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April 2021
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Free Online Research Paper on COVID-19 controversy I. Topic sentence that reiterates the purpose of the paper. AWAKENED ONE WITH AWARENESS UNIVERSE- World Population 7,782,529,580 Current World Population - COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Recovered: 1,242,347 who are well, happy and secure! They are calm, quiet, alert and attentive with their wisdom, having an equanimity mind not reacting to good and bad thoughts with a clear understanding that everything is changing!
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Free Online Research Paper on COVID-19 controversy

I. Topic sentence that reiterates the purpose of the paper.


World Population
Current World Population - COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Recovered:

who are well, happy and secure! They are calm, quiet, alert
and attentive with their wisdom, having an equanimity mind not reacting
to good and bad thoughts with a clear understanding that everything is

48,505,730 Births this year
147,253 Births today

20,363,867 Deaths this year

61,820 Deaths today
COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic
Last updated: May 06, 2020, 03:21 GMT



Coronavirus Cases:




II. Re-statement of the thesis summarising the the main points.

1.  Major Cause of Death in COVID-19 is Thrombosis, Not Pneumonia !
2. It seems that the disease is being attacked wrongly worldwide
3. Thanks
to autopsies performed by the Italians … it has been shown that it is
not pneumonia … but it is: disseminated intravascular coagulation
4. Therefore, the way to fight it is with antibiotics, antivirals, anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants.
5. The protocols are being changed here.
6. According to valuable information from Italian pathologists, ventilators and intensive care units were never needed.
7. If this is true for all cases, we are about to resolve it earlier than expected.

IIa) Important and new about COVID-19:

1. Around the world, COVID-19 is being attacked wrongly due to a serious pathophysiological diagnosis error.
2. The impressive case of a Mexican family in the United States who claimed they were cured with a home remedy was documented:-
Three 500 mg Aspirins dissolved in lemon juice boiled with honey and taken hot.
3. The next day they woke up as if nothing had happened to them!
4. Well, the scientific information that follows proves they are right!
5. This information was released by a medical researcher from Italy:
to 50 autopsies performed on patients who died of COVID-19, Italian
pathologists have discovered that IT IS NOT PNEUMONIA, strictly
speaking, because the virus does not only kill pneumocytes of this type,
but uses an inflammatory storm to create an endothelial vascular

 As in disseminated intravascular coagulation, the
lung is the most affected because it is the most inflamed, but there is
also a heart attack, stroke and many other thromboembolic diseases.

 In fact, the protocols left antiviral therapies useless and focused on anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting therapies.

 These therapies should be done immediately, even at home, in which the treatment of patients responds very well.

 The later performed less effective.
 In resuscitation, they are almost useless.

 If the Chinese had denounced it, they would have invested in home therapy, not intensive care!


 So, the way to fight it is with antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants.

Italian pathologist reports that the hospital in Bergamo did a total of
50 autopsies and one in Milan, 20, that is, the Italian series is the
highest in the world, the Chinese did only 3, which seems to fully
confirm the information.

 Previously, in a nutshell, the disease
is determined by a disseminated intravascular coagulation triggered by
the virus;  therefore, it is not pneumonia but pulmonary thrombosis, a
major diagnostic error.

The number was doubled of resuscitation places in the ICU, with unnecessary exorbitant costs.

retrospect, have to rethink those chest X-rays that were discussed a
month ago and were given as interstitial pneumonia;  in fact, it may be
entirely consistent with disseminated intravascular coagulation.

in ICUs is useless if thromboembolism is not resolved first.  If we
ventilate a lung where blood does not circulate, it is useless, in fact,
nine (9) patients out of ten (10) die.

 Because the problem is cardiovascular, not respiratory.

 It is venous microthrombosis, not pneumonia, that determines mortality.

IIc)  Why thrombi are formed ?

inflammation, according to the literature, induces thrombosis through a
complex but well-known pathophysiological mechanism.

what the scientific literature said, especially Chinese, until
mid-March was that anti-inflammatory drugs should not be used.

the therapy being used in Italy is with anti-inflammatories and
antibiotics, as in influenza, and the number of hospitalized patients
has been reduced.

