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April 2009
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LESSON 36-Let us request our relatives and friends to VOTE for BSP Elephant to make Ms.Mayawati as the PRIME MINISTER. Send SMS messages and do DOOR to DOOR Campaigning.
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- Opinion polls before general election

India is the world’s largest democracy, and general
elections begin later this month. The voting is staggered, and will not finish
till mid-May, but the results will be known almost immediately after. India has
successfully adopted electronic voting machines, which appear to be quite
tamper-proof. The spread out voting allows government personnel to be deployed
sequentially to oversee polling places in different states. In general, the
election process is conducted efficiently and fairly. Of course, campaign
finance involves large sums of money, some of it not transparent, and voters
are bribed and sometimes coerced. But ultimately, democracy works in India: the
results are trusted and accepted.

holds a general election from April 16 to May 13, and the main battle will be
between the BSP, Congress Party-led coalition, known as the United Progressive
Alliance (UPA), and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) led by the
Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party.

Following are the results of polls carried out by THREE BASKETS STUDY CIRCLE far
this year.

1) BSP - 272

1) UPA - 89

2) NDA - 82

3) OTHERS - 100

NOTES: # The counting of votes is on May 16.

# BSP - Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), a party of mainly SC/STs, OBCs, Minorities and the Poorer among the Forward Castes voters led by Mayawati, the chief minister of the

potentially swing state of Uttar Pradesh.

* LEFT FRONT - Communist or leftist parties that supported

the government until last year but now are campaigning as an

alternative to Congress and the BJP.

* SP - Samajwadi Party, an Uttar Pradesh-based party

supporting the Congress-led government from outside but are yet

to announce a poll tie up.


had the best chance of coming to power.

“Gone are the days when we used to play the
role of spoilsport.

Mayawati has the potential to create a political space with a rainbow coalition
of the disadvantaged, “

Mayawati, the new face of national politics

Bahujan Samaj Party supremo and Uttar Pradesh Chief
Mayawati is
campaigning in an unprecedented manner for the forthcoming Lok Sabha
elections. So far she has not campaigned in UP at all. In fact, she has
been seen in Kerala, Gujarat, Orissa and many other states. So is this
an indication that 
Mayawati is set to take on the stage of national politics?

The question that was being asked on CNN-IBN’s Face The Nation was: Is Mayawati now a genuine national leader?

discuss the issue were CNN-IBN National Affairs Editor Diptosh Majumdar
and the well known SC/ST-Bahujan scholar Kancha Ilaiah.

At the beginning of the debate, 92 per cent of the people who voted in disagreed that Mayawati was indeed a genuine national leader, while only 8 per cent

The discussion started with Mayawati’s
campaign speech in Himachal Pradesh, about the droning quality to it,
where there was little or no mention of caste. Instead there was
mention of development and mention of non-Congress, non-BJP alternative
and the constant harking to the 
aam janta (common public), aam kariyakarta (working class), and the

  • Mayawati launches poll campaign in Himachal

  • Mayawati eyes minority votes, targets Varun

It was felt that the coalition of the poor was what Mayawati taking to the national audience.

Diptosh Majumdar agreed by saying, “Exactly, she is looking at the poor as a homogenous whole not as a divided poor. Mayawati is
now bringing her Scheduled caste base into a larger dimension of the poor.
That has been changing since the 2007 elections. She reached out to the
poor Brahmins first and then to the other intermediary castes

What is interesting to note, he said, is that Mayawati started her campaigning in other states rather than in Uttar Pradesh.

Majumdar said, “She began in Kerala. And the way she took on Congress and the BJP in the Ahmedabad speech when she took on L K Advani by
saying, ‘what have you done in five years time’ to ‘bring back money
stashed away in the Swiss Banks’ and to the Congress by saying, ‘what
have they done for the poor’, was quite sharp. That day’s rhetoric went
on very well with the Gujarat electorate. She was standing in Modi’s
Gujarat and she was saying I will give you development. 
Mayawati taking on Modi on March 31 was very interesting.”


Mayawati is
doing two things. She has been emphasising the Sarvajan Samaj, the SC/ST-Brahmin coalition and she has been talking about development. She
has got a lot of money from the Planning Commission and has started a
lot of investment projects in UP. She is now quite keen on pushing
herself as a development person.

in her Himachal Pradesh speech she pointed out that she will implement
the projects that she is implementing in Uttar Pradesh. The
developments in Uttar Pradesh are the common thread in all her
speeches. She is giving good governance. She is
taking this message to the rest of the country.  People on
the grounds agree to her, will only come to know after the
results are out.”

felt that this was a very interesting trial and error method of growing
that the BSP believed in. He thought that this might even be a Kanshi
Ram’s method of growth.


