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Nuke deal: BSP rally flagged off-BSP office opened -Vegetable prices to remain high till Diwali-BSP to gain in biennial Rajya Sabha election -BSP to hold Original Inhabitants of Jambudvipa, that is the Great Prabuddha Bharath convention in Lucknow -Mayawati has announced a public rally in Rae Bareli but the date has not been declared as yet.-Uttar Pradesh to launch urban poor housing scheme- Further rise in OBC creamy layer income ceiling likely- Three arrested for trading elephant molar teeth and ivory -Stock Report Tata Chemicals inaugurates first rural BPO in Uttar Pradesh -UPTU to woo engg students for other streams than IT-UP tells Delhi: Divert drain, we don’t want your pollution-Obama warns against overconfidence -“Ask States to enforce ban on manual scavenging”
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BSP office opened

BANGALORE: Dr.(Prof.) Suresh Mane hoisted Party Flag.The function started with Buddhist prayer by Buddha Vihara Banthejees.Shri.Ashok Kumar Siddhartha did Ribbon Cutting of Meeting Hall.Shri. Marasandra Muniappa welcomed the gathering.Report was presented by Shri. Bulla Subba Rao. Shri Ashok Kumar Siddhartha thanked Shri. Veer Singh for his intiative to get sanctioned by Mayawati Ji to buy the office for Karnataka and the effort by Shri. Bulla Rao to renovate the building in  two months time. Veer Singh, MP and general secretary of the Bahujan Samaj
Party, on Thursday inaugurated the BSP Bhavan on Cockburn Road here
built at a cost of Rs. 1 crore. Addressing the party workers, he said
that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati had encouraged the State
unit to have its own building. Prof. Suresh Mane in his speech said that all the four southern states were now having their own office buildings.He said that ” We may be exist or not but the building will be there forever to carry forward the movement ahead. In his press conference he said the party would contest from all
the 28 Lok Sabha constituencies in the coming elections.Shri. Kamal Nabhan proposed a vote of thanks. — Special

BSP to gain in biennial Rajya Sabha election

By Amita Verma


Oct. 16: The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is all set to emerge as the
biggest gainer in the biennial Rajya Sabha electoral for 10 seats,
scheduled to be held on November 21.

Three of BSP members are completing their term in November and the
party can now return to the Rajya Sabha with double strength. BSP MP’s
Gandhi Azad and Veer Singh are retiring next month while Isam Singh has
already been disqualified.

To make it to the Rajya Sabha, a candidate will require 37 first
preference votes and with 217 MLAs in the state Assembly, the BSP can
comfortably get five members elected. The BSP can also get its sixth
member elected with the help of some independent MLAs who would be too
willing to oblige and its second preference votes.

The Samajwadi Party will be able to get only two members comfortably
elected to the Rajya Sabha. The Samajwadi Party also faces the threat
of cross-voting since two of its MLAs, Gauri Shankar and Sandeep
Agarwal, have already joined the BSP and BJP.

BSP to hold Original Inhabitants of Jambudvipa, that is the Great Prabuddha Bharath convention in Lucknow

Lucknow :  Bahujan Samaj Party
(BSP) will now organise a meet here for Other Backward Classes (OBCs)
and Original Inhabitants of Jambudvipa, that is the Great Prabuddha Bharath ahead of the Lok Sabha elections

According to BSP officials, Chief Minister Mayawati will hold the convention for Original Inhabitants of Jambudvipa, that is the Great Prabuddha Bharath and OBCs Oct 18 in the state capital.

“The chief minister is likely to announce several schemes for the
upliftment of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and OBC community
members during the convention,” a BSP official told IANS.

“Such conventions intend to unite people of different communities,” BSP state president Swami Prasad Maurya told IANS.

