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January 2008
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52 Buddha’s Own Words ğ“›ğ“”ğ“¢ğ“¢ğ“žğ“ 4353 Tue 22 Feb 2022 DO GOOD😊PURIFY MIND- Path for All Societies to Attain Eternal Bliss by propagating BUDDHA’S OWN WORDS Free Online Agricultural University for Awakened Ashoka ğŸŽ 🍉 🍌 Fruits & 🥦🫑🥒🥕🥗 🌱🪴🌳Vegetables Growers Part Dr B.R.Ambedkar thundered “Main Bharat Baudhmay karunga.” (I will make this country Buddhist)
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52 Buddha’s Own Words

ğ“›ğ“”ğ“¢ğ“¢ğ“žğ“ 4353 Tue 22 Feb 2022

DO GOOD😊PURIFY MIND- Path for All Societies to Attain Eternal Bliss by propagating BUDDHA’S OWN WORDS

Free Online Agricultural University for Awakened Ashoka ğŸŽ 🍉 🍌 Fruits &  🥦🫑🥒🥕🥗 🌱🪴🌳Vegetables Growers Part
Dr B.R.Ambedkar thundered “Main Bharat Baudhmay karunga.” (I will make this country Buddhist)


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Free Birds 🐦 🦢🦅 mindful meditative 🧘swimming 🏊‍♂️ to overcome hunger illness.

Grow Broccoli animated-broccoli-image-0011
파프리카 빨강 노랑 주황 GIF - Paprika Bell Pepper Red GIFs
cucumber Love Cucumber Dance GIF - Love Cucumber Dance Happy GIFs carrot carrot GIFBeansPeace And Love GIF vegetables 🥗 in potsAnimation Plants GIF by Polina Zinziver & dwarf  fruit kirby right back at ya GIFbearing🍌 ğŸŽ 🍉 plants 🪴& trees 🌳🌲 all over the world 🌍 & be happy 😃& proud🥲 like an elephant 🐘http://gifgifs.com/animations/animals/elephants/Small_elephant.gif
elephant GIFlike what Sujata 085 Sujata offers Rice (9189374231).jpgwho fed hungry Buddha, Manimegali who fed the poor
with her Amudha Surabhi, Ashoka the Great Mauryan Empirewho planted Fruit Bearing trees
all over his empire. Maha Mayawati Pin on BSP Bihar PradeshMs Maha Mayawati Dares BJP To Hold Polls Using Ballot Papers said she will bring back Ashokan
rule by changing  the face of the country first. the best GIF

BJP IT cell is cannibalising its own

Swamy who wanted Fraud EVMs  with its software and Source Code kept
secret from the eyes of the voters to be replaced by Ballot papers
has demanded the party sack various anonymous “rogue” IT cell members, including their chief Amit Malviya. The cell has become like a serpent that eats its own tail.

Fraud Hoax GIF

BSP v/s Non-BS(P)Ltd Parties

Bahujan Samaj Party vs Non-BS(P)Ltd Parties

intelligent cadres for Sarvajan Hithay Sarvajan Sukhaya i.e., for
Welfare, Happiness, Peace for All Aboriginal Awakened Societies of the
have to approach all the voters physically and through WhatsApp,
Facebook, Twitter, SMSes, emails and through virgin media but not
PRESSTITUTES to make them vote through Ballot
Papers. As the Free For All Mad murderer of democratic institutions
remotely controlled by foreigners kicked out from Bene Israel, Tibet,
Africa, Eastern Europe, Western Germany, South Russia, Western Europe,
Hungary just .1% chitpavan brahmins who are number one terrorists of the
world, militant, violent, ever shooting, mob lynching, lunatic,
mentally retarded Rowdy Swyam Sevaks practicing hatred, anger, jealousy,
delusion stupidity towards 99.9% All Awakened Aboriginal Societies gobbled the Master Key by tampering the fraud EVMs 

Do Mindful Swimming

Modern Constitution vs Outdated Manusmriti

india GIF

buddha GIFequality GIFface buddha GIFislam muslim muslims islamic GIF
vs Outdated Manusmriti

Eloy Lannoó animation loop god elephant GIF
the simpsons tired working exhausted hindu GIF
Non-violence vs intolerant violence


The Sangh’s Hypocrisy on Awakened Aboriginal SC/STs, It’s Time to Read ‘Bunch of Thoughts’, Again!

‘Bunch of Thoughts’ by M.S. Golwalkar needs to be re-visited
to understand where the Sangh and Its Votaries Stand on Caste, and
Awakened Aboriginal SC/STs

If one historically traces the ideology guiding the BJ(PLtd.(Bevakoof Jhoothe
Psychopaths) and the Sangh, one can notice the deep impact of chitpavan brahmanical hegemony on them.

Soon after the Free For All Murderer of democratic institutions (Mod)i’s condemnation
of the Una incident in his post “Monkey Baat” address, the Rakshasa
Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) also criticised
the attack on
Awakened Aboriginal SC/STs. The timing of the two statements, expose the
hollowness of the condemnations expressed. The attack on Scheduled Caste
youth in
Una (Gujarat) took place on July 11 and Modi spoke against it only on August 6.

