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April 2008
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For The Gain of the Many and For the Welfare of the Many-Central Government responsible for Price Spiral : Chief Minister -Tough measures taken to check rising prices -Problem of Tibet should be solved through dialogue : Mayawati -C.M. terms the statement of Union Home Minister of State as baseless and politically motivated
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For The Gain of the Many and For the Welfare of the Many

Central Government responsible for Price Spiral : Chief Minister

Lucknow: 17 March 2008 The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Km. Mayawati, has expressed serious concern over the increase in the prices of various commodities for sometime now, and said that it was directly affecting the common man. Holding Central Government responsible for the rise in prices, she said that the rate of inflation had gone up to 5.11 per cent in the country, which was indicative of Centre’s total failure in containing the galloping prices. She said that the State Government was making all possible efforts to check prices. She said this while addressing a press conference at her 5-Kalidas Marg official residence here today. The Chief Minister said that certain elements were making false propaganda that the VAT, implemented in the State from January 1, 2008, was responsible for the price rise. She said that the tax rates had gone down following implementation of VAT by the State Government and one per cent development tax had been abolished. Within a month of the implementation of VAT, viz. in February 2008, the tax revenue had registered 6.7 per cent increase as compared to the previous year and was expected to increase further in coming years, she pointed out. The State Government could not collect the Entry Tax as the matter was pending before the Court. Even then the tax revenue of the state had increased, she added. Km. Mayawati said that despite the consensus on the country-wide implementation of the VAT to make qualitative improvement in the trade tax structure and also to check tax evasion, the previous State Government did not pay any heed to the interests of the people. She regretted that the previous government did not implement this reformist system in the state, under the pressure of some selfish elements. As a result, the VAT, which was in the interest of consumers, traders, government and everyone else, could not be implemented in the state, while the same was implemented in all other states and in all the Union Territories. Thus, Uttar Pradesh fell out of the mainstream of the country’s economy. It adversely affected the state’s industries and business and they were faced up with a situation to flee the state. Therefore, it had become imperative to implement VAT in the state. The Chief Minister said that everybody knew that the poor and the lower section were worst affected by the rising prices of the commodities of daily use. Since the Centre was unable to control the inflation; therefore the cost prices were rising. She said that the Central Government revised the petrol prices by Rs. 2 per litre while the diesel prices were revised by Re. 1 per litre on February 15, 2008, because of that the transport cost of the commodities increased. The Government of India could have watched the interests of the people by decreasing the prices, but it didn’t do so, she added. Km. Mayawati said that while implementing VAT, the tax rates on 436 out of a total of 1861 commodities were brought down, rates of 1376 articles were not increased. No previous government had effected decrease in the rate of tax of so many commodities simultaneously, she pointed out. A nominal increase in the rate of tax of only 49 commodities has been enforced and it was hardly going to affect the common man, she added. This increase was necessary because there are only four categories of tax rates under VAT. The Chief Minister said that the rate of tax chargeable on tractor, tractor-trolley, tractor tyre and tube, pump-set, sprinkler, thresher, all types of hybrid and certified seeds, chemical fertilisers, pesticides etc. had been decreased, if compared to earlier rates. As a result, all these articles were available in the market at a cheaper rate now. She pointed out by giving example that the cost of the tractor had come down by Rs. 2 to 8 thousand, urea had come down by Rs. 150 per ton and D.A.P. by Rs. 60 per ton. The people living in the rural areas were now getting kerosene at a rate cheaper by almost 40 paise per litre, she said. The prices of diesel had also come down by 23 paise per litre, while the Central Government had increased its rate in the February this year. She said that it became possible because the State Government implemented the VAT and decreased the rate of tax, besides abolishing the development tax chargeable at a rate of one per cent. Km. Mayawati said that the rates of the daily use items, for example, atta, maida, suji, vanaspati ghee, desi ghee, spices, rice, infant food, mustard oil, medicines and certain electrical appliances etc. had increased, while the State Government had either decreased their prices or kept them unchanged under the VAT. It was thus clear that the Union Government was solely responsible for the rise in prices of the commodities. ********

