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April 2009
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LESSON 37-Best way 2 rejoice Ambedkar Jayanthi! Vote Mayawati! As PM 2 get the Master Key! Elephant is the symbol of BSP! SMS this 2 ur Pals, do Door 2 Door Campaign and B Happy!
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Maya fear spreads in Gujarat

AHMEDABAD: The elephant could run amok this Lok Sabha elections in Gujarat. Having witnessed a straight fight between Congress and BJP since 1995,
the increasing might of Mayawati-led Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) will gain more than 50% of the seats. The rising
influence of the party in rural Gujarat — evident from the rising vote
share —

BSP first entered the political fray in Gujarat by contesting on a
single seat at Bulsar (Valsad) during the 1991 Lok Sabha elections. The
party thereafter, rapidly expanded its presence in the state. In 2004,
the BSP contested in 21 seats and this year, it is planning to put up
candidates in all 26 Lok Sabha seats in Gujarat

“SC/STs constitute 7% of the state’s population (most of whom live in the rural
areas). In the event of a close fight between the Congress and the BJP,
the presence of the BSP could dent the Congress vote share in the rural
areas, while it could dent the BJP vote share in the urban areas of the
state. This is what happened in Uttar Pradesh”.

the rural areas where the caste factor is more prominent and SC/ST
groups like the chamars, rohit, valmikis, etc have remained poor”.

BSP will increase further in the upcoming elections as the Mayawati-led party is trying to expand its electoral voter
base in Gujarat by incorporating the same social engineering that she
had successfully experimented with in UP. “The BSP is not just
targeting the SC/STs in Gujarat, but all the socially and economically
weaker sections of the society”.

understand that the BSP’s presence is becoming stronger in Gujarat. In
2007 assembly elections, both the BJP and the Congress were surprised
to see candidates coming forward to contest on BSP tickets. And this
time, we are going to field our candidates for all the 26
constituencies in Gujarat”, BSP general secretary Nalin Bhatt told ET

This would be first time the party would be contesting on all the seats.

Earlier when late Kanshi Ram headed the BSP, the party had put up candidates in 14 states in 1996 general elections.

Bahujan Samaj Party candidate for the prestigious Lucknow seat,
Akhilesh Das Gupta, showed off his status when he drove down in a
mechanised ‘rath’ (chariot) to file his nomination on Saturday last. A
former mayor of Lucknow, Dr Gupta, likes to do everything in style. As
hundreds of his supporters, clad in blue and waving blue BSP flags,
accompanied the huge march to the District Collectorate, the roads were

BSP leader Mayawati. Photo Courtesy: AP
the Election Commission for transferring a top state official, UP Chief
Minister Mayawati on Wednesday said that such action could demoralise
the officialdom ahead of the first phase of

Mayawati slams EC for transferring top state officer

“Removing of the officer just
due to political reasons on basis of their baseless allegation will demoralize
officers of the state due to which law and order problem could erupt in the
state. EC will be responsible if there is any terrorist or Naxal problem or any
incident happens with me or any other leader during campaigning,” Mayawati told
reporters here.

The EC on Tuesday had ordered transfer of UP
principal secretary of home, Fateh Bahadur Singh following complaints from the

Assuring the commission that the BSP government in the
state was committed to hold free and fair polls, Mayawati said that she had
given orders to its officers to follow directions of the commission and ensure
that there should be no violation of model code of conduct during the elections.

“I have not only directed the officials, but also party candidates,
office-bearers and workers that they must adhere by the model code of conduct
and cooperate with the government machinery,” she said.

alleged that a number of officers including district magistrates and SSPs of
several district were removed by the EC “merely on politically motivated
complaints from the opposition parties without any proper investigation”.

“I would like to request the EC that if it finds any shortcoming in
a particular officer, it must apprise the state government about the facts so
that corrective measures could be taken,” she said.

removal of an important officer like principal secretary home who is discharging
his duties with honesty and dedication merely on the basis of baseless
complaints lodged by the opposition parties is not justified,” she said.

