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Kushinara NIBBฤ€NA Bhumi Pagoda White Home, Puniya Bhumi Bengaluru, Prabuddha Bharat International.

May 2009
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LESSON 55-’Non-UPA,non-NDA parties to support Mayawati as PM after poll’ -Development remains key word in Delhi (Poll Curtainraiser - Delhi) -General Elections 2004-overview of West Bengal: General Elections-2009: - 1,315 to fight it out in penultimate phase of polls-NHRC takes suo motu notice of Dalit discrimination in Madhya Pradesh-Haj pilgrims in Uttar Pradesh to be chosen by computerised lots-No Passport No Haj : Haj committee Uttar Pradesh-
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On the eve of 2572nd Buddha Jayanthi

May 9, 2009 Time 4:00 PM

Venue KEB Auditorium
Kaveri Bhavan, K.G. Road, Bangalore.

All are invited to take part in this symposium.
Co-ordinator Chandrasekhar BAMCEF

Bahujan Samaj Party - Karnataka
C.V.Raman Nagar Assembly Constituency

2572nd Bhagavan Buddha Jayanthi and Dr. Baba saheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Jayanthi

on 09-05-2009 at 06:30 PM
Jeevan Bhimanagar Bus Stand, Bangalore

Chief Guests

Shri. Marasandra Muniappa
President Karnataka BSP

Shri. I.Devendiran IAS

Shri. Jigini Shankar
Karnataka State BSP General Secretary

Shri. V.Muniswamy
Secretary Karnataka  BSP

Shri. Vijay Raj Singh
Bangalore Central Lok Sabaha Candidate

Shri. Dr. Banadhuru Kempaiah
President Dhoordharshan SC/ST Association

Shri. Mohanraj
Social Worker
 Shri. Munivenkatappa
Social worker.

All are welcome to participate

Office Bearers BSP CV Raman Nagar




3-5-2009 to 10-5-2009



Shri Maha Bodhi Puja at Sacred Bodhi, Vishwa Maitri Stupa Puja, Buddha Puja at Loka Shanti Buddha Vihara, Pindapata Puja

Undertaking of Tisarana, Attasila and Pancasila

Inaguration of


undertaking of precepts, Dhamma discource, Deeksha, Public seminar


Dhamma Desana By

Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita

Founder President, Maha Bodhi Society, Bangalore


Upasaka A.M. Rajanna

Donor of Mahabodhi Mahadvara &

Upasaka B.Gopal and family

Buddha Jayanti Service Donor

Release of Publications

1. Buddhist Manual for Everyday Practice

2. Metta Philosophy and Practice of Universal Love

3. Dhammadhara 1 (Hindi), 4. Dhammadhara 1 (Kannada)

5. Baudhara Advitiya Dhyanagala Marga

11 AM - Sanghadana

12 Noon - Meals for devotees

Service by : Dr.D.Ramachandra

Chairman and managing Director, Yellamma Dasappa Hospital, Bangalore

 02:30 PM - Dhamma Dikkha-Sikkha Pragramme

03:30 PM  Cultural Pragramme, Drama and Gautama Buddha
Written by : Shri B. Puttaswamaiah
Directed by : Shri ramesh Chandra Dutta and
Enacted by Ranga Cirantana, Govt.First Grade College, Vijayanagara, Bangalore
05:30 PM
Symposium on

Buddha Ouja and Blessings by

Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita

Founder President, Maha Bodhi Society, Bangalore

Chief Guests

Shri B.Somashekar

Ex. Higher Education Minister

Shri. M. Nanjundaswamy, IPS

Deputy Commissioner of Police CAR

Dr. Sangasena Vardhana

Education Officer & Research Scholar on Buddhism in Karnataka

Presided by

Venerable Sanghasena Mahathera

President, Maha Bodhi Society

Deepa Puja

Sunday, the 10th May 2009, 09:00 AM

Annual General Body Meeting of Maha Bodhi Society, Bangalore


Blessed is
the birth of Buddhas;

Blessed is
the enunciation of the Sacred Teaching;

Blessed is
the harmony in the Sangha; and

Blessed is
the spiritual pursuit of the united truth-seekers.

