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August 2022
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Church attacks dent Karnataka’s civilised image-Mayawati not to join Left stir Thursday -Church attacks dent Karnataka’s civilised image-G.B. Atri, a former wing commander in the Indian Air Force and now the Brahmin face of the Bahujan Samaj Party in Karnataka, was of the view that the ‘level of patience in the society is coming down. Goondas (thugs) should not be allowed a free hand’.- Crush terror but hands off innocents: Mayawati -Do not look at Muslims suspiciously: Mayawati -Special cell for handling labour disputes soon
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Symbol- BSP -Bahujan Samaj Party, India
BSP -Bahujan Samaj Party, India
Honb’le Km. Mayawati
Honb’le Km. Mayawati
Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh
Supremo, Bahujan Samaj Party

Bahujan Samaj Party - Karnataka

On 25-09-2008 at 11 am at Town Hall, Bangalore

People of Karnataka are known for peace and harmony, have been witnessing for the first time the most heinous ceimes and cowherdly acts perpetrated against Christians by Bajrang Dal supported by RSS Parivar including the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party!

Statues of the Messenger of Peace is crucified once again by the communal bigots!

The nuns who always engage themselves in praying for the world peace in their secluded prayer halls are being dragged out and beaten brutally!

75 year old senior nun and children of 10-12 years too are not spared!

Walls and floors and roofs of the places of worship and school buildings are stained with the marks of blood spilled out from their bodies!

Those who came out to streets to protest these violent attacks have been lathi-charged by the police!

This communal aggression was started on Sep.14, 2008 and is still continuing un abated!

Why this hatred against Christians ?

The communal outfits such as Bajrang Dal and their leaders allege that the Christians are forcibbly convertinng the poor people. These so-called Hindu leaders have defended the attacks openly and also declared they would continue to support such attacks!

Look at thjeir audocity! How can they arrogate themselves the responsibility to protect Hinduism and authority to attack other religious followers?

Did the Indian Constitution gave them the authority to punish others by taking law into their own hands?

Are we living in the land governed by the civil government or hijacked by the goondas?
What prompted these evil forces to raise their heads?

It is the BJP Govt. of Karnataka and its Chief Minister and Home Minister who are directly responsible for the communal carnage. If the Chief Minister declares in public that he would not ban Bajrang Dal and Sre Ramasena, then who can control such social criminals? And it is but naturalthe police officials under such Chief Minister behave like RSS activists!

It is now the part of history that the Uttar Pradesh, the country’s largest state, was engulfed in communal violenceduring the time of Babri Masgid demolition. Uttar Pradesh was the headquarters of RSS. But what has happened today there? Bajrang Dal, Vishva Hindu parishad and all such communal outfits  are on their death bed today! Hoe it happened? It is the result of effective and powerful administration of Iron Lady Bahen Kumari Mayawati Ji! Whereas look at Karnataka which is thriving on Ventilators! The Chief Minister and Home Minister are themselves the senior activists of  RSS who obediently follow orders of RSS! If this is the plight of Karnataka, who can save religious minorities, the original inhabtants of Jambudvipa, thet is the Great Prabuddha Bharath and the helpless poor?

There can be only one alternative. All the oppressed and deprived  people must come together under the banner of Bahujan Samaj Party, the one and the only national party of SC/ST/OBC and Religious Minorities who are the Original Inhabitants of Jambudvipa, thet is the Great Prabuddha Bharath, to put an end to communalism and casteis. Please get out of manuvadi parties and petty organisations who believe in first, second, third , fourth  and nth rate souls. They believe that they could do anything they wish to the people who have no souls.So join the biggest national party that never belives in soul but all are equal, under the leadership of Bahenji, the iron lady. As an effective stop in this direction, all the victims of communalism and casteism join this protest program on September 25th 2008


State General secretaries: Gopinath, Bulla Subbarao, Kamalanabham, Jigani Shankar

State Treasurer: Koramangala Muniappa

TJ Abraham, State Office Secretary

Mariydas Mandadhi, President, Christian Brotherhood Committee

State Secretaries: V. Muniswamy, Laskhmi Gopinath, Velu, Ramanath Hegde, Venkatesh Mourya, Ismail Shariff, Nahida Salma.

