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BUDDHA AND HIS DHAMMA IS PERMANENT-16- The way of home life – Ethics-New Pagoda at Burmese Temple-Focus on SC/STs, Maya warns top cops-Mayawati reverts to her SC/ST agenda-Mayawati may reengineer her ’social engineering’-SC/ST, Poor and Needy students - We help Freely
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- The way of home life – Ethics-

Buddhist filialness
transcends ordinary filialness. In the past, most people believed that β€œfrom
our parents we receive our bodies and they are not to be harmed”. Throughout
the Buddhist scriptures there are examples of people who strive to become
models of filialness. The Buddha β€œcarried his father’s coffin” and spoke the
Dhamma to his mother. The Buddha was honored in three realms for his
benevolence and filialness.


 There aare many other examples. The honoured
Maudgalyayana sought to free his mother from the suffering of the realm of
hell. Sariputta before entering Parinibbana, made a special trip home to say
good-bye to his mother and repay her kindness; during the Ming dynasty,
Venerable Master Ouy sought to prolong the life of his ill mother with sincere
prayers; during the period of Chinese Republic, the monk Xuyun worshiped for
three years at Mt. Wutai to rerepayhis mother’s kindness. Then there are the
examples of Daoming who wovemat for his mother; Shibei who achieved the way to
repay his father; Daopi’s sincerity towards his father’s bones; and Zongying
who recited the Buddha’s name to save his mother. All these examples serve to
show that although those who have left the home live by a different set of
relationships, they have not forsaken the filial duty of caring for their

The giant
pagoda at the Burmese Buddhist Vihara in New Jersey is nearing
completion. A special function is being arranged at the Vihara at 63
Gordon Corners Raod, Manalappan, New Jersey 07726 (Tel: 718-622-8019) with the following program:

Pagoda at Burmese Temple in New Jersey
(Original Message)

New Pagoda at Burmese Temple

New Pagoda at Burmese Temple

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Posted: May 26, 2009
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Wed May 27 04:48:54 PDT 2009

                             P R O G R A M
9.00 a.m.           Buddha  Puza
10.00 a.m          Offering food and other requisites to 30 venerable monks
11.00 a.m.         Offering ‘Soon’ to the monks
11.30 a.m.         Serving food to the guests     
1.30 p.m.           Dhamma talk and sharing merit

P.P. Lakshman
Email: pplakshman08@ gmail.com
Telephone: 917-664-6566

Focus on SC/STs, Maya warns top cops

Tuesday, 26 May, 2009 4:49 PM

Focus on SC/STs, Maya warns top cops

Express news service Posted online: Tuesday , May 26, 2009 at 0233 hrs

Lucknow : After having done with grilling ministers and legislators,
Chief Minister Mayawati on Monday blasted the district police chiefs,
DIGs, IGs and the DMs, reportedly ordering them to ensure early
redressal of complaints concerning Scheduled Castes and Scheduled
Tribes and those of the party workers.

Mincing no words, she told the police officers, including the DGP, to

personally look into the grievances related to SCs/STs and not to pass
it on to the lower-rung officials. The Chief Minister, at the meeting
held to review the law and order situation and the development works
in the districts, made it clear that any officer who ignored Dalits
would not be spared.

Sources in the Home Department said the Chief Minister did not dwell
on the dismal performance of the BSP in the Lok Sabha elections but
lambasted the SPs for ignoring party workers in their respective

Mayawati also asked the Commissioners and the DMs to ensure that cases
related to land disputes of SCs/STs pending in courts were expedited
and warned of stern action if the cases weren’t completed within

The BSP chief even said that an official who erred in attending to
complaints related to the Dalits would not be suspended β€” he would
rather be demoted or an adverse entry will be made in his character
roll that would hamper his promotion.

The SPs were also asked to visit every place from where crime against
SCs/STs was reported and not to send subordinates there. At the same
time, the DGP was asked to visit the spot where incidents of murder or
rape of any SC/ST was reported.

Mayawati reverts to her SC/ST agenda
26 May 2009, 0442 hrs IST, TNN

LUCKNOW: Stung by the electoral setback of coming third in the Lok
Sabha elections in UP, BSP chief and CM Mayawati announced she was
reverting to reverting to her traditional constituency saying her party’s priority is to bring back
its SC/ST agenda into focus her traditional constituency saying her party’s priority is to bring
back its SC/ST agenda into focus in order to consolidate the party’s support base.

This message was sent loud and clear by the CM in a high-level meeting
here to review the law and order situation and the pace of development
in UP. In a hard-hitting address to top officials, Mayawati underlined
the need to give top priority to justice to SC/STs.

She said officials found guilty of any lapse in enforcing the
government’s priority programmes would be punished severely. β€˜β€˜I would
not mind even demoting IAS officers and sending the guilty to jail,’’
the CM said, adding that confidential reports of habitually
indisciplined officers would be marked to such an extent that they
never get promotions in their career.

Besides, district magistrates, district police chiefs, and divisional
commissioners, the meeting was attended by top civil and police
officers, including cabinet secretary, chief secretary, DGP and
principal secretary, home.

