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February 2023
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BSP to contest all Lok Sabha seats

Special Correspondent

Candidates finalised for most seats

List to be released next week

BANGALORE: The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) will field candidates in all 28 Lok Sabha constituencies in the State.

President of the State unit of the BSP Marasandra Muniyappa told
presspersons here on Friday that the party had finalised the candidates
for a majority of the seats in the State, and the list would be
announced next week.

Mr. Muniyappa appealed to Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa, who holds
the Finance portfolio, to allocate funds in the budget for welfare
schemes for different sections of society on the basis of their
population. The BJP Government should set aside 23 per cent of the
budget for the welfare of Dalits.

β€œMuslims, Christians and other minorities such as Parsis and Sikhs,
who constitute 14 to 16 per cent of the population, should be entitled
to a corresponding percentage of the budget,” he said.

He criticised the BJP Government’s β€œmishandling” of the finances
during 2008-09. Among other failures, the Government, which had set
aside Rs. 650 crore for improving Dalit hostels, had used no more than
Rs. 250 crore with more than 60 per cent of funds remaining unspent.
Similarly, there were allegations of misappropriation of funds in the
Rs. 140-crore scheme to distribute bicycles to students.


Mr. Muniyappa criticised Sri Rama Sene leader Pramod Muthalik and
asked the Government to take stern measures against him and his
followers for letting loose violence in the name of Hindutva.

The BSP criticised National Students Union of India (NSUI) activists
for ransacking the official chambers of the Vice-Chancellor of the
University of Mysore during their protest against the anti-terrorism
campaign launched by the BJP Government.

Raman Nagar Assembly Constituency has been asked to nominate a person
for Central Bangalore Consituency. The Criteria is a good candidate who
can spend around 50 Lakhs to one crore.

Following are the Mighty Great Minds suggested by CV Raman Office bearers


Gopi Nath General Secretary BSP Karnataka

Chikkanna Retired Canara Bank Manager BBMP President

Bulla Subba Rao Retd.Principal Secretary to Govt.of Karnataka Secretary BSP Karnataka

Dr. Devendran IAS

BT Srinivas who contested the last CV Raman Assy.

Compound Srinivas who is capable of spending

J.Chandrasekharan Retd. Sr.Manager ARDC HAL Dist.Sec. Incharge CV Raman Assy. Const.

If you can mobalise funds from our friends, I can think of the candidature.

I am for a Vote and a Note

Uttar Pradesh Budget
Salient Features

Press Information Bureau
Information and Public Relations Department
Uttar Pradesh

                                (In crore Rupees)
Item                           BudgetEstimates 2008-09  Revised Estimates 2008-09   Budget Estimates 2009-10
1                                        2                               3                                     4
Opening Balance            3364.30                        *5451.45                        1231.75
1.Consolidated Fund
(a) Revenue Receipts       85806.35                       85146.44                        94439.84
(b)Capital Receipts
(i)Receipts from loans       
#24432.63                   11207.63                       #26459.35
(ii)Recovery of Loans and  588.89                         599.93                          603.77
Total,(b) Capital Receipts  25021.52                     11807.56                        27063.12
Total-1-, Receipts              10827.87                     96954.00                        21502.96
(a)Revenue Expenditure    74828.67                    81040.90                         92866.65
(b)Capital Expenditure
(i)Capital Outlay             
22554.10                    24353.53                         24204.70
(ii)Repayment of loans      #14378.57                    4381.36                         #15254.68
(iii)Loans and Advances   711.38                         908.80                           1270.95
Expenditure                     37644.05                    29643.69                        40730.33
Total-2-, Expenditure       112472.72                110684.59                          133596.98
Deficit(-)/Surplus(+) of
Consolidated fund           (-)1644.85                 (-)13730.59                       (-)12094.02
2.Contingency Fund (net) 0.00                          0.00                                  0.00
3.Public Account (net)     3475.60                     9510.89                             12215.00
Net Result of All
Transactions                  1830.75                      (-)4219.70                         120.98
Closing Balance             5195.05                      1231.75                           1352.73
*As per RBI figures.
#This includes Rs.10,000.00 crore given by RBI in shape of advance for economic
measures in the budget estimates for 2008-09 and the budget for 2009-10.