Many deaths, even in their 40s, had a history of fever for 10 to 15 days, which were not treated properly.

inflammation did a great deal of tissue damage and created ground for
thrombus formation, because the main problem is not the virus, but the
immune hyperreaction that destroys the cell where the virus is
installed.  In fact, patients with rheumatoid arthritis have never
needed to be admitted to the ICU because they are on corticosteroid
therapy, which is a great anti-inflammatory.

This is the main
reason why hospitalizations in Italy are decreasing and becoming a
treatable disease at home.  By treating her well at home, not only is
hospitalization avoided, but also the risk of thrombosis.

 It was not easy to understand, because the signs of microembolism disappeared!

this important discovery, it is possible to return to normal life and
open closed deals due to the quarantine, not immediately, but it is time
to publish this data, so that the health authorities of each country
make their respective analysis of this information and prevent further
deaths.  useless!

 The vaccine may come later.

 Now we can wait.
 In Italy, as of today, protocols are changing.

 According to valuable information from Italian pathologists, ventilators and intensive care units are not necessary.

 Therefore, we need to rethink investments to properly deal with this disease.

(Translation by automatic device).

III. Never take a risk with your health, the health of your wife,children, employees or colleagues.

Sniffling and wiping  nose,
prompted  to raise worries about the virus.

A person In a meeting and sitting
about eight feet away, died suddenly after testing positive
for COVID-19. His cause of death has not been publicly disclosed.

all the deaths whose have been supposedly tested positive for
COVID-19in the world were not made publicly disclosed even to their kith
and kin.

it’s not known
who got what from whom, whether the virus was even spread at the
meeting, or if one simply had a cold at that time, the case has shaken
the community show runny nose was listed as a symptom of COVID-19  and advises anyone feeling unwell to stay home.

Public Health also recognized a runny nose as a symptom of the virus as far back as January,

Premier compares symptoms to ‘loaded gun’
“It’s terrible what happened,” he said. “People make mistakes but folks, please, we’ve come so far.”

“Call your
public health, and if you really want to shame them, call the local
media,” the premier said. “It’s just being irresponsible. If you have
symptoms, it’s like walking around with a loaded gun in your hand.”
Councillor says he was told he was ‘no longer infectious’
his statement, Kore offers a timeline of events from the weeks in
question, starting with the council meeting, where he maintains he
followed physical distancing.

The councillor
says a public health nurse told him on April 13 that he had come into
contact with someone who had tested positive for the virus.

The councillor said he requested a test of his own at the time, but said the nurse told him it wasn’t necessary.
because given Kore’s symptoms, the fact he’d been in contact with a
confirmed case and the timeline involved, Kore was already considered a
case and steps including contact tracing would begin even without
testing, Hirji said in his statement.
The doctor would not confirm whether or not the person with COVID-19 that Kore had contact with was Ciolfi, citing privacy.

Kore says he approached his doctor and arranged for a test to take place
on April 17, adding the test was the only time he left self-isolation
since the 13th.
Confirmation he had tested positive came back on April 20, according to Kore.
that day I was informed by a nurse at Niagara Region Public Health …
that I was no longer infectious and she had: ‘verified with our medical
officer of health at Niagara Region Public Health Dr. Hirji that you can
resume your normal activities of work and do not need to
self-isolate,’” he said in the statement.
The advice Kore says he
was given appears to contradict the self-isolation directions on the
health unit’s website, which call for anyone with a lab-confirmed case
of the virus to isolate for a minimum of 14 days to stop the spread and
notes that for some that period may be much longer.

Asked why
Kore wasn’t directed to self-isolate, Hirji said the science behind
COVID-19 indicates the virus is only contagious for seven or eight days
after symptoms begin to show.

“Mr. Kore was advised that his
14-day period of isolation had already ended and that he was no longer
infectious,” said the doctor. “Therefore he was informed that he did not
need to isolate further.”

In his statement Kore went on to
encourage Niagara Region Public Health to release his correspondence
with them, saying he’s willing to waive his right to privacy in order to
“set the record straight.”

However, Hirji said nearly all of the
communication that took place happened by phone and that transcripts
and recordings weren’t created.

