassiku Malti,
70) Classical Maori-Maori Maori,
71) Classical Marathi-क्लासिकल माओरी,
72) Classical Mongolian-Сонгодог Монгол,

73) Classical Myanmar (Burmese)-Classical မြန်မာ (ဗမာ),

74) Classical Nepali-शास्त्रीय म्यांमार (बर्मा),
75) Classical Norwegian-Klassisk norsk,

76) Classical Pashto- ټولګی پښتو

77) Classical Persian-کلاسیک فارسی
78) Classical Polish-Język klasyczny polski,

79) Classical Portuguese-Português Clássico,
80) Classical Punjabi-ਕਲਾਸੀਕਲ ਪੰਜਾਬੀ,
81) Classical Romanian-Clasic românesc,
82) Classical Russian-Классический русский,
83) Classical Samoan-Samoan Samoa,

84) Classical Sanskrit छ्लस्सिचल् षन्स्क्रित्

85) Classical Scots Gaelic-Gàidhlig Albannach Clasaigeach,

86) Classical Serbian-Класични српски,
87) Classical Sesotho-Seserbia ea boholo-holo,
88) Classical Shona-Shona Shona,
89) Classical Sindhi,
90) Classical Sinhala-සම්භාව්ය සිංහල,
91) Classical Slovak-Klasický slovenský,
92) Classical Slovenian-Klasična slovenska,
93) Classical Somali-Soomaali qowmiyadeed,
94) Classical Spanish-Español clásico,
95) Classical Sundanese-Sunda Klasik,
96) Classical Swahili,Kiswahili cha Classical,
97) Classical Swedish-Klassisk svensk,
98) Classical Tajik-тоҷикӣ классикӣ,
99) Classical Tamil-பாரம்பரிய இசைத்தமிழ் செம்மொழி,
100) Classical Telugu- క్లాసికల్ తెలుగు,
101) Classical Thai-ภาษาไทยคลาสสิก,
102) Classical Turkish-Klasik Türk,
103) Classical Ukrainian-Класичний український,
104) Classical Urdu- کلاسیکی اردو
105) Classical Uzbek-Klassik o’z
106) Classical Vietnamese-Tiếng Việ

86) Classical Serbian-Класични српски,
87) Classical Sesotho-Seserbia ea boholo-holo,
88) Classical Shona-Shona Shona,
89) Classical Sindhi,
90) Classical Sinhala-සම්භාව්ය සිංහල,
91) Classical Slovak-Klasický slovenský,
92) Classical Slovenian-Klasična slovenska,
93) Classical Somali-Soomaali qowmiyadeed,
94) Classical Spanish-Español clásico,
95) Classical Sundanese-Sunda Klasik,
96) Classical Swahili,Kiswahili cha Classical,
97) Classical Swedish-Klassisk svensk,
98) Classical Tajik-тоҷикӣ классикӣ,
99) Classical Tamil-பாரம்பரிய இசைத்தமிழ் செம்மொழி,
100) Classical Telugu- క్లాసికల్ తెలుగు,
101) Classical Thai-ภาษาไทยคลาสสิก,
102) Classical Turkish-Klasik Türk,
103) Classical Ukrainian-Класичний український,
104) Classical Urdu- کلاسیکی اردو
105) Classical Uzbek-Klassik o’zbek,
106) Classical Vietnamese-Tiếng Việt cổ điển,
107) Classical Welsh-Cymraeg Clasurol,
108) Classical Xhosa-IsiXhosa zesiXhosa,
109) Classical Yiddish- קלאסישע ייִדיש

110) Classical Yoruba-Yoruba Yoruba,

111) Classical Zulu-I-Classical Zulu

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Awakeness Practices

84,000 Khandas As Found in the Pali Suttas Traditionally the are 84,000
Dharma Doors - 84,000 ways to get Awakeness. Maybe so; certainly the
Buddha taught a large number of practices that lead to Awakeness. This
web page attempts to catalogue those found in the Pali Suttas (DN, MN,
SN, AN, Ud & Sn 1). There are 3 sections:

discourses of Buddha are divided into 84,000, as to separate addresses.
The division includes all that was spoken by Buddha.”I received from
Buddha,” said Ananda, “82,000 Khandas, and  from the priests 2000; these
are 84,000 Khandas
maintained by me.” They are divided into 275,250, as to the stanzas of
the original text, and into 361,550, as to the stanzas of the
commentary. All the discourses including both those of Buddha and those
of the commentator, are divided  into 2,547 banawaras, containing
737,000 stanzas, and 29,368,000 separate letters.


Positive Buddha Vacana — The words of the Buddha — Interested in All
Suttas  of Tipitaka as Episodes in visual format including 7D laser
Hologram 360 degree Circarama presentation


Analytic Insight Net - FREE Online Tipiṭaka Law Research & Practice University

Please Visit:
Maha-parinibbana Sutta — Last Days of the Buddha

The Great Discourse on the Total Unbinding

This wide-ranging sutta, the
longest one in the Pali canon, describes the events leading up to,
during, and immediately following the death and final release
(parinibbana) of the Buddha. This colorful narrative contains a wealth
of Dhamma teachings, including the Buddha’s final instructions that
defined how Buddhism would be lived and practiced long after the
Buddha’s death — even to this day. But this sutta also depicts, in
simple language, the poignant human drama that unfolds among
the Buddha’s many devoted followers around the time of the death of their beloved teacher.
Mahāsatipaṭṭhānasuttaṃ (Pali) - 2 Kāyānupassanā ānāpānapabbaṃ

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JCMesh J Alphabets Letter Animation ClipartMesh C Alphabets Letter Animation Clipart

an expert who identifies experts influenced by Expert and Infulencer Sashikanth Chandrasekharan


Free Online Awaken One With Awareness Mind (A1wAM)+ ioT (insight-net of Things)  - the art of Giving, taking and Living   to attain Eternal Bliss as Final Goal through Electronic Visual Communication Course on

Science-Techno-Politico-Socio Transformation and Economic Emancipation
Movement (TPSTEEM). Struggle hard to see that all fraud EVMs are
replaced by paper ballots by Start using Internet of things by creating
Websites,blogs. Make the best use of facebook, twitter etc., to
propagate TPSTEEMthru FOA1TRPUVF.

Practice Insight Meditation in all postures of the body - Sitting, standing, lying, walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, martial arts etc., for health mind in a healthy body.

a just born baby is kept isolated without anyone communicating with the
baby, after a few days it will speak and human natural (Prakrit)
language known as
Classical Magahi Magadhi/Classical Chandaso language/Magadhi Prakrit/Classical Hela Basa (Hela Language)/Classical Pali which are the same. Buddha spoke in Magadhi. All the 7111 languages and dialects are off shoot of Classical
Magahi Magadhi. Hence all of them are Classical in nature (Prakrit) of
Human Beings, just like all other living spieces have their own natural
languages for communication. 111 languages are translated by

Button Plant Green Butterfly E Mail Animation Clip,

is the most Positive Energy of informative and research oriented site propagating the teachings of the Awakened One with Awareness the Buddha and on Techno-Politico-Socio
Transformation and Economic Emancipation Movement followed by millions
of people all over the world in 111 Classical languages.

Rendering exact translation as a lesson of this
University in one’s mother tongue to this Google Translation and
propagation entitles to become a Stream
Enterer (Sottapanna) and to attain Eternal Bliss as a Final Goal

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All Aboriginal Awakened Media Prabandhak

Peace and joy for all


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