Salient Features of the Budget for 2009-10

β€’ The Uttar Pradesh Government aims to establish a society based on
equality by following the principles of ‘Sarvajan Hitay Sarvajan
Sukhay’. The State Government is making all-out efforts to achieve
this aim.
β€’ Mutual interest and humanity have found expression in the budget
for 2009-10 for the prosperity of farmers, poverty eradiation,
education, health and improvement in the condition of women and
β€’ Top priority has been accorded to the development of infrastructure
facilities, like energy, roads, bridges and irrigation in order to
ensure all-round development of the State.
β€’ The development of human asset is possible only through education
and public health as they significantly contribute to the success of
development programmes. These two sectors have been given
utmost priority by the State Government.
β€’ Uttar Pradesh is predominantly an agricultural State, where most of
the people are engaged in agriculture and related activities. The
contribution of this sector in the State’s economy is 28 per cent.
Keeping this in view, the State Government has accorded top
priority to this sector.
β€’ Budgetary provision for 2009-10 is of the size of Rs. 1,33,596.98
crore, up by 19 per cent over the budget for 2008-09.
β€’ New schemes costing Rs. 4,662.41 crore have been proposed in
this budget.
β€’ An outlay of Rs. 24,204.70 crore has been made under the capital
head, which is Rs. 1,650.60 crore up over the last year.
β€’ The year 2009-10 is the third year of the 11th Five Year Plan. A
provision of Rs. 40,250.58 crore has been made under the plan
schemes for the balanced socio-economic development of the State.
β€’ Under the Special Component Plan, a provision of Rs. 8,455.52
crore has been made, which is about 21 per cent more than the
provision made in budget for 2008-09.
β€’ The Annual Plan size has not as yet been finalised by the Planning
Commission. The State Government has fixed an interim outlay of
Rs. 36,000 crore for the year 2009-10.
Budgetary estimates of 2009-10
β€’ Total receipts of Rs. 1,21,502.96 crore are estimated in the year

β€’ The total receipts include Rs. 94,439.84 crore by way of revenue
receipts and Rs. 27,063.12 crore by way of capital receipts.
β€’ The share of tax revenue in revenue receipts during 2009-10 is to
the tune of Rs. 73,114.20 crore. This includes Rs. 39,658.38 crore
as State’s share in Central taxes.
β€’ Total expenditure of Rs. 1,33,596.98 crore is estimated in the year
β€’ Total expenditure includes Rs. 92,866.65 crore in shape of revenue
expenditure and Rs. 40,730.33 crore in shape of capital
β€’ A plan expenditure of Rs. 40,250.58 crore is estimated in the 2009-
10 budget.
Revenue Savings
β€’ Revenue savings for the year 2009-10 are estimated to be of the
order of Rs. 1,573.19 crore. In the last year’s budget, it was Rs.
10,977.68 crore and in revised estimates it is Rs. 4,105.54 crore.
Fiscal Deficit
β€’ A fiscal deficit is estimated to be Rs. 23,298.69 crore in the financial
year 2009-10, which is 5.3 per cent of the Gross State Domestic
Product. During the last year’s budget, it was Rs. 11,698.91 crore
and in the revised estimates it is 20,556.86 crore, which is 4 and
5.3 per cent respectively of the Gross State Domestic Product.
Consolidated Fund
β€’ Deficit is estimated to be of the order of Rs. 12,094.02 crore during
the year 2009-10 after subtracting total expenditure from the
receipts of consolidated fund.
Adjustment from Public Account
β€’ To make over the deficit of consolidated fund in 2009-10, Rs.
12,215 crore is to be adjusted from the Public Account.
Net Result of all Transactions
β€’ The Net Result of all Transactions in 2009-10 is estimated at Rs.
120.98 crore.
Closing Balance
β€’ A closing balance of Rs. 1,231.75 crore is estimated in 2009-10
after taking the opening balance of Rs. 1,352.73 crore into account.

