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May 2011
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247 LESSON 04 05 2011 Bhadda Kapilani Free ONLINE eNālandā Research and Practice UNIVERSITY and BUDDHIST GOOD NEWS letter to VOTE for BSP ELEPHANT for Social Transformation and Economic Emancipation to attain Ultimate Bliss-Through–POLITICS is SACRED with GOOD GOVERNANCE-KARNATAKA STATE BSP Welcomes Behanji Ms Mayawati on 5th June 2011-VOICE of SARVAJAN HONEYLEAKS-Scheduled Caste thrashed for riding bike in ‘upper caste’ lane
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247 LESSON 04 05 2011 Bhadda Kapilani Free ONLINE eNālandā Research and Practice UNIVERSITY and BUDDHIST GOOD NEWS letter  to VOTE for BSP ELEPHANT for Social Transformation and Economic Emancipation to attain Ultimate Bliss-Through–POLITICS is SACRED with GOOD GOVERNANCE-KARNATAKA STATE BSP  Welcomes Behanji Ms Mayawati on 5th June 2011-VOICE of SARVAJAN HONEYLEAKS-Scheduled Caste thrashed for riding bike in ‘upper caste’ lane 




Bhadda Kapilani

Son of the Buddha and his heir is he, Great Kassapa — his
mind serene, collected. Vision of previous lives is his, Heaven and hell he
penetrates. The ceasing of rebirth he has obtained, And supernormal knowledge
he has mastered. With these three knowledges possessed by him He is a brahman
true, of threefold knowledge. So has she, too, Bhadda the Kapilani, gained for
herself The threefold knowledge and has vanquished death. Having bravely
vanquished Mara and his host, It is the last formation of a body that she
bears. Seeing the world’s deep misery, we both went forth And are now both free
of cankers, with well-tamed minds. Cooled of passions, we have found
deliverance; Cooled of passions, we have found our freedom.

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Crash site found, Dorjee Khandu’s body identified

Itanagar, May 4 (IANS) Family members Wednesday
reached the site of the helicopter crash and identified the body of Arunachal
Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu but the other four bodies were mutilated
and charred beyond recognition, officials said.

Police said a small group of the
chief minister’s family, security personnel and local officials touched the
site after an arduous four hour trek near Lobotang, 30 km north of the 13,700
feet Sela Pass in Tawang district.

The wreckage had been sighted
around 10 a.m. by a group of civilians led by a Village Defence Party (VDP).

Three bodies sighted at presumed crash site of AP CM’’s chopper

Delhi, May 4 (PTI) Three bodies were today sighted along with wreckage
of an aircraft at a place on the path the helicopter carrying Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu and four others had taken and the worst is feared.

Breaking information that is “not encouraging and not good news”, Home Minister P Chidambaram said at a place between Kyela and Lobothang a party sent by circle officer sighted what appears to be an aircraft.

“They have sighted three bodies. This sighting has been made from a
height. They have not been able to go down to the place where the
aircraft is (lying) crashed. The message has been given to the nearest
Army post which is sending a team,” he told reporters.

“The search party will take about half-an-hour to one hour to reach the suspected crash site,” he said..


Behanji Ms Mayawati on 5th June 2011. All the State/Dist./Assembly and Sector
and Office Bearers will attend the Camp which is first of its kind in the

Karnataka BSP Co-ordinator Dr. Ashok Siddharth MLC explained the
importance of the camp that will be addressed by Behanji Ms Mayawati to both B1
and B2 which is first of its kind in the entire Country. He explained that
Manyawar Kanshiramji fulfilled the dream of Baba Saheb Dr. BR Ambedkar in
cementing the society for the welfare and happiness of the entire society. Mr.
Marasandra Muniyappa President Kar. BSP, Mr. N. Mahesh Convenor, KAR.BSP, Mr.
Gopinath, Vice-President Kar. BSP and Koramangala Muniyappa explained the elaborate
arrangement made for the success of the event.


BSY govt has no right to be in power: SC

THE Supreme Court on Tuesday remarked the the B S Yeddyuruppa government has

no business to be in power if it can’t acquire land fearing law and order

problems. The apex court made the scathing remarks after the state

government cited ‘law and order problems’ for proceeding slowly in acquiring

private land for the multi-crore Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor

Project (BMICP).