This was the first such meeting after the Lok Sabha poll. Prior to
this, the CM had met her ministers, legislators and party
functionaries separately. The return to SC/ST agenda was due to the
party’s poor performance in the just concluded Lok Sabha poll.

Mayawati may reengineer her ’social engineering’

New Delhi, May 25 : The Bahujan Samaj Party(BSP), founded by late
Kanshiram by mobilising SC/STs, might soon have to rethink over its
‘Sarvajan’ agenda, following its unimpressive performance in the

The focus on ‘Sarvajan’(entire society) had taken precedence over the
party’s original thrust on ‘Bahujan’(Majority, meaning Scheduled
Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward castes) in the Lok Sabha

The self-appraisal going on in the organisation after the poll outcome
has yielded that one of the main reasons for the unexpected results
was that SC/STs found their agenda diluted and they simply did not
feel enthused enough to come out to vote, party sources told UNI.

‘’Marathon stock taking was happening in the party, as a result of
which party supremo Mayawati may be compelled to review its strategy
of focussing on high castes in a bid to increase its vote bank,'’ they

The Bahujan Samaj Party has bagged 20 seats from Uttar Pradesh as
compared to 19 in the 2004 election, whereas, it was expecting to get
over 30 seats, basing its hope on its resounding victory in the
Assembly elections in 2007.

Although the party increased its votes by two per cent as compared to
the 2004 general elections, (It got 27 per cent votes this time
against 25 per cent in 2004), the fact that its vote share went down
considerably as compared to Assembly elections held in 2007 was
causing great worry to the party. In the last Assembly polls, the
party had got over 30 per cent votes.

Ms Mayawati has started the process of finding what went wrong and in
this connection she has held brain-storming sessions with her
ministers and party legislators.

The Chief Minister has warned the ministers to perform or quit and
asked legislators to coordinate with the officers to ensure that
people’s problems were quickly disposed and the ongoing development
schemes and programmes were completed in a time bound manner.

Referring to the difficulties affecting proper implementation of
schemes and programmes, she asked the legislators to bring them to her
notice immediately.

‘’The message has gone clear that schemes and programmes of Ms
Mayawati did not benefit Dalits, a problem compounded by her party’s
dilution of SC/ST agenda at the political level,'’ said a party

This time the party had fielded around 20 Brahmin candidates, of whom
five have won. However, in the reserved constituencies, the Brahmin
vote could not be transferred to SC/ST candidate. Instead, it went to
the Congress, said a party insider.

It is generally believed that the party’s massive success in the
Assembly polls two years ago was due to what is called ’social
engineering’ done by Ms Mayawati and her close confidant Satish Misra.
Under the strategy, the party put up a large number of candidates of
high castes and declared that it was widening its focus to encompass
the interest of all the sections of the society than only of SC/STs.

However, it is felt that this endeavour to bridge the gap between the
high castes and SC/STs was confined to the level of party leaders and
organisational structure and could not percolate down to the masses.

It may be pointed out that hit by the poll outcome, Ms Mayawati has
dissolved all the Bhaichara samitis constituted to increase her
party’s engagements with other castes in a bid to expand its base.

Party insiders also say that one more important cause of the party’s
unimpressive performance was the organisational weakness.

Not much attention was paid to the monitoring and strengthening of the
party units at the district and lower levels. That also led to
selection of wrong candidates in the absence of any proper feedback
from the lower units.

In fact, a scholar of Uttar Pradesh politics feels that Ms Mayawati in
the run up to the Lok Sabha elections could not pay desired attention
to the party matters in the state in an effort to give her party a
pan-India base to stake claim for prime ministership of the country.

Party workers also felt that the Maywati administration also failed to
prevent atrocities against SC/STs, which made them apathetic to the
party, and in the absence of any choice, they went back to their old
party -the Congress.

In places where SC/STs did not want to vote in favour of Congress
candidates, they just did not bother to come out to vote at all.

‘’The bureaucracy simply did not cooperate with Ms Maywati in checking
harassment of SC/STs and the Chief Minister could not make them change
their attitude,'’ they say.


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14 Cabinet ministers among 59 to be sworn-in tomorrow

New Delhi (PTI): Former Chief Ministers
Vilasrao Deshmukh, Virbhadra Singh and Farooq Abdullah will be inducted
into the Union Cabinet on Thursday when the Union Council of Ministers
will be expanded to take in 59 more ministers including new entrants
Mallikarjun Kharge and M.K. Alagiri.

Other Cabinet ministers to be sworn in
are DMK’s Dayanidhi Maran and A. Raja, Congress MPs M.S. Gill, Kumari
Selja, Subodh Kant Sahay, G.K. Vasan, Pawan Kumar Bansal, Kantilal
Bhuria (all elevated from the level of Ministers of State) and Congress
leader Mukul Wasnik, who was Minister of State in the Narasimha Rao

With Thursday’s expansion, the total
strength of the Council of Ministers will go upto 79 including Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh. On Friday, Mr. Manmohan Singh and 19 Cabinet
Ministers were sworn-in.