Mayawati is methodically building her growth brick by brick.

this point, Kancha Ilaiah joined in the debate saying, “She is trying
to build her party at the national level bit-by-bit and in every state
the Bahujan Samaj Party has become a party that changes the electoral
fortunes of other parties. So, she has become a national figure much
more visibly than any other leaders by keeping her parties presence

“The thing to note today is that when so many regional parties and localised parties are emerging,Mayawati alone seems to walk like an elephant in her own right across the country. That is something different,” he added.



growth of the BSP owed itself to some peculiar circumstances. It made for fast
mobilisation in UP because of the caste conflicts that existed in the state,
because of the RPI experience before, because the caste tension was so high,
Kanshi Ram saw it and built upon it and was able to make it into a movement.
Those kind of caste polarization may not exist in any other state.


Ilaiah argued by saying, “ In today’s political scenario there is fragmentation
of polity so much - from state to state, from region to region. The counter
part of this scenario is 
Mayawati’s slow but steady rise, mobilising SC/STs across the

states where the Congress is strong, the Congress will get the Dalit vote - for
example in Rajasthan. It is in states where the Congress is weak, the BSP can
expect to get SC/ST vote.

Ilaiah, however, maintained that the BSP was that party which was weakening the
Congress state after state. He said, “If you look at Karnataka in the last
election, it was BSP which made Congress lose in several constituencies.

Andhra Pradesh, the emergence of Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) and social justice
and caste becoming a major factor in Andhra politics for the first time, there
is every likelihood that there is going to be a hung Assembly, BSP is also
making a dent in its own way.



seems as if 
Mayawati is creating another
Congress with an all-caste coalition and emphasising on development.

Majumdar agreed with this analysis saying that the 
Mayawati method is a
Congress in reverse with the Brahmin not being the ruling class and the SC/STs
being the ruling class


Let The Elephant (BSP) Rule
This Country!

Time for BSP to rule


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LESSON 35-PM post is reserved for Prabuddha Bharatha Matha Mayawati ! Of the (Best Secular Party) BSP Of the SC/ST ! By the SC/ST ! For the Peace, Happiness and welfare of the Entire Society ! HenceVOTE BSP ELEPHANT as your noble Duty !-FOR SELF RESPECT! GET A VOTE AND A NOTE! FOR BSP! DONT WAIT BUT BAIT! TO GRAB THE MASTER KEY!-Make me PM Write Down on the Wall was Dr. Ambedkar’s Sign ! Two Thousand Nine ! Will Be Mine ! - Says Ms Mayawati Bahen ! Now is all that you have! By voting for BSP, the Nation you save! 2008 Bahen Mayawati the UttarPradesh Chief Minister ! 2009PrabuddhaBharatha Matha the Prime Minister !-Most of the political pundits are suggesting a dramatic Bahujan Samaj Party win with Mayawati becoming the new Prime Minister. Mayawati stresses on door-to-door campaign ‘UP hui hamari hai, ab Delhi ki bari hai’ (UP is ours, now it is the turn of Delhi), will turn into a reality,” said Mayawati Social Transformation! And Economical Emancipation! Through Testing the efficacy of social engineering! By Mighty Great Mind Training!-Mayawati to be next PM: Poll-About “Mayawati”-BSP would form a role model government at the Centre-
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PM post is reserved for Prabuddha Bharatha Matha Mayawati !
Of the (Best Secular Party) BSP
Of the SC/ST !

 By the SC/ST !

For the Peace, Happiness and welfare of the Entire Society !

HenceVOTE BSP ELEPHANT as your noble Duty !






Make me PM

Write Down on the Wall was Dr. Ambedkar’s Sign !

Two Thousand Nine !

Will Be Mine !

                                                                       - Says Ms Mayawati Bahen !

Now is all that you have!

By voting for BSP, the Nation you save!

2008 Bahen Mayawati the UttarPradesh Chief Minister !

                                                    2009PrabuddhaBharatha Matha the Prime Minister !

Most of the political
pundits are suggesting a dramatic Bahujan Samaj Party win with Mayawati becoming the new Prime Minister.

Mayawati stresses on door-to-door campaign

‘UP hui hamari hai, ab Delhi ki bari hai’ (UP is ours, now it is the turn of Delhi), will turn into a reality,” said Mayawati

Social Transformation!

And Economical


Testing the efficacy of
social engineering!


Mighty Great Mind Training!