Both the statements were made almost a month after the Una incident.
The â€œseriousness” of the RSS is also evident from the fact that, along
with condemnation, it added that the â€œModi should have not called 80 percent Gau Rakshaks fake”.
It must also be noted that while the Visha Hindu Psychopaths (VHP), an
avathar of the RSS, chose to remain officially silent, functionaries of
both the VHP and Bajan Dal (BD), another avathar outfit, tweeted “Garv se kaho hum gorakshaks hai” (We are proud to be Cow Protectors), a play on their trademark slogan “Garv se kaho hum Hindu hai” (We
are proud to be Hindus). The latter slogan was a call to arms,
virtually in the 1990s as the campaign for the demolition of the Babri
masjid built up without maintaining the status quo as per the Modern Constitution .

Timing apart, the question that needs to be asked is, are the Sangh and
BJP actually concerned about the atrocities on SC/STs? Are they serious
about the question of caste? One needs to look back a bit to find the

If one historically traces the ideology guiding the BJP and the Sangh,
one can notice the deep impact of chitpavan brahmanical hegemony on
them. One must
ask why the leadership of the Sangh has always been in the hands of the
upper castes. Five of its six sarsanghchalaks (chiefs/supremos),
including the present incumbent Mohan Bhagwat, are  chitpavan brahmins.
The only
exception was Rajendra Singh, but he too was an upper-caste (Thakur).
The Sangh has always believed in the idea of Varna system i.e. the four
fold division of the society as per the manusmriti. the chitpavan
brahmins as 1st rate athmas (souls), kshatrias 2nd, vysias 3rd, shudras
4th rate souls and the aboringinal inhabitants of Jambudvipa, the so
called untouchables (SC/STs) as having no soul at all so that they can
shoot, lynch and physically and mentally cause harm to them. But the
Buddha never believed in any soul. He said that all are equal. Hence the
Chief Architect Dr BR Amberdkar in his Modern Constitution incorporated
liberty, equality and fraternity for the welfare, happiness and peace
for all societies.

Golwalkar, their second head, had staunchly defended it and had called
the tasks performed by these Varnas as “selfless service”.He wrote:

The Gita
tells us that the individual who does his assigned duties in life in a
spirit of selfless service only worships God through such performance.”
 (Bunch of Thoughts; Once the Glory, PP 98)

Despite speaking against caste atrocities, RSS has published thousands
of copies of this book and follows it line by line.The doublespeak of
Sangh is evident from the fact that on one hand, they treat Manusmriti
as their holy book and on the other, talk about discontinuation of caste
atrocities. RSS’s love for Manusmriti is evident from the fact that,
when the constitution of India was being finalised, the RSS complained:

“To this day his laws as enunciated in the Manusmriti excite the
admiration of the world and elicit spontaneous obedience and conformity.
But to our constitutional pundits that means nothing”
 (Organiser quoted in Empire and Neoliberalism in Asia, pp 252).

The Manusmriti is important in this context because it is the book which
lays down the foundation of the oppressive caste system. This ancient
text goes on to define the duties assigned to each caste:

“To chitpavan brahmanas he assigned teaching and studying (the Veda),
sacrificing for their own benefit and for others, giving and accepting
(of alms). The Kshatriya he commanded to protect the people, to bestow
gifts, to offer sacrifices, to study (the Veda), and to abstain from
attaching himself to sensual pleasures; The Vaisya to tend cattle, to
bestow gifts, to offer sacrifices, to study (the Veda), to trade, to
lend money, and to cultivate land. One occupation only the lord
prescribed to the Sudra, to serve meekly even these (other) three
 (The Laws of Manu, Translated by G.Buhler, PP 3)

The “Guru Ji” of RSS (Golwalkar) had fondly quoted Manu as ‘ Bhagwan’
and the ‘ greatest law giver’ in many of his texts. He not only called
Manu the supreme law giver but has also referred to him at various
places to cite the supremacy of chitpavan brahmins.

“It is this fact which made the first and greatest law giver of the
world - Manu, to lay down in his code, directing all the peoples of the
world to come to learn their duties at the holy feet of the “Eldestborn” chitpavan brahmans of this land.” 
(We, Our Nationhood Defined, PP 117)

It is the Manusmriti that designates corporal punishments for the lower
castes. The Cow vigilante groups supported by the VHP seek to implement
these very chitpavan brahmanical laws. The incidents at Una, Latehar, Dadri and
most recently in Andhra Pradesh are all are examples of this.