“Where is the question of law and order problem? Then don’t rule the

state if you are afraid. You can’t survive if you are afraid,” a three-judge

bench of justices V S Sirpurkar, R M Lodha and T S Thakur said. The bench

made the remarks after advocate-general submitted that the government is a

little circumspect in acquiring land as farmers might create law and order

problems. — PTI

Scheduled Caste thrashed for riding bike in ‘upper caste’ lane

Incident sparks riots in a Madurai village, cops arrest 54 people

Gladwin Emmanuel 

    In a shocking reminder that many parts of
rural India are still locked in the dark ages, a 24-year-old SC man was
thrashed in a Tamil Nadu village for riding a motorbike.
    Villoor village near Madurai remained tense on Tuesday,
24 hours after G Thangapandian was abused and thrashed for riding a motorbike
in the streets where members of ‘upper castes’ live.
    Thangapandian’s injuries moved his community to swear
revenge, and clashes broke out in the village, leading to the arrest of 54
people on Monday.


Villoor is notorious for the way SC/STs are treated here.
Police sources in the village said there have been complaints of SC/STs not
allowed to sit on benches at tea shops, and forced to wash glasses in which
they are given tea or coffee.
    On Monday, situation worsened after many members of the
non-SC/ST communities were arrested. A mob attacked SC homes, and pelted police
vehicles with stones. This led to police firing a few rounds in the air.
    An 18-year-old lad, P Kalimuthu, and three others were
injured in the lathi charge. A police official said, “We have to send a message
that discrimination of any kind won’t be tolerated. Those guilty of hitting the
SC man, and subsequent riots will be brought to justice.”


Protesters pelted stones on Tuesday


Police cordoned off the entire street in Villoor village,
Madurai after the incident

Locals remained indoors fearing clashes

SC man killed for opposing harassment

MUZAFFARNAGAR: Karam Chand, a 40-year-old SC, was allegedly shot
dead when he tried to stop three men from harassing a SC woman at
Nirgajni village.


‘Beef fest’ leads to tension on Eflu campus
TNN | May 2, 2011, 12.05am IST

HYDERABAD: Tension prevailed on English and Foreign Languages
University (Eflu) campus on Sunday following the attack a day before
on dalit students of the university by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi
Parishad (ABVP) activists. On Saturday, about 15 dalit students were
attacked by ABVP activists for planning to conduct a ‘Beef Festival’
on campus.

According to members of Dalit Adivasi Bahujan Minority Students’
Association (DABMSA) and Telangana Students’ Association (TSA) who
jointly planned to conduct the festival from Saturday with the support
of almost all student unions on campus, the ABVP activists barged into
the campus kitchen and threw down the vessels in which the beef was

They also reportedly broke furniture in the mess hall and pelted
stones at the college buildings. The two groups of agitated students
were dispersed by Osmania University police.

On Sunday morning, the university authorities closed the men’s hostel
mess to prevent any untoward incident.

However, a large section of students are reportedly demanding that
beef be included in the mess menu. SC/ST and OBC students comprise 50
per cent of the student population at Eflu.

The SC/ST activists said they had taken up the issue of serving beef
in the mess hall following a talk given about a month ago by Veena
Satrugna, former deputy director, National Institute of Nutrition, on
beef being ignored from the “traditional” Indian meal.

The students said that several discussions were held on including beef
in the menu during which objections were raised on cooking and serving
issues. “We had promised other students that beef would be cooked
using separate vessels and would be served outside the mess hall. Our
demand is that the exercise be brought under the purview of the mess
committee,'’ said a SC/ST student and member, DABMSA.

A representation signed by 60 students was submitted to the university
authorities requesting that beef be part of the menu.

This is not the first time that such a festival is being conducted on
the campus here. The beef fests in the past were conducted smoothly
without any opposition from any student groups.

“The university cannot prevent students from conducting such a
festival on campus and we are not averse to the idea of the festival
and respect the sentiment behind it. The mess hall which was damaged
by the students will be reopened after a few days. The university and
police are investigating into the violence on campus,” said
Nagamallika Gudipaty, dean, School of Communication and spokesperson,

It is suggested that Akhil
Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) activists show their protests in all the 5
star hotels where Beef is served daily to its customers in general whenever
there is any kind of seminars, where majority of the participants are brahmins
in particular. Is it that the brahmins are permitted to eat whatever they like especially
when they are working in Foreign countries ?

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