Mayawati to be next PM: Poll

(File photo/Express)
First Published : 23 Feb 2009 07:06:46 PM IST
Last Updated : 23 Feb 2009 07:12:12 PM IST

LONDON:The coming Indian

general election
is likely to lead to a Left leaning government led by Uttar Pradesh
Chief Minister Mayawati, a leading pollster predicted Monday.

Deshmukh, who runs the Team Cvoter polling firm and has covered more
than 100 state and national elections in India, will tell British
politicians this week that neither the
nor the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will be able to win a majority in
elections to the Lok Sabha.   In fact, he believes that both parties
will see their number of seats dramatically reduced.   This
election result is less clear than any before it. It is not clear who
will have the most seats, who will be able to form a majority and
therefore who will be PM,� Deshmukh said, ahead of the House of Commons
briefing.   What is clear is that a lot of political deals will
have to be done resulting in a leftwing coalition with protectionist
tendencies having a much greater say than ever before.   This
time round the Congress party will be the loser and the BJP will be the
even bigger loser. Both will all need to give away a lot of power if
they’re going to even come close to a majority,� he added.   The
briefing, which is being organised by the public relations company
Saffron Chase, is expected to be attended by British MPs and leading
businessmen and investors.   Saffron Chase Managing Director
Vikas Pota said the elections were expected to lead to a slowdown in
the process of liberalization in India.   It seems that the
current world recession is leading to protectionist language from all
nations. It will be difficult to grow the insurance, retail and banking
sectors as a result,� he said.


PM post is reserved for the (Best Secular Party) BSP
Prabuddha Bharatha Matha Mayawati !
What is BSP’s new name?
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati’s supporters have coined a new
name for their party - not just Bahujan Samaj Party but also the Best
Secular Party (BSP).
Busy campaigning for the party, BSP activists in Lucknow can be seen
these days carrying flags with the `new name’ - minus the original
Make me PM
Write Down on the Wall was Dr. Ambedkar’s Sign !
Two Thousand Nine !
Will Be Mine ! - Says Ms Mayawati Bahen !
Now is all that you have!
By voting for BSP, the Nation you save!
2008 Bahen Mayawati the UttarPradesh Chief Minister !2009PrabuddhaBharatha Matha the Prime Minister !

By Jagatheesan Chandrasekharan
4/3/2009 6:32:00 PM

Of course, it is Behenji Mayawati’s turn. BSP after coming to power in
UP a biggest state of one of largest democratic country like India it
is all set to move towards Delhi and make a history. Jai Ho ! BSP ! and
Jai Ho ! Mayawatiji!

By dawa tshering lepcha
3/25/2009 4:16:00 PM

Bahujan Samaj Party supporters do not accept bribe to vote. In fact they give a vote and a note to the party.




By Bindusar , Nizamabad
3/10/2009 2:10:00 PM

Now is all that you have!

By voting for BSP, the Nation you save!
next pm is mayawathi

By Gunaratan,Nizamabad
3/10/2009 2:02:00 PM

Now is all that you have!

By voting for BSP, the Nation you save!
next pm is mayawathi

2008 Bahen Mayawati the UttarPradesh Chief Minister !
2009PrabuddhaBharatha Matha the Prime Minister !

By gangadhar.gaini tungini
3/10/2009 1:56:00 PM






Make me PM

Write Down on the Wall was Dr. Ambedkar’s Sign !

Two Thousand Nine !

Will Be Mine !

- Says Ms Mayawati Bahen !

By vishnumudeerj jaheerabad mp candiate bsp
3/10/2009 1:59:00 PM

behanji mayavathi is nest pm sure


‘UP hui hamari hai, ab Delhi ki bari hai’ (UP is ours, now it is the turn of Delhi), will turn into a reality,” said Mayawati

2008 Bahen Mayawati the UttarPradesh Chief Minister 

By laxmi,nizamabad
3/10/2009 1:45:00 PM

yes mayavathi is next pm of india that 100% sure

By gangadhar
3/10/2009 1:39:00 P

To Developing the country required good politics like mayawati
therefore India’s Development will get change by mayawati I fully
accept that behenji mayawati is very good personality to lead India.