Main Schemes and Programmes included
in the 2009-10 Budget
Sarvajan Hitay, Sarvajan Sukhay
β€’ A provision of Rs. 9,400 crore has been made for the various
schemes being implemented for the social security and welfare of
weaker and deprived sections of society, which is 29 per cent more
than the provision made in the last year’s budget.
β€’ Mahamaya Garib Balika Ashirvad Yojana has been launched to
make the girls self-dependent and develop a positive thinking in
society to their birth, besides encouraging adult marriages. An
amount of Rs. 900 crore has been earmarked in the budget for
2009-10 for the purpose.
β€’ Savitri Bai Phule Balika Shiksha Madad Yojana has been
launched to encourage girl education of the BPL families. An
amount of Rs. 412 crore has been provided in the budget.
β€’ A provision of Rs. 1,704 crore has been made under the Oldage/
Kisan Pension Scheme to cover all eligible old people above 60
β€’ About 1.37 crore students belonging to SC/ST and General
categories studying in pre-10th and post 10th classes will be
benefited under the Pre-10th and Post 10th Scholarship Scheme. An
amount of Rs. 1,193 crore has been earmarked for the purpose.
β€’ Under the Scholarship Scheme, an amount of Rs. 839 crore has
been provided to benefit students belonging to backward classes.
β€’ A provision of Rs. 179 crore has been made in this budget for
reimbursement of fee to the post-10th students belonging to
backward classes at the rates applicable in government educational
β€’ A provision of Rs. 120 crore has been made in this budget to ease
the burden of debt on poor and unemployed beneficiaries of
scheduled castes (SC), whose loans under several self-employment
schemes are more than 10 years old and are unable to repay them.
β€’ A sum of Rs. 78 crore has been provided in this budget under the
National Family Benefit Scheme, to provide monetary assistance of
Rs. 20,000 to the BPL family, in case of the death of its breadwinner.
β€’ Rs. 117 crore has been earmarked for providing financial assistance
for the marriage and treatment of girls belonging to poor families.
Disabled Welfare
β€’ Dr. Shakuntala Mishra University for Disabled Persons set up in
Lucknow to provide higher education to disabled children of various

