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November 2016
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2043 Thu 10 Nov 2016 LESSON from INSIGHT-NET-Hi Tech Radio Free Animation Clipart Online A1 (Awakened One) Tipiṭaka Research & Practice University Tipitaka translated in 105 languages Mayawati will stop the BJP-RSS rath in Uttar Pradesh
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2043 Thu 10 Nov 2016



INSIGHT-NET-Hi Tech Radio Free Animation Clipart
Online A1 (Awakened One) Tipiṭaka Research & Practice University

Tipitaka translated in 105 languages

Mayawati will stop the BJP-RSS rath in Uttar Pradesh

Villagers are enduring the lethal assault of three recurring years of drought, mounted on the back of chronic agrarian distress. People were eating only one meal a day, and that too often a single
coarse roti mixed with bitter wild leaves that killed hunger. Entire villages had emptied out, as there was no work, water or food.
People fled with their children in search of any work on any terms to
the cities. Back in the village, old people and cattle were left behind
to fend for themselves.

The response of both the central and state governments to both drought
and the agrarian crisis lacked urgency, compassion and administrative
acumen. These failures are issues for
public discussions in rallies and speeches in the run-up to the
elections in Uttar Pradesh by the BSP chief Ms Mayawati.

The fact that UP is just ahead of Bihar among large states in its dismal
record of human development does not find mention in the election
priorities of the state by the SP and BJP. Large hoardings celebrating Country’s display of
military muscularity with “surgical strikes” are instead touted as the
ruling party’s crowning achievement.

A few discussions suggest that concerns of social justice also
weigh with voters. But they all assume that voters will not
evaluate competing parties based on what they will contribute to
tangibly improve the lives of millions of impoverished people.

How peripheral these questions of dignified survival
of the poor, and of humane and just governance are in the UP election
campaign. Maybe, the pundits are underestimating the political
astuteness of the ordinary voter, in the way that they did fatally in
the landmark elections in Bihar last winter.

It is evident that the BJP offers little to the voter beyond its
divisive sentiment. During the 2014
Lok Sabha elections; the fraud EVMs were tampered to gobble the Master Key in favour of Murderer of democratic institutions (Modi) and not because its  forged alliances between
high, middle and low-caste Hindus against the Muslims. The EX CJI Sadasivam committed a grave error of judgement by allowing just 8 out 543 seats to be replaced as suggested by the Ex CEC Sampath. He did not order for the entire fraud to be replaced with paper ballots as followed by many democracies. Just to wood wink the people of the world, the Muslim has
been constructed in the political discourse of the BJP and RSS into the
dangerous “other”. Sentiments are mobilised against them in the name of
cow protection, reverence for Ram, charges of love jihad and sexual
harassment by Muslim boys, and Muslim personal law.

In fact the 1% intolerant, violent, militant, shooting, lynching, lunatic, mentally retarded chitpawan brahmin RSS (Rakshasa Swayam Sevaks) - a stealth, shadowy, discriminatory cult that seeks to establish a hindutva cult, have been painted as the worst terrorists by American press. They instigate violence for the greed of power.

hindu terrorist

America enlisted RSS in one of the Biggest Terrorist Organisation in the World

A US-based risk management and consulting company has put the Rashtriya
Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in its category of ‘Threat Group’ and called it
“a shadowy, discriminatory group that seeks to establish a Hindu
Rashtra, a Hindu Nation.”

Terrorism Watch & Warning
provides intelligence, research, analysis, watch and warning on
international terrorism and domestic terrorism related issues; and is
operated by OODA Group LLC that helps clients identify, manage, and
respond to global risks and uncertainties while exploring emerging
opportunities and developing robust and adaptive strategies for the

The websites describes:
“The RSS is a shadowy, discriminatory group that seeks to establish a
Hindu Rashtra, a Hindu Nation. The group is considered the radical
ideological parent group of India’s ruling Hindu nationalist party – the
Indian Peoples Party (BJP).”