By srinivas
3/4/2009 5:15:00 PM

These pollsters including the media house like cnn-ibn,times now,star
news, indian expres newspaper group, hindu newspaper are all funded by
crooked congress and  parties and they will try their best, using all
tricks including “Goebellian” propaganda to mislead and fool majority
inhabitants of Jambudvipa, that is, the Great Prabuddha Bharath
(SC/STs, OBCs, Minorities and poorer amomg the upper castes). Seeing
how corrupt congress and UPA allies and the NDA allieshave
made majority people beggars in their own country and how they have
been showring all sorts of special gifts and privileges to minroties in
education, employment, housing,etc to the tune of 20000 crores this
year alone and cutting quota for SC/STs and OBCs, if this UPA
and NDA continue for another term, majority people will become poor
than africans.Majority people see all the games and tricks played by
crooked congress,BJP and their agents and vote massivley for BSP in
coming Lok
Sabha elections to prevent more misery&extinction

About “Mayawati”

She is the  messiah of the poorest of the poor. Well, it
is for the youth to decide who this “social engineer” is and is going
to be in this general election. Her defiant call to become PM within hours of
the formation of the Third Front shows what she wants to say: “I’ve

Mayawati Naina Kumari is
chronologically the 32nd Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. She swore in as the
Chief Minister for the 4th time after Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections in 2007.

Early life of Naina Kumari Mayawati

Naina Mayawati was born in 1956 on
January 15th in Delhi.
Prabhu Das, her father was a clerk in government telecommunications department,
while her mother Ram Rati was a home maker. Mayawati graduated with Bachelor of
Law from Kalindi College
in Delhi and
also holds degrees in Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts. After
completing her studies Mayawati joined Inderpuri JJ Colony School in Delhi in 1977 and remained
a teacher till 1984. She was always engaged in social service for the
downtrodden and weaker sections of the society

Political Life of Mayawati

Mayawatia’s initiation into politics
took place with the formation of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) in 1984 by Kansi
Ram. This political party was specially formed to uphold the social, economic
and political causes of the SC/STs. In April of 1984, Mayawati stood as a Lok
Sabha candidate (Member of Parliament) for the first time from Kairana
constituency in Muzaffarnagar District in Uttar Pradesh. Subsequently she stood
as a Lok Sabha candidate from Bijnor and Hardwar
in 1985 and 1989 respectively. Though the party lost in absolute terms, it was
able to create substantial following for itself

The disorganized SC/STs with the
efforts of Mayawati, Kansi Ram and Mahsood Ahmed overhauled the organization
and gained support from other political groups. The efforts of Mayawati were
rewarded, as she was elected for the first time as a Lok Sabha member from
Bijnor in 1989. BSP received 9% of the popular votes and 13 Parliament seats.
In 1994 she was elected to the Rajya Sabha for the first time. In 1995, while
still a member of the Rajya Sabha (upper house of Parliament) she became the
Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for the first time in June 1995. She remained
the 23rd Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh till October 1995. 

In 1996 Mayawati resigned from Rajya
Sabha and thereafter won from two constituencies and became Chief Minister for
her 2nd term in 1997 and UP’s 24th. In 1998, Mayawati was re-elected to Lok
Sabha for the second time, and again in 1999 for the third time. In 1999 she
also had become the leader of BSP Parliamentary Party in Lok Sabha.
Subsequently in 2001, Mayawati Naina Kumari succeeded Kanshi Ram as the leader
of BSP. Mayawati, in 2004 was re-elected as a Rajya Sabha member for the second
time and leader of BSP Parliamentary Party in Rajya Sabha.

Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, Mayawati was elected fro the second time in
2002, and became the state’s 30th Chief Minister. Her 3rd term as Chief
Minister of Uttar Pradesh extended for a longer period from May 2002 till
August 2003. The 2007 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections proved successful for
Bahujan Samaj Party as they won a majority. Mayawati became the 32nd Chief
Minister and she herself assumed office for the 4th time in 12 years.

BSP would form a role model government at the Centre

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, Stating that the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is
always striving for the welfare and uplift of the society, party chief
and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati said her party will form a
”role model government” at the Centre since it will be voted to power in the coming
Lok Sabha polls.

Addressing an election campaign rally and a mammoth public meeting
here tonight, Ms Mayawati appealed to the voters of the state to vote
for BSP for a casteless society, equitable development, egalitarian
society, consistency in progress, rooting out terrorism, empowering
people, women’s welfare, eradication of poverty and sustainable farming.

Dismissing the allegations that BSP is a caste-based party which
opposes the uppre castes, she said the party had given opportunity to
three from Brahmin community, three Muslims, Christians and other caste
people in the BSP candidates list to fight the Lok Sabha polls in Tamil

Urging the people to reject the anti-people Congress and BJP parties
in the polls, she said the BSP had neither fallen in the feet of any
one for forging an alliance nor did it pleaded to anyone for achieving

She appealed to the party functionaries and workers to work for the
victory of the party in all the forty seats in Tamil Nadu and

Launching a scathing attack on the Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu,
she said some political parties wake up only during election period and
offer free television sets, biriyani and arrack to woo the voters and
ruin the lives of the people. But, BSP is the only party that fulfils
the wishes of the people and never made bogus promises, which is why
the party has come to power in Uttar Pradesh for the fourth time.

