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October 2020
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In Pali and Sanskrit literature BODHI means Awakening, is a title
given in Buddhism to the specific awakening experience attained by
Buddha. BODHI is most commonly translated into English as enlightenment;
however, a more accurate translation is awakening or understanding.
After attainment of BODHI, it is believed one is freed from the cycle of
samsara: Birth, Suffering, Death and Rebirth. BODHI is attained only by
the accomplishment of the Paramitas (Completeness of merits), when the
Four Noble Truths are fully grasped and all Karma has reached cessation.


Why BODHI Television?


Broadcasting technology has stirred a revolution that is altering the
lives of millions of people in the world, overcoming the barriers of
climate and geography, leap-fogging technological gaps in reaching the
message of various subjects to the largest cross section of the society
and bridging the information and knowledge gap existed between countries
and people. An initiative is underway from private initiative to
utilize such technology to propagate Buddhism and to bring live glimpse
of Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha to the world in conformity.
This will not only open new horizon for the Buddhist followers of the
world but also contribute to promoting the image of Nepal with the
message of peace.


BODHI Television, a dedicated organization, has been established with
the objective of disseminating information on matters related to
different aspects of enlightenment process of teaching of the Buddha. It
aims to bring the most enhanced and professional television
broadcasting service in High Definition (HD) format to the world as
exponent of the Buddha and Buddhism for the attainment of NIRVANA. The
process of understanding peace building measure with noble guidance of
the Buddha, in today’s chaotic world, can be one essential approach for
strengthening harmony among all living beings. This benevolent objective
of reaching out of world with messages of Peace from the Buddha will be
the perpetual effort of BODHI Television.


Establishment and promotion of peace in the present world is the most
important subject for all of us. In this context, it is necessary and
important to educate, inform and motivate the people from all over the
world about the important of peace for which the dissemination of the
teaching of Lord Buddha is vital.


What is in BODHI Television?


Bodhi is a Television channel that, at the core of it, carries the
moss at compassionate feeling of helping world peace through
audio/visual broadcast. The programming will contain discourses by
Buddhist scholars and Venerable Gurus, documentaries, travelogues, most
soothing musical performances, talk programs with venerable gurus,
teaching methods of meditation, history, news from around the world and
many more including language teaching and scripts such as Pali,
Sanskrit, Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan etc. among others.


As our primary goal, we are focused on delivering contents related to
Buddhism, teachings and practices through the window of Lumbini to the
world. The challenging part of this broadcasting will be the balance of
contents of the followers of different practices without criticizing or
promoting any one practice over the others. The core concept of this
channel will be to carry the message of Buddha through neutral contents
to the world from the birthplace of Shakyamuni Buddha, Lumbini…. The
program to extend transmission of live activities and pictures coverage
from Lumbini will be the main highlight. This will not only gather
interest of Buddha followers but anyone gets to observe Lumbini live
from wherever they are.


Lumbini – The birthplace of Sakyamuni Buddha


“After I am no more, O Ananda! Men of belief will visit the place
with faith, curiosity and devotion. Lumbini, the place where I was born,
the path to ultimate peace is spiritual discipline” – The Buddha


Nepal is the birth place of Shakyamuni Buddha and the fact has long
been established through numerous excavations and archeological,
historical evidences and strengthened by the time-transcending Asoka


The birth place of Shakyamuni Buddha, Lumbini is 280 km southwest of
the capital city of Kathmandu. The place has a religious valued to the
Buddhist community like no other place in the world. The followers of
peace throughout the world felt the need of conservation and reservation
of this religious landmark. A master plan was designed by the famous
architect Late Professor Kenjo Tange of Japan for the development of
this greatest pilgrimage site of all follower of the philosophy of
peaceful co-existence.


Lumbini, as of 1997, is an UNESCO World Heritage Site specifically nominated for the International World Heritage program.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.
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All wrong-doing arise because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?
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Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle – the
life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by
being shared.
Jack Frost Happiness Of Being Me GIF - JackFrost HappinessOfBeingMe GIFs
Do not dwell in the past; do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.
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However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act upon them?

Death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.
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Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.
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In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people
create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be
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If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.

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The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.

First, rely on the spirit and meaning of teachings,
not on the words; Second, rely on the teachings not on the personality
of the teacher; Third, rely on real wisdom, not on superficial
interpretation; And fourth, rely on the essence of your pure wisdom
mind, not on judgemental perceptions.
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RSS remotely controlling BJP favours paper ballots, EVMs subjected to public scrutiny.

RSS remotely controlling BJP favours paper ballots, EVMs subjected to public scrutiny.

Joining the controversy regarding the reliablity of Electronic
Voting Machines (EVMs) which have been questioned by political parties,
the RSS today asked the Election Commission (EC) to revert back to tried
and tested paper ballots and subject EVMs to public scrutiny whether
these gadgets are tamper proof. In an editorial titled ‘Can we trust our
EVMs?’, The Organiser, the RSS mouthpiece, noted it was a fact that
till date an absolutely tamper-proof machine had not been invented and
credibility of any system depends on ‘transparency, verifiability and
trustworthiness’ than on blind and atavistic faith in its infallibility.

