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August 2022
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BSP targets reserved seats for Lok Sabha -EC should not defer Assembly elections in J&K : BSP - Left, BSP and TDP demand immediate convening of Parliament session-Azamgarh DIG, SP suspended -Disciplinary action against four CMOs
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Write Down on the Wall was Dr. Ambedkar’s Sign !

Two Thousand Nine !

Will Be Mine !

- Says Ms Mayawati Bahen !

Symbol- BSP -Bahujan Samaj Party, India
BSP -Bahujan Samaj Party, India
Honb’le Km. Mayawati
Honb’le Km. Mayawati
Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh
Supremo, Bahujan Samaj Party


BSP targets reserved seats for Lok Sabha
Thursday, September 11,2008

LUCKNOW: The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is
concentrating on the reserved seats in UP and other states, even as it
goes about popularising its social engineering formula on the general

According to BSP leaders, its success on the reserved seats will
indicate that the party remains not only the undisputed representative
of the scheduled castes but has also emerged as the leader of upper
castes. In UP, there are 17 reserved seats and the BSP had won only
five of these seats in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections. The party had won
Misrikh, Akbarpur, Barabanki, Basti and Robertsganj seats.

“In the entire country, there are 79 reserved seats for scheduled caste
candidates and 41 for scheduled tribe candidates. This time we are
laying special focus on these seats. To begin with, we are forming
“Bhaichara Committees” in these constituencies that will be headed by
leaders of a caste group (other than SC/ST) that has a considerable
presence in the constituency. The committee will make an attempt to
bring other communities — upper castes as well as backward castes —

closer to the dalits in the constituency and pave the way for the
victory of the BSP candidate,” said a senior BSP functionary. The BSP
is confident that this formula will work in reserved constituencies to
their advantage because its success has already been tested in the UP
Assembly elections in 2007 when the BSP won 61 of the 89 reserved seats
in the state. The BSP leader added that the success of the social
engineering formula that led BSP to its “stupendous successs” in UP
would also be showcased in other states during the election campaign.
“This will help the upper castes understand the Sarvjan Hitaye, Sarvjan
Sukhaye concept of the party and will encourage them to vote with the
dalits in the elections,” he stated.

According to party sources, the BSP is also exercising caution in
selection of candidates for these reserved seats. Efforts are being
made to select candidates whose acceptability in other castes and
communities is high. “Scheduled caste/ scheduled tribe candidates
having a clean image and a basic level of popularity among other castes
will be our choice for the reserved seats. Such candidates will attract
votes from communities other than their own,” explained the leader.

EC should not defer Assembly elections in J&K : BSP

Sep 11 Demanding that Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir should be
held on time, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) today asked the Election
Commission (EC) not to make any move to defer these elections.
move to defer the elections could lead to resentment among the people
in the state, which is not good for Jammu and Kashmir,” the national
general secretary of BSP Narinder Kumar Kashyap told reporters here.

Holding elections on time are necessary for establishing democracy in
the state, he said, adding these would restore the faith among the
people who want people’s government to be formed in the state.

The EC must take steps to establish democracy in the state at the
earliest because governor’s/president’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir is
not in the interest of the people, he said.

Kashyap said BSP is ready and has made all the preparations to contest the assembly elections in the state.

“Of 87 Assembly seats in J&K, our party has already nominated 35
candidates for Jammu region, four for Ladakh and 35 for Kashmir valley
and the names of the remaining candidates would be announced soon,” he

The BSP leader expressed hope that the party will form government in the state with the support of Original Inhabitants of Jambudvipa, that is the Great Prabuddha Bharath and weaker sections.

Accusing Congress, National Conference (NC), Peoples Democratic Party
(PDP) and BJP for their role in disturbing the situation in the state,
Kashyap said during last over two months innocent people had to suffer
and even today the situation is not good in entire valley and some
parts of Jammu region. (Agencies)

Published: Thursday, September 11, 2008

Leaders of the Left, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), the Telugu Desam
Party (TDP) and other non-Congress and non-BJP parties on Tuesday met
President Pratibha Patil to demand immediate convening of the Monsoon
Session of Parliament.

The leaders accused the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance
Government of subverting the Constitution by deciding to do away with
the monsoon session and convening a combined session.

“As none of the nine assurances given by the Prime Minister on the
Indo-US nuclear deal has been met and crucial information has been
concealed, the Government is accountable and answerable to the people
on various counts,” the leaders charged in a memorandum submitted to
the President.

Blaming the Government for its inability to control the spiraling
inflation and the communal situation in Orissa, they said: “We want to
discuss these issues in Parliament session.” (ANI)

Online edition of India’s National Newspaper
Friday, Sep 12, 2008

Azamgarh DIG, SP suspended

Special Correspondent

LUCKNOW: Five days after communal violence in Azamgarh in Uttar
Pradesh claimed the life of one person, the Mayawati government on
Thursday suspended Azamgarh Range DIG Abhimanyu Tripathi and SP V.K.
Garg, on charges of dereliction of duty and ignoring directives for
making effective police arrangements. Violence and arson erupted in
Azamgarh after the convoy of BJP MP from Gorakhpur, Yogi Adityanath,
was attacked. Earlier the MP’s supporters had raised objectionable
slogans in the Muslim-dominated Takiya locality of the eastern UP town.

The MP was going to address the ‘Virat Hindu Chetna Rally’, organized by the Hindu Yuva Vahini in the local DAV College.

Addressing a press conference, Director General of Police Vikram
Singh and Principal Secretary, Home, Kunwar Fateh Bahadur said Mr.
Adityanath has a past of making objectionable speeches.

Disciplinary action against four CMOs

Gorakhpur: Disciplinary action has been taken against the Chief
Medical Officers (CMOs) of four districts of Gorakhpur for showing
laxity in launching a sanitation campaign after the recent floods. At a
meeting held to review situation of flood-affected areas, DC P.K.
Mohanti ordered adverse entries in the service books of CMOs of
Gorakhpur, Kushinagar, Deoria and Mahrajganj districts. So far, 18
people have died in the division due to diarrhoea alone, Mr. Mohanti

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