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September 2009
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An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea. Buddha-Activists & motivators-ONLINE TRAINING ON PRECEPTS AND TRADE-80-Ambedkar the patriot revealed at lecture-The Congress Cat has come out of the bag.
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idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that
exists only as an idea.



Activists & motivators

Chandrabhan Prasad

In November 2007, I was visiting Indiana
University as a guest
speaker. I was staying with my host Dr Kelvin Brown, a law Professor at the
university. He took me to a function organised on the theme “Leadership amongst

Most speakers talked about their
successes, and explained how to succeed in the US society. Not one speaker talked
about slavery and the oppressions the White society committed on them. Speakers
and the audience alike, all were seen in cheerful mood and all explored ways to

American Blacks have a new set of people
called “Motivational Speakers”. If you search the Internet for ‘Motivational
Speakers’, you will find countless names who are engaged in the business of
motivating the Black youth. American Blacks have entered a new phase of their
movement. All people fighting for their emancipation will, apart from organised
political tools, witness three other sets of tools and leaders — Reformers,
Activists, and Motivators.

Reformers enter first when the system of
oppression is too rigid, and the oppressed too depressed. The reformer will not
look at the oppressor; instead, will ask his people to do away with certain
practices that prevent their growth. The reformer can sound blaming his own
people for their sufferings. The reformer, in the process, creates a jerk in
the psychology of his people. The people start moving.

The activist enters when there is some
amount of openness in the society. Cracks appear in the ranks of the oppressors
as few from his side stand with the oppressed. The activists will invoke
history and paint the oppressor into a demon. All societies undergo this phase.
The American Blacks underwent this phase in ’60s and ’70s.

But, if stretched too far and too long,
activism can turn counterproductive. Excessive chaste beating and demon hunting
creates few dangerous situations. The oppressed develop hatred toward the oppressor,
and disrespect against the system. With this socio-psychological drive, the
oppressed find little reasons to become part of the system. They lose hope
because they have been constantly fed with the idea that the system is bad.
They start thinking of alternative ways that never come.

The Motivator, on the other hand,
injects optimism. He no more demonises the demon. He shows space available in
the mainstream, and asks his people to move fast and occupy that space. He
explains how to do it. Most Black motivational speakers are achievers in their
respective fields. They cite their own experiences — of how they made it. He
inspires the generation next. Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign was modeled
along this line — “Yes, We Can Do It”.

SC/STs are still in their activism
phase. I am making a database of SC/ST Entrepreneurs whose annual turnover is
worth Rs 1 Crore or more annually. I have multiple purposes in mind. First, I
want to study whether SC/STs are succeeding in the domain of enterprise or not.
If not, what are the main obstacles. If there are few hundred SC/ST
entrepreneurs with Rs 1 crore turnover, I want to profile them and tell the
SC/ST generation next that if so many SC/STs can succeed in businesses, you too

This is a great learning experience. A
Scheduled Caste asked me: “If you will show so many SC/STs with Rs 1 crore
business turnover, the Government might withdraw all facilities including
reservations. Another very distinguished SC told me that if the Government
comes to know of the list, the income tax department will be asked to raid
their business premises and all will be put behind bars. “Why,” I asked. “Will
any Government tolerate some SC/STs doing so well,” he replied.

Now, I am going from city to city in
search of SC/ST entrepreneurs. All the SC/ST entrepreneurs I have met so far
tell me that everybody, including income tax, sales tax departments, district
officers, local MP and MLAs, and people around know that they are SC/STs. I am
yet to meet a SC/ST entrepreneur who said he is not known that he is a SC/ST.

This is one of the biggest challenge the
SC/ST movement faces. If we keep telling the community that none of us can
succeed in businesses because society is so bad, what impact will it have on
prospective SC/ST entrepreneurs? Do we tell our children that you will never
pass your high school examination because the entire system is so Brahminical,
so Hinduised? SC/STs ought to immediately come out of the activism phase, and
start producing motivators.


Jagatheesan Chandrasekharan adds:

The main object of
is meant for the above purpose and is trying to take up
online training on precepts and trade.


First of all fear of all sorts has to be overcome by
practicing Sila and Bhavana, by following the path shown by the Buddha and Baba
Saheb Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, Manyavar Kanshiran ji and Bahen Mayawati ji. As Baba
Saheb said that the SC/STs have to get the Master Key, all SC/STs must also
like Obama say and practice “Yes, We Can Do It”.

Ambedkar the patriot revealed at lecture

HYDERABAD: Ambedkar’s political philosophy existed
before his being,
was the statement from Former Chief Judge at the High Court of
Himachal Pradesh, Justice M N Rao at a lecture held at the
Administrative Staff College
(ASCI) campus at Bella Vista on Friday
evening. Rao spoke on the occasion of the B R Ambedkar Memorial
Lecture, examining his influence in making of the Constitution. Former
Karnataka Governor and political heavyweight V S Rama Devi was present
to introduce the speaker, along with the Director General, ASCI, S K
Rao, who addressed the gathering.