Ms Mayawati claimed that her government in Uttar Pradesh had brought
separate legislations and welfare boards for the welfare of various
sections of the people.

People were forced to take arms only if the governments fails to
provide job opportunities to them and BSP alone could root out
terrorism and extremism from the country, she claimed while adding that
the Congress government at the Centre and some other parties ruling the
states had failed to look into the basic problems of the people.

The Congress government’s economic policy had made rich more richer and poor poorer.

People should teach a lesson to the anti-people Congress and the
communal BJP in the elections. ”We should win the elections to march
towards Parliament,’’she said amid thunderous applause from the party

BSP’s social engineering proving succesful: Karimpuri

Phagwara, Apr 1 : Bahujan Samaj Party was actively working on Social
Engineering, which was a most successful experience of BSP Supremo
Mayawati, Punjab BSP President and Rajya Sabha Member Avtar Singh
Karimpuri said here today.

While talking to newspersons here, he claimed that Bahujan Samaj Party
in Punjab had allotted party tickets to all categories of the society
as two Brahmins, One Rajput, One Mahajan, two jats, three Backward
Classes and four Scheduled Castes candidates were contesting Lok Sabha
polls on BSP tickets in the state.

Mr Karimpuri was here to launch the poll campaign of the BSP candidate
Sukhwinder Singh ‘Sukhi’ to the people here.

He claimed that BSP would emerge as most strongest alternative in
the country and the BSP Chief Mayawati would be the next Prime
Minister of the country.

Jet-set Mayawati is BSP’s lone campaigner

Aasha Khosa / New Delhi April 04, 2009, 1:32 IST

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minster Mayawati’s day begins with taking off from
Lucknow in one of the nine helicopters hired by her party — the
Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). Generally by noon, she reaches the venue of
her first election rally of the day.

Her entourage — which comprises Satish Chandra Mishra, her confidant
and Brahmin face of the BSP; Naseem Uddin Siddiqui, the public works
minister and also the Muslim poster-boy; and Babu Singh Kushwaha,
minister and the party’s state chief, who is projected as an OBC
(Other backward class) face — returns to Lucknow by late evening.

According to party sources, Mayawati’s jet-set campaigning began on
March 21. Being the lone star campaigner of her party, she has given
herself the task of addressing election rallies in 150 towns and
cities across the country in a record 52 days — an average of three
rallies per day.

According to Ram Subramanium, the BSP general secretary in charge of
southern states and a candidate from Coimbtore, his party’s campaign
is centred around Mayawati and her cult. “We do not need banners,
posters, radio and television campaigns. Every candidate wants
Mayawati to visit his constituency.”

He says Mayawati is too keen to return to Lucknow by evening so that
she attends her office and her critics do not blame for ignoring her
responsibilities as chief minister. “She surely is the most jet-lagged
campaigner for the coming Lok Sabha elections,” Subramanium said.

Nurturing an ambition of becoming the prime minister and seeing the
BSP rule at the Centre, Mayawati has nominated candidates for nearly
all the 543 Lok Sabha constituencies. “Except for the north-eastern
states, we have done an analysis of all the constituencies,” a BSP
leader told Business Standard.

The BSP has no political manifesto, as it does not believe in this,
yet the individual candidates have been permitted to circulate their
“agenda for their constituencies”.

Interestingly, Mayawati’s election rallies have only her as the
speaker, while the trio of Mishra, Siddiqui and Kishwaha merely
accompany her. Mayawati however, introduces them as a team to send
across her message of the party’s inclusiveness of all communities.

In her speech, Mayawati talks of her party’s theme slogan of “Sarvjan
Hitaye Sarvjan Sukhaye” (welfare and prosperity for all). She highlights the secular ways
of the Uttar Pradesh government under her leadership and scheme to
benefits all the communities. She also dangles out the promise of
reservation for the economically poor sections among the upper castes
too at her rallies.

According to Subramanium, the party’s presence in southern states the
would bring together SC/STs, who in Tamil Nadu alone comprise about 25
per cent of the voters.

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Thank you for your valuable response. i will do that..
Jeysankar K

On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 3:50 PM, Karthik Navayan <navayan@gmail. com> wrote:

This is good

But provide the information in English, then all of our people from all states can read this blog


On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 1:16 AM, Jeyshankar <jeys.shankar@> wrote:

Dear Sakyans and Moderator,
Please find blow link for Tamilnadu BSP Blog
This is one is Trail, Please accept….