The Manusmriti quotes:
“For (stealing) cows belonging to chitpavan brahmanas, piercing (the
of) a barren cow, and for stealing (other) cattle (belonging to
chitpavan brahmanas, the offender) shall forthwith lose half his feet.” 
(The Laws of Manu, Translated by G.Buhler, PP 53)

Even if we leave apart all these specific incidents, the Sangh has
always maintained its faith in the principle of violence. It goes back
to Manusmriti to quote how violence is the only tool to establish the
‘supremacy’ of the ‘rashtra’. They have continuously implemented the
same understanding within the country itself. Every time there has been a
discussion around Islamic terrorism, the Right-wing in the country has
found violence as the only counter to it. Many Sangh workers like
Colonel Purohit, Aseemanand and Sadhvi Pragya have been accused of
carrying out terror activities. The Sangh has vehemently denied
proximity with these individuals. But the ideals of violence remain
deeply rooted within the Sangh Parivar. Golwalkar’s ‘Bunch of Thought’
has discussed ways to use violence in order to “establish peace”. It

“We had in the past set up standards of valour and heroism and
produced some of the greatest generals and conquerors the world has ever
known, who fought and killed and carried on fierce battles relentlessly
to establish peace wherein dharma reigned, supreme.”

The disagreement of RSS with the Indian constitution is in the public
domain. The anti-SC/ST agenda of the RSS can be traced in its demand for
the review of the reservation system. Both the RSS and the BJP opposed
the Mandal Commission’s recommendations that gave representation to the
Other Backward Castes (OBCs).

So the question is why has RSS/BJP suddenly developed love for SC/STs?
The only answer is the upcoming elections..

Uttar Pradesh which has traditionally voted for the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). During
the 2014 Lok Sabha Polls,the BJP tamered the fraud EVMs to win elections

Since the Modi regime’s stint in Delhi however, there have been a spate
of incidents and the government’s response, that have dented this hold.
The suicide of Rohith Vemula (Hyderabad Central University, January 17,
2016), the Una atrocity (July 11, 2016), the personal attack on BSP
leader, Mayawati and demands for the review of reservations by the RSS,
have made the ruling party in India, vulnerable in UP. Both the
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the RSS are now desperately trying to
contain the surging SC/ST ire. But one must not forget that at the core
of their ideology, lies a deep-seated anti-SC/ST agenda.
Democracy vs fascism
democracy GIF
fight fascism GIF

Sanity vs insanity

the best GIF

insanity GIF

Elephant vs Lotus

GIPHY Studios Originals election election 2016 vote gop GIF
lotus GIF
the support of election runner by conducting regular polls with Ballot
papers, the result will show 99% votes for BSP and less than 1% for BJP

It is only after Mayawatiji exposed the EVMs scam the whole world got awakened.

May Mayawatiji directs the most intelligent cadres starting from state
to booth level to go to the voters with Ballot Papers consisting names
and symbols of all the national and state level political parties to
request the voters to vote for the party they like. That way people can
choose their party in a free and fair manner. This will be a list system
of elections to vote for party and not for individuals. The Concerned
party can nominate the representatives on the basis of how many voters
each cadre had contacted. The results after counting the votes could be
made public through social media and media who support democracy.

If the CJI is really a reformist he must dismiss the  Free
For All Murderer of democratic institutions (Mod)i’sselection by the
fraud EVMs and see that the website of the E-filing in Supreme Court

Intellectuals belonging to All Aboriginal Awakened Societies must do e-filing to the Supreme Court,



First time
users of Supreme Court E-filing have to register him/her through
the “Sign Up” option.

“e-FILING” only Advocate-on Record and
petitioners-in-person can file cases in the Supreme Court of

option is to be chosen if you are an “Advocate-on-Record”,
otherwise choose “In-person” option in case you are

registering first time personal details such as Address, contact
details, E-mail Id etc., which are mandatory, need to be entered.

Advocate-on-record, his/her code (Advocate-on-record code) will
be “Login-ID”, while “In-person” will create
his/her Login-Id through “Sign Up” option. 
Password needs to be entered thereafter. Login Id and password
will be created once the mandatory requirements are filled

successful login the “Disclaimer screen” appears on the

Clicking of “I
agree” button on Disclaimer allows the user to proceed
further, while “I decline” button sends the control
back to the Login screen.

successful login, the user can file the case electronically.

Case” option allows the user to file a new case.

option allows a user to carryout changes to the already e-filed
case, provided the court fee payment option is not invoked.

Court fee can
be paid only through credit card.

associated with the e-filed case will be e-mailed to the
advocate/petitioner by the Supreme Court Registry.

Note:- Petitions filed through E-MAIL are not entertained. For Electronic filing of
case in Supreme Court. Use E-Filing facility only. Payment of Fee for E-Filed
case are accepted only through Credit Cards and Debit Cards of the following
banks mentioned below:

Andhra Bank Axis Bank Limited Barclays Bank Plc Canara Bank
City Union Bank Ltd. Corporation Bank Deutsche Bank AG GE Money Financial Services Ltd.
HDFC Bank Ltd. ICICI Bank Ltd. Also for Mastercard debit cards (Only on
Indian Overseas Bank Kotak Bank-Virtual card
Standard Chartered Bank State Bank of India Syndicate Bank The Federal Bank Ltd.
The Karur Vysys Bank Ltd.      