The audience,
comprising of a significant portion of both former and
present legal professionals in the High Court of Andhra Pradesh
listened in rapt attention as Rama Devi argued for Ambedkar as a
“non-radical reformer,” who used moderation in revealing the evils of
the caste system in India.
In her introduction, the former Governor of
Karnataka also said that Ambedkar was a staunch patriot, who used
reforms as a means of achieving freedom.

“Ambedkar’s patriotic
zeal is often overlooked by critics, who view
him simply as a torch bearer for the oppressed classes. More than
being simply a social reformer, Ambedkar was a seeker of social
justice,” she said.

Proposing that the
leader was more than simply a reformer, a la Raja
Ram Mohan Roy of Bengal, Rama Devi said that
Ambedkar was an able
statesman, a politician and a lawyer with a keen sense of finance and
economics. Justice M N Rao, in his speech observed that Ambedkarism,
as a concept had its roots prior to Ambdekar’s times.

“The socio-political
philosophy founded on the basis of equal
opportunities in the social reformatory moves by reformers in Bengal,”
he said. Revealing that while the reformers shied away from taking
radical steps for fear of stigma, Ambedkar was, “in the true sense, a
Radical.” Rao cited Ambedkar’s bur ning of the Manusmriti text as a
sign of protest against the rigidity of the Hindu caste system to
support his case. “He too wanted Independence
like his contemporaries,
but he wanted the emancipation of the downtrodden as well, which has
caused his image to be contorted as a relatively ‘unpatriotic’ public
figure, which is erroneous,” he said.

The Congress Cat has come out of the bag.

Mishra gave vent to
the anguish of the Mayawati government and said memorials for other leaders
seldom raised an eyebrow, except when they were meant for a SC/ST icons such as:


Mayawati and Kanshi
Ram in various parks of Lucknow

Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar
Samajik Parivartan Sthal,

Manyawar Kanshi Ram
Memorial at Alambag,

Kanshi Ram
Bahujan Nayak

Ramabai Ambedkar
Rally Maidan,

Kanshiram Sanskritik

Dr Ambedkar Samajik
Parivartan Prateek Sthal,

Manywar Kanshiram
Yaadgar Vishram Sthal,

Buddha Sthal, Eco Park,

Samata Mulak Churaha
and Dr Ambedkar Chauraha,

Buddha Shanti Upwan

Prerna Sthal.


He sought to buttress
his argument by citing the example of the sprawling Teen Murti Bhawan in Delhi,
which is a memorial for the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru

“We would like the court also to
focus on larger issues like Teen Murti Bhawan which at present would be worth
more than Rs 3,000 crore. It hurts when no one questions such memorials. But,
if a memorial for Dr Ambedkar is built, then objections are raised,” he
after the court issued notices.


Earlier, senior
advocate U U Lalit said the PIL petitioners had no connection with UP and that
all the expenditure on the statues and renovation of parks had been duly
sanctioned by the assembly and that nothing was being done without proper


When the court said it has not issued any interim
order but was merely seeking response of the state government, Mishra said:
“We will bring all the larger issues before the court and it should deal
with them.”

Given the tone and tenor of the arguments, the Mayawati government is sure to
list out the number of memorials for upper caste leaders and draw a contrast
with the smaller numbers dedicated to SC/ST leaders.

Mishra also told TOI that huge amounts
were being spent by the Mayawati government for the upliftment of the poor,
building schools and hospitals besides social upliftment schemes for oppressed class.
“The media highlights only the memorials built to honour Dalit leaders and
ignores the developmental work of the Mayawati government,” he said


Congress accused of
triggering civil war

While stepping up its tirade against
Uttar Pradesh chief minister
Mayawati, Congress Cat has come out of the bag and is being 

accused of triggering
a civil war and paving the way for anarchy.

The Bulldozer Singh’s Samajawadi party’s threat of unctrollable

bulldozing of statues
and memorials of
Mayawati and Kanshi
Ram in various parks of Lucknow

Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar
Samajik Parivartan Sthal,

Manyawar Kanshi Ram
Memorial at Alambag,

Kanshi Ram
Bahujan Nayak

Ramabai Ambedkar
Rally Maidan,

Kanshiram Sanskritik

Dr Ambedkar Samajik
Parivartan Prateek Sthal,

Manywar Kanshiram
Yaadgar Vishram Sthal,

Buddha Sthal, Eco Park,

Samata Mulak Churaha
and Dr Ambedkar Chauraha,

Buddha Shanti Upwan

Prerna Sthal and to
create unrest in the event of the statues being installed

by her government
were removed, the Congress Cat has come out of the bag

to support the
Bulldozing of the above memorials to trigger a civil war.

“It’s not just unfortunate but
violative of the Constitution and sends
out a message that the congress cat and the bulldozer singh does not

have confidence in
the law of the land.”

Despite an apology to the Supreme Court,
Congress Cat spokesman

Manish Tiwari along
with UP Congress leader Rita
Bahuguna Joshi by supporting bulldozing singh are triggering a

civil war and paving
the way for anarchy

“We unequivocally condemn the
bulldozing singh and congress cat’s
attitude of unctrollable bulldozing of statues and memorials for
unleashing a civil war as it proves that they do not believe in the
rule of law.”

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