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May 2022
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Be ready for coalitions, Mayawati tells BSP-Mayawati calls meet, aware BSP leaders from Cong, BJP -UNPA to project Maya as PM -Epoch making steps-Ethics-
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Be ready for coalitions, Mayawati tells BSP

July 27th, 2008 - 8:25 pm ICT by IANS

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A file-photo of Bahujan Samaj Party

Lucknow, July 27 (IANS) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati Sunday
told party MPs and ministers about the importance and usefulness of
coalition governments, party sources said. Mayawati said the Bahujan
Samaj Party (BSP) should be ready to accept a pre-poll alliance taking
into account the fast changing scenario in national politics, the
sources added.

The chief minister also called upon party activists to convince
Muslims about the correctness of BSP’s stand over the India-US nuclear

“We need to inform Muslims that by opposing the nuclear deal, we
supported them and protected their rights,” a party leader said.

Mayawati also directed district coordinators of BSP to bring active
members of their respective regions to the party’s national convention
to be organised here Aug 9.

The BSP played a key role in the opposition’s attempts to vote out
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s Congress-led government in a trust vote
over the nuclear deal. The government won the motion.

Mayawati calls meet, aware BSP leaders from Cong, BJP

Lucknow, Jul 27: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo and Uttar Pradesh
Chief Minister Mayawati today called on party MPs, legislators and
ministers to prepare themselves for a bigger challenge ahead from the
Congress, the BJP and other parties who would make all effort to stall
the progress of the BSP.

Addressing a meeting
of the party MPs, ministers and legislators here, Ms Mayawati said as
the party was strengthening its base on the formula of ‘Sarvajan
Hitaya, Sarvajan Sukhaya’ and yet to face more challenges in the future.

‘’Now all the parties, including the Congress and the BJP have united
to hinder the growth of the BSP, which led to the survival of the UPA
government at the Centre on the July 22 trust vote,'’ she claimed.

CM said on August 9, the party would announce the future political
strategy of the party during the BSP national convention to be held at
Ramabai Ambedkar Maidan.

She also asked all the BSP leaders to
bring only those active members from the respective areas in the
national convention, who have the capacity to aware the people about
the party directions.

Ms Mayawati had yesterday held a similar meeting with the co-ordinators and other office bearers of the party to discuss over the preparation for the national convention.

was decided that 15 buses with dedicated party workers from each of the
403 assembly constituencies would be brought for the convention.
Thousands of delegates from other states were also expected to
participate in the convention.

UNPA to project Maya as PM

The TD will establish a “grand alliance” with the Left, the BSP and
other “like-minded” parties in the state against the Congress.

during the trust vote.

Telugu Desam supremo N. Chandrababu Naidu disclosed this in an interview to this newspaper during his ongoing “mee kosam yatra”.

Mr Naidu said apart from joining hands with the Left in the next
elections, the TD had “in principle” decided to align with the BSP in
the state. Besides this, the United National Progressive Alliance will
project BSP chief Mayawati as its Prime Ministerial candidate in the
next General elections. Mr Naidu said it was the time for a woman
leader from the downtrodden sections to assume the highest office.

It would be on the lines of a “grand alliance” which comprises the
UNPA, the Left and the BSP at national level. Mr Naidu who camped at
Thukkuguda of Rangareddy district, the home town of TD’s former
second-in-command and chief of the newly-formed Nava Telangana Praja
Party, Mr T. Devender Goud, as part of his yatra divulged his future
course of action.

Though he kept his cards close to his chest about the separate
Telangana issue, Mr Naidu did not deny the reports on possible
electoral understanding between the TD and the TRS.

“We are not against Telangana. Our five-member committee has been
pursuing the issue. Very soon we will come out with a clear action plan
on it,” he said. Though the Left and the TD joined hands after the
India-US nuclear deal issue, the TRS is still maintaining distance with
the principal Opposition.

Epoch making steps

Taken by the

Chief Minister of Uttar

Sushri Mayawati Ji

Ms. Mayawati, Chief Minister of U.P.


Doors of Higher Education will now be open
for poor

and Original Inhabitants of Jambudvipa,
that is the Great Parbuddha Bharath to herald State’s Progress


Students of Gautham Buddha University, district Gautham
Buddha Nagar (NOIDA) belonging to Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes and Other
Backward Castes, Religious Minorities and General Categories subsisting below
poverty line may now pursue their studies in European Universities.

Special Scholarship Scheme started by the State Government
for this purpose.


U.P. Government’s Invaluable

Clean and Pollution Free river

Very important step to translate the resolve of making
Gomti pollution free into reality.

Foundation Stone for 34.5 crore litre per day capacity
Sewage Treatment Plant in Lucknow,

Resolve to make this Plant functional within a year.

An amount of Rs.170 crore released.


River Gomti will now become
pollution free.

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