Friday, March 27, 2009

பாராளுமன்ற வேட்பாளர் பட்டியல்

Parliament Constitution



South Chennai

Sridharan Ex. M.P


Central Chennai

Unish khan



P.Anandhan BA, BL, DLL.,






Prof. Marry John



Mansoor Ahamed



Rajendran Ex. MLA.,



























Saptharishi IAS (Rtd)



M G Devar






Jeevan Kumar



P Sivagami IAS



Dharbhar Raja



Brishilla Pandiyan



Srinivasa Babu



Kanagaraj IAS (Rtd)

கன்னியாகுமரி பாராளுமன்ற வேட்பாளர்
திருமதி ப சிவகாமி IAS.,

திருவள்ளூர் பாராளுமன்ற வேட்பாளர்
ஆனந்தன் வழக்கறிஞர், சென்னை உயர் நீதி மன்றம்

Thursday, March 26, 2009

DMK Ex Counseler Joined BSP with 2000 caders

A Nathan Ex Counseler from DMK who joined Bahujan Samaj Party on 23rd
March 2009 with 2000 caders and various party people in presence of
State Convener Mr. K.Armstrong MA BL., and State Chief Secretary
P.Sivakami IAS.,
Venue : Community hall,

Tamilnadu BSP MP Candidate List

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tamilnadu BSP

Onece again thanks to sakyas

K.Jaishankar B.E, MBA, BL
Mobile: +91 988 409 9408
Mobile: +91 900 307 1234
Email: jeys.shankar@

Battula Karthik Navayan, Advocate, C/o Siddhartha Hospital,Parigi Road, Shadnagar,
Mahaboobnagar District, 509216-AP Cell:09346677007, email:navayan@

http://karthiknavay an.blogspot. com/
http://www.orkut. Profile.aspx? uid=103798050959 32756525

Thanks and Regards,

K.Jeysankar B.E, MBA, BL
Manager Administration,
Butterfly India,
377 Anna Salai, Teynampet,
Chennai 600 018 .
Tamil Nadu, India.
Mobile: +91 988 409 9408
Mobile: +91 900 307 1234
Email: jeys.shankar@
website : www.butterflyindia. com


Sakya Means Humanity.

May all beings be happy!

“I have never claimed to be a universal leader of suffering humanity.
The problem of the untouchables is quite enough for my slender
strength. I do not say that other causes are not equally noble. But
knowing that life is short, one can only serve one cause and I have
never aspired to do more than serve the Untouchables.”  Bodhisatta
Babasaheb B.R.Ambedkar

“The basis of my politics lies in the proposition that the Untouchables
are not a sub-division or sub-section of Hindus, and that they are a
separate and distinct element in the national life of India.”
Bodhisatta Babasaheb B.R.Ambedkar

“My social philosophy may be said to be enshrined in three words:
liberty, equality and fraternity. My philosophy has roots in religion
and not in political science. I have derived them from the teachings of
my master, the Buddha.” Bodhisatta Babasaheb B.R.Ambedkar

Sakya Sangha
8/A, Thiyagarayapuram,
Thangal, Thiruvottiyur,
Chennai - 600 019.
Tamil Nadu, India



Dear Mr Satish Gaikwad,

With the polling beginning on April 16th, just two weeks away, we need
more of drumming up for BSP and Mayawati rather than discussing our
differences academically. We are in the combat zone of a life and
death battle which comes only once in five years.

 The context now is the election and the battle for the
ballot. There is a common expression “fiddling while Rome burns”.

We need to follow the lead
given by Mayawati, our leader, the one and

only leader. She has called on us to put aside personal matters and do
“door to door campaigning” . Can we use all our time and energy to do
just that, from now on till the end of the final phase of this
election on May 16? If only the intellectuals put their intellect to
work for getting more votes for BSP in their neghbourhoods, directly
or indirectly,

Let us speak or talk on ‘phone everyday for the next six weeks and try to increase the
awareness of the people of their right and duty to vote, to vote
right, and vote BSP. I am amazed how ignorant are some of them we
contact and how they can be transformed by talking to them on the
ground or on ‘phone. All of us will be amazed if only we try as foot
soldiers on the ground and go from neighbourhood to neighbourhood.
 BSP represents a movement, and making more people vote BSP is as important as winning

Again, when we have a social function at home or elsewhere, we could
raise the topic of elections and the importance of voting, voting
right, and voting BSP. Can’t we wear badges of BSP, of Mayawati, can’t
we put bumper stickers on our cars? For the next six weeks, let us all
be foot soldiers in this election battle.

