Virtually attacking Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu offering freebies
in their poll manifesto, BSP supremo Mayawati today asked voters not to
be lured by such inducements, saying they “will not solve your
problems.” “Regional parties will lure you with freebies like cell
phones. But they won’t solve your problems,” she said at an election
rally here.While the ruling AIADMK has promised cell phones free of cost
and 100 units of power to all if voted to power, DMK has assured free
3G/4G connections. Seeking votes for her party candidates in the
Assembly polls to be held here on May 16, Mayawati said that people
require jobs and an end to poverty. “These regional parties give you
freebies. Don’t vote for them. You have to vote for the right party that
will give you jobs and put an end to poverty,” she said at a
well-attended rally without naming any parties.Such a ‘right party’ is
her BSP, she claimed while referring to the various pro-people measures
implemented by her party-led government in Uttar Pradesh in its four
terms. She said her party has never released a manifesto as “we believe
in doing and not saying.” Despite 68 years since Independence, the
economic condition of the weaker sections like Muslims, SC/STs and OBCs
did not show any progress, the former Uttar Pradesh chief minister
alleged and slammed different central governments for “not doing
anything for their upliftment”.She expressed concern over crimes against
Dalits, especially women. “Not a day passes without crimes against
Dalit women in the country,” she said referring to the brutal rape and
murder of a Dalit law student in Kerala.Even in Tamil Nadu, the voice of
the weaker sections is being “muzzled” and no action is being taken
against perpetrators of crimes against Dalits across the country,
Mayawati alleged. “Let alone getting justice, even an FIR cannot be
registered,” she claimed.The BSP chief alleged that most parties came to
power with the “help of big corporates” and therefore any economic
policies are drafted keeping them in mind and not the common people. BJP
and RSS are trying to put an end to reservation in education and job,
by seeking ‘review’ of the same, she alleged. Mayawati specifically
singled out the BJP-led Central government, alleging that while the
party was involving the corporates, it is however non-committal in
providing reservation in the private sector.

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Tamil Nadu Elections 2016: Do not be lured by freebies, Mayawati tells voters