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May 2009
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FREE ONLINE TRAINING ON PRECEPTS AND TRADE-7-BSP will get 272 seats, Third and fourth with 99, UPA allies 91 and NDA allies 81. With a strong government markets will settle down-THREE BASKETS STUDY CIRCLE Analysis The one and only Triple Gem Study Circle predicted more than 200 seats in the last UP Assembly Elections-Elections to be really fair and free
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BSP will get 272 seats, Third and fourth with 99, UPA allies 91 and NDA allies 81. With a strong government markets will settle down-THREE BASKETS STUDY CIRCLE Analysis

The one and only Triple Gem Study Circle predicted more than 200 seats in the last UP Assembly Elections

Needed: Scheduled Caste PM

Chandrabhan Prasad

I want a Prime Minister who is a SC. I want a SC PM not
because this column is a SC forum. SC/ST Diary is in its 11th year of
publication, and I didn’t ask for a SC PM in my earlier write-ups. All Indians
should be asking for a PM who is a SC. Luckily, in Mayawati, there is a serious
Prime Ministerial candidate. She is qualified too. She is the Chief Minister of
largest State, and she has not been nominated, but elected. Her appeal spreads
from Darjeeling to Daman and Diu, from
Kanyakumari to Kashmir.

My SC/ST PM is not from a traditional SC/ST perspective. My SC/ST Prime
Minister will, therefore, not be serving the SC/ST interests alone. I do not
ask any ration card, jobs, free food, or subsidies on buying goats or pigs.

I want the SC/ST PM to deploy a SC/ST Therapy on the Indian society. Howsoever
unwilling or uninterested the SC/ST PM might be, he/she would, by implication,
be administering the SC/ST therapy on the Indian society. Even medical science
has come to believe that there are certain ailments which are cured by therapy

My PM will change the “Reference Point” associated with SC/STs. A SC/ST PM will
not be just an executive head of India. He/she will seep into the
head of the mainstream society. With a SC/ST ruling India, there is no way the
mainstream society will define SC/STs as it has been doing so far — impure and
polluting, unworthy of human association. Schoolgoing children, from childhood,
would imbibe a new imagery of SC/STs.

Representing India,
the SC/ST Prime Minister would be shaking hands with Barack Obama. The
mainstream India
would watch those visuals on their TV sets. Those images will be reproduced by
the newspapers. Almost every day, the SC/ST Prime Minister will hit the
eyeballs of most Indians. Through the eyes, the SC/ST image will seep into the
Central Nervous System (CNS) of the mainstream society. Even if the SC/ST Prime
Minister makes a mistake, and is ridiculed for that reason, the CNS would still
record the SC/ST PM as the ruler of India. The mainstream society will
develop a new imagery of SC/STs. The SC/STs won’t be viewed just a collectors
of the garbage, pig hunters, shoeshine boys, farm workers, for instance.

As a ruler, the SC/ST PM would have administered a SC/ST therapy for better. If
a SC/ST is accepted as India’s
ruler, millions of SC/STs will become acceptable in the kitchens of the
mainstream society. Slowly, thousands of SC/ST boys and girls will start
entering even the bedrooms of the mainstream society, and vice versa.

The SC/ST therapy will work on SC/ST masses as well. SC/STs will stop being
complainers. With a SC/ST as India’s
executive head, there is no way SC/STs would shout that “this society prevents
us from growing”. The SC/ST self-esteem would skyrocket. There are many SC/STs
who own trucks and buses. But rarely does one come across a bus with slogans
like — SC/ST Express, SC/ST Mail or SC/ST Goods Carrier. With a SC/ST PM, the
confident SC/STs may be seen walking on Dalal Street on their own.

That’s the experience the Black American have had. Post Obama, I have been to
the US.
I met a plenty of Black thinkers. The Blacks’ self-esteem has gone up. Black
males have become more acceptable to the White society as grooms. If the Blacks
are accepted as grooms, they will also be accepted as employers of the White
workers. The US
is undergoing a Black therapy. If the Black therapy can work in the US, the SC/ST therapy too can work in India.

has had the misfortune of lacking good social theorists. The politics in this
country cannot be only about ‘governance’. The politics in this socially split India is also
about a re-ordering of the society. Today, most new parties being formed have
caste markers.

We have more caste-based political parties today than we had in 1952 when the
first General Election took place post-independence. India has progressed since 1952.
With the progress, India
should have turned largely caste neutral today. This has happened because we
didn’t give politics any role to tackle the caste order. This Parliamentary
election provides us a great opportunity. If you select my candidate as India’s PM, we
will start turning the wheels of history.


BSP’ll have the last laugh in UP

NEW DELHI, May 10: THREE BASKETS STUDY CIRCLE watchers and political rivals are betting
on the BSP bagging a large number of seats in this election, a view
that is seriously acknowledged by the BSP.
“The subjective perspective of
the BSP chief and her trusted aide Satish Mishra about getting all
80 seats is just  happening,” said the study circleb because of the prevailing Pro-incumbency, something
Miss Mayawati is exploiting during 2009 Loh-Sabha elections, which has set in now.