Let us look at one serious challenge. According to diiferent surveys,
the SC./ST voters in 50% of the villages in India are focrced to vote
against their wishes in election times. This means that so many of our
votes in the rural villages are lost to us (BSP) and go to the parties
of our aggressors who
would continue to harass us, torture us and kill

us outright as in Khairlanji. Let us do something, Mr Gaikwad, to
reach out to the remote voters, notwithstanding all the difficulties.
If all of us try, and try now, some of us will meet with some luck in
the six weeks we have. Think, think. We have the intellectual power
and the prowess which we ought to use for the benefit of BSP. Let us
“do or die”, a slogan believed to have originated from Gandhi in the
final phase of our Independence movement in the 1940s.

Thank you, Mr Gaiwad, for reading this. Please take me seriously,
despite the day I am writing - April 1st! I hope it makes sense to
you and and all our “panelists”.

April 1, ‘09

P.P. Lakshman
Email: pplakshman08@

Telephone: 917-664-6566

well said laxmanji,
                          It would be really good if our people
can find time atleast for one week before election to go around as foot
soldiers for BSP rather than just be spectators or slaves of other

Mayawati hits back at Maneka

Lucknow, Apr 4 (PTI)
In a snub to Maneka Gandhi, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati today
said if the BJP MP knew a mother’s pain, she would not have endorsed
the hate speeches of her son Varun Gandhi for which he has been booked
under NSA.

Hitting back at Maneka, who had said that the UP Chief Minister
did not understand a mother’s pain since she was not one, Mayawati said
that if she was a good mother she would have inculcated the right
values in Varun.

“Had Maneka inculcated good values to her son (Varun) he would not
have to spent night in the jail. She must apologies not only to me but
for the entire nation for her shameful and unfortunate comments”,
Mayawati told reporters here.

Justifying the action of Pilibhit district administration to
charge Varun under NSA, Mayawati said that in case riots had erupted,
thousands of mothers would have rendered childless.

Maneka should understand pain of thousands of mothers, she said.

“Maneka kewal ek bete ka dard samajhti hain but main karodo beton
ka dard samajhti hun” (Maneka only understands the pain of one son but
I feel pain of crores of sons), Mayawati said at a hurriedly called
press conference.

Muslim Media Network

Varun In Jail: His Communal Strategy For Political Gains Misfires

April 2, 2009 by TMO 

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By Nilofar Suhrawardy, MMNS India Correspondent


Policemen clear the way for the police van in
which Varun Gandhi, great-grandson of India’s first prime minister
Jawaharlal Nehru and scion of a family dynasty, is sitting after he was
arrested in Pilibhit, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh,
March 28, 2009. Police in northern India on Saturday arrested Gandhi
over allegations he made inflammatory comments against Muslims. 

REUTERS/Adnan Abidi

NEW DELHI: Political drama and media-hype raised
over highly communal and inflammatory remarks allegedly made by Varun
Gandhi while campaigning in Pilibhit as the Bharatiya Janata Party
(BJP) candidate for Lok Sabha polls carry a far more significant
message than apparent. Undeniably, a primary motive behind the entire
drama staged by Varun and his political patrons is to push him and the
party into political limelight. Besides, Varun allegedly made
provocative comments targeting the minority communities (including
Muslims and Sikhs) to create a polarization of votes along religious
lines in Pilibhit to attract the majority Hindu community to BJP’s
side. Clearly, Varun tried his hand at the old-tainted communal card,
which had incited public to the stage of riots over Ayodhya-issue,
pushing BJP to the center stage as a national party from late 1980s
onwards. The political novice apparently remained oblivious of the hard
reality that the Indian voter has matured a lot over the past two
decades. It cannot be ignored that 2002 Gujarat-carnage played a major
role in pushing the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA)
government out of power in 2004 elections. The anti-incumbency factor
played a key role in helping Congress return to power, leading the
United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government. Varun has also given
little importance to the hard reality that BJP does not have as strong
base in UP as it did earlier, which is responsible for Bahujan Samaj
Party (BSP) chief Mayawati winning the state assembly elections in 2007
with a sweeping majority.

The situation would have been different were the
national and/or UP government led by BJP. There is no denying that with
her eye on capturing the prime ministerial position, UP Chief Minister
Mayawati has no intention to agitate the minority community in UP and
elsewhere. Hype raised by Varun’s political colleagues over his arrest
and charges framed against him have ironically not played the part they
probably aimed for. Nothing else can be a stronger indicator of this
than the fact that neither Varun’s comments nor the subsequent
developments aroused any communal frenzy to the stage of riots in
Pilibhit. Yes, law and order in Pilibhit was put to risk when Varun
allegedly made the inflammatory comments and when he courted arrest.
The clash, the day he courted arrest (March 28) was between the saffron
brigade activists and the police. This certainly defeats the logic
exercised by Varun and his supporters to try inciting communal frenzy
in Pilibhit.