Tough measures taken to check rising prices

Lucknow: 19 March, 2008 The Uttar Pradesh Government has taken tough measures to put a check on the rising prices of the commodities. These measures have been taken in the light of the concern expressed by the Chief Minister Km. Mayawati on March 17 last regarding the rising prices. The Chief Secretary has directed all the Commissioners and D.M.s to strictly monitor the prices of the commodities under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955 and if needed then the raids should also be carried out. The provisions of price control should be enforced strictly. The Chief Secretary, in his letter to the Commissioners and D.M.s, has said that during the last few days the reports emanating from various departments pointed out that the prices of several commodities of the daily use had been rising, while under the new system, the prices of 436 commodities had been decreased and that of 1,376 commodities remained unchanged. In this situation there was no logic in increasing the prices of foodgrains, atta, suji, besan, vanaspati, milk products, pulses, medicines and other commodities of daily use by the traders in the name of VAT. There appears to be a planned attempt to malign the image of the government by raising the prices of the commodities, which would not be tolerated at any cost. The C.S. in his letter further elaborated that the traders need to be trained how to charge accurate tax under the VAT. He said that the consumer should also be made aware about it. Besides, there was a need to ensure better coordination between all the departments, so that action could be initiated under the related law to control the prices. The Chief Secretary in his letter has issued strict instructions to the officers to keep close watch on the prices of the commodities regularly. If there was any complaint of artificial scarcity, stockpiling or indiscreet realisation of tax, then action should be initiated against the guilty under the legal provisions meant for the purpose. Besides, strict action should also be ensured against the defaulters through the enforcement units of the related department. ******

Problem of Tibet should be solved through dialogue : Mayawati

Lucknow: 17 March 2008 Expressing her sympathy with the people of Tibet, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Km. Mayawati has said that the problem of Tibet should be solved through dialogue, instead of violence. She made this request to the Government of India through media during a press conference held at her 5, Kalidas Marg official residence here today. Km. Mayawati said that the Government of India should hold dialogue with the Chinese Government and request that the problem of Tibet should be solved amicably. The Chief Minister also requested the Government of India to make all possible efforts to ensure safe release of Sarabjeet Singh, an Indian National confined in the Pakistani Jail for pass 17 years. He is proposed to be hanged on April 01. ******

C.M. terms the statement of Union Home Minister of State as baseless and politically motivated

Lucknow: 14 March 2008 The Uttar Chief Minister Km. Mayawati has termed the statement of Union Minister of State for Home, Mr. Shri Shriprakash Jaiswal as totally baseless and politically motivated, in which he said that U.P. Government was recommending C.B.I. investigation for petty incidents that could be investigated by the State Government on its own. But it avoided that with the intention of relieving its burden. Km. Mayawati said that State Government had recommended only ten cases for C.B.I. investigation in last ten months which includes the food grains scam, police recruitment scam, Anpara Unnao 800 k.v. transmission line towers painting scam, Muradabad Kidney case, BJP CD case, Shashi kidnapping case, Allahabad Madarsa case, Raju pal Murder case, fraud recruitment in land acquisition office in Maharajgunj on the basis false certificates and Teesri Azadi CD case. All these cases are complex in nature and the involvement of powerful leaders and senior administrative officers came into light prima-facie. The decision for handing over these cases to C.B.I. keeping in view to rule out any allegation of political malice, she added. The Chief Minister clarified that her government was not in favour of taking any action against anybody with the intention of political malice but the people had a right to know the reality. She said that these scams should be investigated by the C.B.I. and the guilty persons should be punished. The Chief Minister said that so far as the question of handing over the “Teesri Azadi” C.D. case to the C.B.I. for investigation, the Congress leader Mr. Pramod Tiwari himself had demanded C.B.I. investigation in this case from the Speaker on March 11, 2008 in Vidhan Sabha. Taking it seriously, the State Government took the decision of handing over this case to C.B.I. considering all aspects regarding it. Therefore, the Union Minister could not put the allegation of avoiding the responsibility by the State Government in this connection. The Chief Minister said that when the S.I.T. of the State Government had done the investigation in food scam, then it came to the light as the inter-state and international scam. This scam took place in more than 31 districts. Besides, the black marketing of food grains was done not only in Uttar Pradesh but in the other states of the country and the matter of sending the food grains to Bangladesh came to light. She said that besides the senior officers of the State Government, the officers of Indian Railways, Food Corporation of India, Central Warehousing Corporation and several banks were found involved in it. Km. Mayawati said that keeping in view the sensitiveness, seriousness and the involvement of powerful leaders in police recruitment scam, the State Government chose the alternative of handing over this case to C.B.I. for investigation on the basis of recommendations by high-level inquiry committee and the approval of the Cabinet.

