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August 2017
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2310 Mon 7 Aug 2017 LESSONS INSIGHT-NET - FREE Online Tipiṭaka Research & Practice University and related NEWS through in
105 languages Google’s free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages. and render correct translation in your mother tongue for this google translation to attain Eternal Bliss as Final Goal E. Dhātumanasikāra Pabba E. Section on the Elements in 23) Classical English,22) Classical Dutch-Klassiek Nederlands,24) Classical Esperanto- Klasika Esperanto,25) Classical Estonian-klassikaline eesti keel,26) Classical Filipino,27) Classical Finnish- Klassinen suomalainen,28) Classical French-français classique
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2310 Mon 7 Aug 2017 LESSONS

INSIGHT-NET - FREE Online Tipiṭaka Research & Practice University
and related NEWS through in
105 languages

Google’s free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.

and render correct translation in your mother tongue for this google translation to attain Eternal Bliss as Final Goal

E. Dhātumanasikāra Pabba

E. Section on the Elements

in  23) Classical English,22) Classical Dutch-Klassiek Nederlands,24) Classical Esperanto- Klasika Esperanto,25) Classical Estonian-klassikaline eesti keel,26) Classical Filipino,27) Classical Finnish- Klassinen suomalainen,28) Classical French-français classique

E. Dhātumanasikāra Pabba

bhikkhus, a bhikkhu reflects on this very kāya, however it is placed,
however it is disposed: “In this kāya, there is the earth element, the
water element, the fire element and the air element.” 

Just as, bhikkhus, a skillful butcher or a
butcher’s apprentice, having killed a cow, would sit at a crossroads
cutting it into pieces; in the same way, bhikkhus, a bhikkhu reflects on
this very kāya, however it is placed, however it is disposed: “In this
kāya, there is the earth element, the water element, the fire element
and the air element.”

Thus he dwells observing kāya in kāya
internally, or he dwells observing kāya in kāya externally, or he dwells
observing kāya in kāya internally and externally; he dwells observing
the samudaya of phenomena in kāya, or he dwells observing the passing
away of phenomena in kāya, or he dwells observing the samudaya and
passing away of phenomena in kāya; or else, [realizing:] “this is kāya!”
sati is present in him, just to the extent of mere ñāṇa and mere
paṭissati, he dwells detached, and does not cling to anything in the
world. Thus, bhikkhus, a bhikkhu dwells observing kāya in kāya.
OM Mantra Chants @ 174Hz for Pain Relief
22) Classical Dutch
22) Klassiek Nederlands

E. Dhātumanasikāra Pabba

E. Sectie over de elementen

Bhikkhus, een bhikkhu weerspiegelt zojuist kāya, maar het is geplaatst,
Hoe dan ook, het is bestemd: “In deze kāya is er het aardse element, de
Waterelement, het brandelement en het luchtelement. “

Net zoals, bhikkhus, een slimme slager of een
Slagerleerling, die een koe gedood had, zou op een kruispunt zitten
Het in stukken snijden; Op dezelfde manier, bhikkhus, weerspiegelt een bhikkhu op
Deze zeer kāya, hoe dan ook, is geplaatst, maar het is erop gericht: “In dit
Kāya, er is het aardelement, het waterelement, het vuurelement
En het luchtelement. “

Zo verblijft hij kāya in kāya
Intern, of hij woont in het buitenland van Kāya in Kāya, of hij woont
Kāya in kāya intern en extern waarnemen; Hij woont het observeren
De samudaya van fenomenen in Kāya, of hij woont het passeren in acht te nemen
Weg van verschijnselen in kāya, of hij woont het observeren van de samudaya en
Overlijden van fenomenen in kāya; Of anders, [realiseren:] “dit is kāya!”
Sati is aanwezig in hem, alleen tot de mate van blote ñāṇa en blote
Paṭissati, hij woont losgelaten, en houdt niet vast aan iets in de
wereld. Dus, bhikkhus, woont een bhikkhu in het observeren van kāya in kāya.