The issue is not a ‘private affair’ and it involves the future of
India. Even if the EVMs were genuine, there was no reason for the EC to
be touchy about it, the paper commented. The Government and the EC can’t
impose EVMs as a fait accompli on Indian democracy as the only option
before the voter. There were flaws like booth capturing, rigging, bogus
voting, tampering and ballot paper snatching in the ballot paper system
of polling leading the country to switch over to the EVMs and all these
problems were relevant in EVMs too. Rigging was possible even at the
counting stage. What made the ballot papers voter-friendly was that all
aberrations were taking place before the public eye and hence open for
corrections whereas the manipulations in the EVMs is entirely in the
hands of powers that be and the political appointees manning the sytem,
the paper commented. The EVM has only one advantage — ’speed’ but that
advantage has been undermined by the staggered polls at times spread
over three to four months. ‘’This has already killed the fun of the
election process,’’ the paper noted. Of the dozen General Elections held
in the country, only two were through the EVMs and instead of
rationally addressing the doubts aired by reputed institutions and
experts the Government has resorted to silence its critics by
‘intimidation and arrests on false charges’, the paper observed,
recalling the arrest of Hyederabad-based technocrat Hari Prasad by the
Mumbai Police. Prasad’s research has proved that the EVMs were
‘vulnerable to fraud’. The authorities want to send a message that
anybody who challenges the EC runs the risk of persecution and
harassment, the RSS observed. Most countries around the world looked at
the EVMs with suspicion and countries like the Netherlands, Italy,
Germany and Ireland had all reverted back to paper ballots shunning EVMs
because they were ‘easy to falsify, risked eavesdropping and lacked
transparency’. Democracy is too precious to be handed over to whims or
an opaque establishment and network of unsafe gizmos. ‘’For the health
of Indian democracy it is better to return to tried and tested methods
or else elections in future can turn out to be a farce,’’ the editorial said.

– (UNI) — 28DI28.xml

Modi remotely controlled by RSS attacks opposition for blaming EVMs for
defeat in LS polls as the opposition parties did not attend the meeting
called by him over the issue of simultaneous elections with reference to

All Awakened Aboriginal Societies must
not recognise the Murderer of democratic institutions (Modi) remotely
controlled by foreigners from Bene Israel chitpavan brahmins who gobbled
the Master Key by tampering the Fraud EVMs with the support of EC
(Election Criminals) and go for real freedom struggle to demand
chitpavan brahmins to quit Prabuddha Bharat to save Universal Adult
Franchise and Democracy.

BJP’s ‘one nation, one poll’ a ploy to win all elections by single ‘manipulation’: Mayawati


The new gimmick of ‘one nation, one election’ is a BJP’s .. ploy to
win the Lok Sabha and assembly elections by a single .. ‘dhandhli’
(manipulation): Mayawati . She said the BJP’s victory is “unexpected and
against the people’s mandate”, which is not possible without “planned
manipulation and conspiracy” BSP chief Mayawati on Sunday opposed the
BJP’s “one nation, .. one election” idea aimed at having simultaneous
Lok Sabha and state assembly polls, saying it is the saffron party’s
ploy to win all elections through one-time “manipulation” of EVMs.

Mayawati hurled the allegation, describing even .. the BJP landslide
victory in the last Lok Sabha election as .. “doubtful”. “It will put
the nation in an era of casteism making it free .. from any opposition,”
she added, addressing a party meeting ..convened to discuss the
purported “national concern” over the alleged “hijacking” of the
democracy via EVMs here. .. “If there is no manipulation in the BJP’s
victory and if it has the majority votes by its side, why is the party
shying .. away from going to the people and avoiding elections through
ballots?” a BSP statement quoted her as asking.

The meeting was also attended by the BSP’s representatives from
.. other states, who alleged that the Election Commission was working on
directions of the BJP (Brashtachar Jhoothe Psychopaths)and the Murderer
of democratic institutions & Master of diluting institutions (Modi)
“The way the EC ( Election Criminals) bowed before Modi also gives rise
to the apprehension over the free and fair polls in
the country and weakening of the democracy,” she alleged and demanded that “constitutional bodies should find solution to ..
the people’s concern”.

She said the BJP’s victory is “unexpected and against the
people’s mandate”, which is not .. possible without a “planned
manipulation and conspiracy”.

The BSP supremo demanded that elections in India be held .. through ballot papers in future.

“All the main opposition political parties are of the view that
elections should be held through ballot papers but the BJP and the EC
are againt it, which has created uneasiness in the country,” she said ..

Mayawati also questioned the BJP’s keenness on having simultaneous
Lok Sabha and assembly elections. “If the BJP is so keen on one nation,
one poll, why didn’t it hold the assembly elections in states like
Haryana and Maharashtra .. with the Lok Sabha polls.

She asked party workers to deal with discrepancies in functioning of
EVMs during upcoming .. polls and emphasised upon them to stick to the
party’s “brotherhood formula” successfully tested in the 2007 Uttar
Pradesh assembly polls to ensure that the party’s base remains intact.

In the meeting, Mayawati also took stock of the party’s readiness
for the upcoming assembly elections in Haryana and Maharashtra.

This is the voice of just 0.1% intolerant, violent, militant, number
one terrorists of the world, ever shooting, mob lynching, lunatic,
mentally retarded foreigners from Bene Israel chitpavan brahmins who
always appropriate/ misappropriated Epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata
including our marvellous Modern Constitution created by SC/STs for greed
of money and power. Some stooges, slaves, chamchas, chelas,
bootlickers, own mother’s flesh eaters without any self respect, honour
and dignity are unaware of this and keep supporting chitpavan brahmins
out of stupidity and delusion thinking that they will also be considered
as chitpavan brahmins.

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