The RSS is a hindutva cult a right wing group that was
founded in 1925 by the chitpawan brahmin who are the owners of Vir Savarkar, the notorious and dreaded murderer nathuram godse, Rakshasa Swayam Sevaks (RSS), Hindumaha Sabha etc.

The RSS was banned in 1948 following the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi
by an ex-RSS member, Nathuram Godse. It later began the
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), widely considered the political arm of the
RSS, which gobbled the Master Key by tampering the fraud EVMs.

The present CEC says that entire EVMs will be replaced in 2019 without saying that Paper Ballots will be used til then.

The paper ballots enabled the BSP capture the UP Panchayat Elections which lost in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections because of these fraud EVMs.


A climate of fear and dread has been fostered among Muslims, SC/STs/OBCs/poor UCs  across UP,
as in much of the Country, with almost daily reports of local attacks on
Muslims and SC/STs. The fate of Mohammed Ikhlaq and his family have come to
symbolise for Muslims the insecurity and injustice of their lives.

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) for the first time since it
was constituted issued an openly communal report that repeated the false
rumours that had been raised by BJP MP Hukum Singh. These were about
the “exodus” of Hindus from Kairana after people displaced by the
communal killings of 2013 in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli settled in this
Muslim-majority township. The report said that Muslim youth “pass
lewd/taunting remarks” against Hindu women, although there is not even a
single complaint in the police station, again echoing the RSS
demonisation of Muslim men as sexual predators. This report is being
quoted by the Union home minister Rajnath Singh in the trail of the UP
“parivatan” trail.

In “Living Apart: Communal Violence and Forced Displacement in
Muzaffarnagar and Shamli”, a report by Akram Chaudhary, Zafar Eqbal and
Rajanya Bose and this author, we document the travails of 50,000
Muslims, of who 30,000 are living in self-settled refugee colonies
including Kairana. Significantly, the suffering of people displaced by
communal violence was not a matter of any concern for the NHRC. Instead
they are portrayed as the danger to the rest of us.

The just cause of ending the practice of triple talaq in the Muslim
personal law is also stained by the timing and selectivity of the
initiative. If the purpose was to promote gender justice, then the
initiative would carry credibility only if the Centre addressed
simultaneously personal laws that are unfair to women in other religious

In much of the communal targeting of Muslims, the Samajwadi Party-led
state government is complicit. Whether this is deliberate, in order to
benefit from the resulting communal polarisation, or is only the outcome
of shocking ineptitude, is hard to confirm. But either of these makes
the SP unfit for governance. Rahul Gandhi has tried to raise some issues
relevant to farmers and Dalits in his rallies, but his efforts are not
backed by credible evidence of sustained ground-level Congress
engagement with issues of social and economic justice or reversing the
agrarian distress.

That only leaves the Mayawati-led BSP. In her public addresses, she
has called for the coming together of SC/STs and Muslims. This would
require her to win the trust of Muslim voters. SC/STs will choose at the
ballot will be the single-most critical factor for determining the
outcome of the elections. They share the mounting anger of SC/STs
against the BJP-RSS combine in many other parts of the Country.SC/STs/OBCs/Muslims and the poor UCs will cement a new social alliance for Sarvajan Hitay Sarvajan Sukhaya. Mayawati will form the next government in Lucknow and will be the next PM of Prabuddha Bharath.

RSS India’s number 1 terror group: Former Mumbai police officer

RSS activists have been chargesheeted in at least 13 cases of terror acts in which RDX has been used, the ex-officer said. (File Photo)RSS activists have been chargesheeted in at least 13 cases of terror acts in which RDX has been used,
Claiming that the activists of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)
have been indicted in at least 13 terror cases across India, former
Maharashtra inspector general of police S M Mushrif on Thursday
described the BJP’s ideological mentor as Country’s number one terrorist

“RSS activists have been chargesheeted in at
least 13 cases of terror acts in which RDX has been used. If
organisations like Bajrang Dal are taken into the account, then the
number of such cases goes up to 17,” Mushrif said at an event in

“The RSS is Country’s number one terrorist organisation,
there is no doubt on this,” said Mushrif, referring to the 2007 Mecca
Masjid bombing in Hyderabad, the 2006 and 2008 Malegaon blasts in
Maharashtra and the 2007 Samjhauta Express bombings among others.