β€’ A provision of Rs. 239 crore has been made in the budget for 2009-
10 for subsistence of disabled destitutes.
β€’ Rs. 2.50 crore earmarked to provide subsidy to the needy to
purchase artificial limbs and hearing aids.
Minorities Welfare
β€’ Alia level 100 recognised Madarsas will be included in the grants
β€’ Arabic-Persian University will be opened in Lucknow for encouraging
Arbi-Farsi education.
β€’ Under the Scholarship Scheme for minorities, an amount of Rs. 212
crore has been earmarked in the financial year 2009-10 for giving
scholarships to pre-10th and post-10th students them.
β€’ Rs. 4.40 crore earmarked for the construction of Haj House at
Lucknow and Ghaziabad.
β€’ The annual grant of Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy has been doubled.
β€’ A provision of Rs. 9,846 crore has been made in the budget for
various schemes under implementation for increasing the power
generation capacity and improving the power supply system.
β€’ An amount of Rs. 170 crore has been provided in the budget for the
setting up of two units of 250 M.W. at Harduaganj Extension Project
IInd Phase.
β€’ The capacity of the unit 3 and 4 of Panki Thermal Power Plant will
be increased from 110 M.W. to 120 M.W. An arrangement of Rs.
100 crore has been made in the budget.
β€’ Decision has been taken to set up a 2000 M.W. power project in
Fatehpur as a joint venture between U.P. Power Generation
Corporation and Neyveli Lignite Corporation at a cost of about Rs.
10,000 crore. A sum of Rs. 50 crore has been provided in the
budget for 2009-10.
β€’ The input based franchisee system is being implemented in a
phased manner in the urban areas to ensure uninterrupted power
supply and efficient distribution system in the State.
Roads and Bridges
β€’ A provision of Rs. 7,657 crore made for roads and bridges in budget
for 2009-10.
β€’ An amount of Rs. 1,983 crore earmarked in the budget under the
schemes for up-gradation and strengthening of state highways,widening and strengthening of highways, up-gradation of district
roads and construction of link roads in rural areas.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 3,609 crore proposed for the construction of rural
β€’ An amount of Rs. 127 crore provided for construction of new
bridges over important rivers and nullahs of state and Rs. 90 crore
for railway over bridges respectively.
β€’ Target has been fixed to purchase 2,209 buses in 2009-10.
β€’ Agreement made by the State Government with the neighbouring
states in the National Capital Region in order to provide easy and
cheap inter state transport system to people.
β€’ U.P. State Road Transport Passenger Infrastructure Development
Corporation set up in order to provide high quality bus service and
improve transport system.
β€’ Metro Rail is being set up from Delhi to Noida.
β€’ Work started on Metro Rail project in Lucknow and Kanpur city.
β€’ Decision taken to establish world level Driver Training Institute in
partnership with the private sector.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 6,231 crore made in the budget for irrigation and
flood control projects, which is about 14 percent more than last
β€’ Rs. 135 crore budgetary provision for new irrigation and flood
control projects.
β€’ Most backward and drought affected area Bundelkhand is being be
considered by the Government to be brought under the second
phase of β€˜Uttar Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project’, for
coordination of water availability and management in Bundelkhand
area for increasing agricultural production and diversification of
Urban Infrastructure
β€’ An amount of Rs. 4,845 crore provided in the budget for housing,
drinking water, sewerage and other urban development programme
under urban infrastructure, which is 27 percent more than the
provision made last year.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 1,250 crore made in the budget for houses to the
urban poor free of cost under Manyawar Shri Kanshiram Ji
Shahari Garib Awas Yojana. Target for construction of one lakh
one thousand houses under the scheme.
β€’ Sarvjan Hitay Shahari Garib Awas Malikana Haq Yojana
launched to provide ownership rights to the poor who were living inhouses built on unauthorised government land before January 15,
2009 over 30 Sq. meter of land.
β€’ Separate amount of Rs. 400 crore earmarked for all round
development of Lucknow city. Besides, several schemes launched
for expansion and development of basic facilities in Allahabad,
Faizabad-Ayodhya, Kanpur-Bithoor, Kannauj, Agra, Mathura-
Vrindavan, Meerut and Varanasi.
β€’ An amount of Rs. 200 crore earmarked in the budget for interest
free loan to urban bodies for expansion of infrastructure facilities
and development works under Manyawar Shri Kanshiram Ji
Nagar Vikas Yojana.
β€’ An amount of Rs. 250 crore provided in the budget for 2009-10 to
provide housing and other basic facilities to 14,000 persons under