In the national Muslim convention, Mayawati announced various
schemes for Muslims, including setting up of an Arabic-Persian
University, schools in Muslim dominated areas, employment schemes and
other welfare projects for the minority community members

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on Wednesday
accused Congress president Sonia Gandhi of ‘hatching a political
conspiracy’ against the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) even as the Congress
condemned her remarks.
“It is a calculated move by the Congress party ahead of the Lok Sabha
elections. Sonia Gandhi and her party are misguiding people by
projecting that the BSP is against development,” Mayawati said

Mayawati earlier said, The central government is just not interested
in all-round development of the state as it has still not released a
penny of the Rs 800 billion package we sought for the uplift of the

Mayawati has announced a public rally in Rae Bareli but the date has not been declared as yet.

Uttar Pradesh to launch urban poor housing scheme

Lucknow, Oct 7 (IANS) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati will
Thursday launch a much-awaited, ambitious housing project for the urban
poor, according to officials.The launch will mark the beginning of
construction of as many as 110,000 houses that would come up under the
Kanshiram Urban Housing Project (KUHP), housing department officials
said here Tuesday.

“Apart from the housing department, the Public Works Department
(PWD) and various government construction agencies will work on the
project,” Housing Minister Naseemuddin Siddiqui said.

Under the scheme, the houses will be provided free of cost to the
urban poor -destitutes, widows and handicapped people - across the
state, the officials added.

For allotment, the state government has fixed 23 percent quota for
the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, 27 percent for Other
Backward Classes (OBCs) and 50 percent for the general category, they

Further rise in OBC creamy layer income ceiling likely

LUCKNOW: A political battle to retain
hold over Other Backward Classes (OBCs) is all set to be intensified in Uttar
Pradesh with the Mayawati gove

rnment considering to redefine the annual income
ceiling fixed for the creamy layer by the Centre.

If sources are to
be believed, the Mayawati government is not averse to increasing the income
ceiling of Rs 4.5 lakh fixed by the Centre for the creamy layer within the OBCs.

A senior official puts it: “We are actively considering the
issue and final decision would be taken at appropriate

The issue of the income ceiling needs to be revisited
and this could be fixed at Rs 5 lakh or a little more. This would widen the
scope of the job reservation

Three arrested for trading elephant molar teeth and ivory

New Delhi (PTI): Three persons have
been arrested for alleged illegal trade of elephant molar teeth and
ivory from Bijnor area in Uttar Pradesh.

A joint team of the Wildlife Crime
Control Bureau (Wccb) along with Uttar Pradesh police and Wildlife
Trust of India (WTI) seized ten kgs of molar teeth from the accused,
identified as Furkan, Bahajuddin and Munsif.

“Following a tip-off, a trap was laid
and a decoy customer was sent to finalise a deal. The accused were
caught red-handed while exchanging molar teeth in lieu of money in
Chandpur area,” Ramesh Pandey, Deputy Director (Northern) of the Bureau

He said the two molars weighing around 5 kgs each were seized from their possession in the raid conducted two days ago.

“Trade in molar teeth is much more
serious crime compared to ivory as the former can be extracted either
by killing the elephant or when the animal dies.

“The seizure indicates that the
poachers have reach deep inside the forests,” Pandey said suggesting
that so far ivory trade has been known to be a major drive for elephant

A case under various sections of
Wildlife Protection Act has been registered against the accused and

further investigation is on.

Stock Report

Tata Chemicals inaugurates first rural BPO in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh: Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD), a
community initiative arm of Tata Chemicals (TCL), today unveiled its
latest community initiative targeted at the youth of rural India with
the inauguration of Uttar Pradesh’s first rural BPO “UDAY” at Babrala
in Badaun district. The call centre was inaugurated by R
Gopalakrishnan, vice chairman, TCL and executive director, Tata Sons.

at Babrala, UP, close to the Tata Chemicals plant, the 125-seat call
centre lends itself to provide alternative employment to the dedicated
youth of rural India with an aim of creating self sustained community

Speaking at the inauguration Gopalakrishnan said,
“The Tata Group is committed to sustainable development and believes
that large enterprises are built with the coming together of the local
populace which has helped us attain many milestones. We are confident
that this call centre in Uttar Pradesh will become a benchmark in the
way rural empowerment is nurtured by corporate India in the coming
years. Personally, I hope this paves the way for the industry to take a
concerted and pragmatic look at fostering development in rural India.”