Mushrif, however, asserted that “saffron terror” had no bearing on which party was in power as the chitpawan brahmins are the owners of Congress and BJP.

“The RSS as a terror nn entity organisation has nothing to do with political
power. It is immaterial which party is in power. It is the system that
is working, it’s the chitpawan brahminical system poking its dirty nose in others dish with it’s hatred mentality, the attitude to dominate
and oppress the Sarvajan Samaj.

Reiterating his claims that the Intelligence Bureau (IB)
masterminded the killing of Hemant Karkare, who was probing the
involvement of Hindu radicals in terror acts, during the Mumbai terror
attack in 2008, Mushrif called for a people’s movement to establish the
truth behind the killing of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorism Squad chief.

“There is clinching evidence about the IB’s involvement but all efforts
to establish that have been defeated. Our efforts to call for an
independent probe have always been defeated. Unless there is a massive
public movement, this will never be established,” said Mushrif, who made
the sensational claims in his book “Who Killed Karkare”.…/story-zo9Halbsfl4rPjKIjX4Sl…

State BSP president Ramachal Rajbhar said the party’s campaign was
going on in all the 403 assembly constituencies. “Union government’s
move to withdraw Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes will not affect us as
majority of our workers are poor. We run the campaign with small
donations from our workers,” he said.

“BSP chief Mayawati has convened a meeting of senior party leaders to review the preparations for 2017 assembly
elections. The union government should ensure that common man,
labourers, farmers and traders do not face any problem following the
decision,” he said.
The Centre’s move to withdraw Rs 500 and Rs 1000
denomination notes is bound to affect electioneering in poll-bound
Uttar Pradesh.

Decision to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes will  not “yield the desired result” of unearthing black money.

It will burden daily wagers, fishermen, small businesses, traders and vendors.

The claim that demonetisation will check black money, fake currency,
corruption and terrorism lacks substance. By the Murderer of democratic institution (Modi’s) own
admission, the bulk of black money generation and storage is in
off-shore accounts in foreign currency. Counterfeit currency can be
generated for any denomination. The announcement of a new Rs 2,000 note
along with another Rs 500 note does not in any way prevent future
possible counterfeit circulation. It’s an established fact that
terrorist funds flow through electronic transfers and not through
currency transactions.

Further, transactions through plastic will continue as usual. In effect
what this would result in is a total disruption of the payments and
settlements that are part of daily life of our economy. It will burden
the vast mass of our people from daily wage labourers, fishermen, small
businesses, traders and vendors selling at the door step.

The move will add to hardships faced by vast sections particularly
traders, vendors and small wage earners. Everybody knows that the huge
amount of the black money is outside the country and Modi had promised that he would bring back the huge amount of black
money deposited in foreign banks (amounting almost to Rs 80 lakh crore)
and each bank account holder in the country can get Rs 15 lakh from the
unearthed money. This later his supporters termed as a jumla.

The real intention of the Modi can be to divert attention from the
real problem of black money as it is not ready to share information
made available through Panama leak and Swiss banks… For unearthing black
money and bringing an end to the parallel economy based on it, it has
to take action against the real culprits that it will not take as they
had helped it to capture power along with the tampering of the fraud EVMs.

