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2165 Mon 13 Mar 2017 LESSON What Saheb Kanshi Ram Ji Said
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2165 Mon 13 Mar 2017 LESSON

What Saheb Kanshi Ram Ji Said

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The Chamcha Age – by Saheb Kanshi Ram

“The Chamcha Age (An Era of Stooges)” was written by Kanshi Ram,
and published by him on 24th Sept. 1982 on the occasion of 50th
anniversary of Poona Pact. It is dedicated to Mahatma Jyotirao Phule,
“whose initiation of cultural revolt in colonial India, later taken up
by Babasaheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar,
Periyar E.V.Ramaswamy and many other rebellious spirits brought us to
this level where we are thinking, planning and struggling to put an end
to the ‘Chamcha Age’ and usher in ‘Bright Age’ for the Shudras and the

In preface he says Chamcha Age started
from the Poona Pact giving Joint Electorates instead of Separate
Electorates. The purpose of book is to make Dalit Soshit Samaj of the
existence of Chamchas or stooges, and to awaken masses how to
differentiate between genuine and counterfeit leadership.

Kanshiram ji's cycle march

The book is divided into 4 parts and 17
chapters. The first two parts give information about past struggles,
part III depicts present situation and part IV suggests ways and means
of future struggle.

Watch – Documentary on Saheb Kanshi Ram Ji

A Chamcha is an indigenous word for a stooge, or a tool, or an agent, who is operated by others for their own benefit. Gandhiji felt
necessity of Chamchas from 1939-32 onwards. A Chamcha is created to
oppose the real fighter, the genuine leader. While Dr. Ambedkar was
taking the untouchables of India from Dark Age to Bright Age, they
slipped aside into Chamcha Age. Gandhiji preferred two Chamchas through
joint electorate against one real representative through separate

Part IV of the Book is titled “The Way
Out”, has 6 Chapters: It mostly outlines the struggle that is necessary
to fight Brahmanism. It has not only historical importance to understand
Kanshiram’s struggle, but also can enlighten us what is to be done in
future. It describes Dr. Ambedkar’s concept of Educate, Agitate,
Organise. Separate Settlements, Denunciation of Poona pact, and also his
three attempts to make the movement broad based, giving the excerpts
from Baba Saheb’s famous speech at S.C.Conference at Lucknow on
25.4.1948. Below reproduced is the entire Part IV, which is the main
Part, for future guidance. Hope it serves some useful purpose for those
who are rather nonconversant with Kanshiram’s philosophy.

His Excellency Hon’ble Pronob Mukherji
The President of India
Rashtrapati Bhawan
New Delhi,

Your Excellency,
The Scheduled Caste population in India is estimated to be 16.6% of the total population, and the Scheduled Tribes 8.6%. Thus the total SC/ST population is over 25% the Indian population.
The Supreme Court has a sanctioned strength of 31, and so proportionately there should be 7 or 8 SC/ST judges in the Supreme Court, but in fact there are none. Recently 5 judges were appointed to the Supreme Court, but none from the SC/ST category
This is gross injustice to the SC/STs who are a historically disadvantaged category.
Your Excellency, being the custodian of the Constitution and Head of State should immediately take steps to correct this great injustice to the SCs/STs.
Yours respectfully
Justice Markandey Katju
Former Judge, Supreme Court of India
Fremont, California, USA

The Chief architect of our modern constitution is Dr BR Ambedkar. Not only 8 judges must be appointed but the Chief Justice office must have collegiate system with representatives from SC/STs/OBCs & minorities.Then there will justice in the cases of Reservation in promotions proportionately for all societies.
Status quo will be maintained in religious disputes.
The grave error of judgment to replace EVMs in a phased manner could be reverted and dissolve central and state governments selected by the fraud EVMs and go for fresh polls with paper ballots.

of a brief note on March 15, 2017 by the office-bearers of Karnataka and
Tamilnadu to the Honorable National President of Bahujan Samaj Party against
the havocs of Electronic Voting Machines being caused in the past and its potential
dangers in future


Behanji, Jaibheem Pranaam

We are not
presenting anything new as you have already exposed all the dangers related to
the use of EVMs. We are submitting some facts which we have already brought to
your notice in the past, based on the findings of Mr.
JagatheesanChandrashekharan, Sr. Manager, ARDC-HAL (Retd), who is a State
Committee member of BSP Karnataka State Unit.


