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March 2009
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LESSON 9 VOTE BSP ELEPHANT FOR CHANGE FOR THE BETTER-Mayawati to be next Indian PM: Pollster Via Yahoo-Duty allowance of PRD Jawans increased to Rs 126 per day-Important cabinet decisions-Cabinet in principle approves revised pay scale of D.P.R.O.-BSP’s Kunwar Devendra Singh to contest from Etah- Gawli joins hands with BSP-BSP gives ticket to former BJP MP for Kanpur LS seat LESSON 9 VOTE BSP ELEPHANT FOR CHANGE FOR THE BETTER-Polling begins for Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal by-elections
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Mayawati to be next Indian PM: Pollster Via Yahoo

United States of America has finally
got the first African American US President Brack Obama. The most
powerful democracy in the world took 350 years to have an African
American a President.
Practically every one from Jambudvipa, that is, the Great Prabuddha Bharath supported Obama’s cause and the same will happen there. We are ready to vote for Aboriginal Inhabitant of Jambu Dvipa, that is, the Great Prabuddha Bharath Daughter.  There is a very high chance
of her becoming PM  in coming months according to Three Baskets Study Circle.

Source Tribune India

It is because of  popular vote for her!!

Though they are the one of the most racist people on
this earth. and Caste and Class politics still works,the Upper caste
people  want to get friendly with the
Aboriginal Inhabitants of Jambu Dvipa, that is, the Great Prabuddha Bharath people, after seeing the most efficient rule of Mayawati in Uttar Pradesh, Since, they really don’t bother about caste and
religion and they will vote for Mayawati because because of their thinking and mind set about

They think that she is a non-corrupt and principled politician
who is ready to go to any standard, in order to maximize the welfare and happiness of the entire society. She remains
politically attractive

So this aspect really stand out for her and her chances to become next PM of India.

As per Three Basket Study Circle analysis is concerned, in next election we will not see another hung parliament. There are many reasons to believe that we
will not have another hung parliament incoming election The most important
reason of not having hung parliament because people think strategically. They have seen the rule of UPA and NDA Governments and they have become disillusioned, because the entire wealth have got to the indudtrialists and the rich,since they came to power with their money. the wealth of the nation was not didtributed equally among all sections of the society, in accordance with the Contitution. Where as in Uttar Pradesh Mayawati Ji distributes the wealth to see that all the sections of the society are benefitted and are happy.

the chances of Mayawati Ji to become next PM is very high.

Now one cannot rule out Mayawati JI from getting Prime Minister. But she should become PM on basis of Aboriginal Inhabitant of Jambu Dvipa, that is, the Great Prabuddha Bharath daughter.

Press Information Bureau
(C.M. Information Campus)
Information & Public Relations Department, U.P.

Duty allowance of PRD Jawans increased to Rs 126 per day

Lucknow: February 28, 2009

On the directives of the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Ms.

Mayawati, the daily duty allowance of Prantiya Rakshak Dal (PRD)
Jawans has been increased to Rs. 126. They have so far been getting
Rs. 75 per day as duty allowance while on duty in the district and Rs.
80 per day outside the district.
It may be recalled that the daily duty allowance of Homeguard
Volunteers has already been increased by the State Government. In
continuation of that the daily allowance of PRD Jawans has been
increased. The increased allowance for PRD Jawans will be tenable
from March 01 2009.
By increasing the daily allowance of the PRD Jawans, the Chief
Minister has conceded their long pending demand.
Important cabinet decisions

Lucknow : February 28, 2009

Following decisions were taken by the State Cabinet by-circulation here

All type of seeds including oil seeds exempted from tax under VAT
The Cabinet has approved proposal regarding tax exemption to all types
of seeds including oil seeds tenable from February 11, 2009 under VAT Act.
It may be recalled that after implementation of VAT system in the State
all type of seeds were exempted from the tax in the list of tax exempted
articles but oil seed were not included in it. Now Government has exempted all
seeds from the tax.

City bus service in 7 cities of the State including

establishment of Urban Transport Directorate

The Cabinet has approved the proposal for running city bus service in 7
cities including establishment of Urban Transport Directorate with a view to
improving Urban Transport in the State.
According to the decision taken by Cabinet the detailed project report
regarding running of buses under J.N.N.U.R.M. in cities will be prepared on the
conditions of Central Committee approval. Under city bus service 200 buses in
Agra, Lucknow-300, Varanasi-150, Meerut-150, Kanpur-300, Mathura-60 and in
Allahabad-150 buses will be put in service.