Narendra Modi (Winner)

Damodardas Modi
Age: 62
C/1, Someshwar Tentament, Ranip, Ahmedabad-382480
Name Enrolled as Voter in: 55-Sabarmati (Gujarat) constituency , at Serial no 375 in Part no 107
Contact Number: 23243721

Self Profession:Social service and Political activity
Spouse Profession:

Other Elections
Declaration in Declared Assets Declared Cases
Loksabha 2014 Rs1,51,57,582
~1 Crore+
Loksabha 2014 Rs1,65,91,582
~1 Crore+
Gujarat 2007 Rs42,56,426
~42 Lacs+
Click here for more details

Assets & Liabilities

Assets:Rs 1,33,42,842 ~1 Crore+

Educational Details

Post Graduate
MA - Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, 1983

Arun Jaitley is richest minister; PM Narendra Modi has assets of Rs 1.26 crore

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assets worth Rs 1.26 crore,
according to details of assets and liabilities of the Union Council of
Ministers uploaded on the PMO website on Monday. While finance and
defence minister Arun Jaitley turns out to be the richest with assets
totaling Rs 72.10 crore,

Modi’s assets include Rs 38,700 in cash, bank balance and deposits worth
Rs 1,32,698 and Rs 17,00,927 respectively, Rs 20,000 in bonds, Rs
2,35,000 in NSC, Rs 1,99,031 in insurance policies and jewellery and
precious items worth Rs 1,20,980. He owns a house in Gandhinagar worth
Rs 1 crore.

Interestingly, Modi has made no mention of his
spouse Jashodaben’s assets, only filling up the columns against her name
with the words “not known”.

As many as 17 of the 22 Cabinet are crorepatis.

Figuring in the richie-rich club are women and child development
minister Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, daughter-in-law of former Prime Minister
Indira Gandhi, who has assets to the tune of Rs 37.68 crore.

Minister of state for coal and power Piyush Goyal has declared assets
worth Rs 31.67 crore, and following close is minorities affairs minister
Najma Heptulla with assets of Rs 29.70 crore.

Union home minister Rajnath Singh has declared assets of Rs 2.56
crore, while external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj owns assets worth
Rs 2.73 crore, besides some agriculture land in Palwal, Haryana.

Law and telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has declared assets to the
tune of Rs 14.91 crore, while food processing minister Harsimrat Kaur
Badal is worth Rs 12.82 crore. Union transport minister Nitin Gadkari
has assets of Rs 3.34 crore.

While railways minister D V
Sadananda Gowda is worth about Rs 4.34 crore, his junior Manoj Sinha has
assets worth Rs 29.82 crore.

Water resources minister Uma
Bharti has declared assets to the tune of Rs 1.62 crore, while tribal
affairs minister Jual Oram, who is the tribal face of the Modi Cabinet,
has assets to the tune of Rs 1.77 crore. Civil Aviation Minister Ashok
Gajpati Raju has assets worth Rs 3.32 crore.

Micro, small and
medium enterprises Minister Kalraj Mishra has assets to the tune of Rs
72.11 lakh, while Prakash Javadekar has assets of about Rs 1.05 crore.

Agriculture minister Radha Mohan Singh has assets to the tune of Rs
2.47 crore, while social kustice and empowerment minister Thawarchand
Gehlot has assets worth about Rs 2.08 crore.

WIKI LEAKS Published 1st List of black money holders in SWISS bank  The Top Most mambers are:

(Money in Crores)

1- L.K.Advani (5600)

2 - Chiranjivi (7800)

3- Muthuvel Karunanidhi (158000)

4- Jagan (82000)

5- V.S.Achutanand (15040)

6- Dhasari Narayana (28900)

7 - Ahmed Patil (9000)

8- Big B (150000)

9- Harish Rawat (75000)

10- AlluArvind (28000)

11-Balasahen Thakrey (59700)

12-Sachin (22000)

13- Vasudhra Sindhia (76888)

14- Sai Kumar (582114)

15- Srinivasan (19800)

16- Chota rajan (135000)

17- Ketan Parekh (8200)

18- L.V. Prasad (14500)

19- Pavan Kalyan (28900)

20- Jaideep Sona (231223)

21- Kalanidi Maran (15000)

22- Bramanandam (35000)

23- Suresh Kalmadi (5900)

24- KCR (23000)

Pl fwd this msg supporting the movement against corruption

Undigestable news

This country’s black money in Swiss Bank is Rs, 358,679,863,300,000 (estimated (1.3 trillion dollars). this money belongs to 2000 people of this country who have kept there to evede from tax. This money is enough for our country to become 10 americas and become one of the most powerful developed countries in the world for next 100 years.