For further assistance, “Help” option is


Here to Proceed…



Note dated
25-06-07 of Ld. Registrar regarding providing of certified copy
of order through post and charges thereof.

Whenever any
person /party concerned sends application by post or through
e-mail for issuance of certified copy of order/document etc.
first of all charges are calculated as the details given below



1. Folio(per

Certification charges 

3. Urgency

4. Postal
charges(minimum)by Regd. Post

5. Third party










After the calculation of amount according to the number of pages of
particular order plus other charges as mentioned above, the party
concerned is informed by post or e-mail(if e-mail id is mentioned
in his application)to send the charges by the way of “Money
Order” in favour of Assistant Registrar(Copying). On receipt
of amount, Court fee is purchased and affixed at the application
and certified copy of order, as requested, is dispatched by Regd.
Post only at the address mentioned in the application.




User Registration
Please fill in the following details

( * mandatory )




(Max 50 Char)




(enter 6-12 characters)

(enter 6-10 characters)



Enter charcters as shown in the left window

through Facebook, WhatsApp, Emails, SMSes and other supportive media on the
above subject until the Paper Ballots are used in the coming elections
and to dissolve Central and State governments selected by the fraud EVMs
and go for fresh polls using Paper Ballots.

Let’s go!
Please continue visiting

Meeting of Karnataka,Tamilnadu, Puducheri and kerala BSP State Office
Bearers meeting held at BSP Head Office on 29-8-2017 resolved to
mobilise cadres for Ms Mayawati’s meet on 26th November 2017 and for the
2018 Karnataka elections.

Google’s free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 105 other languages.


Render correct translation in your mother tongue for this google translation to attain Eternal Bliss as Final Goal

on strengthening Bahujan Samaj party at Booth Level as the Movement of
Techno-Politico-Socio Transformation and Economic Emancipation Movement
of Babasaheb Dr BR Ambedkar, Dadasaheb Manyawar Kanshiramji and bahen Ms
Mayawati as started gaining momentum making the best use of the part
list and the voters list for 26th Nov 2017 and 2018 assembly election

Points to awaken the people of this country to save Democracy:

Either get the complete voters list from BSP HQ

Bahujan Bhavan, No. 23 Cockburn Road,

Near Cantonment Railway Station, Bangalore -560051

Rightly said miss Mayawati.
This Country is being governed by rats who are spreading plague.

is a modernizing force- taking  step towards a more equitable society.
BJP on the other hand is a retrograde party. It harps on the glory of a
past, a past full of inequality, unscientific thinking and narrow
sectarianism. All right thinking people should support BSP as against


Kushinara Nibbana Bhumi Pagoda
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An 18ft Dia Mindful Meditation Lab
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Punya Bhumi Bengaluru
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Awakened Universe

All Aboriginal Awakened Societies of the world  to Thunder ” Hum Prapanch Prabuddha Prapanchmay

karunge.” We will make the whole world Awakened Universe.

With a humble request to be your working partner and to visit Kushinara Nibbana Bhumi Pagoda to