Track features OM Mantra Chants at a very low 174 Hz frequency. OM -
The Sound That Reverberates across the universe. The Sound which brings
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Pirith (Pariththa) - Buddhist spiritual chanting - Jaya Piritha, Rathana Suthraya and Seth Pirith

Pirith (in Sinhalese) and paritta or Pariththa (in Pali), means
“Protection all around”. These chanting are the recitation of the Lord
Buddha and, it protects you from evil influences. By playing these
chanting everyday in your home, your work place, your business place or
while you are travelling, it will gives you the
protection against the evil spirits and bring good luck and peace of
mind. In This Video, these chanting are reciting by Ven. Dr. Mirisse
Dhammika Thero and the monks of Siri Sudassana Sadaham Buddhist
Monastery in Battaramulla, Sri Lanka. It Contains, Jaya Piritha, Rathana
Suthraya, Karaneeya Meththa Suthraya, Mangala Sutraya, Maha Jayamangala
Gaathaa and Maha Chundaththera Bojjangaya.

This Pirith CD was created to distribute free of charge to mark the
2600th anniversary of the Buddha’s Enlightenment and was generously
sponsored by Mr. Duleep Wickramasinghe, Mrs. Sunethra Wickramasinghe and
Their daughter Deshika Wickramasinghe, In memory of beloved parents and
grand parents late, Mr. L.G.D. Wickramasinghe, Mrs. Rupa
Wickramasinghe, Mr. T.H.M. de Silva, Mrs. Silta de Silva. May they
attain supreme bliss of ‘Nibbana’.

Please share this Buddhist chanting (Pirith) with your friends.

May the Noble Triple Gem Bless you !!!
Dutch Defense - Boris Gelfand vs Hikaru Nakamura

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Tai Chi - Chinese Relax Music (Music for My Mind)
24) Classical Esperanto
24) Klasika Esperanto

E. Dhātumanasikāra Pabba

E. Sekcio sur la Elementoj

bhikkhus, kiel Bhikkhu pripensas sur ĉi tre Kaya, tamen ĝi estas metita,
tamen ĝi estas dispoziciita: “En ĉi tiu Kaya, estas tero elementon, la
akvo elemento, la fajro elemento kaj la aero elemento. “

Kiel, bhikkhus, lerta buĉisto aŭ
viandisto lernanto, mortiginte bovino, sidadis en vojkruciĝo
tranĉante ĝin en pecoj; same, bhikkhus, kiel Bhikkhu pripensas sur
nuna Kaya, tamen ĝi estas metita, tamen ĝi estas dispoziciita: “En ĉi tiu
Kaya, estas tero elementon, la akvon elemento, la fajro elemento
kaj la aero elemento. “

Tiel li loĝas observi Kaya en Kaya
interne, aŭ li loĝas observi Kaya en Kaya ekstere, aŭ li loĝas
observi Kaya en Kaya internulino kaj ekstere; Li loĝas observado
la samudaya de fenomenoj en Kaya, aŭ li loĝas observi la forpaso
for de fenomenoj en Kaya, aŭ li loĝas observi la samudaya kaj
forpaso de fenomenoj en Kaya; aux, [rimarki:] “ĉi tiu estas Kaya!”
sati ĉeestas en li, nur por la amplekso de nura Nana kaj nura
paṭissati, li loĝas indiferenta, kaj ne gluiĝas al nenio en la
mondo. Tiel, bhikkhus, kiel Bhikkhu loĝas observi Kaya en Kaya.

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The original digital comeback kid.
Classical music in Estonia, introduction by composer Rasmus Puur

25) Classical Estonian
25) klassikaline eesti keel

E. Dhātumanasikāra Pabba

E. Elementide sektsioon

Lisaks sellele
Bhikkhus, bhikkhu peegeldab seda väga kaja, aga see on asetatud,
Aga see on paigutatud: “Selles kujas on maa elementi
Vee element, tulekahju element ja õhu element. “

Täpselt nagu bhikkhus, osav lihunik või a
Lihunikuõpetaja, kes on lehma tapnud, istuks ristmikul
Lõigates see tükkideks; Samamoodi, bhikkhus, bhikkhu kajastub
See aga väga, aga see on asetatud, aga see on paigutatud: “Selles
Kaya, on maaelement, vee element, tulekahju element
Ja õhu element. “

Seega elab ta kinni kasyas
Sisemiselt, või ta elab, kui jälgib kaia välismaal, või ta elab
Jälgides kaia nii kodu-kui välismaal; Ta elab jälgides
Mõjus nähtuste samuudaias või ta elab mööda läinud
Nägemuste vältimine Kajas, või ta elab, jälgides samudaiat ja
Nähtuste kadumine mõisas; Või muidu [realizing:] “see on kuja!”
Tema juures on olemas sati, ainult nii lihtsalt ñàṇa kui ka lihtsalt
Paťissati, ta elab lahti ja ei ole kinni midagi
Maailm. Seega, bhikkhus, elab bhikkhu, jälgides kasyas kaja.