Please raise your hand by forwarding it to your friends and relatives.

If the latest guideline of Supreme Court
is to be followed, the entire list of black money account holders
should be out by the early hours of October 29. The Apex Court has
ordered the Narendra Modi-led central government to reveal the entire
list of perpetrators who are guilty of stocking up unaccounted sums of
money. A day after the government revealed the names of Pradeep Burman
(Promoter of Dabur India), Pankaj Chimanlal Lodhiya (Rajkot-based
bullion trader), Radha Satish Timblo (Director of Goa-based mining
company Timblo Pvt. Ltd.), the SC lashed out the government to give the
complete list of the black money holders to the Special Investigation
Team (SIT) and the court too. Any predictions before the list come out tomorrow; please mention in the comment section below!

The long list of tax violators has been
demanded by the SC and the list has come up through a social messaging
app ‘WhatsApp’ which reads that Wikileaks has leaked secret information
which contains names of 20 politicians who have amassed black money,
hidden in Swiss banks among other places. We at cannot vouch
for the authenticity of the list. (Also read: Black Money List: Subramanian Swamy lists 6 steps to bring back black money in an open letter to Narendra Modi)

However, with the names set to be out in
public domain tomorrow, we bring to you the list, which is doing the
rounds of social media since the past few days. We bring to you the list
below, but whether the black money holders list is true, half-true, not
true is for you to judge (amount in crores).

1- Ashok Gehlot (220000)

2- Rahul Gandhi (158000)

3- Harshad Mehta (135800)

4- Sharad Pawar (82000)

5- Ashok Chavan (76888)

6- Harish Rawat (75000)

7- Sonia Gandhi (56800)

8- Muthuvel Karunanidhi (35000)

9- Digvijay Singh (28900)

10- Kapil Sibal (28000)

11- Rajeev Gandhi (19800)

12- Palaniappan Chidambaram (15040)

13- Jayaram Jaylalitha (15000)

14- Kalanithi Maran (15000)

15- HD Kumarswamy (14500)

16- Ahmed Patel (9000)

17- J M Scindia (9000)

18- Ketan Parekh (8200)

19- Andimuthu Raja (7800)

20- Suresh Kalmadi (5900)

The suspense over the detailed list
continues to build as time passes by. It will be interesting to see if
the central government hands over the list of the account holders to the
Supreme Court on October 29. Union Finance Minister has said that the
government has already shared the list with the SIT on June 27 and there
is no question of not sharing it with the Supreme Court. If the entire
list is out in public domain, it will be a historic day for both the
government and the people of India. While the persons named on the list
will be hit with an embarrassing bomb.

commentators say the move will adversely affect the distribution of cash
among voters — a time-tested way of cornering votes. Campaigning by
political parties may also take a hit as many depend on unaccounted cash
for the same.

“Money power plays a big role in the elections
here. Studies have shown distribution of ‘cash for votes’ among the
people to influence voting pattern is very common in rural areas.
Political parties use black money — big currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs
1000 denomination for the purpose. This would be adversely affected
till new currency notes are there in circulation,” said SK Dwivedi, a
former professor of political science at Lucknow University.

Those selling campaign material also feel that the move would have an
adverse impact on their business. “This move will put a break on our
business. We usually get big currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000
denomination when the leaders order banners, posters and flags etc. for
campaign in their respective constituencies,” Rakesh Pandey, who has a
shop selling campaign material in Lucknow, said.

Ashok Singh, who
is also in the same business, said the adverse impact would be only for
a limited period: “Digital campaigning has already affected our trade
of selling flags, posters and banners etc. But once new currency notes
are in circulation, the leaders would find ways to get sufficient funds
to buy the campaign material,” he said.

