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08 02 2012 LESSON 518 Dhammapada Verse 63 Ganthibhedakacora Vatthu Know Reality Be Wise
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02 2012 LESS
ON 518 Dhammapada
Verse 63
Vatthu Know Reality Be Wise

Nālandā Research & Practice UNIVERSITY & BUDDHIST

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a Sutta a Day Keeps Dukkha Away

Dr Ambedkar wanted SC/STs grow like banian
tree,with a tremendous capacity to regenerate,giving cool shade to needy, but
never wanted SC/STs to become ornamental shrubs (planted in Gamlas left at the
mercy of owner for water and sun light) with out roots in the fore courts of
congress. It never can think of an accidental banian seed sprouting in the
heart lands of Indian polity. Fortunately Ambedkar’s relentless fights, efforts
and dreams has seen thelight of the day in UP. Let’s sing and rejoice glory of
our fore fathers. Jai Bheem! Jai Kanshiram!

-Message by BSP Dr Rahul

63. Know Reality. Be Wise

Conceiving so his foolishness
the fool is thereby wise,
while ‘fool’ is called that fool
conceited that he’s wise.

Explanation: If a foolish person were to become aware that he is
foolish, by virtue of that awareness, he could be described as a wise person.
On the other hand, if a foolish person were to think that he is wise, he could
be described as a foolish person.

Verse 63
Ganthibhedakacora Vatthu

Ya balo mannati balyam
panditovapi tena so
balo ca panditamani
sa ve baloti vuccati.

Verse 63: The fool who knows that he is a fool can, for that
reason, be a wise man; but the fool who thinks that he is wise is, indeed,
called a fool.

The Story of Two Pick-Pockets

While residing at the Jetavana monastery, the Buddha uttered
Verse (63) of this book, with reference to two pick-pockets.

On one occasion, two pick-pockets joined a group of
lay-disciples going to the Jetavana monastery, where the Buddha was giving a
discourse. One of them listened attentively to the discourse and soon attained
Sotapatti Fruition. However, the second thief did not attend to the discourse
as he was bent on stealing only; and he managed to snatch a small sum of money
from one of the lay-disciples. After the discourse they went back and cooked
their meal at the house of the second thief, the one who managed to get some
money. The wife of the second thief taunted the first thief, “You are so
wise, you don’t even have anything to cook at your house.” Hearing this
remark, the first thief thought to himself, “This one is so foolish that
she thinks she is being very smart.” Then, together with some relatives,
he went to the Buddha and related the matter to him.

To the man, the Buddha spoke in verse as follows:

Verse 63: The fool who knows that he is a fool can, for that
reason, be a wise man; but the fool who thinks that he is wise is, indeed,
called a fool.

At the end of the discourse, all the relatives of the man
attained Sotapatti Fruition.

The first phase of the assembly elections on Wednesday
(February 8) in 55 constituencies across ten districts in Central UP and a part
of the Terai region would witness a key contest between the BSP and the rest
who are undermining BSP.

The BSP swept the 2007 assembly elections here.

The ten districts going to poll include Sitapur,
Barabanki, Faizabad, Ambedkarnagar, Bahraich, Shravasti, Balrampur, Gonda,
Sidharthnagar and Basti. It’s mainly an agricultural region. Over 80% people
are dependent on the rural economy.

The SC/ST population in the ten districts is between

The BSP has fielded 14 Muslim candidates.

In the 2007 assembly elections, the BSP won 30.Now it will win
42 seats.

Stalwarts from other parties in the fray include three
ministers in Mayawati’s government - Lalji Verma from Katehari in
Ambedkarnagar, Ramhet Bharti from Hargaon in Sirapur and Sangram Singh Verma
from the Barabanki constituency in Barabanki district. Sanjay Rajbhar, son of
Ram Achal Rajbhar, also a minister in the BSP government, is contesting from
Akbarpur in Ambedkarnagar

Total seats: 55
Total electorate: 1.70 crore
Total candidates: 862 (Men 796, women 65, others 1)
Total poling stations: 17,621
Central forces to be deployed: 675 companies
Police personnel to be deployed: 33,000
Home Gaurds to be deployed: 41,000
Sensitive pooling booths: Faizabad - 230, Sitapur 220, Bahriach - 160, Gonda -
150, Ambedkarnagar - 120, Balrampur - 90 and Shravasti - 40.

Knowing BJP will
fall short of the majority mark in the upcoming polls, its leader Uma Bharathi’s
hip is already injured. She cannot even reach River Saryu with her wheel chair
to get drowned after the results.