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LEGEND OF ESTONIA GEORG OTSbaritone An exciting performing of baritone
hits. Legendary Geord Ots performs Mozart, Verdi, Bizet, Rubinstein,
Kálmán, Lehár, Ernesaks… in Estonian, Italian, Russian and German.
Restored archive recordings. DVD w…
Filipino Blacksmith - Making Bolos

26) Classical Filipino

E. Dhātumanasikāra Pabba

E. Seksyon sa Mga Sangkap

At saka,
Ang bhikkhus, isang bhikkhu ay sumasalamin sa mismong kāya, gayunpaman ito ay inilagay,
Gayunpaman ito ay itapon: “Sa ganitong kāya, mayroong sangkap ng lupa, ang
Elemento ng tubig, elemento ng sunog at elemento ng hangin. “

Tulad ng, bhikkus, isang mahusay na itlog o isang
Ang apprentice ng magkakapatid, na pinatay ang isang baka, ay umupo sa isang sangang daan
Pinutol ito; Sa parehong paraan, ang bhikkhu, isang bhikkhu ay sumasalamin sa
Ito napaka kaya, gayunpaman ito ay inilagay, gayunpaman ito ay itapon: “Sa ito
Kya, mayroong sangkap ng lupa, elemento ng tubig, elemento ng apoy
At ang sangkap ng hangin. “

Sa gayon siya ay naninirahan sa pagmamasid sa kāya sa kāya
Sa loob, o siya ay naninirahan sa pagmamasid sa kāya sa kāya sa labas, o siya ay naninirahan
Pagmamasid sa kāya sa kāya sa loob at sa labas; Siya ay naninirahan sa pagmamasid
Ang samudaya ng mga phenomena sa kāya, o siya ay naninirahan observing ang pagpasa
Malayo sa mga phenomena sa kāya, o siya ay nanahan observing ang samudaya at
Paglipas ng phenomena sa kāya; O iba pa, [napagtatanto:] “ito ay kya!”
Ang sati ay naroroon sa kanya, hanggang sa sukat lamang ng āṇa at lamang
Paṭissati, siya ay nanatiling hiwalay, at hindi kumapit sa anumang bagay sa
Mundo. Kaya, ang bhikkhus, isang bhikkhu ay naninirahan sa pagmamasid sa kāya sa kāya.

blacksmiths making bolos in Mambajao, Camiguin Island, Philippines. Mt.
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LANI MISALUCHA - Magic Flute (La Nightingale The Return Concert)

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Sony VAIO laptop came pre-loaded with Photoshop Elements 2.0, along
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pre-installed software. So I’ve been using Photoshop Elements mainly by
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Can You Hear the Difference Between a Cheap and Expensive Violin?

27) Classical Finnish
27) Klassinen suomalainen

E. Dhātumanasikāra Pabba

E. Osio elementeistä

Bhikkhus, bhikkhu heijastaa tätä hyvin kāya, mutta se on sijoitettu,
Mutta se on sijoitettu: “Tässä kāyassa on maa-elementti,
Vesielementti, paloelementti ja ilma-elementti. “

Aivan kuten, bhikkhus, taitava teurastaja tai a
Teurastajan oppipoika, joka tappoi lehmän, istuisi risteyksessä
Leikkaamalla se palasiksi; Samalla tavalla, bhikkhus, bhikkhu heijastaa
Tämä erittäin kāya, mutta se on sijoitettu, mutta se on hävitetty: “Tässä
Kāya, on maa-elementti, vesi-elementti, palo-elementti
Ja ilma-elementti. “