Chikknna, President BBMP, Eeranna Mourya, President Bangalore (U), Purushothama, President Bangalore (R) andOther Office Bearers of Districts and Assembly Constituencies

J Chandrasekharan, District Offoce Bearers in Charge CV Raman Nagar Assembly Consttuency
BT Srinivas,President CV Raman Assy.Const.
Balasubramani, Gen Sec.
Shivanna, Sec.
B.Chandrakanth, Treasurer
Gangadhar, Org.Sec.
Chandramohan Singh, President Bahujan Volunteer Force
Ethiraj, BAMCEF Coodinator
Kesvelu, BAMCEF co-coordinator
Shivaraj, Office Sec.
Jayaram Reddy, President Brotherhood Committe
Suresh, Sec. Brotherhood committe

Church attacks dent Karnataka’s civilised image

By Indian Daily News(Indian Daily News)

GB Atri, a former wing commander in the Indian Air Force and now the Brahmin face of the Bahujan Samaj Party in Karnataka, was of the view that the ‘level of patience in the society is coming down. Goondas (thugs) should not be allowed

Political News from India

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mayawati not to join Left stir Thursday

New Delhi, Sep 23 (IANS) Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)
chief and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has rejected the Left
parties’ call to join their stir Thursday, the day Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh is scheduled to meet President George W. Bush in

‘We invited her for a joint stir on
Sep 25. But she told us that her party MPs would be busy that day with
some other engagements,’ a senior Left leader, who did not want to be
named, told IANS here Tuesday.

refusal indicates she may not join the Left leaders’ efforts to form a
‘viable third alternative’ to the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata
Party (BJP) before the general elections next year.

refusal to go along with the Left parties reportedly came after the
Left parties, particularly Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M),
conveyed its unwillingness to contest the next general elections under
her leadership.

senior Left leader said there was a dispute within the Left parties on
Communist Party of India (CPI) general secretary A.B. Bardhan’s
‘unilateral’ announcement that ‘the third alternative’ would face
elections under Mayawati’s leadership.

comrade Bardhan unilaterally announced that the third front would face
elections under the leadership of Mayawati, many of us were stunned,’
he said.

The Left parties discussed the matter and rejected Bardhan’s announcement, he said.

Left parties, Deve Gowda’s Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) and Telugu Desam
Party (TDP), the lone member of the United National Progressive
Alliance (UNPA), would stage protest Sep 25.

They will protests the India-US nuclear deal and the Manmohan Singh government’s foreign policy.

the relations between the BSP and the Left parties are reportedly
strained after Mayawati said she would not allocate a single seat to
the Left parties in Uttar Pradesh in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

National News From India

Church attacks dent Karnataka’s civilised image

G.B. Atri, a former wing commander in the Indian Air Force and now the
Brahmin face of the Bahujan Samaj Party in Karnataka, was of the view
that the ‘level of patience in the society is coming down. Goondas
(thugs) should not be allowed a free hand’.

Online edition of India’s National Newspaper
Thursday, Sep 25, 2008

Crush terror but hands off innocents: Mayawati

Special Correspondent

U.P. Chief Minister’s direction to police and district officials

Photo: Subir Roy

Taking stock: U.P. Chief Minister Mayawati 

LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on Monday directed
the police and district officials to strictly enforce the anti-terror
mechanism. She, however, cautioned the officials against taking action
against innocent persons.

The security agencies should have enough evidence before suspects were hauled up.

A terrorist did not belong to any religion or caste; he was, in
fact, a threat to society. As such, action should be taken purely on
the merit of the case and no other factor should be taken into
consideration, she said.

The Chief Minister, who reviewed the law and order situation in the
State in the light of the recent arrests of suspected terrorists
hailing from the State, stressed proper implementation of her
directives in her nearly three-hour address to district magistrates,
Senior Superintendents of Police, DIGs, IGs and senior government
officials. Under no circumstances should the officers succumb to
pressure from the “top” — the Cabinet Secretary, the Chief Secretary or
the Director-General of Police — while handling a case.

