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April 2021
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International Early Birds Brotherhood Multipurpose Cooperative Society(IEBBMCS) For The Welfare and Ultimate Bliss of Entire Mighty Great Minds-B Media 4 UR Own Idea for the Path Shown by the Blessed, Noble, Awakened Mighty Great Mind !Truely Followed by Baba saheb and Dada Saheb who Entered the Pure Land !And Strived to lead all Sentient beings to that Wonder Land !
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International Early Birds Brotherhood Multipurpose Cooperative Society



The Welfare and Ultimate Bliss of Entire Mighty Great Minds

The Blessed, Noble,Awakened Mighty Great Mind once said, ‘When the ruler of a country is just and good, the ministers become just and good; when the ministers are just and good, the higher officials become just and good; when the higher officials are just and good, the rank and file become just and good; when the rank and file become just and good, the people become just and good.

He said that immorality and crime, such as theft, falsehood, violence, hatred, cruelty, could arise from poverty. Kings and governments may try to suppress crime through punishment, but it is futile to eradicate crimes through force.

He suggested economic development instead of force to reduce crime. The government should use the country’s resources to improve the economic conditions of the country. It could embark on agricultural and rural development, provide financial support to entrepreneurs and business, provide adequate wages for workers to maintain a decent life with human dignity.

He had given to rules for Good Government, known as ‘Dasa Raja Dharma’. These ten rules can be applied even today by any government which wishes to rule the country peacefully. The rules are as follows:

1) be liberal and avoid selfishness,
2) maintain a high moral character,
3) be prepared to sacrifice one’s own pleasure for the well-being of the subjects,
4) be honest and maintain absolute integrity,
5) be kind and gentle,
6) lead a simple life for the subjects to emulate,
7) be free from hatred of any kind,
8) exercise non-violence,
9) practise patience, and
10) respect public opinion to promote peace and harmony.

Regarding the behavior of rulers, He further advised:

- A good ruler should act impartially and should not be biased and discriminate between one particular group of subjects against another.
- A good ruler should not harbor any form of hatred against any of his subjects.
- A good ruler should show no fear whatsoever in the enforcement of the law, if it is justifiable.
- A good ruler must possess a clear understanding of the law to be enforced. It should not be enforced just because the ruler has the authority to enforce the law. It must be done in a reasonable manner and with common sense. —

 ’If a man, who is unfit, incompetent, immoral, improper, unable and unworthy of kingship, has enthroned himself a king or a ruler with great authority, he is subject to be tortured‚ to be subject to a variety of punishment by the people, because, being unfit and unworthy, he has placed himself unrighteously in the seat of sovereignty. The ruler, like others who violate and transgress moral codes and basic rules of all social laws of mankind, is equally subject to punishment; and moreover, to be censured is the ruler who conducts himself as a robber of the public.’

It is mentioned that a ruler who punishes innocent people and does not punish the culprit is not suitable to rule a country.

The king always improves himself and carefully examines his own conduct in deeds, words and thoughts, trying to discover and listen to public opinion as to whether or not he had been guilty of any faults and mistakes in ruling the kingdom. If it is found that he rules unrighteously, the public will complain that they are ruined by the wicked ruler with unjust treatment, punishment, taxation, or other oppressions including corruption of any kind, and they will react against him in one way or another. On the contrary, if he rules righteously they will bless him: ‘Long live His Majesty.

His emphasis on the moral duty of a ruler to use public power to improve the welfare of the people had inspired Emperor Asoka in the Third Century B.C. to do likewise. Emperor Asoka, a sparkling example of this principle, resolved to live according to and preach the Dhamma and to serve his subjects and all humanity. He declared his non-aggressive intentions to his neighbors, assuring them of his goodwill and sending envoys to distant kings bearing his message of peace and non-aggression. He promoted the energetic practice of the socio-moral virtues of honesty, truthfulness, compassion, benevolence, non-violence, considerate behavior towards all, non-extravagance, non-acquisitiveness, and non-injury to animals. He encouraged religious freedom and mutual respect for each other’s creed. He went on periodic tours preaching the Dhamma to the rural people. He undertook works of public utility, such as founding of hospitals for men and animals, supplying of medicine, planting of roadside trees and groves, digging of wells, and construction of watering sheds and rest houses. He expressly forbade cruelty to animals.

Aims & Objects

To enrol membership for IEBBMCS for the welfare and happiness of all the members in accordance with the Constitution of India through their empowerment by grabbing the master key for distributing the nations wealth to benefit all sections of the society.

Distribution of fertile land to all poor farmers with healthy seeds.

Loan to each and every person who is interested in starting his own business with proper training on latest and most modern successful Trade Practices

To train Government servants to serve the society in a most efficient manner without corruption.

To train members to become leaders for excellent governance.

To train all members on “The Art of Giving” for a happy longevity, beauty, prosperity and Authority.

To create a database of all members with their photos, address, age, and all other necessary information that will serve as Citizens Identity Cards.

To help all members to be in the voters list in order to acquire the Master Key. To strive hard to convert the existing three member Chief Election Commission

as Chief Election Committee, just like any other Parliamentary Committee representing all sections of the society to ensure that all eligible voters in the Country are included in the Voters list with their photo identity for free and fair elections.

To help all members to get genuine Caste Certificates.

To train all members to become media to propagate peace within oneself and harmony with others.

To train all members on the latest trade practices to make them to earn more money for the wholesome desire of propagating the Practicing and the Noble  Right path shown by the Blessed, Noble and the Awakened One.

To train and cultivate the habit of early birds

To practice and train on the essential movements of the body, including walking, cycling and swimming for fitness

To practice and train to buy essential qualitative and most economic household articles and commodities

To train to cultivate the best food habits

To train to cultivate the ten disciplines for happy and peaceful life

Through the practice of Noble Eightfold Path

To train to practice meditation such as Pabajja, Vipassana and Zen practice for peace and happiness within oneself and harmony with others to enable to become Great Minds in order to attain the Ultimate Bliss

To enroll minimum two members per street for cultivation of the practice by way of training

Membership Minimum Rs.200 ($100) up to 25% and above of one’s net profit.

Cash or money orders may be sent to


#668 5th A Main Road , 8th Cross

HAL 3rd Stage


Ph.No.91-080- 25203792

Mob: 9449260443

email:welfareforman y@yahoo.com

http://sarvajan. ambedkar. org

B Media 4 UR Own Idea

4 Mighty Great Mind !

2 Enter the Wonder Land !

That’s the Pure Land !

Path Shown by the Blessed, Noble, Awakened Mighty Great Mind !

Truely Followed by Baba saheb and Dada Saheb who Entered the Pure Land !

And Strived to lead all Sentient beings to that Wonder Land !

Without becoming Prime Minister or President of any Land !

Now is all that U have in Hand !

Ms Maya leading one and all to that Wonder Land !

That’s the Pure Land !

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