Dhammapada 194


on 08-05-2009 at 02:00P.M. dana service at Kidwai Cancer Hospital, Bangalore

Venue : Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Hosur Roa< Bangalore


Inauguration by

Shri Khusro Qureshi

Chairman, Karnataka State Minorities Commission

Chief Guests

Shri C.S.Pyttaraju, KSCS

Additional Registrar, Govt. of Karnataka


Director, KMF, Central Office

Dana Service led by

Dr.Loknath, MD

Medical Oncologist, Kidwai Hospital, Bangalore &

Upasaka Dr. M.R. Narendrakumar

Presided and blessings by

Venerable Kassapa Thera

Vice President, Maha Bodhi Society

Buddhanedege Marlimanege

On 07-05-2009

There was a seminar on Metta Bhavana 

for Building Buddhist CVommunity and

Practicing Daily Buddhist Life based on Metta

at Maha Bodhi Society, gandhinagar, Bangalore

between )9:30 AM & 05:00 PM

Inaugrated by

Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita

Founder President, Maha Bodhi Society, Bangalore

main Speakers and Participants were

Ven.Ananda Bhanteji, Ven. Bodhidatta Bhanteji, Ven.Vinayarakkhita Bhanteji,

Ven. Dhammadhaja Bhanteji, Dr.M.Chinnaswamy, Prof.Shanmugam,

Prof.K.B.Siddhaiah, Shri.C.Chandrasekhara, Shri. L.Shivalingiah, Shri.B.Goplal,

Shri. Indudhar Honnapur, Prof. H.Govindaiah, Shri. Mavalli Shankar,

Shri. R.Mahadevappa, Shri, Subbu Holiyar, Shri. Mohanraj,

Shri.mariswamy, Shri. Lakshminarayana, Shri. Nagasena, Shri, Ravikeerthi,

Presided by

Venerable Sanghasena Mahathera

President, Maha Bodhi Society.

On 06-05-2009

There was


with activities such as

Dhamma Teaching, Storytelling, Painting and meditation 

at Maha Bodhi Society, Gandhinagar, Bangalore

Large Number of children participated from different localities and schools

Inaugrated by

Shri. S.Gagarin, IRTS

Chief Regional Manager

Indian Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited

The Camp was conducted by Ven. Ananda Bhanteji, Venerable, Vinayarakkhita Bhanteji, Ven. Panyaloka, Ven. Dhammachitta,

Ven.Dayananda, Ven. Aggadhammo, Ven. Dhammadaja, and

Upasaka J.Chandrasekharan, Halappanavar, Kumar, Satyaseelan,

Krishnamurthy, Chaluvaraj, Chandra Mohan Singh,

Bodhi Bhushan, Ravikeerthi, Jotappa, Shankar, Sudhakar rao, Kashi

Ven. Ananda Bhanteji distributed prizes and gifts to the participants



A Buddhist Centre for Higher Learning

(Supported by the Government of India)

Maha Bodhi Society is running a two year Diploma Course in

Buddhist Studies over correspondance. The aims of the Academy are

- To conduct Buddhist study programs through distance education mode

(correspondance course)

- To present the teachings of the Buddha in a comprehensive and practical way.

Practice of Buddhist meditationand moral precepts called

Pancasila will be taught as an integral part of these courses

Please use this opportunity and gain wisdom! May you be happy!

‘Non-UPA,non-NDA parties to support Mayawati as PM after poll’

Dharmapuri, May 4 : All non-UPA and non-NDA political parties would extend support to BSP leader Mayawati to ensure she became Prime Minister after the Lok Sabha polls, which would see a BSP led government assuming power at the Centre, a top BSP leader said here today.

“After the general elections, the BSP led government will rule India and Mayawati will become Prime Minister.
All non-UPA and non-BJP parties will extend support to her to become
Prime Minister,” BSP national general secretary Suresh Mane told
reporters here.

Mane pointed out that CPI(M) leader Prakash Karat had also assured his party’s support to Mayawati.