Mr. Virbhadra Singh, a former Chief
Minister of Himachal Pradesh, has been elected from Mandi while Mr.
Abdullah from Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir. Mr. Deshmukh, a former
Maharashtra Chief Minister, is not a member of either House of

Ending suspense 11 days after the Lok
Sabha results, a PMO press release giving the names of the new
ministers said the Prime Minister has recommended to President Pratibha
Patil for their inclusion in the ministry.

Those being inducted as Ministers of
State with independent charge are Praful Patel (NCP), Prithviraj
Chavan, Sriprakash Jaiswal, Salman Khursheed, Dinsha Patel, Jairam
Ramesh and Krishna Tirath (all Congress).

Prominent among the new ministers to be
sworn in tomorrow are Shashi Tharoor, a former UN diplomat who won from
Thiruvananthapuram, Sachin Pilot and Praneet Kaur, wife of former
Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, and Agatha Sangma, daughter of
former Lok Sabha Speaker P A Sangma.

Thursday’s expansion will also see induction of six Trinamool Congress MPs, four from DMK and one from Muslim League.

Mr. Praful Patel retains his status
while Mr. Chavan, Mr. Jaiswal, Mr. Dinsha Patel and Mr. Ramesh have
been promoted to hold Independent charge.

Prominent Ministers of the earlier
government who have been dropped include Arjun Singh, H.R. Bhardwaj,
Sis Ram Ola and Saifuddin Soz (all Congress) and T.R. Baalu (DMK).

Ministers of State who did not find a
place in the new government are Ashwini Kumar, Rao Inderjit Singh and
Santosh Bagrodia (all Congress).

The other Ministers of State who would
be sworn in are E Ahamed (Muslim League), V Narayanaswamy, Namo Narain
Meena, Srikant Jena, Mullapally Ramachandran, A Sai Prathap, Harish
Rawat, D Purandeswari, Panabaka Lakshmi, Ajay Maken, Gurudas Kamat, K H
Muniyappa, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Jitin Prasada, M M Pallam Raju,
Mahadev Khandela, and K V Thomas (all Congress).

Other Congress leaders to make it to
the Council of Ministers are Bharatsinh Solanki, Tusharbhai Chaudhary,
Arun Yadav, Prateek Prakashbapu Patil, R.P.N. Singh, Vincent Pala and
Pradeep Jain.

The TMC members to be sworn in are Saugata Ray, Dinesh Trivedi, Sisir Adhikari, Sultan Ahmed, Mukul Roy and Mohan Jatua.

Ministers of State from DMK will be
S.S. Palanimackam, who retains his place, actor D. Napolean, S.
Jagathrakshakan and S. Gandhiselvan.

Of the 59 to be inducted on Thursday,
42 belong to Congress, taking the total number of ministers from the
party to 60, including the Prime Minister.

Ministers to be sworn in on Thursday
will include seven of DMK, six of TMC, two of NCP and one each of
National Conference and Muslim League.

Out of 42 from Congress, 10 will be
Cabinet ministers, six with Independent charge and 26 Ministers of
State. In all, Congress will have 28 Cabinet Ministers, including the
Prime Minister.

Surprisingly, there is no
representative in the Cabinet from Uttar Pradesh where Congress saw a
substantial revival in the Lok Sabha elections.

Team Manmohan: The 78-member Council of Ministers

New Delhi (PTI): There will be 33
Cabinet Ministers, seven Ministers of State with Independent charge and
38 MoS in the new 78β€”member Council of Ministers to be headed by Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh.

Following is the list of members of the Union Council of Ministers:

Prime Minister β€” Manmohan Singh

Cabinet Ministers

Pranab Mukherjee β€” Finance
Sharad Pawar β€” Agriculture, Food & Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs & Public Distribution
A.K. Antony β€” Defence
P. Chidambaram β€” Home Affairs
Mamata Banerjee β€” Railways
S.M. Krishna β€” External Affairs

Portfolios yet to be announced

Ghulam Nabi Azad
Sushilkumar Shinde
M. Veerappa Moily
S. Jaipal Reddy
Kamal Nath
Vayalar Ravi
Meira Kumar
Murli Deora
Kapil Sibal
Ambika Soni
B.K. Handique
Anand Sharma
C.P. Joshi
Virbhadra Singh
Vilasrao Deshmukh
Farooq Abdullah
Dayanidhi Maran
A. Raja
Mallikarjun Kharge
Kumari Selja
Subodh Kant Sahay
M.S. Gill
G.K. Vasan
Pawan Kumar Bansal
Mukul Wasnik
Kantilal Bhuria
M.K. Azhagiri

Ministers of State with Independent Charge

Praful Patel
Prithviraj Chavan
Sriprakash Jaiswal
Salman Khursheed
Dinsha Patel
Jairam Ramesh
Krishna Tirath

Ministers of State

E. Ahamed
V. Narayanasamy
Srikant Jena
Mullappally Ramachandran
D. Purandeswari
Panabaka Lakshmi
Ajay Maken
K.H. Muniyappa
Namo Narain Meena
Jyotiraditya Scindia
Jitin Prasad
A. Sai Prathap
Gurudas Kamat
M.M. Pallam Raju

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