The chief minister alleged that the EC had broken the traditions by
appointed DMs and SSPs without asking for panel of officers from the state

“This was against the old tradition where the state
government is asked to give a panel of officer. I have already sent a letter to
the EC in this regard,” she said.

Sonia’s personal assets are worth just Rs 1.38 crore. But with rich
foot-soldiers like Lagadapati Rajagopal on her side, the Congress
president can rest easy.

Sonia Gandhi,
the country’s most powerful politician today, owns neither a house nor
a personal vehicle. And her personal assets are worth just Rs 1.38
crore. But with rich foot-soldiers like Lagadapati Rajagopal on her
side, the Congress president can rest easy.

Rajagopal, the sitting MP and Congress
candidate for this month’s election from the Vijayawada Lok Sabha
constituency in Andhra Pradesh, is 217 times richer compared to his
supreme boss who declared her assets along with her nomination papers
on Monday for the Rae Bareli seat in Uttar Pradesh.

In the affidavit on the assets filed by him along with his nomination
papers, Rajagopal has declared assets worth Rs 299 crore, registered in
his and his wife’s name. Son-in-law of former Union minister and
one-time loyalist of NTR, P Upendra, this 45-year-old ind-
ustrialist-turned politician has several houses and apartments in
Hyderabad alone, worth 13.35 crore. He owns seven vehicles.

In comparison, poor Sonia doesn’t own a house or car. Her ancestral
house in Italy, which she has declared, is worth just about Rs 18 lakh.
But even on this count, Rajagopal, who is also into realty business,
overshadows his leader. His assets abroad are worth Rs 1.8 crore.

Personal assets  

Even if the personal assets of Sonia and her son Rahul Gandhi
are clubbed, the combined worth is still peanuts in comparison to
Rajagopal’s wealth. Rahul had declared his assets worth Rs 2.33 crore.

According to the affidavit filed along with her nomination papers
before the returning officer of Rae Bareli, the Congress president
possessed cash worth Rs 75,000 while her bank deposits stood at Rs
28.61 lakh, besides mutual funds worth Rs 20 lakh.

Sonia had RBI bonds worth Rs 12 lakh, 10 shares of Maruti Technical
Services Pvt Limited and 500 shares of Western India Tanneries
Limited.She had Rs 1, 99,380 in the post office through NSC/NSS and her
PPF account had a balance of Rs 24, 88,887. She paid an income tax of
Rs 5.58 lakh in 2008-09 and a wealth tax of Rs 32,000.

She possessed 2518.450 gram of jewellery worth Rs 11 lakh and 88 kg of silver valued at Rs.18.37 lakh, the affidavit revealed.

Sonia also owned two pieces of agricultural land — three bighas at Dera
Mandi village and 12 bighas 15 biswas at Sultanpur village worth over
Rs 2.19 lakh. The affidavit, however, does not mention the name of the
district or the state where they are situated.

The affidavit reveals that Sonia has completed a three-year course in
English and French languages from the Instuto of Santa Teresa in Turin
in 1964 besides a certificate course in English from Lennox Cook School
in Cambridge in 1965.

Rajagopal, on the other, has movable assets of Rs 90 crore and
immovable assets of Rs 14 crore. His wife L Padma has movable and
immovable assets to the tune of Rs 14.1 crore. He has invested Rs 82.82
crore in bonds and shares. His stock of jewellery is three times more
than that of Sonia — 7,220 gm of gold worth Rs 1.70 crore.

But Rajagopal is not the only one to outshine his party boss in terms
of declared personal wealth. Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, son of Andhra chief
minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, has declared assets worth Rs 77 crore.

The Reddy junior is making his electoral debut as the Congress candidate from his father’s Kadapa Lok Sabha seat.

Advani is worth more than Rs 3.5 crore

Gandhinagar (PTI): BJP’s Prime
Ministerial candidate L.K. Advani on Wednesday declared that he and his
family are worth over Rs 3.5 crore. The assets include two flats in
Gurgaon and a house here.