Some names are of Indian MLAs and MPs  :

1. Lalu Prasad Yadav


Ex Minister of Railways Government of India

MP-Lok SabhaConstituency     Saran (Bihar)



15th Chief Minister of Tamil NaduIn office

May 13, 2006 – May 15, 2011 Amount ( In Swiss ) : Rs 150000 Crore

Bank Name : Clariden Lau



4. Sarad Pawar :



Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public DistributionIn office

2004–2011Amount : 28000 Crore


5. Suresh Kalmadi

an Indian politician and senior sports administrator. He was formerly a
member of the Indian National Congress. He is a Member of Parliament
from Pune.

On April 25, 2011 Kalmadi was arrested by CBI
for awarding illegal contracts to a Swiss firm for Timing-Scoring-Result
(TSR) system for the 2010 Commonwealth Games causing a loss of Rs 95
crore to the exchequer.Amount : Rs 5900 Crore




6. Rajiv Gandhi





6th Prime Minister of IndiaIn office

31 October 1984 – 2 December 1989


took office after his mother’s assassination on 31 October 1984; he
himself was assassinated on 21 May 1991. He became the youngest Prime
Minister of India when he took office at the age of 40.Rajiv Gandhi was
the elder son of Indira and Feroze Gandhi. He was educated at Cambridge,
where he met Italian-born Sonia Gandhi, whom he later married. After
Cambridge, he became a professional pilot for Indian Airlines.

Amount :  Rs 19800 Crore 



Bank : UBS7. Harshad mehta


an Indian stockbroker. He is alleged to have engineered the rise in the
BSE stock exchange in 1992. Exploiting several loopholes in the banking
system, Metha and his associates siphoned off funds from inter-bank
transactions and bought shares heavily at a premium across many
segments, triggering a rise in the Sensex. When the scheme was exposed,
banks started demanding their money back, causing the collapse. He was
later charged with 72 criminal offenses, and more than 600 civil action
suits were filed against him. Mehta died in 2002 with many litigations
still pending against him

Amount : Rs 135800 Crore

Bank : UBS AG



8. Niira radia



Corporate lobbyist Niira Radia, in middle of the 2G spectrum scam, is owner of

Vaishnavi Corporate Communications and three other PR firms. Kenya-born and

London-educated Radia, said to be in her fifties, moved to London from Kenya in

the 1970s and schooled at the elite school

Amount : Rs 28990 Crore

Bank Name : UBS





an Indian politician belonging to the Scindia family of Gwalior. He is
also a member of the 15th Lok Sabha of India representing the Indian
National Congress and a Minister of State, Ministry of Commerce and

Amount : Rs 9000 Crore

Bank : EEK


10. Naresh Goyal 



ResidenceMumbai NationalityIndian OccupationChairman of Jet Airways

Amount : Rs 145600 Crore


Thanks to IAC and People Of India for doing something Against Corruption ………

What would Donald Trump's victory mean for PM Modi and India

Trump’s opinion on India has largely been positive. He recently
attended an event organised by a Hindu group in the US, and proclaimed
his love for India, saying, “I love Hindus”. How that might go with the
non-Hindu Indians is hard to say.Hindu outfits even celebrated his birthday and forecast his victory well before the actual results in an attempt to RSSize Trump and US.

The bad

“I know the outer world exists… But at what point do you say, ‘Hey, we
have to take care of ourselves,” The Washington Post had quoted Trump as

This implies serious ramifications on free trade, immigration, outsourcing etc.

Just a few days ago, Trump claimed that the Americans are living
through the “greatest jobs theft” in the history of the world, saying US
companies were moving out jobs to countries like India, China, Mexico
and Singapore.

Given that Trump has several times placed India in the same category
as China, an economic competitor, India-US economic ties could be an
area to watch out for, for increased stress points.

Trump had also proposed that American companies that use visas like
the H1B be required to hire American workers before hiring foreigners.

Therefore, his accession to the White House would certainly be frowned upon by  many.

With a promise to reduce the US corporate tax from 35 to 15 per cent,
we can also expect American corporate head back to the US, upsetting
Modi’s flagship ‘Make in India’ .

His conservative approach is also obvious in his electoral slogans, ‘Make America Great Again’ and ‘America First’.

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