the call centre will employ 123 call agents, who have been selected and
hired from Babrala and the adjoining villages and will be further
scaled up to 200 agents by the end of the current fiscal. The call
centre will function as a back office logistic support for Tata Indicom
customers in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Kapil Mehan, executive
vice president, CNAB, Tata Chemicals, added: “We are happy to
collaborate with Group companies in empowering the youth of today;
despite the general focus of development being urban India. We, at Tata
Chemicals, take pride in bringing about an equilibrium and equal
opportunity for the youth of rural India.”

Promoted by TCL, Uday
foundation was established in the year 2007-08 to promote, undertake
and assist directly or indirectly any activity that creates employment
for rural masses and promotes growth of rural economy and upliftment of
people in rural areas. Uday foundation established its first rural BPO
centre at the TCL facility in Mithapur, Gujarat.

Uday Foundation
will be responsible in identification and selection of human capital
and imparting of training which includes enhancing of skill sets as
prescribed by the statutory requirements. Additionally, TCSRD will
undertake the responsibility of facilitating capacity upgradation,
integration and delivery for the business process outsourced by Tata

Source: Equity Bulls

Posted On: 10/13/2008 1:10:08 AM

UPTU to woo engg students for other streams than IT

Lucknow, October 12 As the world tries to come
to grips with the current financial crisis, over one lakh students of
information technology (IT) in Uttar Pradesh now face an uncertain

Though experts believe that the situation will soon ease, the
engineering institutions and students are already looking for other

A case in this regard is the Uttar Pradesh Technical University
(UPTU). The university is mulling over an idea to encourage students to
take up other engineering streams from the new academic session.

UPTU Vice-Chancellor Professor Prem Vrat was delivering a
speech on “Information Technology Enabled Engineering Education:
Opportunities and Challenges,” organised by Computer Society of India,
Lucknow Chapter on Sunday

UP tells Delhi: Divert drain, we don’t want your pollution

Lucknow, October 12 The Uttar Pradesh Government has asked Delhi administration that it does not want its Shahadra drain to flow into Noida.

A delegation of senior officials from the UP government, including
the chief executive officer of Noida Authority, was in the Capital last
week to hold a meeting with Delhi government officials to push for
diverting the drain. The official reason cited by the officials was
that they “do not want Delhi’s pollution to enter UP”.

“We had a meeting with the CEO and senior officials from the UP
Irrigation and Flood Control. They have demanded that the Shahadra
drain should not flow through Noida and be instead diverted along the
Hindon directly into the Yamuna. Delhi and UP have now set up a joint
committee to look into the feasibility of the proposal. The committee
will also to consult the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, for
technical feasibility of implementing the proposal,” said Delhi Chief
Secretary Rakesh Mehta.

Officials in the Delhi government said the demand made by the
UP government might not be technically feasible. “The flow of the drain
and the topography of the area are such that it may not be possible to
divert the drain. In any case, this will be an extremely expensive
proposition. The diversion cost aside, once the drain is diverted,
water is likely to accumulate to the height of two metres or more on
the Delhi side, which will need to be pumped out at a very high cost.
But UP is so keen to have the drain diverted that they have offered to
bear this cost,” said a senior official. If the proposal is sanctioned,
Delhi will have to divert six kilometres — the Delhi-Noida stretch — of
the drain.

Sashikanth –

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Obama for America

Obama warns against overconfidence

NEW YORK: Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama warned his
supporters to guard against overconfidence on Thursday as he and
underdog Republican rival John McCain opened a 19-day sprint to
Election Day.

“Ask States to enforce ban on manual scavenging”

J. Venkatesan

Commission Chief writes to Centre

NEW DELHI: Chairman of Law Commission Justice A.R. Lakshmanan has
written to the Union government to take up with six State governments
the issue of manual scavenging still prevalent in their States and to
ask them to enforce the ban.