For The Gain of the Many and For the Welfare of the Many

U.P. C.M. launches ambitious Ganga Express-way Project on her birthday

New Delhi : January 15, 2008 On the occasion of her 52nd birthday, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Km. Mayawati today launched the ambitious Ganga Express–way project. While apprising the media representatives regarding a novel action plan of Rs.1600 crore for the nine drought affected districts, she held responsible the previous government of the state besides the Central Government for its apathy at the deteriorating drought situation. On this occasion she also provided information about the Health Insurance Scheme for people living below the poverty line and the decision to establish an Ultra Mega Thermal Power Project of 4000 MW with the cooperation of NTPC at Lalitpur, besides the setting up of Centre for Good Governance at Lucknow. Km. Mayawati also released the third volume of her book “Mere Sangharshmaya Jeevan Avam BSP Movement Ka Safarnama ” on this occasion. The Chief Minister said that residential Maha Maya Inter Colleges and multi-speciality Dr. Ambedkar Hospitals would be established at NOIDA and Greater Noida. Km. Mayawati in a press conference at Delhi provided information about the various schemes of her government for all sections of Sarva Samaj, especially the poor. It may be noted that a large region of the state on the left banks of Ganga river of which a major part it had remained backward for long period would get the opportunity of joining the main stream of development through the 1000 km. long Ballia to Noida ultra modern Ganga Express–way Project. Under this project, an investment of Rs. 40,000 crore on the basis of public-private partnership and Rs. 80,000 crore in development areas is expected. A project of such magnitude is being implemented for the first time in the country. With this project 36 tehsils belonging to 19 districts would benefit directly. With the completion of Ganga Express–way the distance from Eastern UP to Delhi would be reduced to 10 hours. One could reach from Delhi to Badaun in one and half hours, Farukkhabad in three hours, Kanpur in four hours, Allahabad in six hours and Varanasi in seven hours. In this way, the Delhi market would come closer to the industries of near by districts of Express–way in Uttar Pradesh. Fresh agriculture products would reach Delhi and farmers would benefit directly. As the under construction Delhi–Mumbai dedicated freight corridor would ensure the transportation of goods between Dadri and the western ports of Gujarat as well as Mumbai in 24 hours after its completion. And since this Express-way would join this freight corridor at Dadri, export and import for the entrepreneurs of U.P. would become very convenient. The developer will incur cent percent investment for constructing this Express–way. In lieu of this capital investment the developer would develop some “investment regions” near the Express–way. The industries to be set up in these investment regions would transform the area and employment opportunities would be created on a large scale. The industries would be set up in 10,000 acres of land and three lakh people would get direct/indirect employment in about 500 large and 7000 medium and small scale industries. The technical and educated unemployed would also benefit from the Ganga Express–way’s connectivity with Delhi. Business Process Outsourcing and Information Technology would also benefit. Local people get more and more opportunities in the industries to be set up, for this various technical and vocational training institutes would be established which include 35 ITI, 20 Polytechnics, 10 Engineering Colleges, 5 Medical Colleges and several Paramedical Schools. 20,000 students would benefit from these intuitions and an equal number of people would be employed in these institutes. Nearly 500 large and small scale agro-based industries would also be set up and directly benefiting the farmers. Traditional industries at Bhadohi, Kannauj, Khurja etc. would get new lease of life and this Express-way project would also be helpful for the economic uplift of weavers and artisans. Besides, it would also ensure the revival of ancient and historical cities like Mirzapur, Bithur etc. All sections would benefited by the direct connectivity of Ganga Express–way with Delhi. This eight lane Express–way while originating from Ballia will pass through Ghazipur, Ram Nagar, Varanasi, Chunaar, Allahabad, Unchahar, Unnao, Kanpur, Bithur, Kannauj, Fatehgarh, Badaun, Naraura, Bulandshahar and end at Noida. Under this project, Kanpur–Agra, Kanpur–Gorakhpur, Kanpur–Jhansi, Bhadohi–Gyanpur–Shaharanpur– Bansawa, link express ways would be constructed. With Ganga Express–way, construction of a network of world class controlled access roads in the State would also be initiated, paving the way for high speed transportation. This Express-way will incorporate modern amenities like petrol pumps, telephone booths, cyber cafes, food courts and emergency medical facilities etc.. This multipurpose ambitious project would benefit entrepreneurs, traders, citizens and people of rural areas among others. It would ensure rapid development of the backward areas situated on the left bank of river Ganga. No toll tax would be realized from Express–way service road. This Express–way would be constructed by building flood control embankments on river Ganga. The project would ensure smooth transport facilities on one hand, while on the other hand it would stop erosion of land and save lakhs of hectares of cultivable land. A large number of people residing in villages situated on the banks of river Ganga and facing the fury of floods year after year would be biggest beneficiaries of this project. The State Government has decided for acquiring mostly infertile and barren land for this project. The land would be acquired with the mutual consent. The Chief Minister said that a liberal rehabilitation policy has been announced by the State Government for providing compensation to the families affected from this project. Under the policy formulated for the rehabilitation and re-establishment of the families affected by the acquisition of land for the Ganga express-way, the Government has decided to provide adequate compensation for the rehabilitation besides, providing several facilities. Till now in land acquisition, compensation for land and the property situated on it was being given to the affected families. Under the new policy, the term ‘affected family’ would denote those families, which had to shift elsewhere because of land acquisition. The ‘affected family’ would further denote such families who were adversely affected by the acquisition of its original home of other property or source of subsistence or their involuntary displacement because of other reasons. Such land owners, farmers, leaseholders or owners of other properties, who were displaced because of the land acquisition in the affected areas (including land plot in populated areas or other properties) or any other reason, would be covered under the affected families. Likewise, any farm or non-farm labourer, landless individual, rural craftsman, small trader and self-employed person, who had been living in the area for least three years continuously from the date of notification of declaration of affected area or involved in trade, business activity and deprived of his livelihood and, who had been adversely affected by displacement and suffered fully or partly in his