Ravidas, proclaim all Vedas are worthless

The Legacy of Guru Ravidas on his birthday (Gurpurb), 7th

saai tetees ki magh sudi pandras,

ke kalyan hit pargte Guru Ravidas

Guru Ravidas Ji

As per this
couplet Guru Ravidas was born on 15th of Magh Saudi, full-moon day of 1433 at Seer Govardhanpur
at Kashi (Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh). His father’s name was Santokh Das and
mother’s Kalsa Devi. Guru Ravidas married to Mata Loona, a very humble woman
who supported him throughout his life.

During the times
of Guru, the large section of society was tottering heavily under brutal
enforcement of caste system and untouchability practices, the then Untouchables
bearing the most. Socially ostracized and put under strict caste-based
restrictions they were living a life worse than animals.

In such
environment, Guru Ravidas, a cobbler and an untouchable himself, emerged as a
formidable challenge to Brahminical hegemony and spoke for the rights of
downtrodden. He openly denounced all he brahminical scriptures like Vedas,
Puranas, Smritis, Upanishads etc as these promoted the hegemony of Brahmins and
justified the social inequality and exploitation of masses. As he says -

Charon ved kiya
khandoti, Jan Ravidas kare dandoti

(I, Ravidas,
proclaim all Vedas are worthless)

His was the direct
attack on the spiritual hegemony of Brahmins that sprang from their claims of
Vedas and other brahminical scriptures being infallible and repositories of
Truth and Knowledge. While exposing the fallacies of the brahminical propaganda,
Guru Ravidas made enormous efforts to provide a simple socio-religious
alternative to the labouring masses that would seek equality for all human
beings and require no religious rituals.

Guru Ravidas is
one of the country’s foremost socio-religious revolutionary who not only
attacked the socio-religious inequalities but also preached for liberty,
equality and fraternity for all. He was a great poet whose couplets still
reverberate among the toiling masses of this country.

He is also known
as the one who invented Gurumukhi language against Sanskrit that was
monopolized by Brahmins and declared as taboo even for other caste-Hindus. The
impact of Guru Ravidas on the Indian society can be well understood by the fact
that the entire Sikh Bani (Sikh
teachings) are written in Gurumukhi.

We all are well
aware of how Babasaheb Ambedkar exhorted us to “Educate” likewise, many
centuries before, Guru Ravidas was saying -

Avidya ahit keen,
taatay vivek deep bhava maleen

(Ignorance, no
education has done much damage; it has eclipsed our rationale)

Guru’s Guru:

If you want to
destroy a society, destroy its history and the society will get destroyed
automatically. – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

fundamentalists have always taken a keen interest in destroying SC/ST-Bahujans
history so as to make them disable mentally. Historians as usual here also
played with the truth and misled the people for centuries. As Buddha is
projected as 10th avatar of Vishnu, same way Brahminical forces
tried their best to project Guru Ravidas as one of their 33 crores fake gods.
Many scholars tried to show Swami Ramanand as Guru Ravidas’s Guru. We all need
to think logically, how could it have been possible for Swami Ramanand to
accept Guru Ravidas as one of his student? Shudra rishi Shambuk was murdered by
king Rama just on doing meditation/worshiping god. Daronacharya had forced
Eklavaya to cut thumb of his right hand as ‘Guru Dakshina’. Time when Casteism,
discrimination was on peak, when Untouchables were murdered, their ears were
cut down if they ever tried to hear praise of god, or they tried to worship,
when the touch or even a shadow could impure so called upper caste people, how
could it have been possible for Swami Ramanand (who was follower of king Rama’s
ideas) to accept Guru Ravidas?

Some others tried
to show Guru Ravidas as a Brahmin or Brahmin in his previous life, because they
were not able to digest the humiliation of being thrashed by Guru Ravidas’s
open challenge to caste system. They could have tolerated this shame if any
Brahmin would have been talking against the caste system or challenging their
supremacy as they had tolerated Char-wak.
Many so called scholars have given false claims that Guru Ravidas was Brahmin
in previous life and he ate meat so couldn’t reach the god (attain truth) and
he was born in lower caste in next life.

In Rigveda it’s
clearly mentioned that cows, horses, goats were killed and were eaten by not
only non-brahmins but Brahmins also.

