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Kushinara NIBBĀNA Bhumi Pagoda White Home, Puniya Bhumi Bengaluru, Prabuddha Bharat International.

October 2014
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1283 LESSON 3X14 FRIDAY “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”~Buddha Wish you all - A very happy + prosperous + progressive - Ashoka Vijaydashami , falling on Friday, 03rd October, 2014 Take a look at my Curriculum Vitae This day has immense importance in Indian history because Emperor Ashoka the great embraced Buddhism on this day in 161 B.C. Being the descendants of the great emperor , it is our sole duty to celebrate this festival with great zeal and enthusiasm. That is why, Baba Sahab Ambedkar, the prophet of Buddhism, took Dharma Deeksha on the auspicious day of this festival and TURNED THE STOPPED WHEEL OF LAW IN MOTION again. Buddhism is our future and at the same time India’s future. If we follow Buddhism, we would rule India. On the contrary to this, if we remain so -called Hindus, the Brahmins will rule India. Therefore, embrace Buddhism which is our old religion, and be the ruler of this great country i.e. Bharat. No doubt, we are born to rule, but this way only goes through Buddhism. With Metta and Mudita, Bauddhacharya DP Bauddha Hinduism is like a SNAKE With the teeth of BRAHMANISM And poison of CATEISM. So throw away the Snake of Hinduism and take refuge in Buddhism as done by our Babashaeb Ambedkar at Nagpur on Ashok Vijaya Dashami -14th October 1956. WISH YOU ALL HAPPY DHAMMA DEEKSHA DAY - 3RD / 14TH OCTOBER 2014. . Bhanteji vinaya rakkhita [bodhisatva_group] To buddhist vihara CC Oct 1 at 10:01 PM [Attachment(s) from vinaya rakkhita included below] Sadhu !!! with mudita, Bhante Vinayarakkhita On Wednesday, 1 October 2014 8:39 AM, buddhist vihara wrote: Please find the attached file of our next Meditation retreat. Kthina ceremony flier also sent herewith. We wish to see you in this great event Thank you, Bhante Dhammasiri Some excerpts from Manusmriti Here’s What Happened When An Employee Told Steve Jobs Something Couldn’t Be Done
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