trade, business activity because of land acquisition in the affected areas, would also be considered in the affected family category. The State Government has included in the term ‘family’, a person, his/her spouse, minor son, unmarried daughters, minor brother, unmarried sisters, father, mother and other relations, who are dependent on the person concerned, while under the term ‘single family’ a person, his/her spouse and their minor children are included. Under the policy formulated for the rehabilitation of the affected families by the State Government, arrangements have been made to provide housing facilities to the affected families. The policy has provisions to allot land to the affected family, whose house had been acquired, would be compensated by providing housing plots with a maximum limit of 250 sq. m. for rural areas and 150 sq. m. in urban areas. In those cases, where land had been acquired for the land development projects, 15 per cent of the flats/plots being developed for allotment would be reserved and sold to such persons through a separate lottery. The policy has arrangements that the acquiring authorities would provide employment to one member of the affected family in the project, provided there were vacancies and the candidate was eligible for the same. The affected persons would be imparted training, provided scholarships to increase their efficiency and they would be given priority in external contracts and being employed as labourers in the project. Under the policy, where none of the family-members were found eligible the developer would sponsor all the persons of employable age of a family for providing employment-oriented training. For this the developer, would ensure setting up of ITI or technical training centres on its own or with the help of others. The policy also has provisions for those land acquisition-affected families, who were not provided employment. Such families would be eligible for receiving 750 days of minimum agriculture wages as rehabilitation aid. Under the policy the affected families would get minimum 25 days agriculture wages per month as monthly subsistence allowance for one year from the date of displacement. The affected persons such as rural handicraftsman, small traders or self-employed people who have been displaced will be provided minimum Rs. 25,000 as financial assistance for work shade or construction of shops. Besides, each affected family will get minimum Rs.10,000 financial assistance for transportation of family, building material and belongings. In case of affected person owning cattle, then Rs. 5,000 as additional financial assistance would be provided. The Government with the consultation of acquiring authority can give the alternative of providing one-time payment option to the affected families. Besides, the affected families will have the option of purchasing shares up to 10 per cent of the total shares in the ratio of their compensation amount. Under the rehabilitation and re-establishment policy for Ganga Express-way, the affected families will also get infrastructure facilities. If the land from outside the populated area-like agriculture field/open place is acquired and the population remains the same, then the developer would develop the basic infrastructure facilities including road, potable water, school, electricity, etc. Each affected family would be provided with minimum 100 sq. m. residential plot free of cost beside the land of populated area acquired. The facilities of roads, electricity, drinking water, post office, Panchayat Ghar, irrigation, school, security arrangements etc. would be provided for the affected families in the rehabilitated areas. In the cases of land acquisition involving length having less breadth like Highway, the affected families will get minimum Rs.20,000 subsidy besides other compensations. But if the landowner after the acquisition becomes landless, marginal or small marginal or small farmer, then he will get the above benefits mentioned for affected families. If the residence is also acquired, in such cases the affected person will get the same facilities, which are meant for displaced families. On this occasion Km. Mayawati held the Central Government and the previous Government of the State responsible for the severe drought situation of Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh. She said that at present Bundelkhand was facing severe drought situation, but this problem had not been created suddenly. The situation took a serious turn because the Centre had neglected this area and the previous Government did not make any serious efforts for the solutions of the problem. The previous Government had made mockery of the drought affected farmers of Bundelkhand by providing them cheques of Rs. 10 and Rs. 20 as relief amount. She said that her Government had increased the minimum amount of agriculture investment subsidy from Rs. 250 to Rs. 1,000 and an amount of Rs. 135 crore had been distributed so far on the basis of more than 50 per cent damage of Kharif crop. Besides, arrangement has been made for providing cent percent agriculture subsiding to the eligible small and marginal farmers. She said that our Government had demanded Rs. 80,000 crore as special area incentive package from Central Government for Purvanchal and Bundelkhand but no action had been taken so far. Besides, for permanent solutions to the drought crisis from this area Rs.7,016crore package had been demanded from the Central Government, but it is still awaited. The Chief Minister said that despite the non-cooperation of the Centre her Government had started the relief and development works on war footing for the people of Bundelkhand and Sonebhadra and Mirzapur districts of Vindhyachal division. It may be recalled that in 2005-06 an amount of approximately Rs. 17 crore and in 2006-07 about Rs. 18 crore was allocated for relief and rehabilitation. The present Government has released Rs. 415 crore for the nine drought affected districts of the State, under which drinking water, irrigation, animal husbandry etc. relief works are being implemented besides other departmental schemes. It may be noted that an amount of Rs. 143 crore has been distributed to the farmers under minimum agriculture investment subsidy so far. A novel action plan of Rs. 1600 crore has been prepared for the eradication of drought in the affected districts. Various schemes and programmes being implemented under this action plan include Kisan Benefit Scheme, efficient water management, R.I.D.F., National Watershed and Flood Prone River Valley Scheme at a cost of Rs. 96 crore, setting up of nurseries, new horticulture plantation, bio farming, farmers training, arrangement of post-plucking management and marketing and conserved farming to be developed at a cost of Rs. 52 crore, construction of watershed management, minor irrigation, check dam and bunds and bundies at a cost of Rs. 98 crore. Fodder development, compressed fodder block, setting up of veterinary hospitals and disease eradication lab by an expenditure of Rs 60 crore. Afforestation in drought hit areas, land and water conservation, and plantation of fodder plants at a cost of Rs. 25 crore. At a cost of Rs. 90 crore, new tubewells would be constructed and failed government tubewells to be re-bored along with modernisation of functional tubewells and constructions of small canals. Rs. 1,000 crore has been earmarked for rural drinking water scheme, installation of handpumps, re-pair, re-boring and deep boring of handpumps