In his affidavit before the district
election officer, the BJP leader declared that his two flats in Gurgaon
are worth Rs 92.5 lakh each, while his house in Gandhinagar is valued
at Rs 50 lakh.

He has deposits of Rs 67.56 lakh, while his wife has deposits of Rs 36.56 lakh.

The BJP leader also has jewellery worth
Rs 16 lakh which he jointly owns with his wife. Advani owns 10 per cent
while his wife owns the rest.

Mr. Advani has Rs 20,000 in cash while his wife had Rs 5,000.

The BJP leader has no financial liabilities.

Mr. Advani has mentioned in his affidavit that the Babri Masjid case is pending against him.

In 2004, Mr. Advani had declared assets worth over Rs 1.30 crores.

During the 2004 Lok Sabha elections,
Mr. Advani had declared deposits worth Rs 12,28,087 in his name and Rs
11,19,356 in his wife’s name.

Mr. Advani had also declared that he jointly owned jewellery worth Rs 6.5-7 lakh with his wife.

The BJP leader had in 2004 shown three
houses in his name, two in Gurgoan worth Rs 30 lakh each and one in
Gandhinagar valued at Rs 25 lakh. All the houses put together were at
that time valued at Rs 85 lakh.

He also had Rs 14 lakh invested in mutual funds and other government saving schemes.

Mr. Advani had Rs 60,000 invested in bonds, shares and debentures, while his wife had Rs 20,000 invested in the same.

The law graduate from Bombay University had then declared a liability of Rs 5.54 lakh as loan from IDBI bank.

Affidavits filed in the earlier elections by 278 candidates, who will
contest for for the 2009 Lok Sabha elections. It found that 63 of them
had criminal records. Of these, 39 had, according to affidavits filed
earlier, serious criminal cases, such as murder, attempt to murder,
robbery, theft, or kidnapping, against them.

This list of candidates with serious charges included 14 from the BJP

Five each from the Congress and Samajwadi Party

Details of the 15th Lok Sabha election schedule

to the 15th Lok Sabha will be held in five phases between April 16 and
May 13 and counting will take place on May 16. The number of phases
will vary from states to states. Uttar Pradesh, which has the maximum
of 80 seats, and Jammu and Kashmir will have five-phase polls while
Bihar will go to polls in four stages.

The number of phases will vary from states to states. Uttar Pradesh,
which has the maximum of 80 seats, and Jammu and Kashmir will have
five-phase polls while Bihar will go to polls in four stages.

Maharashtra and West Bengal will have three phased
polls, while Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Jharkhand, Karnataka,
Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Orissa and Punjab will have voting in
two stages.

The remaining 15 states and seven union territories
will have one-day poll, he said.

In the first phase, 124 constituencies will go to
polls on April 16. 141 constituencies will witness balloting
in the second phase on April 23, 107 seats in third phase on
April 30, 85 seats in the penultimate phase on May 7 and 86
constituencies in the last phase on May 13.

Interestingly, the first phase will be overseen by Gopalasami, who will be demitting office four days later.

The CEC said the poll timetable has been fixed after
taking into consideration factors like examination schedule,
holidays and festivals as also weather.

The counting will take place on May 16, the CEC said, adding the new Lok Sabha will be constituted by June 2.

The Model Code of Conduct has come into force with immediate effect.

Assembly Elections in three states, namely Orissa, Andhra
Pradesh and Sikkim, would be held simultaneously with the Lok Sabha
polls. Besides, by-elections to seven assembly constituencies — four
in Nagaland, and one each in Jharkhand, Karnataka and Mizoram will also
be held simultaneously, Gopalaswami said.


The total electorate in the country currently stands at 714 million, an
increase of 43 million from 2004 when the last General Elections were

For the first time, elections to the 543-member House would be
held under the redrawn Parliamentary seats, an exercise that forced
several leaders to virtually start from scratch and nurture new
constituencies. The delimitation process, undertaken
in all states except Jammu and Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh,
Assam, Jharkhand, Manipur and Nagaland, has resulted in 499
out of 543 constituencies being reshaped.