If Varun assumed that by courting arrest for a few
hours or days, he would return to the political field as a hero for his
radical supporters, he has been proved wrong. This is marked by UP
government slapping the stringent National Security Act (NSA) against
Varun, which can keep him behind bars till elections are over. Thus,
dismissal of the case filed against him on violating model code of
conduct and grant of bails on other charges slapped on him spelt only a
minor relief for him (March 30). He was granted bail on sureties of Rs
20,000 each in two cases – one related to allegedly causing breach of
peace through inflammatory speeches and the other on charge of
violating prohibitory order. The NSA was invoked against him the
preceding day (March 29) for making inflammatory speeches at public
meetings at Dalganj and Barkhera in Pilibhit on March 7 and 8 and for
giving an aggressive speech at the court gate on March 28, because of
which his supporters turned violent and clashed with the police. The
decision to charge him under NSA was taken at a high level meeting,
presided by Mayawati. Clearly, this move signals that BJP’s rivals in
UP seem prepared to counter attempts made by Varun and his supporters
to incite communal frenzy for gaining political mileage by polarization
of votes along religious lines.

A three-member advisory committee, comprising of one
acting High Court judge and two retired judges, has been set up by
Allahabad High Court to examine whether the NSA imposed on Varun is
correct or not. The committee is expected to submit its report in three
weeks. Till then, Varun cannot appeal against the NSA, which means that
the political novice may have to contest polls from behind the bars.

In the opinion of left bloc and the Congress, NSA
against Varun is justified. “A very strong, tough message needed to be
sent that no hate speech will be tolerated against any community and it
has been sent,” Brinda Karat (Communist Party of India-Marxist) said.

“Those who break law to get votes, do divisive
politics with open eyes…. They should have courage to face the law if
they break it,” Congress party spokesman Abhishek Singhvi said. On
whether invoking NSA in Varun’s case was correct, he replied: “If the
state government is of the opinion that there is a threat to public
order, it (NSA) can be used…. Can there be more threat to public order?”

Bollywood veteran Hema Malini sang a different tune here, describing
as ‘inexperienced’ the Pilibhit candidate now in jail on charges of
vilifying Muslims in his campaign speeches.

‘The way Varun addressed the (election) rally (in Uttar Pradesh’s
Pilibhit) was not good. He is an inexperienced leader and this could be
the reason his speech was that way,’ Hema Malini told reporters.

Addressing a press conference in Lucknow, Bahujan Samaj party (BSP)
chief Mayawati criticised Maneka Gandhi for her remarks that only a
mother could understand her feelings.

Terming these remarks ‘insinuating’, Mayawati, who is single, said:
‘Let me tell Maneka Gandhi that even Mother Teresa did not have
children but understood the feelings of millions of children.

‘Rather than teaching her son some manners and telling him how to
behave, she is going about defending him, which is condemnable.’

Mayawati demanded that Maneka Gandhi should seek pardon from her and the entire country for the remarks

Citing rules of the jail administration, authorities had Friday asked
Maneka Gandhi to not meet her son in Etah jail. Maneka Gandhi had then
said if Mayawati had been a mother, she would have understand a
mother’s pain.

‘I want to say that Maneka is mother of one (Varun), while I take
care of hundreds and understand the pain of crores of mothers,’
Mayawati said.

Defending her decision to slap the stringent National Security Act
(NSA) on Varun Gandhi, Mayawati said the action was ‘fully justified’.

‘I am fully justified in taking the most stern action against him
because what he did was not pardonable, and anyone indulging in such
acts, no matter how high and mighty, would receive the same treatment
in my regime and will not be spared under any circumstances,’ the chief
minister said. 

Varun Gandhi, is in
judicial custody at Etah, charged under the National Security Act for
hate-Muslim speeches that he purportedly made.
Maneka Gandhi, a former central minister, who claims to be protector of
animals and birds should have taught her son to respect all lives
irrespective of religion, caste or language.If her son was not put
behind the bars, then there would be only human beings without heads
and hands. They cant even vote for him. Mother Teresa would have not
been able to treat such headless and limbless human beings.

Maneka has to prove that Ms Mayawati is corrupt and murderer
and she has to prove that Ms Mayawati is “nothing and that she has got no
background”.And she has to prove that Sarvajan Hithaya Sarvajan Sukhaya is
dividing the Castes and revengeful. If she does not prove or does ask apology
for calling names, then she might attract non-bailable warrant because of Ms.
Mawati’s real background.

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