In a letter written to Union Minister for Social Justice and
Empowerment Meira Kumar on October 14, Justice Lakshmanan pointed out
that according to a report of the Safai Karamchari Andolan, about 13
lakh of people in the country “carry human excreta for disposal.”

Quoting a letter received by him from the Uttar Pradesh Governor
T.V. Rajeswar in this regard, Justice Lakshmanan said that in 1993 the
Centre had enacted the Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction
of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act and this Act was notified in 1997.

However, the States of Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh,
Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Bihar had not notified the Act and the
problem was rampant in these States.

(The Governor had urged the Commission to consider issuing
directions to the States concerned for effective implementation of the
law banning manual scavenging.)

Justice Lakshmanan said: “I also the share the sentiments of the
Governor that carrying of human excreta is most inhuman and therefore,
a time limit should be fixed by which all State governments concerned
should certify that the provisions of the Act have been fully

“Since the Law Commission is only a recommendatory body, I thought
it prudent to bring this important human issue to your kind attention
for taking up this issue with the States.

India has 200 million hungry people: report

Gargi Parsai

High levels of child under-nutrition and poor calorie count

NEW DELHI: Punjab, the granary of India, ranks below countries like
Honduras and Vietnam in terms of hunger levels while Madhya Pradesh has
the most severe level of hunger in the country, followed by Jharkhand
and Bihar, says a report prepared by U.S.-based International Food
Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) in collaboration with Welthungerhilfe
and Concern Worldwide, California.

“When Indian States are compared to countries in the 2008 Global
Hunger Index, Madhya Pradesh ranks between Ethiopia and Chad. Punjab, is below Gabon, Honduras and Vietnam,” says
the Country Report released here on Tuesday by G.K. Chadha, member of
Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council, on the eve of World Food

“India is home to the world’s largest food insecure population,
with more than 200 million people who are hungry,” the India State
Hunger Index (ISHI) said. The country’s poor performance is driven by
its high levels of child under-nutrition and poor calorie count. “Its
rates of child malnutrition are higher than most countries in
sub-Saharan Africa,” the report said.

India, which scored 66th place in the 2008 Global Hunger list of 88
countries, does not have a single State in the ‘low hunger’ or
‘moderate hunger’ categories. Despite years of robust economic growth,
India scored worse than nearly 25 sub-Saharan African countries and all
of South Asia, except Bangladesh.

“Figuring amongst the 88 countries itself is shameful for the
country. Policy-makers have to think about it. High GDP growth is not
sufficient. Inclusive growth is necessary. The country has a poor
record on distribution of wealth,”
Dr. Chadha said.

The India State Hunger Index measures hunger on three leading indicators and combines them into one index.

The three indicators are: prevalence of child malnutrition, rates of
child mortality, and the proportion of people who are calorie
deficient. This approach is similar to the 2008 Global Hunger Index,
which includes India, and was also released on Tuesday for World Food
Day on October 16.

The ISHI found that 12 States fell in the ‘alarming’ category, and
one State – Madhya Pradesh – fell in the ‘extremely alarming’ category.
Four States – Punjab, Kerala, Haryana and Assam – were in the ‘serious’

India’s slightly better performance relative to Bangladesh is
entirely due to better access to food in India, which in turn is a
consequence of India’s higher agricultural productivity. On the other
two components of the Global Hunger Index – child underweight and child
mortality – India ranks below Bangladesh.

In a few States, such as Kerala and Tamil Nadu, calorie deficiency contributes almost as much as child underweight.

The report identified that strong economic growth does not
necessarily translate into lower hunger levels. Even States with high
rates of economic growth in recent years, such as Gujarat,
Chhattisgarh, and Maharashtra, have high levels of hunger, while States
with relatively slower economic growth, such as Punjab, achieved a
lower hunger level.

“Hunger and malnutrition are often rooted in poverty,” said Ashok
Gulati, IFPRI director in Asia. “Part of the solution rests with
increasing investments in agriculture and poverty reduction

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