State President of Bahujan Samaj Party Marasandra Muniappa addressed the general body meeting of the party that was held on Monday in Bangapet. State Secretary of the of the Sridhar Kaliveer, V Narayanswamy, Kamalnathan, Bulla Subbaraju and others participated. DH photo

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Original Inahabitants of Jambudvipa that is The Great Prabuddha Bharath and the Sarvajan Samaj will Support Bahujan Samaj Party in Karnataka.

Karnataka had never had a chief minister from the SC community. Neither Congress nor the BJP nor the Janata Parivar which ruled the State for long, never gave the opportunity to a Original Inahabitants of Jambudvipa that is The Great Prabuddha Bharath leader to become the chief minister, although they all depended on SC votes for electoral victories, he said. This time, Bahujan Samaj Party member was being seen as the next chief minister when the BSP came to power. Majority of the Original Inahabitants of Jambudvipa that is The Great Prabuddha Bharath and the Sarvajan Samaj in Karnataka feel that they should Support Bahujan Samaj Party in Karnataka.

BSP to move apex court against elections in State

Staff Correspondent

‘It is undemocratic to hold polls when there are bogus voters’

Belgaum: The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has decided to file a writ petition challenging the move of the Election Commission (EC) to conduct elections to the State Assembly based on the electoral rolls, which it termed “faulty”.

Addressing presspersons here on Monday, the president of the district unit of the BSP, A.G. Mulwadmath, and the general secretary, Shankar Munavalli, said the Election Commission itself had acknowledged the charge of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee that the electoral rolls were “faulty” and had 58 lakh bogus voters. The Election Commission had even announced that it had corrected the electoral rolls by deleting the names of bogus voters.

But the statement of the Election Commission was not acceptable as it had not published details regarding the revised electoral list in the official gazetteer, they said.

Moreover, it had not revealed the number of bogus voters deleted from the list, they added.

They alleged that the Janata Dal (Secular) and the Bharatiya Janata Party, which were in power in the State, were responsible for inclusion of a large number of bogus voters.

Mr. Mulwadmath said that the BSP was not for postponement of elections. It was undemocratic and illegal to conduct elections when there were many bogus voters. The presence of bogus voters would result in unfair franchise and electoral malpractices.

Mr. Munvalli said the people of the State never wanted elections so early.

The BJP and the Janata Dal (Secular) had forced elections on the people of the State, he alleged.

List finalised

The BSP had finalised the list of its contestants and was not shying away from facing the elections, he added.

In the last 60 years Jambudvipa that is Prabuddha Bharath had witnessed deterioration ever since the Congress and BJP parties came to power.

These parties thrived on caste and communal agenda, using these as a vote-catching device, and were also guilty of opportunism and misleading and dividing society.

People’s problems multiplied under these regimes, which ignored the plight of the common man.

Their Governments are to be blamed for turning a deaf ear to the problems of the poor.

Their organizations are weak and promoting self-interest at all cost.

Fake membership was another cause of weakness.

Kanshi Ram were real messiahs: Rahul

Rahul Gandhi said BSP founder Kanshi Ram was the messiah of the original inhabitants of Jambudvipa that is the Great Prabuddha Bharath. Kanshi Ram used to work for them. Now they felt cheated and nobody thinks about them. There was no electricity in the villages. These Original Inhabitants living in a depressed state and youth migrating to other States in search of jobs should be reversed.

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