The food according
to Valmiki consisted of all kinds of delicious viands. They included flesh and
fruits and liquor. Rama was not a teetotaller. He drank liquor copiously and
Valmiki records that Rama saw to it that Sita joined with him in his drinking
bouts ( Uttara Kanda Sarga – 42 Sloka – 8 (Reference:
Riddles in Hinduism by Dr B R Ambedkar)

We need to
question how many of these Hindu gods were born in lower caste after eating
meat, or after not getting god (attaining truth). In no religious book of
Hindus there is any such incident where after eating meat person would have
 born in lower caste, then why Guru Ravidas? (Let me clear Guru Ravidas
never ate meat, rather than he opposed the killing of goats, cows on Bakrid and
other Hindu religious ceremonies)

All the times
Manuwadi failed miserably as Guru Ravidas claimed himself as ‘Chamar’
(Kutbandhla a sub-caste in Uttar Pradesh) in many of his saloks and in his

Kahi Ravidas
khalaas chamaaa,

(Says Ravidas, the
emancipated shoe maker)

In another hymn
Guru Ravidas writes:

Meri jaat(i)
Kutbandhla dhor dhowanta nith(i) baanaarsi aas paasaa,

(My caste is
Kutbandhla; I deal with leather and live near Banaras)

In one another
hymn Guru Ravidas says:

Meri Sangat poch
soch din (u) raati,

Mera karamu kutilta
janam kubanti,

(It keeps him in
anxiety that his associates are low; my actions are considered evil and birth
is lowly)

All this is just
another game-plan/conspiracy of Brahmins to keep SC/ST-Bahujans away from Guru
Ravidas’s philosophy. Guru Ravidas’s teachings can lead SC/ST-Bahujans break
caste barrier and emancipate them because Guru Ravidas was among first people
who talked about equality, ‘raaj’ (own rule) and Begumpura  - City without
sorrow. (It seems like Dr B R Ambedkar wrote constitution of India keeping
‘Begumpura’ in his mind.) Guru Ravidas also said:

Aisa chahu raaj
main, jahan mile saban ko ann,

Chhot baade sam
basse, Ravidas rahe prasan.

As far as question
of who was Guru of Guru Ravidas, Guru Ravidas never worshiped any of the 33
crore fake god, but he meditated/worshiped on one and only one almighty God.
Guru Ravidas said:

Tohi, mohi, mohi
tohi, antar kaisa: kanak katik jal tarang jaisa.

(There is no
difference between you (god) and me as there is no difference between the gold
and its ornaments, between water and its waves.)

Bhagat or Guru Ravidas:

Few years back, on
the gurpurb of Guru Ravidas Rozana
 newspapers published article that (‘Bhagat’ as
stated by newspaper) Guru Ravidas was not familiar with Sikh Gurus’ teachings
& teaching/sakhis (birth tales) of Guru Ravidas were misquoted by
author in ridiculing manner. The article erroneously stated that no historical
facts are present about the life of Guru Ravidas. It’s madness/ridiculous to
give such statements as Bani (shaloks, teachings) of Guru Ravidas are there in
Guru Granth Sahib (the holy book of Sikhs) itself and 10th Guru
of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh had asked to follow Guru Granth Saheb as ‘Guru’
after him, so the bani of all the ‘Gurus’ (including Guru Ravidas) which is
included in the Guru Granth Saheb should be treated equal, why to give someone
names like ‘Bhagats’ and others ‘Gurus’? This time mischiefs are played by
Sikhs scholars under the affect of Brahminical forces, those have forgotten
that Sikhism is separate religion which came into picture for equality, to
counter the evils of Casteism in Hinduism.

Who is a ‘Bhagat’
and who is a ‘Guru’? Till the time a person is worshipping/meditating/trying to
achieve the state of perfect-ness, is in search of truth of life, till the time
person hasn’t got ‘gyan’, up-to that time you can say a person as ‘Bhagat’, but
when that person have achieved truth of life, got ‘gyan’ and starts giving
sermons, starts preaching, he becomes ‘Guru’ and he doesn’t remain as Bhagat
then. A large number of kings and queens became Guru Ravidas’s disciples and
they accepted him as a ‘Guru’, not only Guru but ‘Raj-Guru’. Prominent among
them were Raja Pipa, Raja Nagar Mal, Rewa Naresh, Rani Jhalan Bai, and Meera
Bai (it’s wrongly projected by people that she was fan of king Krishna, but in
reality she was follower of Guru Ravidas).

Meera ne gobind
milya ji,

Gur milya Radas.

(Meera Padawali –

Kings had built
many temples dedicated to Guru Ravidas and there were later either demolished
or converted to Hindu worship places.