Näin hän asuu tarkkailemalla kāya kāyassa
Sisäisesti, tai hän asuu tarkkailemalla kāya in kāya ulkoisesti, tai hän asuu
Observing kāya in kāya sisäisesti ja ulkoisesti; Hän asuu tarkkailemalla
Kāya-ilmiöiden samudaya, tai hän asuu tarkkailemalla ohikulkeutumista
Pois ilmiöistä kāya, tai hän asuu tarkkailemalla samudaya ja
Kāya-ilmiöiden poistaminen; Tai muuten, [realizing:] “tämä on kāya!”
Sati on läsnä hänessä, vain pelkästään ñāna ja pelkkä
Paṭissati, hän asuu irrallaan, eikä tartu mitään siihen
maailman. Siten bhikkhus, bhikkhu asuu tarkkailemalla kāya in kāya

are these so expensive??? I went into Peter Prier and Sons in Salt Lake
City, where I put to the test a violin I got from Amazon for $62, an
antique Ital…

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GIF art is a form of digital art that first emerged in 1987. a
generation of artists focus on experimenting with its potential for
presenting creativity on the internet.…
French Music in French Cafe: Best of French Cafe Music (French Cafe Accordion Traditional Music)

French music and French cafe. 1 Hour of best of French cafe music and
French cafe accordion traditional music. Collection 1 with beautiful
video of French music playing in french cafe is here:

Hear the ‘Modern French Music’ collection here:

New French Accordion French Cafe album:

New Happy French music here:

Bal-musette is a style of French music and dance that first became
popular in Paris in the 1880s. Auvergnats settled in large numbers in
the 5th, 11th, and 12th districts (arrondissements) of Paris during the
19th century, opening cafés and bars where patrons danced the bourrée to
the accompaniment of the cabrette (a bellows-blown bagpipe locally
called a “musette”) and often the vielle à roue (hurdy-gurdy).

Parisian and Italian musicians who played the accordion adopted the
style and established themselves in Auvergnat bars especially in the
19th arrondissement.

When Italians began introducing new rhythms
like the waltz and polka into the traditional musical form and began
playing it on recently introduced hybrid accordion, conflicts arose, and
the Italian and Auvergnat styles split. By the end of 19th century,
there were three kinds of bals-musette establishments:
• bal des familles - Auvergnat
• bal musette populaire - Italian
• grinch or bal de barrière - seedy hangouts frequented by low-lifes and so-called bohemians.

These places often were frequented by members of the French upper-class
looking for excitement among the poor and downtrodden. Some
establishments even staged mock police raids for their patrons’ benefit.
Performers of this era include Antoine Bouscatel, Émile Vacher, Martin
Cayla, Charles Péguri, and Gus Viseur.

Musette dance forms arose
from people looking for easier, faster and more sensual dance steps, as
well as forms that did not require a large hall. “Musette-forms” that
established themselves as variations to popular dances of the day
• tango-musette
• paso-musette
• valse-musette,
with a special variation called la toupie (”the top”), where dancers are
very close and turn around themselves very regularly.

An original musette dance also appeared, known as java.

Admission to most bals was free, but dancers bought dance tokens at the
cash-desk. These tokens were made of metal in various shapes with the
name of the hall stamped on one side. In the middle of the dance, the
bal director walked between the couples with a bag and the dancers
turned-in a token

By 1945, the bal-musette became the most
popular style of dance in France and its biggest stars were widely known
across the country. Its popularity declined drastically beginning
around 1960. A revival of bals has begun, especially in larger cities,
and a modern form of the musette is establishing itself.

Refer here for more information:

This french music collection is compiled for your enjoyment by SensualMusic4all.

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28) Classical French
28) français classique

E. Dhātumanasikāra Pabba

E. Section sur les éléments

En outre,
Bhikkhus, un bhikkhu réfléchit sur ce très kāya, mais il est placé,
Mais il est disposé: “Dans ce kāya, il y a l’élément terre, le
L’élément d’eau, l’élément de feu et l’élément d’air. “

De même que, bhikkhus, un métier habile ou un
L’apprenti boucher, ayant tué une vache, serait assis à la croisée des chemins
Le découper en morceaux; De la même manière, bhikkhus, un bhikkhu réfléchit
Ce très kāya, mais il est placé, mais il est disposé: “Dans ce
Kāya, il y a l’élément terre, l’élément eau, l’élément feu
Et l’élément aérien. “