In a clear departure from the past, the district officials were
allowed to speak directly to the Chief Minister directly on the phone
should an issue which required her immediate attention arise.

Ms. Mayawati warned the officials of strict action if her directives were not followed.

On the simultaneous need to curb communalism, the Chief Minister
said there should be no “balancing act” in handling a situation fraught
with the possibility of a communal riot.

Only the guilty should be arrested, and trivial issues, which could lead to communal violence, should be nipped in the bud.

Vijay Shankar Pandey, Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister,
told journalists that orders were issued to district police officials
to convene a meeting of the police station in-charge, circle officers
and ASPs within the next three days to explain to them Ms. Mayawati’s

Do not look at Muslims suspiciously: Mayawati

Atiq Khan

U.P. Chief Minister alleges that Christians are feeling insecure in
BJP-ruled States

Photo: Subir Roy

U.P Chief Minister Mayawati addressing a press conference in
Lucknow on Sunday.

LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on Sunday derided the attempts to target Muslims in the name of terrorism.

The community should not be held responsible for the recent terrors
acts in Delhi and elsewhere, she said at a press conference.

The Muslims in the State were being looked upon with suspicion. The
community should not be harassed on the basis of a dubious
(intelligence) report.

While reiterating her resolve to end terrorism in the State, if full
cooperation was extended to the State government by the Centre, she
warned the officials that strict action would be taken if she received
complaints of harassment of innocent persons belonging to the minority
community or any other caste.

Ms. Mayawati also took up the cause of Christians. They were feeling
insecure in the BJP-ruled States, she alleged. Referring to the
incidents in Orissa, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, she said it showed
that the communal forces had become strong.


Accusing the Centre of playing politics on the issue, Ms. Mayawati
demanded the UPA government to exercise a tight leash on the activities
of the outfits aligned with the BJP, as well as other organisations, in
a bid to maintain communal harmony.

The Chief Minister, who has called a meeting here on Monday for
discussing the law and order scenario in the background of the recent
incidents and terror-links with U.P., said the Samajwadi Party regime
had brought disrepute to the State, vis-À-vis terrorist activities.

Terrorist activities in U.P. started with the Sankat Mochan bomb
blast followed by the Ayodhya incident and the blast in the Shramjeevi
Express, all under the SP regime. Ms. Mayawati was of the view that had
the SP government crushed terrorism, U.P. would not have earned a bad

Police praised

Compared to the previous regime, priority was accorded to the rule
of law, she said and lauded the police for nabbing the accused named in
the attack on the Rampur Group Centre of CRPF and the Indian Institute
of Science, Bangalore. The Anti-Terrorist Squad recently arrested an
ISI agent in Bahraich.

The Chief Minister further referred to the arrest of Abu Bashar,
main suspect in the Ahmedabad serial blasts, on August 16, 2008 and
Shahbaz Husain, suspect in the Jaipur serial bomb blasts here on August
25, 2008, by the State police. On July 25, 2008, the Special Task Force
took the lid off the fake currency racket in the State.

Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari, SP leader Abu Aasim
Azmi, Tariq Bukhari and Teesta Setalvad visited Azamgarh and protested
against the arrest of Abu Bashar, she pointed out.

Extending cooperation to the Union government in fighting terror,
she said that stern directives had been issued to the police officers
against staging fake encounters.

At the same time, no leniency would be shown to the terrorist elements, she added.

Special cell for handling labour disputes soon

Greater Noida: The Uttar Pradesh police will set-up a special cell here exclusively for tackling industrial disputes.

“This Industrial cell will be headed by an official of DySP rank.
The officers engaged in this cell will solely be responsible for
industrial issues,” SSP R. K. Chaturvedi said.

“Police does not get training to handle industrial disputes which
are of very different nature from the normal law and order situations
that we are accustomed to handle. We will set this cell by the month
end,” he added.

Mr.Chaturvedi admitted that there were some mistakes in the
handling of the Sunday’s incident in which Graziano Trasmissioni Indian
CEO was killed.

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