and construction of model water reservoirs in each gram panchayat. A drought proof scheme involving an outlay Rs. 152 crore and survey work, water quality, rain water harvesting and exploratory tubewell at a cost of Rs. 22 crore are also included in this action plan. Now in these areas, various schemes costing Rs. 100 crore will be implemented every year. It may be noted that the affected areas are to be saturated with all the land development and water conservation schemes. Urban water supply system will be strengthened, and permanent sources of water would be constructed. Apart from this, minor irrigation projects, check dams and bund & bundies would be constructed. Social forestry and Jatropha Mission would be implemented in these areas. Schemes involving extension of drought-prone crops as well as inclusion of modern technology for increase in agriculture-produce would also be implemented. Schemes for seri-culture, extensive mini dairy programme, fisheries development, Khadi and village handicraft, cottage industry/handicrafts/ agro-based industry are also to be implemented. All the farmers would be covered under the crop insurance scheme. A mechanism for waiving of interest on agricultural and agro-based loans would be evolved as well as fresh flow of agricultural loans would also be ensured. Every village will be electrified and electricity system for drinking water and irrigation would be improved along with increase in generation capacity. On this occasion the Chief Minister said that even if no cooperation of the Centre is received in this regard, the State Government is committed to provide relief to the affected areas from its own resources. It may be noted that for the first time in all the Gram Sabhas of the nine districts, apart from the implementation of Community Kitchen Scheme, Food Banks have also been established for ensuring the availability of food and food grains to the destitute and needy persons. It may be mentioned that the revenue officers have been directed for not harassing the people for realising loans up to Rs.one lakh. If any complaint is received in this regard then the concerning D.M./S.D.M. would be held responsible for it. The officers have been directed for implementation of relief works without any laxity. In Bundelkhand 20-hours electricity supply is being ensured for executing the relief and development works on war-footing. Because of the increase in the availability of electricity drinking water supply and irrigation system has improved remarkably, besides boosting industries. An amount of Rs. 56 crore has been sanctioned for providing tube-well connection to the farmers. This amount would be utilized for laying new electricity lines in villages along with providing 3000 new tube-well connections to the farmers. Directives had been issued for completing B.P.L. survey works in Bundelkhand by the end of January. Food grains distribution was being ensured through ration shops regularly in drought affected areas. The officers have been directed to ensure effective implementation of mid-day-meal scheme. The departmental officers have been directed for making the arrangements of rigs for the implementation of deep boring projects of minor irrigation. The machines are being arranged in all the blocks of Bundelkhand for deep boring. Till the drought situation of Bundelkhand improves, a committee constituted under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary is to monitor the relief and development works in districts of Bundelkhand after every 10 days. Concerning district magistrates have been instructed to ensure that nobody starves to death and the lekhpal at village level, S.D.M. at tehsil level and D.M. at district level have been made responsible for compliance of this directive. The Chief Minister also told that an Ultra Mega Thermal Power Project of 4000 M.W. will be set up at Lalitpur with the cooperation of N.T.P.C. On this occasion the Chief Minister also gave the information regarding the Health Insurance Scheme for the people living below the poverty line and said that under this scheme all the B.P.L. families will be covered. Km. Mayawati said that though Government is committed for the treatment of poor people and facility for their free treatment is available in Government hospitals but on several places they have no options but to avail the services of private hospitals. Besides, the treatment and medicines at the Government Hospitals are provided free of cost to the poor but still they have to incur some essential expenses. Therefore, the State Government has decided to cover the people living below the poverty line under Health Insurance Scheme with the purpose of providing them free medical treatment. The beneficiary family will be provided computerized smart card having the necessary details for free of cost (cash-less) medical facility. 24-hour call centres for the aid of beneficiaries with toll free numbers would be established. The Chief Minister said that this scheme is being implemented in 14 districts in the first phase- Baghpat, Saharanpur, Bijnaur, Ambedkarnagar, Azamgarh, Jaunpur, Sant Ravidas Nagar, Kanpur Nagar, Fatehpur, Hamirpur, Rae Bareli, Gorakhpur, Basti and Gonda. Under this scheme 21.70 lakh B.P.L. families will benefit. This scheme will be implemented in all the 70 districts of the State in the next four years. The Chief Minister said that a Centre for Good Governance will be set up at Lucknow. It may be noted that this Centre will impart quality training to officers with the motive of further improving the administrative set up of the State. It will also serve as a knowledge centre and “Think Tank” for good governance. Best available talent in the relevant fields, from the Government and Private sectors will be affiliated with this institution. The Chief Minister said that Maha Maya Inter Colleges having all the facilities will be set up for the boys and girls of NOIDA and Greater Noida. These residential colleges will be establish by the concern authority in their respective areas. In these colleges twenty per cent seats for SC, 20 per cent for OBC and 10 per cent for students from upper caste B.P.L. families will be reserved for admission. For the remaining fifty percent seats preference would be given to girls and boys of SC, ST, OBC, minorities, poor of Sarva Samaj and middle class families. An expenditure of approximately Rs. 150 crore will be made on each Inter college and a target for starting the academic session from the year 2009 has been fixed. Km. Mayawati said that two 200-bed state of the art multi-specialty Dr. Ambedkar hospitals would be established at Noida and Greater Noida. Persons belonging to SC/ST/OBC/Minority/Upper-Caste Poor will get medical facilities at cheaper rates in these hospitals. An expenditure of Rs. 150 crore will be made for establishing the multi specialty Dr. Ambedkar hospital at Greater NOIDA while an expenditure Rs. 120 crore will be made on the District hospital at NOIDA for its up gradation as multi specialty Dr. Ambedkar Hospital. On this occasion of birthday, while releasing the third volume of her book “Mere Sangarshmai Jeevan Avam BSP Movement Ka Safarnama” Km. Mayawati expressed the confidence that the people would become more aware regarding her efforts for uniting the people of Sarva Samaj of the country. It would also give inspiration to the people of her party and the people having the sympathy with its movement. The earlier two volumes of this book have already been published. ***********

