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January 2011
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Mayawati unveils projects worth Rs 4,000 crore as she turns 55-139 LESSON 16 01 2011 Ahi Sutta FREE ONLINE eNālandā Research and Practice UNIVERSITY to VOTE for BSP ELEPHANT for Social Transformation and Economic Emancipation -
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Mayawati unveils projects worth Rs 4,000 crore as she turns 55

The BSP supremo who turned 55 on Saturday was seen invoking Gautam Buddha’s blessings where Buddhist monks performed prayers.

Lucknow: The BSP supremo turned 55 on Saturday and in true Mayawati-style Lucknow has been painted blue on the occasion.

The UP chief minister also announced over Rs 4,000 crore worth of schemes urging the officials to complete the project within a designated time frame.

altThe opposition accused Mayawati of spending two billion rupees (40 million dollars) on the celebrationsDalit girl rape: UP BSP MLA finally arrested

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Mayawati addressed the crowd at the newly constructed state-of-the-art Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar convention centre and hit out at her detractors.

No one doubts the ability of UP chief minister Mayawati as an astute politicians. And she has proved time and again that she is not unduly bothered by criticism to her fancy for things big, celebrations and diamonds, when it comes to her celebrations.

On Saturday as she celebrated her birthday and addressed a function to markt he day, she took a jibe at the media for being interested only in her dresses and jewellery. Painting media and political opponents with the same brush, she said they indulge in “baseless talks which shows their casteist attitude towards SC/STs” and aired displeasure about how instead of highlighting welfare schemes and “good governance” a section on media was highlighting her “dress and jewellery.”

 Mayawati unveiled over 600 projects worth Rs 4,000 crore. She also announced the implementation of Janhit Guarantee Act, aimed at making government officials accountable to public and ensuring timely delivery of services, especially those related to dalits, poor and down trodden.

Describing the Act as “historic”, she told a function here that the idea is to fix accountability on officers who would be penalised in case of laxity. “Every year my birthday is celebrated as ‘Jan Kalyankari Diwas’ on which my government takes decisions in the interest of the people and gift them developmental schemes,” she said.

“As part of my birthday celebrations, which is dedicated towards public welfare and uplift of poor, especially dalits, camps on various schemes for the benefit of downtrodden are being organised in all the 72 districts,” she said. Mayawati also announced increase of financial aid under ‘Mukhyamantri Mahamaya Gareeb Arthik Madad Yojna’ to Rs 400 per month from Rs 300 now, benefiting 31 lakh families.

She announced increase in dearness allowance for state government employees and pension by 10 per cent with retrospective effect from July 1, 2010. To provide medical and health facilities in remote areas, ‘Mukhyamantri Mahamaya Mobile Hospital scheme’ was launched to benefit people in 133 blocks across 15 districts.

The chief minister also released the sixth volume of her book ‘Mera Jeevan Sangharsh aur BSP Movement ka Safarnama (My struggle and travelogue of BSP)’.

While the projects included the construction of a number of roads, bridges and other infrastructure related works, she laid special emphasis on dedicating the recently renovated Hazratganj — Lucknow’s [ Images ] main shopping street — to the locals.

“The makeover of Hazratganj was carried out as a part of completion of its 200 years and I am glad to dedicate it to the people of the city today,” she told the gathering.

“I have decided to take up several other development projects in other cities which have been neglected in the previous regimes,” she claimed.

Besides increasing the monthly pension of the poor and widows from Rs 300 to Rs 400, she also announced a hike of 10 per cent in the dearness allowance for all pensioners.

Referring to an Ordinance she issued for bringing in a new law to make all government officials accountable under the Janhit Guarantee Kanoon (People’s Welfare Guarantee Law), she said, “To make lax government functionaries accountable to the people, I have decided to fix a time-frame for various tasks.”

Mayawati added, “If any official fails to deliver within the prescribed time-frame, he would be liable to be penalised.”

A new mobile hospital facility was also introduced under the banner of the Mahamaya Sachal Hospital Scheme to ensure basic medical facilities in remote areas.

What was seen as a major governance oriented exercise was a novel system of setting up village level ‘mini secretariats’ at all places with a population of over 5,000. “These mini secretariats would have the government functionaries of various departments to sort out issues, for which people have to run from pillar to post, and even travel all the way to Lucknow,” she said.