Integrated Housing and Slum Development Scheme.
β€’ Rs. 100 crore budgetary provision made under Adarsh Nagar Yojana
for development of infrastructure facilities in the small urban bodies
with less population not covered under J.N.N.U.R.M. and Urban
Infrastructure Development Scheme for Small and Medium Towns
β€’ A budgetary provision of Rs. 230 crore, made in the budget for
2009-10 under the Basic Services for Urban Poor Scheme for basic
facilities, including housing, for 7000 persons in the cities of the
state with more than 10 lakh population.
β€’ Target to convert 2 lakh dry latrines into sewer latrines in 2009-10
under the scheme for conversion/construction of dry latrines into
sewer latrines.
β€’ An amount of Rs. 142 crore provided for the development of cities
and sanitation in all urban bodies of the state.
β€’ Provision Rs. 112 crore made in the budget for River Pollution
Control Programme.
Social Infrastructure
β€’ Provision of Rs. 19,037 crore made in the budget for the education
sector, which is 42 percent more than last year.
β€’ Honorarium of Shiksha Mitra increased from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3500
per month.
β€’ At least one Girls’ High School to be opened in each development
block in partnership with private management in 426 identified
development blocks in 2009-10 to provide secondary level
education to girls.
β€’ About 3,000 new primary schools, 710 new junior high schools and
10,000 additional class-rooms will be constructed in 2009-10.
β€’ Target for construction of boundary walls of 14,000 schools and
electrification of 42,000 schools fixed under Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan
Yojana in 2009-10.
Rs. 72 crore provided for strengthening of primary and junior high
schools in 2009-10.
β€’ Rs. 35 crore earmarked made for construction of Government
Higher Secondary Schools.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 1,211 crore made in 2009-10 for Government
Degree Colleges, aided and non-government degree colleges, state
universities and other higher education programmes.
β€’ An amount of Rs. 13 crore provided to cover 11,460 boy and girl
students of Universities and Degree Colleges under the Scholarship
Scheme for talented students.
β€’ State Quality Assurance Agency will be set up to evaluate the
quality of higher education in Universities and Degree Colleges.
Technical and Vocational Education
β€’ A New Technical University will be set in Kanpur.
β€’ Five New Indian Information Technology Institutes are proposed to
be set up.
β€’ Virtual classrooms will be opened for enhancing the technical
knowledge of engineering students and their skill development in
other areas.
Medical and Health
β€’ An amount of Rs. 6,503 crore has been made in the budget for
Medical, Health and Family Welfare Schemes, which is 16 percent
more than the last year.
β€’ Budgetary provisions of Rs. 85 crore made for the construction of
PHCs and Rs. 290 crore for CHCs buildings in 2009-10.
β€’ An amount of Rs. 266.36 crore earmarked in 2009-10 under the
medicine and chemicals head, which is 14 percent more than the
provision of Rs. 233.67 crore made last year.
β€’ Provision for free treatment of Japanese Encephalitis and Acquired
Encephalitis Syndrome in all District Hospitals of the State. Out of
34 districts affected from J.E., 2.72 crore children vaccinated in 27
districts. Vaccination in remaining 7 districts would be done in
β€’ A provision of Rs. 1240 crore made in the budget of 2009-10 for
Family Welfare Programme, which is 25 percent more than last
β€’ An amount of Rs. 300 crore provided for State’s share in the
National Rural Health Mission, which is 28 percent more than last
β€’ Janani Suraksha Yojana is being implemented for bringing about
decrease in maternity mortality rate through safe delivery.
β€’ An amount of Rs. 1,239 crore provided for Allopathic Medical
Colleges, Medical University and super specialty Medical Institutes.
Provisions for free treatment of BPL, handicapped and poor patients
in Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University, Lucknow.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 362 crore in the budget for Ayurvedic and Unani
β€’ With a view to promoting Unani System of medicine, a separate
Unani Directorate has been created.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 184 crore made for the construction, strengthening
and up-gradation of Homoeopathic Medical Colleges and
Government Homeopathic Hospitals.
Women and Child Development
β€’ With the objective of making girls self-dependent, developing a
positive attitude in society on their birth and to promote adult
marriages Mahamaya Garib Balika Ashirwad Yojana has been
launched. Under the scheme a provision of Rs. 150 crore in the
financial year 2008-09 and Rs.900 crore for the financial year 2009-
10 has been made.