Demands Rs. 2,797 crore to waive/write off loans in drought affected areas

Lucknow : January 14, 2008 The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Km. Mayawati has written a letter to the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh on January 13, 2008 demanding Rs. 2,797 crore to write off/Waiver of loans for drought affected areas of the state. In a letter sent to Prime Minister, the C.M. said that State Government had demanded a comprehensive package from the Central Government on December 6, 2007 in which an assistance of Rs. 7,016 crore had been sought from the centre apart from the package for critical gap filing of Rs. 20,000 crore sent earlier but it still awaits a positive response from the Central Government. Underlining the State Government commitment to the cause of poor farmers and other persons of the weaker sections the C.M. said that a series of steps had already been initiated in the nine drought-affected districts. The State Government had already released about Rs. 400 crore from the Calamity Relief Fund in these districts for various relief measures. The Chief Minister said that the acute drought condition in the last few years has shattered the economy and has caused abject poverty and destitution. The worst affected are small and marginal farmers and landless labourers. This has resulted in high levels of indebtedness among them from both formal and informal sources of finance. After the assessment of the situation at the ground level it is concluded that the conditions of the poor farmers and landless labour can be ameliorated only after waiving the entire interest and writing off the entire loans. Km. Mayawati said that recommendation has been made to the Government of India for immediately initiating the process of waiving/writing off the agriculture advances made to farmers in the drought affected districts of Uttar Pradesh. In order to tackle the problem of farmers indebtedness to informal sources such as moneylenders, pawnbrokers, traders etc. it is suggested that banks may be directed to step in immediately to provide comprehensive debt relief to the farmers. The Chief Minister has also mentioned in the letter that the government of UP has initiated a series of relief and developmental measures, the banks may further be directed to step up the process of disbursal of fresh loans on easy terms. It is also suggested that the interest rate on the agriculture loan should be kept at 3 per cent and the Government of India must subsidize the balance portion of the interest. Km. Mayawati said that as the impact of drought coupled with general economic backwardness in this region is accentuating the misery of the farmers, it is proposed that a comprehensive long-term development plan along with funding mechanism and the strategy for its execution at the ground level may also be formulated without loss of time. *********

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Mayawati calls for trifurcation of Uttar Pradesh


Lucknow : Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Tuesday advocated trifurcation of the state but put the onus of initiating the move on the ruling Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA).

“I am all for the division of Uttar Pradesh into three parts and would heartily support the creation of a separate Bundelkhand as a first step, provided the move is initiated by the Congress-ruled centre,” Mayawati said at a press conference on the occasion of her 52nd birthday celebrations at her official residence here.

Her support for carving out an independent state of Bundelkhand in southern Uttar Pradesh, a Purvanchal in the east and another province in the west comes a day before Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi visits Jhansi, the heart of the Bundelkhand region.

While attributing the backwardness and poverty in Bundelkhand to perennial drought, she said: “That problem has been there for decades; past state and central governments did not care to do anything about it.”

Mayawati added that the previous Mulayam Singh Yadav government had “made a mockery of drought affected farmers of Bundelkhand by offering them cheques of Rs.10 and Rs.20 as relief”.

However, her government has “enhanced the minimum agriculture subsidy from Rs.250 to Rs.1,000 and a sum of Rs.135 crore (Rs.1.35 billion) has been distributed to those who have suffered losses of more than 50 percent of their ‘kharif’ crop”, she said.

She talked about a Rs.16 billion action plan for eradication of drought from the region as well as setting up a 4,000 MW thermal power project in collaboration with the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC). Both were amongst the list of projects scheduled be launched by her on her birthday.

Rahul Gandhi is likely to demand more funds from New Delhi for Bundelkhand. Mayawati’s demand for Rs.800 billion for the development of Bundelkhand and Purvanchal regions was already pending before the Manmohan Singh government.

The demand for a separate state of Bundelkhand, of which some areas fall in Madhya Pradesh, appears to be becoming a new divisive issue. Besides the Congress and Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is also planning to focus on the region.


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