Guru Ravidas, Guru
Kabir with Guru Nanak Dev

As recorded by Dr.
Lekh Raj Parwana at Page 116-117 in his book ‘Shri Guru Ravidas- Life and Writing’
, Guru Ravidas visited northern India twice. Firstly, he
was accompanied by Kabir Ji, Tarlochan Ji, Sain Ji and Dhanna Ji and met Guru
Nanak Dev at ‘Chuharkana’, now known as ‘Nankana Sahib’ where Guru Nanak Dev
served them food with Rs.20/- which had been given to him by his revered father
Mehta Kalu for some profitable business. At his second visit to Punjab, Guru
Ravidas met Guru Nanak Dev at Sant Ghat of Kali Bein in ‘Sultanpur Lodhi’. At
third time he met at Guru Nanak at ‘Guru Ka Bagh’, Banaras and exchanged their
views on several topics pertaining to religion, social system and liberty of
human beings. Guru Ravidas gave gift of his bani of 40 hymns and one couplet to
Guru Nanak Dev as desired by him.

Many a times,
Mardana (he used to live with Guru Nanak Dev) used to sing hymns of Guru
Ravidas in-front of Guru Nanak Dev, as asked by Guru Nanak Dev. It was the Guru
Ravidas who gave the right direction to the life and teachings of Guru Nanak
Dev. So, today’s Sikh scholars don’t have any right to raise any question over
who was the real Guru or whom they want to call Guru or Bhagat.

Till 1920,
Dalits’/Untouchables’ ‘Prasad’/Religious offering wasn’t accepted at the Darbar
Saheb/Golden Temple and no ‘ardas’/prayer was done on the name of
Dalits/untouchables. (Reference:
‘The Heritage of Amritsar’
 by S S Johar). This
all shows how much these Sikh scholars were/are following Sikhism’s teachings.
Sikhism was the another religion which  Dr Ambedkar considered for
conversion, but the Sikh leaders were full of hatred/hostility towards Dalits
so Dr Ambedkar changed his plans.

Jathedars (Sikh
leaders/scholars) those are becoming puppets in the hands of Manuwadi people
will lead to the end of Sikhism & if such things continued the day won’t be
far away when idols of Hindu deities will be seen in the ‘Darbar Saheb’
 (Golden Temple). Rashtriya Swayamsevak
Sangh (RSS) created his offshoots like PRERNA, Rashtriya Sikh Sangat,
and Guru Granth Sahib Vichar Sanstha as under the name of RSS as it was
difficult for them to meet Sikh leaders & to misguide them. An
d now everyone can see Sikh scholars visiting their
activities and supporting them full heartedly.

Jathedars &
many others are forgetting that;

1. Sikh Gurus
believed in one and only one god, whereas Hindus worship quite a number of
gods, goddesses, and deities.

2. The Hindu
Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva – is altogether rejected by Sikh Gurus.

3. The worship of
any carved statues, images or idols is completely forbidden in Sikhism although
it is allowed in Hinduism.

4. Cow is not
considered as a sacred animal by Sikhs; hence it is not worshiped at all.

5. The supremacy
of the Vedas, Gita and other Hindu scriptures is not recognized or accepted in
Sikhism. Sikhs have their own holy book – the Guru Granth Sahib – compiled by
the fifth Guru himself and completed by 10thGuru.

6. Sikh Gurus,
Guru Ravidas had rejected the caste system and all men/women are reckoned equal
irrespective of their caste, colour or creed, does Hinduism do all this?

7. Sikh
traditions, customs, and ceremonies of death and marriage are completely
different from the Hindus.

Many Sikh scholars
claim that in Guru Granth Saheb its written ‘Bhagata di bani’, but then you
need to concentrate that for Guru Nanak Dev to Guru Gobind Singh, there is
nothing written as ‘Guru’ word for them, but ‘Mahala I’, ‘Mahala II’ etc is
written not ‘bani of Guru Nanak Dev’
 or ‘bani of Guru Gobind Singh’. (‘Mahala’ means ‘Aam
Admi’/’common person’.) Will Sikh scholars accept Guru Nanak Dev as common
person? At many places
in the ‘Janam
Sakhis’/’Birth tales’ of Guru Nanak Dev; Guru Nanak Dev is recorded as ‘Baba’,
‘Tapa’, and ‘Pir’ etc. Guru Nanak Dev himself claimed at many places as
Mahala/common person, Shayar, Nieech. Are Sikh scholars ready to accept Guru
Nanak Dev as Shayar, Nieech and Baba?

People those don’t
want to accept Guru Ravidas as ‘Guru’ and don’t want to write ‘Guru’ in-front
of Guru Ravidas’s name are only those people who don’t want to take any lesson
from the teachings of Guru Ravidas. Those people are full of hatred, are not
supporter of equality and practice discrimination.