He said there was no difference among Congress
and BJP on new economic policies and those implemented by the former in
the past had just been carried forward by the BJP government.

alleged that the DMK government in Tamil Nadu was dividing SC/STs in
the name of sub-caste. No department was allotted 25 per cent of the
budgetary provision for welfare of SC/STs, as per Planning Commission
recommendations,he said. - Agencies

Development remains key word in Delhi (Poll Curtainraiser - Delhi)


New Delhi, May 6 (IANS) Come Thursday and the
development plank that helped the Congress score a third consecutive
win in Delhiโ€™s assembly elections will again be put to test in the
battle for seven Lok Sabha seats from the national capital.

A total of 160 candidates are in the fray this time as compared to
129 in the 2004 elections. Thursdayโ€™s exercise will be spread over
11,348 polling booths with 11.09 million people eligible to vote.

Of the total voters, nearly four million are in the age group of

This time around, the contest has become tougher after the demography of the constituencies changed post-delimitation.

After the parliamentary constituencies were redrawn, three
constituencies - Delhi Sadar, Karol Bagh and Outer Delhi - have ceased
to exist and three new ones - Northwest Delhi, Northeast Delhi and West
Delhi - have been formed. Now each parliamentary constituency has 10
assembly segments and has an average of 1.58 million voters.

Northwest Delhi has the highest number of voters, nearly 1.79
million, while the lowest number of voters are in New Delhi, 1.36
million. The highest number of contestants is in Chandni Chowk (41) and
the lowest in in West Delhi and South Delhi (15 each).

Congress bigwigs Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler were dropped as
candidates from South Delhi and Northeast Delhi respectively after a
row over their role in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots case.

Star campaigners of all major political party BSP chief and Uttar Pradesh Chief
Minister Mayawati have campaigned in the city.

Nearly 56,000 police personnel will be deployed across the city
Thursday. A total of 193 polling booths have been identified as
sensitive and 32 as hyper-sensitive.

BSP supremo Mayawati

1,315 to fight it out in penultimate phase of polls

New Delhi, May 6, The fate of several political veterans, including
External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Bharatiya Janata Party
(BJP) president Rajnath Singh, will be decided Thursday in the
penultimate round of the five-phase Indian elections in eight states.

A total of 1,315 candidates, including 119 women, are battling it
out in the fourth phase of the polls. As many as 94.6 million voters
will be eligible to exercise their franchise in 85 constituencie

The Election Commission has set up 129,103 polling centres, to be overseen by 650,000 officials.

Special mobile polling stations will facilitate voters in the vast
desert region of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, the countryโ€™s largest state.

While polling in Bihar and West Bengal would conclude in this phase,
Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir still have a round to go. Balloting
will be held on a single day in Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab.

Pranab Mukherjee is contesting from Jangipur in West Bengal and
Rajnath Singh from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. The other bigwigs in the
fray Thursday are Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav (Mainpuri),
Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) president Ajit Singh (Baghpat), Rashtriya
Janata Dal (RJD) leader Lalu Prasad (Patliputra) and Farooq Abdullah of
the National Conference (Srinagar).

Union minister and Chandni Chowk MP Kapil Sibal from the Congress,
Sachin Pilot (Congress) and Manvendra Singh (BJP) in Rajasthan,
Bollywood actor turned politician Shatrughan Sinha and television star
Shekhar Suman from Bihar are also in the race.

The last round of balloting would be held May 13 in the remaining 86 constituencies. The vote count is due May 16.

The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has fielded the maximum 82 candidates
followed by the Congress and BJP (70 each), Communist Party of
India-Marxist (CPI-M) 21, Communist Party of India eight, Nationalist
Congress Party six and RJD two. There are 609 independents.

New Delhi and Chandni Chowk constituencies in the national capital
have the most number of candidates โ€” 41 and 40 respectively. Gautam
Buddh Nagar, which also includes Noida, and Bulandshahr in Uttar
Pradesh have six women candidates each โ€” the highest.

NHRC takes suo motu notice of SC/ST discrimination in Madhya Pradesh

NEW DELHI - The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has taken
suo motu cognizance of a news report published in two parts in The
Hindustan Times on May 5 and 6 under the title โ€œApartheidโ€ alleging how SC/ST kids are being discriminated against in four districts - Jhabua,
Sheopur, Katni and Ujjain of Madhya Pradesh.