β€’ A provision of Rs. six crore for establishment of homes (Ashrams)
for old women and 19 crore for imparting employment oriented
training through N.G.Os. has been made.
β€’ A provision of Rs. 561 crore has been made under grant scheme for
the education of widows and their children. This will benefit 15 lakh
63 thousand destitute women.
β€’ Under Integrated Child Development Programme a sum of Rs. 1708
crore has been earmarked.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 1022 crore has been made in the financial year
2009-10 to benefit 2 crore 26 lakh beneficiaries under
Supplementary Meal Scheme.
Agriculture and Allied activities
β€’ A provision of approximately Rs. 11064 crore year has been made
in this budget for Agriculture and allied activities which is 23 per
cent more than the previous year.
β€’ A provision of Rs. 619 crore has been made for National Agriculture
Development Scheme.
β€’ Multi Dimensional Farmer Interest Scheme is being implemented
with the objective of making fallow land cultivable. The project
costing Rs. 171 core will treat 1.40 lakh hectares land per annum
and will create 1.10 crore man days.
Subsidy on Gypsum and Zinc Sulphate fertilizer has been increased
from 50 per cent to 90 per cent with an objective of providing relief
to the farmers.
β€’ For ensuring remunerative price to the potato growers, potato
support prize raised from Rs. 250 per quintal to Rs. 300 per quintal.
β€’ Decision to provide 90 per cent subsidy on Bio-fertilizer to the
farmers with a view to promote long term use of bio-fertilizers.
β€’ Arrangement of Rs. 51 crore for seed distribution and Rs. 32 crore
for distribution of fertilizers to the farmers has been made.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 70 crore for subsidy on certified seeds.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 219 crore for Integrated Rain Water Management
β€’ Provision of Rs. 50 crore for Uttar Pradesh Sodic Land Reclamation
β€’ Keeping in view the specific geographical and environmental
conditions of Bundelkhand, in 2009-10 a provision of Rs. 50 crore
for the establishment of Agriculture University at Banda for
agricultural research, education and extension.
β€’ Facility of Sprinkler and drip irrigation is being provided in
Bundelkhand for optimal use of harvested rain water and gathered
water for irrigation. This facility is being provided to small and
marginal SC/ST farmers with cent-per cent subsidy and to other
farmers with 75 per cent subsidy.
β€’ VAT on Sprinkler and drip irrigation reduced from 12.5 per cent to
four per cent.
β€’ State Advisory Price of Rs. 145 per quintal for early cane variety,
Rs. 140 for common variety and Rs. 137.50 for other cane variety
announced for the year 2008-09. This is the maximum increase till
date. With this hike cane growers of the State will have an
additional income of approximately Rs. 950 crore.
β€’ During the cane crushing session 2008-09, a total of 132 Sugar
mills are operational, out of these 93 belong to private sector, 25 to
U.P. Cooperative Sugar Mills Federation and 14 mills are of U.P.
State Sugar Corporation. As per the status on Jan 31, 2009 a total
of 343.80 lakh ton cane was crushed and 30.32 lakh ton sugar was
β€’ Rs. 3905 crore as against Rs. 4022 crore of the total cane dues for
the current crushing session has been paid as per status of Feb 5,
2009. Thus almost 97 per cent cane dues to farmers has beencleared. A provision of Rs. 279 crore has been made in the budget
for payment of cane dues.
Rural Development
β€’ Under Dr. Ambedkar Gram Sabha Vikas Yojana a target of six lakh
for BPL and approximately one lakh individual toilets for APL has
been set for the 3712 Dr. Ambedkar Gram Sabhas selected for the
financial year 2009-10. For other village Panchayats a target of
12.89 lakh toilets for BPL families and 1.29 lakh toilets for APL
families has been fixed.
β€’ Rs. 131 core has been proposed for BPL families of 45 districts in
2009-10 under the National Health Insurance Scheme.
β€’ In 2009-10 expenditure of Rs. 3000 crore estimated under Pradhan
Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana
β€’ Provision of Rs. 1000 crore proposed for Rural Electrification.
β€’ With the objective of conducting the three-tier Panchayat General
Elections scheduled for the year 2010 through Electronic Voting
Machine, provision of Rs. 125 crore in the Budget.
β€’ Under the Rural Drinking Water scheme, Accelerated Rural Drinking
Water Scheme and Rural Drinking Water Supply Scheme are being
implemented. In the year 2009-10 budgetary provision of Rs. 378
crore for Accelerated Rural Drinking Water Schemes has been
β€’ Provision of Rs. 20 crore for construction of Community Hall in
SC/ST dominated villages.
β€’ For the year 2009-10 provision of Rs. 237 crore as State share in
National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 135 crore under Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarojgar
Yojna for the year 2009-10 and a target of benefiting 3.20 lakh
persons with self employment has been set.
β€’ For ensuring meaningful employment to the families partially above
the poverty line, budgetary provision of Rs. 4.00 crore has been
made under Dr. Ambedkar Special Employment Scheme.
β€’ Under Command Area Development and Water Management
Programme, for the year 2009-10 a target of 1.14 lakh hectares
special area development has been fixed and generation of
approximately 45 lakh man days estimated.
β€’ Under Drought Prone Area Programme a provision of Rs. 15 crore in
the budget has been made. A target of reclaiming 1.12 lakh hectare
areas and generation of approximately 32 lakh man day’s
employment estimated.
β€’ Under Integrated Sodic Land Development Programme target of
reclaiming 1.40 lakh hectare sodic land has been set and generation
of 33 lakh man days employment estimated.
β€’ During 2009-10 target of 1.73 lakh free boring has been fixed for
which a budget of Rs. 68 crore is proposed.
β€’ Target of generating 3 lakh 65 thousand additional irrigation
capacity to be achieved by 1810 deep boring, 4706 medium depth
boring, 73 recharging check dams, 600 community tube wells, 52
community Blast Wells and other private minor irrigation projects.
Rural Infrastructure
β€’ Budgetary provision of Rs. 223 crore has been made for
construction of 2 lakh 85 thousand houses under Indira Awas Yojna.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 200 crore for Scheduled Castes Housing Scheme
(Mahamaya Awas Yojna).
β€’ Under Mahamaya Sarvajan Awas Yojna, a provision of Rs. 90 crore
for providing houses to all eligible BPL homeless SC/ST families in
selected Gram Sabhas.
β€’ Under Dr. Ambedkar Gram Sabha Development Scheme, budgetary
provision of Rs. 1457 crore under special component plan for
saturating all revenue villages of selected 3712 Gram Sabhas with
electricity and link roads.
β€’ For the Rural Infrastructure Development Schemes funded by Rural
Infrastructure Development Fund, a provision of Rs. 1440 crore
made for 2009-10 as against Rs. 750 crores for the year 2008-09.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 2245 crore for construction of rural roads to
augment agricultural marketing.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 151 crore for reconstruction, widening and upgradation
of rural roads and minor bridges.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 1242 crore for construction of CC roads and pucci
β€’ A target of providing employment to 50,000 persons and generation
of 35 lakh man days is fixed which is to be achieved by increasing
fish production to 4.19 lakh tonns with the implementation of inter
regional fisheries development projects in the state.
β€’ A target of construction of 4000 houses and installation of 400 hand
pumps for homeless fisherman families of lower income group.
Integrated Regional Development
β€’ A provision of Rs. 330 crore for special schemes of Bundelkhand
and Poorvanchal under Special Area Programme.
β€’ Two new minor irrigation projects proposed for improvement in
irrigation system of plateau area of Bundelkhand. These projects
include construction of Kazipur Pump Canal and 22 new check dams
in Chitrakoot.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 25 crores for repair of damaged dams of
Bundelhkand and Poorvanchal regions. Provision of Rs. 150 crore
for special schemes in these regions.
Industrial Development
β€’ Target of establishing 33000 micro and minor enterprises, will
provide employment opportunities to 1.30 lakh people.
β€’ 78 clusters to be developed under Cluster Development Scheme so
as to provide all industrial facilities to minor industries.
β€’ Target of providing employment to 30000 weavers by producing 62
crore meter handloom cloth.
β€’ “Modernization and Integrated Development Scheme for Powerloom
Sector” is being introduced in 2009-10, for which a provision of Rs.
five crore has been made in the budget.
β€’ Under Mukhya Mantri Gramoodyog Rozgar Scheme, target of
establishing 6500 new village industrial units fixed, which will
provide employment opportunities to 52000 persons.
β€’ Manyavar Shree Kanshiram Khadi Shilp Gram Yojna proposed for
the year 2009-10.
Forest and Environment
β€’ Under the U.P. Participatory Forest Management and Poverty
Eradication Project financed by Japan International Cooperation
Agency, a target of 80,000 plantations in forest land area and
conservation and improvement of natural Habitat of forest animals,
with the help of 800 joint forest management committees and 140
eco-development committees has been set.
β€’ Implementation of Integrated Forest Protection Scheme for
effectively controlling the problems of encroachment and illegal
mining in reserve forest area.
β€’ For conservation of wild life, Project Tiger, Project Elephant and
Eco-development works are under progress.