The councillor said despite what
health officials told him he will remain in quarantine for 14 days
following his positive test out of an “abundance of caution.”

IV. Short summary of evidence that proves the thesis.

is what has happened when there is no money in the hands of the people
because of the permanent curfew where the petty shops, small eateries,
no work for daily wagers etc., etc.,

Message from top cop of Bangalore which every one should read.


All of us whether in Cities or Towns, have to be aware of the situation.

From May 3rd if the permanent curfew is lifted partially fully, we
cannot put much pressure on our police department which had worked hard
day in and day out all these days.

The police force would be very tired and they also need to spend time with their families.

We need to be responsible citizens in following traffic rules and be proactive in protecting ourselves and our belongings.

As many out there, did not have much earnings all these days so there
might be a sudden spurt in incidents due to jobloss / effect on

1. People have to be very careful this includes people
at home, children, school and college going boys/girls, working

2. Do not wear costly watches.

3. Do not wear costly chains, bangles, ear rings be careful with your hand bags.

4. Men refrain wearing high end watches, costly bracelets and chains.

5. Do not use much of your mobile phones in the public. Try to minimise mobile use in public.

6. Do not entertain giving lift ride to any strangers.

7. Do not carry more than necessary money.

8. Keep your credit and debit cards safe while you are on the move.

9. Keep calling home every now and then to check upon your elders, wife and children’s welfare.

10. Instruct elders and people at home while attending a door bell keep
a safe distance from the main door, if possible keep the grill gates
locked not to go close to the grill to receive any parcels or letters.

11. Instruct children to return home early as much as possible.

12. Don’t take any secluded or short cuts roads to reach home, try and use maximum Main roads.

13. Youngsters when you are out keep an eye on your surroundings.

14. Always have an emergency number at hand.

15. Keep a safe distance from people.

16. Public mostly will be wearing mask.

17. Those who use cab services please share your trip details with you parents, siblings, relatives, friends or guardians.

18. Try and use Govt public transport system.

19. Avoid crowded buses.

20. While going for your daily walk try and go around 6.00 AM, in the
evening maximum finish by 8.00 PM use Main roads avoid empty streets.

20. Do not spend much time in malls, beach and parks.

21. If Children have to attend tuition classes let elders drop and pick up.

22. Do not leave any valuables in your vehicles.

This has to be followed at least for 3 months or till overall situation improves.

Share to all you CARE…

Request all authorities to issue a notification in the best interest of people of our Country.

Murderers of democratic institutions and masters of diluting
institutions (Modi), Bevakoof Jhoothe Psychopaths (BJP) BS Yediyurappa
who gobbled the Master Key by tampering the fraud EVMs/VVPATs and won
elections for remotely controlling intolerant, violent, ever shooting,
mob lynching, number one terrorists of the world foreigners thrown out
from Bene israel, Tibet, Africa, etc., chitpvan brahmins fo RSS
(Rowdy/Rakshasa Swayam Sevaks), Bhaskar Rao IPS Police Commissioner’s
Office - Bangalore BBMP Commissioner BBMP Mayor BBMP-Ward-Committee

now, linking Aadhar with Public Distribution System would have been
very good, the Nobel laureate tells former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi
in a conversation

Dr B.R.Ambedkar thundered “Main Bharat Baudhmay karunga.” (I will make India Buddhist)
 All Aboriginal Awakened Societies Thunder ” Hum Prapanch Prabuddha
Bharatmay karunge.” (We will make world Prabuddha Prapanch)

Awakened One
with Awareness the Buddha said that “hunger is the worst kind of illness.

Fear What do Awakened One with Awareness
quotes teach us about fear?

Trade your fear for freedom.

“Even death is
not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.”

“The whole secret of
existence is to have no fear.

Never fear what will become of you, depend
on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.”

“When one
has the feeling of dislike for evil, when one feels tranquil, one finds
pleasure in listening to good teachings; when one has these feelings and
appreciates them, one is free of fear.

”Pain is a Gift
Instead of avoiding it,
Learn to embrace it.
Without pain,
there is no growth

what is gained by practicing concentration.reply is, “Nothing!”

“However ,
what is lost is
Anger,Anxiety,Depression,Insecurity,Fear of Old Age and Death.

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