Murder of Guru Ravidas:

Torture of
Dalit-Bahujans is not new, Manuwadi people have always tried to suppress,
depress, torture, tried to kill, murder, and loot Dalit-Bahujans. Who so
ever had/have tried to raise his voice against the cruelty; evils of Hinduism was
either murdered or burnt alive. Guru Namdev was tortured and was forced to
leave Maharashtra, Guru (Sant) Tukaram, Sant Chokha Mal was murdered, Sant Naat
Naar was burnt alive, same way Guru Ravidas was murdered at Chittorgarh by
people who were opposing Guru Ravidas all the times. Guru Ravidas lived for
about 151 years. (Reference: ‘Guru
Ravidas Ki Hatya Ke Parmanik Dastawez’ by Satnam Singh)

In his entire
life, Guru Ravidas kept fighting for equality, against social, political,
economical bullying and composed many hymns and Shaloks, which were burnt down,
destroyed by so called upper caste people of that time. 40 hymns and one
couplet composed by Guru Ravidas are inscribed in Guru Granth Saheb. Guru
Ravidas was among first people who used ‘Ek-Onkar’ – god is one. His teachings
are relevant even today as were in 15th century and may
everyone takes inspiration from Guru Ravidas’s teachings and come out of

P.S.: In case you
liked the above information, please share it with your friends.

The southward in general and Karnataka in particular thrust of the BSP has achieved
success under the able leadership
of THE KARNATAKA BSP President Marasandra Muniyappa.

The BSP President
said all the cases against him are politically motivated, and have been filed
at the behest of Congress leader and MoS in the Railways KH Muniyappa, a Madiga Scheduled Caste. Since the 2004
Assembly poll, he said, the Congress party has lost 42 seats because of the BSP
and has been able to win only 68 seats in the House of 224.

Muniyappa, 54, currently the state BSP president, in the 2004 Assembly
elections. Contesting from Satanur constituency, his candidature had
consolidated the constituency’s Scheduled Caste vote bank in favour of the BSP.
He managed to dent the Congress vote share.

Ms Mayawati had rightly thought since
Holiyars were already consolidated by the BSP, with Madiga consolidation, they
could become a force to reckon with in the state
. Hence the choice of
Mr. Marasandra Muniappa, since the Congress, BJP, and JDS always divided
Holiyars and Madigas and gained political power. Now the congress due to
Congress leader and MoS
in the Railways KH Muniyappa, a Madiga Scheduled Caste is used against Mr
Marasandra Muniappa for fear of further damage to Congress
, as the people have
become fed up with Congress, BJP and JDS.

Dr. Ambedkar said that when untouchables are troubled by Upper Castes,
that means the path they are treading is correct.

lickers and chelas will not be troubled and they get good positions to
hurt untouchables who are treading the right path.More the Dukkha they
face More Dukkha Nirodha will be there, because everything is
changing.Change is permanent.

1.Cultural fest or rave? K’taka govt

17 hours
ago - Living Media 4:23 | 1,14,729 views

sex was witnessed at a party organised at St. Mary’s Islands off the Udupi
coast on Feb 3. The party aimed at promoting Karnataka tourism.

  1. Living Media–porn-in-assembly-.html

The Big Question: Porn in Assembly?

After being caught red-handed watching a clip of pornographic nature on the floor of the house in the Karnataka legislative assembly, Mangalore in-charge Minister Krishna Palemar, Co-operation Minister Lakshman Savadi and Karnataka Women and Child Welfare Minister CC Patil have resigned. What makes matters worse is that one of the clips they were watching on their mobile phones was that of four men raping a woman. Accepting their resignation the Karnataka Chief Minister Sadananda Gowda said that he was accepting their resignations in spite of them being innocent.

Karnataka minister caught watching porn in assembly

Bangalore, Feb 7 (IANS) Karnataka Cooperation
Minister Laxman Savadi
was Tuesday caught watching blue film clippings
on his cell phone in the state assembly, plunging
the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party into unprecedented crisis in the state.

Kannada TV channels showed Savadi with Women and Child Welfare Minister C.C. Patil next to him watching the sex act on his cell
when the assembly was discussing a pro-Hindu group allegedly hoisting a
Pakistani flag in north Karnataka recently.

Savadi, Patil and Chief Minister D. V. Sadananda
were not immediately available for comment.

Opposition Congress and Janata Dal-Secular blasted the ministers and the BJP,
and sought the immediate dismissal of the two ministers. They should be
expelled from the assembly, they said.

“This is the most shameful incident in the history
of Karnataka assembly
. Savadi should be sacked as minister and expelled
from the assembly,” Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah of the Congress told

State JD-S chief and former chief minister H.D. Kumaraswamy too sought
immediate dismissal of Savadi and said his party will decide Wednesday action
to be taken in the assembly and outside over the “shocking incident”.







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