The report has also alleged that health workers in these districts avoid SC/ST hamlets and examine women without touching them.

The Commission in its proceeding said, the report, if true, raises
serious issue of violation of human rights of SCSTs and has issued a
notice to the Chief Secretary of Madhya Pradesh seeking his comments on
the report within four weeks.

The Commission is also deputing its investigation team to visit the
places mentioned in the reports to conduct an on the spot inquiry. The
team will submit its report to the Commission within four weeks. (ANI)

Bigwigs, criminals, millionaires in fourth round

Lucknow, May 6 Several political bigwigs,
alleged criminals and multi-millionaires are among the 314 contestants
in the race for 18 constituencies that go to the polls in Uttar Pradesh
in the fourth phase of Lok Sabha elections Thursday.

The fate of the chiefs of three major political parties - Mulayam Singh
Yadav of the Samajwadi Party (SP) from Mainpuri, Rajnath Singh of the
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) from Ghaziabad and Ajit Singh of the
Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) - would be decided in this round in which an
estimated 25 million voters are eligible to vote.

The Election Commission is setting up 29,312 polling stations
equipped with 29,649 electronic voting machines. As many as 270,000
personnel, including 150,000
security men, would be deployed for the smooth conduct of balloting.

The BSP is also ahead among the 86 multi-millionaires battling it
out in Thursdayโ€™s contest.  BSP has 14 multi-millionaires

The easiest and surest way for the happiness and welfare for all sections of the society is to see that BSP is empowered and make Mayawati the Prime Minister of  Jambudipa, that is the Great Prabuddha Bharath. I am sure that on 16th May we will see that.

Even after that if people indulge in such un-constitutional discrimination, let them find their own Aryastan, so that they will not have anyone to be dicriminated. Why should the Aboriginal Inhabitants of Jambudipa, that is the Great Prabuddha Bhartth head for anything else instead of expanding the same as it was during the period of Samrat Ashoka, if not more?

All that has to be done is to conquer the lost empire through the ballot papers.

castist hindustan lead to the creation of Pakistan(mostly converts from
low caste hindus) and is now heading for khalistan. Should we head for

ntimes.com/ StoryPage/ StoryPage. aspx?sectionName =Cricket-
mustread&id=6dd3120c- 53c4-4217- 93be-386e2702327
b&Headline=Apartheid+ funded+by+ the+Indian+ tax-payer

In an era when one set of Indians is
manning the worldโ€™s knowledge back-office with distinction, another set
of children โ€” in Madhya Pradesh, which the ruling BJP often showcases as a โ€œmodel stateโ€ โ€“ has to face such discrimination and humiliation. Everyday.

This Indian version
of apartheid is taking place in schools and childcare centres run by
the government, and in schemes funded by the tax-payerโ€™s โ€” in other
words, your โ€“ money.

They are
forced to sit in separate rows, bring utensils from home or given food
in plates marked boldly with permanent ink to distinguish them from the
According to a survey on social discrimination conducted by
Jansahas, an NGO, and Unicef, in 24 villages across four districts โ€“
Ujjain, Sheopur, Katni and Jhabua โ€“ in Madhya Pradesh, more than 63 per
cent of SC/ST children are subjected to caste discrimination while
being served mid-day meals in government schools.

They are forced
to sit in separate rows, bring utensils from home or given food in
plates marked boldly with permanent ink to distinguish them from the

The Mid-Day Meal Scheme, funded by
the government, is the worldโ€™s largest school lunch programme and
covers 120 million children. Ironically, one of the key objectives of
the scheme is to increase socialisation among children of different
caste groups.

โ€œAs many as 40
per cent of SC/ST students facing discrimination were given mid-day
meals in plates specially set aside for them,โ€ Jansahas activist Ashif
Sheikh told Hindustan Times.

While some were asked to bring
utensils from home, most were served their mid-day meals on leaf
plates. Non-SC/ST, however, were served on metal plates.

The survey found that most teachers
were insensitive to the discrimination against SC/ST because of
caste-based traditions being followed in rural areas, he said.