β€’ Implementation of Human and Animal Conflict Prevention Scheme
for arresting growing conflict between wild animals and human
population living in vicinity of forest area.
β€’ Proposal for implementation of research schemes for development
of environmentally degraded areas and pollution control under
Environmental Education, Training and Public Awareness
Programme and Environment Conservation Programme.
β€’ Implementation of research, technology development and
implementation scheme under National Climate Change Strategic
Knowledge Mission.
β€’ Rs. 58 crore capital outlay provision for tourism development.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 46 crore for new tourism development schemes in
Brij and Mirzapur etc.
Law and Order
β€’ The Government has established rule of law by law, by creating an
atmosphere free from injustice, crime and fear.
β€’ Remarkable improvement in law and order and crime situation in
the State.
β€’ Effective action taken against criminal and mafia elements.
Criminals put behind bars.
β€’ Stern action taken against law breakers, howsoever influential and
men with high approach they were.
β€’ Historic decision taken to create more than 2.4 lakh posts in the
U.P. Police to raise the police-public ratio from present 83 to one
lakh to 150 to 1 lakh which is above the national average.
β€’ For ensuring transparent recruitment system in police forces, a
Police Recruitment and Promotion Board has been set up.
β€’ For the first time in the State, service rules for the different cadres
of police forces have been notified.
β€’ Decision taken to set up Mahila Thanas in every district of the
State. A total of 42 Mahila Thanas have been set up in the State
during the year 2008-09. Rest of 29 of districts will have Mahila
Thanas in 2009-10.
β€’ In order to deal with terrorist activities like Fidayeen attack,
decision has been taken to prepare a Commando Force of 2000 on
the lines of NSG commandos.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 242 crore made for providing latest arms,
communication and security equipments to armed police and
commando forces under Police Modernisation Scheme.
β€’ Provision of Rs. 253 crore made for construction, expansion and
modernisation of jails.
Employee Welfare
β€’ The U.P. Government is one of the few state governments who
have implemented recommendation of Sixth Pay Commission for
the benefit of government employees, government teachers,
teachers of aided colleges and non-teaching staff and teaching and
non-teaching staff of technical education institutions. Besides this,
the government has implemented revised pay structure, pension,
gratuity, pension encashment and family pension same as in the
central government wef. January 1, 2006.
β€’ House rent allowance and family planning promotion special pay
rates have also been rationally increased. Besides this, the state
government holds a firm resolves that there should be no shortage
of funds for meeting developmental needs in the plan expenditure.
Treasury Services
β€’ Trade tax collection of Rs. 20741 crore is estimated which is 21 per
cent higher than the last year.
β€’ A limit of Rs. 5 lakh turn over fixed under VAT registration. A
voluntary registration system brought for traders of less turn over.
β€’ Provision of prosecution of traders abolished and U.P. is the only
state in the country to have done so.
β€’ Estimate of revenue receipt of Rs. 5176 crore as excise is 16 per
cent higher than the last year’s revised estimate of Rs. 4450 crore.
β€’ Target of revenue receipt of Rs. 5351 crore from stamp and
registration fees.
β€’ Target of revenue receipt of Rs. 1575 crore from vehicle tax and
passenger and goods tax.

C.M. grieved

Lucknow: February 17, 2009

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Ms. Mayawati has expressed
profound grief over the death of Mrs. Gyan Patnaik, mother of Orrisa
C.M. Mr. Naveen Patnaik and wife of former Chief Minister of Orrisa,
Late Biju Patnaik.
In a condolence message, the Chief Minister has conveyed her
heartfelt condolences and deep sympathies to the family members and
prayed for peace to the departed soul.
It may be recalled that Mrs. Gyan Patnaik aged about 91 years
died this morning at a Hospital in Delhi following a prolonged illness.
She is survived by two sons and a daughter. Her last rites would be
performed tomorrow in Bhubaneswar.

Adviser to Board in Chhattisgarh

BANGALORE: A Bangalorean, J. Shanmuganath, has been appointed senior adviser to the Chhattisgarh State Planning Board.

Mr. Shanmuganath is on various national committees, including ones
on Medicinal Plants Conservation and Sustainable Use; Bio-fuel
Development; Bamboo Technology & Trade Development; and Steering
Committees on Empowerment of Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes and
Minority Communities; and the Panchayati Raj System. β€” Special

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