Mayawati also ordered the release of 574 undertrials who were languishing in UP’s jails simply because they did not have the resources to seek bail in cases of petty crimes for which they had been booked.

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Mayawati gifts UP projects worth Rs 4000 crore on birthday

Mayawati gifts UP projects worth Rs 4000 crore on birthday

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Mayawati doles out Rs 4,000 cr projects on 55th birthday

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Mayawati gifts UP projects worth Rs 4000 crore on birthday 


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Maya doles out Rs 4,000 cr projects on 55th b’day

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Mayawati doles out Rs 4,000 cr projects on 55th birthday


Stock Market TodayMayawati doles out Rs 4000 cr projects on her 55th birthday 227x300 Mayawati doles out Rs 4000 cr projects on her 55th birthday

Mayawati doles out Rs 4000 cr projects on her 55th birthday

Mayawati turns 55: announces Rs 4,500 crore schemes

Mayawati’s 55th birthday, sops for state employees

`4,000cr UP projects to mark Maya’s 55th b’day

Maya gifts 699 projects on b’day

Maya gifts Asia’s largest sewage plant to Lucknow


Mayawati’s 55th birthday, sops for state employees


139 LESSON 16 01 2011 Ahi Sutta FREE ONLINE eNālandā Research and Practice UNIVERSITY to VOTE for BSP ELEPHANT for Social Transformation and Economic Emancipation 

 Happy Birthday wishes  to MAYAWATIJI, not just for the Next, but for the First PRIME MINISTER of PRABUDDHA BHARATH

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The discourses of Buddha are divided into 84,000, as to separate addresses. The division includes all that was spoken by Buddha.”I received from Buddha,” said Ananda, “82,000 Khandas, and  from the priests 2000; these are 84,000 Khandas maintained by me.” They are divided into 275,250, as to the stanzas of the original text, and into 361,550, as to the stanzas of the commentary. All the discourses including both those of Buddha and those of the commentator, are divided  into 2,547 banawaras, containing 737,000 stanzas, and 29,368,000 separate letters.

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Thus have I heard:

On one occasion the Blessed One was living near Savatthi at Jetavana at Anathapindika’s monastery. At that time at Savatthi a certain monk had died bitten by a snake. Thereupon many monks approached the Buddha and having saluted him sat beside him. So seated those monks spoke thus to the Blessed One:

“Bhante (Venerable Sir), a certain monk at Savatthi had died bitten by a snake.”

“Assuredly, monks,” said the Buddha. “That monk has not suffused with thoughts of loving-kindness (metta) the four royal tribes of snakes. Had he done so, that monk would not have died of snake-bite. What are the four royal tribes of snakes? The royal tribe of snakes called Virupakkha, Erapatha, Chabyaputta, and Kanhagotamaka. Monks, that monk, did not suffuse with thoughts of loving-kindness these four royal tribes of snakes, had not done so he would not have died of snake-bite. Monks, I enjoin you to suffuse with thoughts of loving-kindness these four royal tribes of snakes for your safety, for your preservation and for your protection.” So said the Blessed One. Having thus spoken, the Buddha, the “Welcome One”(Sugata), further said (suggesting how they should express themselves:)

1. May I have metta toward Virupakkhas

Toward Erapathas may I have metta

May my metta be toward Chabyaputtas

Toward Kanha-gotamakas also metta may I have.

2. May I have metta toward the footless

And toward bipeds too, my metta may I have

May I have metta toward the quadrupeds

And toward the many footed also, metta may I have.

3. Let not the footless do me harm

Nor those that have two feet

Let not quadrupeds do me harm

Nor those endowed with many feet.

4. All beings, all living creatures,

May good fortune befall them all

May not the least harm on them befall.

“Infinite (in virtue) is the Buddha, infinite is the Dhamma, infinite is the Sangha. Finite are creeping creatures — snakes, scorpions, centipedes, spiders, lizards, and rats. I have guarded myself, I have made my protection. Depart from me, ye beings. I bow down to the Blessed One; and to the seven Supreme Buddhas.” [1]



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