This is also for the first time that photo electoral rolls
would be used in 522 of the total 543 Lok Sabha seats in this year’s
election, the CEC said, barring Assam, Nagaland and Jammu and Kashmir.

The CEC said 82 per cent voters have been covered
under the Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC).

He said 8,28,804 polling stations would be used in
these elections as against 6,87,402 polling stations in 2004
Lok Sabha, marking an increase of 1,41,402 polling stations.

Affidavits of assets:
Gopalaswami said all candidates will be required to
file two affidavits along with nomination papers — declaring
the criminal antecedents, assets and qualification.

He said the non-filing of these details would result
in rejection of their nominations.

“The Commission has taken serious note of illegal use
of money power in elections and violation of expenditure norms
in various manners and has decided to track such incidents
closely for follow-up action,” the CEC said.

Political leaders with whom the Commission had held
consultations last month wanted the exercise to be held in minimum
number of phases. The last Lok Sabha polls in 2004 were conducted in
four phases.

The announcement of the poll dates came a day after President Pratibha
Patil rejected the controversial recommendation by CEC Gopalaswami for
the removal of EC Navin Chawla, who is now expected to head the poll

The President arrived at a “considered opinion” and accepted the
government recommendation for rejection of the CEC`s report on January
31 against Chawla, who has been accused of being biased in favour of
the Congress party, a Rashtrapati Bhawan communiqué said.

The decision came as no surprise since the government had made clear
its view that the CEC was not empowered to seek removal of a fellow
Commissioner except if a Presidential reference was made to him.

Chawla, a retired IAS officer, is now expected to succeed Gopalaswami on April 20 when his tenure as CEC ends.

  The details of Lok Sabha election schedule
  Phase Date  No. of Constituencies
  I 16/04/09 124
  II 23/04/09 141
  III 30/04/09 107
  IV 07/05/09 85
  V 13/05/09 86
Counting of votes: May 16.  

  The state-wise dates for Lok Sabha polls
  Phase Date 
  J-K, UP April 16, 23, 30, May 7 and May 13
  Bihar April 16, 23, 30 and May 7
  Maharashtra April 16, 23, and 30
  West Bengal April 30, May 7 and 13
  Andhra Pradesh April 16 and 23
  Assam April 16 and 23
  Karnataka April 23 and 30
  Madhya Pradesh April 23 and 30
  Manipur April 16 and 23
  Orissa April 16 and 23
  Punjab April 16 and 23
  Jharkhand April 16 and 23
  Arunachal Pradesh, Kerala, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Chhattisgarh 01/04/16
  Goa, Tripura 01/04/23
  Gujarat, Sikkim 01/04/30
  Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan 01/05/07
  Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand 01/05/13
  Union Territories  
  Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu 01/04/30
  Chandigarh, Puducherry 01/04/13
  Andaman and Nicobar Island, Lakshadweep 01/04/16

Lok Sabha Election: Crorepati Candidates in Poll Fray

Apr 7, 2009: Congress candidate from Vijayawada L Rajagopal tops the
list of crorepati contestants with assets worth Rs 299 crore.

list also figures SP candidate Abu Asim Azmi (Rs 122 crore),
Prajarajyam Party chief Chiranjeevi (Rs 88 crore), Congress leader Y S
J Reddy (Rs 77 crore), NCP leader Praful Patel (Rs 74 crore).

contestant Air Deccan chief Captain Gopinath has declared assets worth
Rs 73 crore. He will be contesting from Bangalore (Bengaluru).

Telugu Desam Party chief N Chandrababu Naidu is worth Rs 69 crore.

Congress leader M K Subba who represents Assam’s Tezpur seat has assets worth Rs 60 crore.

Bollywood producer-director Prakash Jha who is contesting polls from
west Champaran on Lok Janshakti Party has assets worth Rs 55 crore.

Last on the list is NCP chief Sharad Pawar’s daughter Supriya Sule (Rs 53 crore). She is contesting from Baramati.

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