Her promise of a disciplined administration  have not lost her grip on the administration.

BSP sources dismiss these “theories of the prophets
of doom” and are confident of doing well. The SC/ST and backwards
among OBCs like Bhinds and Murayas have stuck to BSP and their slogan
is: “UP hui hamari, ab Dilli ki baari”.
“The thrill over the possibility of Behenji becoming Prime Minister is
very strong and excites large sections of SC/STs, Muslims and Brahmins
alike,” maintained a party MP in the Rajya Sabha.

BSP leaders said the starting base vote of BSP in UP is about 15 per
cent. “We have these votes on their own. No other party can claim such
an advantage. BJP and Congress are organisationally poor and SP has
lost all its credibility after tying up with Kalyan Singh,” a BSP
leader said.

The UP results, like in the past, will play a
crucial part in deciding the country’s future.

BSP chief Mayawati’s style of politics & thinking is different.
Instead of admiring the 2004 sacrifice of Sonia Gandhi; Mayawati is
attacking her for the recent statement where Gandhi said ‘nowadays
there is a fashion of everybody aspiring for the post of Prime
Minister’. Mayawati in her aggressive signature style said that if the
‘Tom, Dick & Harrys’ of every party can become Prime Minister, then
why can’t an educated daughter of a Aboriginal Inhabitant of Jambudipa, that is, the Great Prabuddha Bharath (Scheduled Caste)?
She is absolutely right. The country had its President & Deputy
Prime Minister from SC community. Therefore, nobody should have
problem of a SC becoming Prime Minister. Following this farsighted
approach, the BSP has first time declared its candidates on about 500
seats all over the country with a strong in UP. The candidature of such large number of people
at national level gives rise to, that by catching candidates in
such a large number, Mayawati wants to prove that the BSP is not only a
regional party; rather it is a national party.

 Nobody should have any apprehension regarding the Mayawati becoming Prime Minister.

Process Completed of General Elections

Yesterday was the fifth phase of General Elections in India and it was
also the last phase in which voting held for 86 seats in Jammu &
Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Tamil Nadu,
Uttarakhand, Puducherry, Chandigarh and West Bengal whose break up of state wise where Elections are held is below coded -
Chandigarh …………..One seat
Himachal Pradesh………Four seats
Jammu & Kashmir……….Two seats
Puducherry……………One seat
Punjab……………….Nine Seats
Tamil Nadu……………Thirty nine seats
Uttarakhand…………..Five seats
Uttar Pradesh…………Fourteen seats
West Bengal…………..Eleven seats
after the end of fifth phase of voting yesterday, from public side the
process is completed now on sixteenth of May counting of votes will
start and there is gap of one day but immediately after voting end news
channels started airing Exit Poll which not often a accurate
calculations but people, parties, policticans and media make it source
of discussion, Predictions of Exit poll by different news channels are
as above

and parties information which are part of different alliances are

U.P.A………..Indian National Congress, Rashtriya Congress Party, Trinumul Congress, National Conference and DMK
N.D.A………. B.J.P., Shiv Sena, Akali Dal, R.L.D and I.N.D.L,
Third Front….. Bahujan Samaj Party, Forward Block, C.P.M, C.P.I. and T.D.P.
Fourth Front…. Samajwadi Party, Rashtriya Janta Dal and L.J.S.P.

considering the above all the front’s position based on Exit Poll it’s
not likely that any front will ever be in position to form Government
at it’s on as per pre poll alliance and the number required to form the
government is 272,and the picture emerging from this scenario is that
third front is going to play very major roll in the constituent of
fifteenth Loksabha and whichever alliance able to woo third front will
be able to make government but if they get support from outside and
third front won’t join them in the government then it can be very
problematic alliance as Indian National Congress had the experience in
the 14th Loksabha when they get support from left but left opted not to
join them in Government then at the time of taking lot of decision they
had faced tough time even when Nuclear deal through left withdraw their
support to U.P.A.,but Country need stable and strong Government so that
India move ahead without fear by the ruling alliance that their any
decision is objectionable to their partner who are supporting them from
outside and can be prove withdraw of support .

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FREE ONLINE TRAINING ON PRECEPTS AND TRADE-6-BSP will get 272 seats, Third and fourth fronts 99 seats UPA allies -91 and NDA allies 81 seats as per TRHEE BASKETS STUDY CIRCLE analusis. Only the Triple Gem Study Circle predicted more than 200 seats for BSP in the 2007 UP Assembly elections.-Needed: Scheduled Caste PM
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BSP will get 272 seats, Third and fourth fronts 99 seats UPA allies -91 and NDA allies 81 seats as per TRHEE BASKETS STUDY CIRCLE analusis. Only the Triple Gem Study Circle predicted more than 200 seats for BSP in the 2007 UP Assembly elections. 


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