More than 80
Developed countries of the world have discarded the use of EVMs. There are
veritable negative reports against EVMs from all over the world. Even Americans
who are partial to technological solutions have resisted the use of EVMs. But
these EVMs are being used in India in the pretext of preventing
election-related problems like booth capturing, forcible voting, rigging, etc.
There is no country in which EVMs have been welcomed so enthusiastically as
they have been in India. Why?


The manuvadi
parties such as Congress and BJP had no way to prevent the Bahujan Samaj voting
in favor of BSP. All their tricks have been failed in the past to fool the masses
who are growing politically conscious, but technically illiterate. Hence, these
corporate-funded manuvadi parties have resorted to EVMs to capture the votes of
Bahujan Samaj. They fully succeeded in their mission in India under the
leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi, a hand-picked man of national and
multinational corporate-fraudsters. Now the same multinational corporate-fraudsters
are contemplating the use of EVMs in other developing countries.


In 2012, Mr.
SubramanyaSwamy, after observing the extensive tampering of EVMs in favor of
Congress, had appealed to the Supreme Court to direct the Election Commission
to incorporate the system of paper trails in EVMs. Mr. Sampath, the then CEC,
suggested the use of paper audit trail machine or Voter Verified Paper Audit
Trail (VVPAT) in the General Election of 2014 itself. But the then Chief
Justice of India Mr.Sadasivamgave a disastrous judgment that the EVMs could be
replaced in a phased manner as the cost of replacement was too high (Rs. 1600
crores). As the result, the EVMs were replaced by VVPAT only in 8 LokSabha
constituencies in 2014 and which ultimately benefitted the BJP to capture
power. Similarly, the VVPATs are used only in 20 assembly constituencies in
2017 and the results are in front of our eyes to see. We had lost all the seats
in the General Election of 2014. However, it must be noted that in the
Panchayat elections of Uttar Pradesh held during Nov. 2015, more than 80% of
the seats were won by the BSP-supported candidates, because the Panchayat
Elections were conducted with paper ballot.


must be noted that Ex CJI Sadasivam has been appointed as the Governor of
Kerala, soon after his retirement, by the BJP Government as a reward for his great
service to them.


In February
2016, Chief Election Commissioner NasimZaidi said that the whole country would
be covered by VVPAT in the General Election of 2019 and the required funds
(over Rs.2000 crores) would be allotted by the Government in this regard.
However, his statement was not supported by the law and finance ministries. In
August 2016, the officials have said, “the manufacturers would not be in a
position to supply the quantity (over 22.50 lakh EVMs) indicated for the
current financial year due to time constraints”. It means, the General Election
of 2019 would also be conducted with the EVMs, which are fully vulnerable to
tampering. It is on this basis that Mr. Narendra Modi is boasting of winning
the General Election of 2019 hands down. The “paid” news channels and
newspapers are anyway there to create a bogus “Modi Wave” throughout the
country. If we allow this trend to continue, we will have anti-people
government by the corporate fraudsters to ruin the country in the coming


In the
background of great threat which is waiting for the democracy of India, we pray
our Hon’ble Leader Behanji to initiate a nation-wide agitation to “Ban EVMs,
Resort to Ballot Paper and Save Democracy”. The anti-democracy tide under the
stewardship of Mr.Narendra Modi could be successfully halted only by Behanji
and none other. We, as the devoted soldiers, are with Behanji to shoulder all
the responsibilities in this noble battle.



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