In a majority of the schools
surveyed, SC/ST students were not allowed to sit in the front row. As
many as 78 per cent of school-going SC/ST students were backbenchers or
forced away from the front row and subjected to casteist abuses.

And 79 per cent of such students were compelled to clean the schools. In some schools, this chore was given only to SC/ST girls.

The survey found that the Anganwadi
scheme, a government-sponsore d mother and childcare scheme catering to
children in the 0-6 age group, also discriminates against SC/ST. About
59 per cent of SC/ST said they desisted from sending their children to
the local anganwadi facilities.

The victims
claimed that SC/ST children were not allowed to enter the anganwadis
and were forced to accept nutritional supplements outside the building.

The survey concluded that caste discrimination is one of the prominent reasons for the absence of SC/ST children from school.

Amol Nirmala Waman

Haj pilgrims in Uttar Pradesh to be chosen by computerised lots

Lucknow, May 6 (ANI): The Haj Committee for Uttar Pradesh
has come up with a novel mode of computerised system through which the
aspiring devout Muslims will be chosen by lots for the pilgrimage to
Mecca and Madina, known as the Haj.

The first list of pilgrims chosen through such lots was released in Lucknow on Tuesday.

Thousands of aspiring pilgrims waited anxiously to hear their names
confirmed from the data that was compiled by the Haj Committee and
uploaded on its website, prior to the draw of lots.

Mohammad Khan, an applicant contended that it is the Lord Almighty’s
call when one’s name gets selected through the online system of lots.

a better moment of happiness can we get? This is such an opportunity,
which only a fortunate person can get. A lot of this fortune depends on
the blessings of Lord Allah. A person experiences a divine feeling when
he gets selected through the computerised system of lots,” he said.

According to official figures of Central Haj Committee, the total number of Haj seats allotted to India during 2009 is 1,60,000 of which 45,000 will be earmarked for Haj trips organised by private operators.

Out of the 160 thousand, 27,378 Haj pilgrims are from the state of Uttar Pradesh itself.

applicant Haleem Farooqi mentioned that his family and friends have
been praying for him so that he gets an opportunity to undertake this
holy pilgrimage.

The escalated number of applicants in India had
created a problem for the respective Haj Committees in various states
in finalising the list of pilgrims.

To overcome this bottleneck and crisis, the choosing of names through computerised lots was introduced in 2007.

Arabia grants Haj visas to countries based on certain strict ratio of
quotas but has increased the numbers over the past couple of years.

one of the largest manifestations of religious devotion in the world,
retraces the path of Prophet Mohammad 14 centuries ago after he
defeated pagan forces in Mecca. (ANI)

No Passport No Haj : Haj committee Uttar Pradesh

Committee for Huj
Lucknow: If you want to visit holy city of Mecca on Haj tour this year, you must have a passport and pilgrim pass.

Uttar Pradesh Haj committee 2009 has made it mandatory that the Haj
aspirants will have to ensure passport and pilgrim pass for the visit.

Meanwhile, the state government has opened the several separate passport counters to help the needful to get one.

In a press conference, secretary of the State Haj Committee, MAA Khan
told that there will be computer based lottery in Mumbai office of the
Haj Committee to assign the berths to the pilgrims.

The decision was taken due to excessive applications for the passport and pilgrim passes.

Uttar Pradesh government has sanctioned only 27 thousand berths and an additional WL (Waiting List) quota of five hundred.

As many as 63000 requests has come from all states from all over India.
The lottery system will be applicable in case of excessive applications.

As per current scenario, only 18 district are having less candidates than the allocated numbers.

The total expenses per pilgrim will be approximately 1 lakh rupee for
the 50 days long yatra. The pilgrim from Lucknow will be taking off
from Lucknow airport and the others will be leaving from Varanasi
airport. All the pilgrims will be lodged at the Taj House and there can
only be one attendant per pilgrim until their flight will be ready.

The complete details about the pilgrim schedule will be provided by the SMSs.

There will be dedicated camps at every district to avoid rush and
proper facilitation. There can’t be more then 32 kg baggage per pilgrim

and hand baggage can only be 10 kg. After completion of Haj, every
individual can bring 10 litres of divine water from Haj.

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