Il habite donc kāya en kāya
En interne, ou il s’habille en observant kāya dans kāya à l’extérieur, ou il habite
En observant kāya en kāya en interne et en externe; Il observe l’observation
La samudaya des phénomènes dans kāya, ou il s’habille en observant le passage
Loin des phénomènes dans kāya, ou il observe observer les samudaya et
Passage de phénomènes dans kāya; Ou bien, [réalisant:] “c’est kāya!”
Sati est présent en lui, juste dans la mesure du simple ñāṇa et de la simple
Paṭissati, il habite détaché, et ne s’accroche à rien dans le
monde. Ainsi, bhikkhus, un bhikkhu habite observant kāya dans kāya.

French music and French cafe. 1 Hour of best of French cafe music and French cafe accordion…
Catia V5 Tutorials|Wireframe and Surface Design|Multi Section Surface|3 Guide Curves
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Minimalism & Multitude: The Swarming Animated GIFs of Frédéric Vayssouze-Faure

French animator Frédéric Vayssouze-Faure explores complicated
mathematical concepts through short animations he publishes on a Tumblr
called Wavegrower.
Sine functions, harmonic oscillations, and fractals are all core
concepts behind his undulating and swarming animations. Via his artist

This blog is a branch of the wavegrower project in which I’m focused
on combining minimalism and multitude to create dynamic artworks with
more than one level of reading, the first being that every cell
constituting them has its own simple periodic motion, meaning regularly
looping by spinning or twisting or stretching or balancing or revolving
or swinging or shaking or beating or vibrating, in a word : oscillating.

As with several other designers and artists working with animations of this nature, Vayssouze-Faure shares the source code behind some of his works to help others learn how they work. You can see much more here.

Animator Sasha Katz Explores a Symbiotic Relationship Between Plants and Technology

There’s perhaps no two objects more different than a brand new laptop
built in a sterile factory and a healthy living plant that’s evolved
over millions of years, but for animator Sasha Katz
the relationship between computers and plants is a bit more gray. As
part of her ongoing GIF series that sees plant specimens sprouting from
the glassy screens of iPhones or the keys of keyboards, Katz instead
imagines a convergence, where computers can one day interface directly
with organic life and perhaps the two become one. She also draws
influence from pop art and the minimalism of 8-bit graphics, giving some
of her pieces a nostalgic retro video game feel. You see many more of
her GIFs on Instagram and GIPHY. (via Colossal Submissions)

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Unsatisfying GIFs That Transform Frustrating IRL Moments into Digital Animations 

Paris-based motion design studio Parallel
created a series of short animations which aim to do anything but
impress, clips that highlight the frustrating day-to-day mishaps by
turning them digital. The series, titled UNSATISFYING, aims to go
against the trend of oddly satisfying videos that are currently
pervading the internet, instead making audiences cringe with scenes that
only deliver disappointment. The well-designed clips of missed
opportunities and jammed soda cans were warmly accepted, and have led to
several other animators creating their own takes of annoying moments
through the studio’s UNSATISFYING Challenge. Take a look at eight short GIFs made from the original UNSATISFYING video below. (via The Creators Project)

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Fictional Butterflies Animated as Illuminated GIFs by Vladimir Stankovic 

Australia-based illustrator Vladimir Stankovic has created several series of GIFs depicting his fantastical portrayal of the natural world, animating subjects such as Cepharthropoda (animals with characteristics of both cephalopods and arthropods), Cephalopodoptera (his cross between mollusks and insects), and the Lepiodoptera Obscura
(seen here). Within this series he illustrates the lifecycle of a
“hidden butterfly,” extravagantly colored insects that exist in some of
the most remote areas of tropical rainforests.

You can see more of his fictional additions to natural history on his Instagram and Behance, and find fine art prints of his subjects on his Etsy.

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Dizzying New Kaleidoscopic GIFs by Anna Taberko 

Illustrator and animator Anna Taberko (previously)
continues to produce lovely kaleidoscopic animations that depict the
blooming of flowers, the evolution of animals, and the flight of bees.
Most of her pieces begin life as traditional hand-drawn cel animation
before being digitized and turned into sequential loops. You can follow
more of Taberko’s work on Instagram and GIPHY.

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