New pay scales for teachers of universities and degree colleges

approved by Central Government to be implemented in State also
The Cabinet has approved the implementation of new pay scales
sanctioned by Central Government for the teachers of universities and degree
colleges in the State also.

According to the decision UGC approved revised pay scales will be

implemented on the posts of State universities/degree colleges, which were
being benefited by UGC pay scales earlier. In the revised pay scales
Ph.D./M.Phil. and other higher degree holders will not get benefit of UGC
approved provision on the payment amount at present (if they differ from pay
scale fixed by UGC).

According to decision the benefit of revised pay scale would notionally be

fixed from January 01, 2006 by imaginary sanction. The real benefit/cash
payment of revised pay scale will be tenable from December 01, 2008. Other
allowances would be given like the employees of State Government.

Cabinet in principle approves revised pay scale of D.P.R.O.

Lucknow : Feburary 26, 2009

The Cabinet, at a meeting presided over by the Uttar Pradesh
Chief Minister Ms. Mayawati today approved in principle the revision in
the pay scale of District Panchayati Raj Officers (D.P.R.O.).
It may be recalled that the Cabinet was apprised that in the light
of the recommendations of the pay committee set up by the State
Government, a G.O. had been issued. But, some anomalies had
emerged in the fixation of pay of the D.P.R.O.s. Therefore, the
D.P.R.O. cadre was demanding to revise their pay scales.

BSP’s Kunwar Devendra Singh to contest from Etah

(Uttar Pradesh), Feb 28 (ANI): Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has declared
sitting Etah MP Kunwar Devendra Singh as its candidate from the Etah
parliamentary constituency.

Singh had left the Samajwadi Party on Friday and joined the BSP.

The BSP has gained six MPs from Samajwadi Party so far, the other
ones being Shahid Siddiqui, who was elected to Rajya Sabha as Samajwadi
Party candidate, Afzal Ansari from Ghazipur, Dhaniram Verma, Gauri
Shanker, Kriti Vardhan Singh and Saif-ur-Rehman Barq.

Mukhtar has been named as candidate from Varanasi by BSP and will contest against BJP’s Murli Manohar Joshi.

Saif-ur-Rehman had left SP in opposition to Mulayam Singh joining hands with the former BJP leader Kalyan Singh.

Sitting MP from Gonda Kirti Vardhan Singh is the only one
so far who has left the party despite being approved as a candidate by
the Samajwadi Party. (ANI)

Gawli joins hands with BSP

Maharashtra legislator Arun Gawli’s party — Akhil Bharatiya Sena
(ABS) on Friday joined hands with the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).

Gawli will contest the Mumbai North Central Lok Sabha seat on a BSP ticket.

“The ABS chief has already given a letter of consent to merge the two parties,” BSP state president Vilas Garud said.

Gawli was elected to the assembly from a south Mumbai constituency,
Chinchpokli, in 2004. 

BSP gives ticket to former BJP MP for Kanpur LS seat

Kanpur: Bahujan Samaj
Party (BSP) has announced that former BJP MP and four-time MLA Sukhda Mishra
will be its candidate from

Kanpur in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

Mishra quit the BJP last night after
meeting Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and BSP supremo Mayawati, who made the
announcement about his candidature.

Party sources said the change was
made keeping in mind dominance of Brahmin votes in the constituency.

Polling begins for Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal by-elections

Umroi, Jan 25 (ANI):
Voting has begun for the assembly by-election at Bhadohi reserve
segment in Sant Ravidas Nagar in Uttar Pradesh this morning.

The polling will decide the fate of sixteen contestants. The main
contenders are from Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Samajwadi Party (SP),
Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Three hundred sixty five polling booths have been set up for three
lakhs forty five thousand voters to cast their votes. One hundred fifty
three polling booths have been identified as sensitive.

The by-poll has been necessitated following the death of a BSP MLA.

Counting of votes will take place March 1.

Tight security arrangements have been made to avoid any kind of untoward incident.

Nearly twenty companies of security forces including five companies of
Central para military forces, fifteen companies of Provincial Armed
Constabulary (PAC), and 1000 state police have been pressed into

Inter-district borders of the segment with Allahabad, Mirzapur, Varanasi and Jaunpur has already been sealed.

Voting is also underway in West Bengal for Bishnupur (West) assembly by-election.

This seat had fallen vacant due to death of CPI (M) MLA Ratin Sarkar. (ANI)

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